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weeks she has been, though twenty, Of the various persons who from time
years of age, forbidden to attend our to time were present, some six or eight
religious worship. She is a young individuals were constant in their at-
lady of good mind, and we hope, of tendance, and of these, four besides
deep religious principle, having enjoy- Demetrius bave determined on coming
ed for some years the mental and moral into town to attend our Greek worship
training of Mrs. Dickson. What is to on the Sabbath.
be the result, however, of this gross Considering the time and the disad-
violation of the rights of conscience, vantages under which these individuals
we leave to the unerring wisdom and have labored, their improvement in
direction of our Heavenly Fatber. scriptural knowledge has been won-

derful. They evidently seem to be Labors among the GreeksSteadfastness attached to us, and the fact that they of a native convert.

have resolved still to continue the Our labors among the Greeks the means of grace, leads us to hope that past summer have not been without the Lord has purposes of mercy reinterest. The young man reported in specting them. They avail themselves our former letters, as having been con- also of all suitable opportnnities of verted the early part of this year, still gaining assistance from Demetrius, continues to give us increasing evi- | frequently protracting their stay in his dence that he loves the Lord Jesus shop and reading the scriptures with Christ. But residing nearly three him, till a late hour at night. miles from us, and being engaged in The priests of Potamo, and many in active business, he has not had so good town, have become greatly alarmed at an opportunity for religious improve these movements. Their displeasure ment as under other circumstauces he is excited chiefly against Demetrius, might have enjoyed. In order to be as they charge him with being the beuseful to Demetrius, (for this is his ginning of the “ heresy," and the mename,) and to give a little more room dium of promoting it. They have to Mrs. Dickson's increasing school, done their utmost to excite personal and to Mr. and Mrs. Buel, who are yet violence against him, threatening him in our apartments, we resolved about with excommunications, and warning the last of July to spend a few weeks, bim to use all diligence to escape beatuntil the great heat should have passed, ings and assassination, if he is thus to at Potamo, a village of about three continue to hear the instructions of thousand inhabitants, where Demetrius the American. Scarcely a day passed, resides. We remained in that place while we were at Potamo, without his six weeks, when the rains setting in, receiving a visit from one or more of we found our stay, on the score of the gentlemen, to dissuade bim from health, no longer safe, and were obliged, the soul-destroying practice of reading in accordance with the advice of our the scriptures. The method they physician, immediately to return to adopt to effect this, will, in some de

gree, exhibit the character of this class Our labors among the people at Po- of men. They tell him that the “book tamo were full of interest. The day i.e. the bible, is anathematized by the of our arrival we cominenced religious Patriarch,”—“that he is polluting his worship, and continued it every even- sacred baptism,"__"that he is defiling ing up to the time we left. We had the holy chrism,"_" that he has underbeen there but a few hours when De- written himself to the devil,”_" that metrius proposed going out to bring he is hanging the souls of others around in a few of his neighbors to hear the his neck, who will sink bim deep, deep, gospel. The first evening four were in hell,"_" that themselves are represent, and the number increased un- sponsible for the salvation of his soul, til we had forty in attendance, among and must interfere in an affair so danwhom was the head man of the village. gerous to bis, and the spiritual welFrom the hand of this gentleman we fare of others,” &c. &c. &c. Aud received many kind tokens of regard. when Demetrius asks them to show During our stay here we gave in course. I him his fault--the chapter and verse an exposition of the whole of the gos- that is so beretical and dangerous in pel according to Matthew, enforcing it the bible, and to tell him wherein it is with great plainness,—besides illustrat- so wrong and soul-destroying to hear ing numerous other passages and por- instruction from the scriptures that tions of scripture, adapted in particular Jesus Christ commands us to search, to the spiritual condition of the people. and wherein it is so wicked to hear




the teaching of the gospel from one in a paroxysm of wrath, rent the sacred against whom they bring no vestments of his priesthood in which sation from the word of God, they an- he was clad, and lifting up his hands swer him only in the wild and inco- to heaven cried, “heretic! heretic!! heredt vociferations of madmen. heretic!!!" After the volley of his

Demetrius, we hope, is beginning to maledictions had a little subsided, Desee the harmlessness of so much smoke metrius, standing in his door, and in aud vapor. He tells them that he the presence of the multitude, which wants none of their security for his the novel scene had called together, salvation—that they can do what they with much pleasantry replied, “You please, as for himself he shall continue will, 1 fancy, allow me to remain in my to read and to study the word of God, own hired honse. And I am quite and that too with the American). Not sure that I shall be able to walk the long since, five priests came from town king's highway, your anathemas to the to pay him a visit. Their object, it contrary potwithstanding." appears, was to awe him into obedi It is here worthy of remark, that ence. Demetrins for a time endeavor- during our six weeks stay at Potamo, ed to reason with them, asking them and with all the hatred of the priests to show him bis fault, or if they prefer- against the light, and their bitterness red, to go with him to his teacher, who against the truth, yet we heard uttered had openly invited all without excep- against us no upcivil or disrespecttiil tion, to a tree examination of truth and word, from man, woman or child. We doctrine from the word of God, and record it with gratitude to our lieaventhus they would enjoy an opportunity, ly Father. And this is the more reif they judged themselves capable of markable, as no place in these parts proving that we are heretics. The is regarded as more dissolute, lawless priests became very angry, and as usual and ungodly. We left Potamo abruptly, began to threaten violence, &c. Says in consequence of an express injunction Demetrius, “ Go back again to town, from our physician, in view of the state and bring your bishop and as many of of our health. Yet “some of our the rest of you as will make a solid friends" at Corfu have, in their zeal to column reaching from my shop here show the impossibility of preaching to the steps youder of the church of the gospel to the Greeks in these parts, Panagia [the all holy virgin,) and then, widely circulated the report that we lighting up your black candles, anathe- left in consequence of violence threatmatize me, and I shall still continue eued on our persons.

The Greek to read God's word with iny teacher.” priests and old women of Potanio bave A few days after, another priest came. it that “ Panagia" (the all holy virgin) He was an old man, and said he was appeared to us in the night, and frightwell acquainted with the books of the ened us away. Both are equally true. holy orthodox church, and therefore In view of such frailty and folly of he would become his teacher if he fallen nature, we pray that we may wished to study religion. “Very well,” bave only love and piry. We do not says Demetrius, “come into my shop, believe that “it is impossible for Greeks and I will hear you teach now.” The to be converted to God.We believe old man came and began his exhorta- that the fields are all wliite and ready tion with alluding to Mark and Luke for the harvest. And we are EXPECTas being among the twelve disciples ing that the time is not far distant, if of Christ. “And how many times,” brethren at home, and missionaries says Demetrius,“ have you read the abroad, do their duty, when there will New Testament?” “Twice a year for be in this dark land a most abundant forty-four years," said the old man. ingathering of the precious fruits of “ How evident,” says Demetrius, “ that the glorious gospel of the blessed God. you neither read with reflection, nor understand what you read. The names

Another hopeful convert. of the twelve disciples are three times It is with great gratitude to our Heaexpressly stated in that book you have venly Father, that we have now to anread ejglity-eight times, and yet you, a nounce even another trophy of divine teacher of religion, are not aware wlio grace among this people. Since our those twelve individuals are.” “What!" last we have gained comfortable evisaid the old priest, “ you an unbeliever dence that another of our Greek friends of the teaching of your spiritual guide.” | has been brought into the glorious And the old man made haste from his liberty and ligbit of the gospel. His presence, and running into the street name is Constantine, originally froin



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a village near Joannina in Epirus, the fore. It appears perfecily new to him.
modern Albania. We became ac- Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, though
quainted with him soon after our re- badly translated, and Baxter's Saints'
moval to Corfu, the early part of last Rest, are his favorite books. When
year. We found him to be a young reading them he knows not when to
man of excellent mind, considerable lay them aside,—He loves to pray,
improvement, (having studied, at a - He loves the blessed Savior, his
former period, two years in Dr. King's very name is sweet-Sin appears
gymnasium,) and with unquenchable very odious-Himself is a worm, but
thirst atter knowledge; but unfortu- he hopes a pardoned sinner—"Regen-
nately he had imbibed deeply the spirit eration is the greatest word in the bi-
of infidelity. His employment as a ble—What wisdom in the plan of
school teacher twelve miles distant from salvation, and how much is embraced
town, did not allow of his visiting us in that word faith.” “It is to look away
oftener than Saturday evening, and on from self, and look to God, obeying his
the Sabbath ; yet we were pleased to word, and suffering the consequences."
learı, about one year since, that when About the time his mind became
he came in from his school he would | peaceful, I recollect illustrating to him
prefer coming directly to our house, in at length the principle of appeasement
order to spend a few hours in conver- and justification on the ground of im-
sation, rather than enjoy the society of putation, namely, that Jesus Christ by
his kindred and friends. And it was his life and his death placed bimself
with great joy, that during last winter (with the exception thai be did not sin)
we observed be chose rather to avoid in the sinner's stead-suffering for him
than to meet his infidel companions. the penalty of his sinding; and that

The early part of the present year, now the Father is pleased for the Son's
he found that the ground of his infi- sake to pardon the believing sinner,
delity was untenable. For some time and exalt him to the glorious reward
previous he had, with much honesty, due to the blessed Jesus for his spot.
been bringing forward bis difficulties less obedience to the divine law, and
with revelation and christianity, and for his suffering. Constantine seemed
we had endeavored with patience and absorbed in the amazing truth. Says
plainness to remove them one by one. he, “ Tell me that again, it is too deep
The truth met bis understanding, but for me." I repeated it, and he wished
did not seem to affect bis heart. It to bear it again, and again, and even
was only wben we drew near to Geth- again. And at every rehearsal his as-
semane and Calvary, and thence to the tonishment seemed to rise higher and
judgment, that the lowerings of a higher.
thoughtful brow betokened that all You will have already anticipated
was not peace within. It was about me, when I say that we regard this
the beginning of the present year that young man as a chosen vessel to pro-
Constantine brought Demetrius and claim the name of Jesus to bis perish-
introduced bim as one “ wishing to ing aud deluded countrymen.
know the truth."

now sits at the feet of Christ inquiring
In the early part of summer, bis “Lord, what wilt thou hare me to do ***
convictions began to assume a deeper The question be now has under con-
tone, and we learned that he was read- sideration is, “ whom” does the word of
ing with care the New Testament. God command to be baptized. In or-
From this moment the exercises of his der to decide this question, with bis
mind became peculiarly interesting. own conscience and in the fear of God,
He was no longer the caviler, but the he is writing out every passage of scrip-
anxious inquirer. For a few weeks ture relating to the subject, that he
the conflict in his son was sharp. I may have them all, in one connection,
can verer describe the deep marks of with the clear light of revelatiou be-
anxiety that, during these few weeks, fore him.
were imprinted on that young mau's We greatly need the services of this
brow. But sovereign grace triumphed, young man as our private teacher, and
and we now behold him, we trust, a. an assistant in the school. And we
ransoined child of God, bought by the think of employing bim as soon as the
Lamb's redeeming blood.

state of his mind will allow. Since
His mental exercises at present are the arrival of br. Buel we have been
those of a young converi. The bible paying one of the teachers in the col-
is his companion. He wonders that lege, eigbteen dollars per month for
he never saw its beauty and purity be- three hours teaching per day, and we


No money:

believe him to be less serviceable to Corfu, that he had been baptized for us than Constantine would be.

He pursued this course for time also should be lost in preparing some time, but when people crowded such a young nian for the work of the upon him from morning iill night, he gospel, and for this purpose it will be found himself in this manner unable necessary to have him near us. Con- longer to gain his daily support. And stantine is about twenty-seven or twen- rather than lose any opportunity for ty-eight years of age.

conversing with his poor deluded

countrymen, he resolved to labor a Successful labors of Apostolos at Patras. part of each night. It was partly from

A postolos is at Patras, where he this cause, and partly that we might now spends his whole time in distribut- hear more particularly the state of ing scriptures and tracts, and convers- things at Patras and enjoy a little seaing with the people. His experience son of religious worship with hini, in in this business renders him a faithtul connection with Mr. and Mrs. Buel and most valuable assistant. He has and Mrs. Dickson, that we requested on request in writing from the town Apostolos to make a visit to Corfu. He authorities of Patras, furnished the came in the fulness of the blessing of public schools of that place with the the gospel of Christ, and rendered us New Testament, (Bambas's edition, and much assistance during the last few the edition ancient and modern, in days of our stay at Potamo. parallel columns) and with other In view of this interesting state of books; the Child's Book on the Soul, things at Patras, and the announcefirst and second part, and Alleine's ment of Apostolos as assistant in the Alarm, being particularly requeste.l. Report of the Board, we felt ourselves This last book was requested probably authorized to instruct him, on his rein consequence of its being so beauti

turn to Patras, to give himself wholly to fully translated. It affords a rare spe- the work of distributing scriptures cimen of the sweeetess and sonorous and tracts, and conversing freely and ness of the modern Greek language. faithfully with his countrymen on the The girls' school contains more than subject of religion, holding public four hundred scholars ; the boys' worship on the Sabbath, and visiting school abont six hundred.

the people on other days from house A postolos holds public worship 10 house for religious conversation, as every Sabbath, and on other occasions opportunity might offer. This was whenever persons are present. He most cordial to our brother's own feelreports six or seven individuals as be- ivgs. Before visiting Corti, he had ing in a state of interesting inquiry, made it a subject of special prayer that two of whom he hopes are truly con- he might thus spend the remainder of verted. These two individuals engage his life. He appears to have his heart with bim in private prayer, and seem fully in the work. His language has zealous for the truth. One of them, a often been, “ Let ine see niy poor son very quiet and diligent young man, converted, and a gospel church of a says that the Greek religion is a system few hundred members in Greece, and of gross idolatry, and his conscience then, O Lord, 'lettest thou thy servant will allow him no more to go to the depart in peace.”” church. This young man has requested baptism.

Recently Apostolos's little room has been so crowded on the Sabbath, that

DICKSON, DATED CORFU, SEPT. 23, the people were unable to sit, and

1841. many would come to the door and go away again, because they were unable

The following extracts give a more particuto enter.

For two Sabbaths Apostolos Iar account of the school under the superintenfound no time to eat from seven in the dence and instruction of Mrs. Dickson, referred morning till nine at night, his house

10 by Mr. Love. being thronged the whole day. When

Mrs. D. it will be recollected, is an English he left Corfu Jast spring, he hoped to have been able both to labor for the lady who has long resided in Greece, and premission, and to support himself by his vious 10 the death of her husband, which ocown hands so as to have been no bur- curred in 1836, she was employed with him in den to the Board. He had a great teaching. For two or three years previous to desire also to reinove that stumbling 103.', when she became associated with the block, constantly thrown out at him at ! Captist mission at Patras, she was employed




as a teacher in the governmental Female, turn to school she made her appearBoarding School at Coriu. She left that sehoo' ance among us when she was but parfrom a conviction of duty to impart religious | tially recovered; in two days after she instruction to her pupils, which was not there bad a relapse, from which she has allowed.

nerer recovered. On the removal of Mr. Love and his family

Soon after, another person called lo Cortu, Mrs. Dickson did not immediately with his little daughter in his band, accompany bim, lest her motive iu opening a an intelligent looking girl about nine private school in a place which she had recent years of age; her father said he was ly left under those circumstances, should be glad of such an opportunity to edmisinterpreted. Being however solicited to do rather neglected. The next day two

ucate his daughter, as she Ead been so, hy some of her former patrons, she removed little girls, sisters, were absent from to Corfu, and has, as will be seen, a flourishing school ; upon inquiry I found that they private school.

had been withdrawn in consequence

of this girl having been received. The I wrote you three months ago, and mother of the sisters told me that this gave you some account of our newly little girl was notorious as a thief and opened school, and of its brightening a liar, and other bad habits, so that she prospects; these hopes have not been could not allow her children to be disappointedl. We have seen much to where she was. I told her that all this confirm our faith in the blessed pro- was unknown to us, and besides, as mises of God's word, and much to ex- the school was intended to be a public cite us to earnest and persevering benefit, ihat I could not with propriety prayer. The school had been in ope- send the girl away, as long as she conration only about six weeks, when Mr. ducted herself well, dic. The next and Mrs. Buel arrived. Their arrival as day the two sisters were sent back, but helpers in this mission gladdened our in about ten days after, something valhearts; but when Jirs. B. so cordially uable was stolen out of the school, and undertook to give her services to the there was strong evidence that the reschool, I could not but see in this, not ! puted thief was the guilty person. Af only the care of God, but bis wisdom. ; ter talking seriously to the child withJust such a person as Mrs. Buel is, out making any impression, I sent to was wanted here to give respectability | her inother, who soon atter called. I and efficiency to the school-an effi- stated to her simply the circumstances ciency which it never could have at- of the case, and left her to draw her tained by my single effort. The sup- interences. She was evidently disport the school has received, and the tressed, at one time weeping, at another favor by which it is regarded, show time vindicating her child. I pointed both that such a school was need- out to ber the solemun responsibility ed, and that it is appreciated. In that rested on parents as to the kind little more thall three months from its of education their children received at commencement forty scholars have home ; and when the mother rose to been received ; a few of these are siek, go away, she said with much feeling, and consequently are not at school, but " Will you turn my daughier ont of pone have left

. There is at present a school " I could not in my heart say regular attendance of thirty-six, and it yes, I rather wished that she might reis so constant that there is scarce an iurn and be benefited by religious ininstance of inattention in this respect. struction, and steal no more. The mo

Allow me to give an instance or ther finding that she had not been two of the reputation of the school. altogether repulsed, ventured to send A woman called one day and said, her back; she came the length of the I have heard such accounts of your door-but had not courage io come in. school from some who have their chil. There she stood and wept; this she did dren bere, that I feel quite inpatient for three days. I did not think it right to send my daughter. I must not lose to interfere as I could not invite her an hour. In about half an hour afier, back, but allowed the attair to take its hier daughter came; the girl, who was course. In about a week alter, her about fourteen years of age, made father brought her very early in the good progress, but the heat became ex- morning, before any of the children cessive, and as she had to come in from had assembled, and even before I had the country, the consequence was, she entered the school roon. Finding that took fever, which contiued her to the she had been received, he called again house several weeks. Impatient to re-l at inid-day and paid her quarter in ad

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