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circumstances and wants of different country, but then the worship of Nats, nations. They are often pleased, there- or demons, is universal. It is the same fore, with the gospel, at first, but when all over Burmah, except in the large they come to understand its fearful towns, where the splendor of Budhism, denunciations against idolatry and all sustained by government influence, has unrighteousness of men—that it pro- quite rooted out the old superstition. nounces the whole world in a state of The three inquirers I mentioned on apostacy from God—that all men with the 4th, give us cheering evidence that out faith in Christ are without God, they are taught of God. Two of them and have no hope, and in the end must request baptism, but Moung Loon is everlastingly perish,—when they un- suffering the most bitter opposition derstand these things, and that the from his relatives, particularly from a gospel is the only system of truth and brother and his wife, and on this acthe only refuge for the whole race of count he is afraid to be baptized. He man, they either become patient hear wishes first to win over his relatives ers, or bitter opposers, or, as is some to a better state of feeling, but says he times the case, they take refuge in can never be any thing but a disciple infidelity.

of Jesus Christ, who gave up his own In my last letter, I informed you life that sinners might be saved. that there was a church here of thir- Among the other inquirers, is one of teen members. All, except one, were peculiar interest, on account of his baptized between 20 and 25 years ago, learning, his high standing in society, near Chittagong. They removed to and his great age. He is called M'ha this town after the country fell into don, a title given him by the king of the hands of the English, for the sake Ava many years ago, when he was of enjoying greater liberty and tolera- sent into Arracan to explain to the tion. Most of them have become fee- priests and people, the sacred books. ble from age, and soon the church He called on me because I had lived must become extinct. They appear in Ava, and from that time onward he to love God, but are very ignorant. appears to have felt a deep conviction There is some disorderly and unchris- that Budhism has more falsehood than tian conduct among them, but I atiri- truth. He has continued his visits and bute much of this to ignorance, and attended public worship. For many therefore I do not despair of seeing years past he has regarded outward a more consistent christiau morality Budhism,--that is, prostrations and established.

prayers and offerings before pagodas Excursion to villages-Hopeful converts

and idols,--as adapted only to the igAn interesting character Heathen norant, unthinking multitude ; and like Transcendentalism.

many others of a contemplative turn

of mind, had taken refuge in PantheMay 14. Since writing the above, I ism, or the abstract, mystical doctrines have spent five days among the vil- of Budhism. All objects recognized lages to the north of this. I remained by the senses are to be regarded as nearly all the time in three villages of illusions, alike degrading to the mind about 1,000 inhabitants each. My as- and destructive of happiness; and semblies would average 100 or more, therefore, every thing which is pleasand except on one occasion, there was ing, harmonious, and beautiful, is 10 no interruption or rudeness to disturb be avoided, and the outward senses to one who is accustomed to address a be blunted and crushed, to the very heathen cougregation. Many appeared utmost. The highest possible virtue, to be much interested, and would re- and so the most perfect bappiness, is main after the crowd was gone, as indifference. Praise and blame are alike; long as I had strength to talk with nothing pleases, nothing offends; nothem. Several individual cases would thing gratifies, nothing disgusts. You be interesting, if the limits of a letter are neither to like nor dislike; the would allow of sufficient detail. I mind is to be in a state of perfect equiwas urged to visit them again, and librium. Then all idea of one's self, since my return home several have or individual identity, is lost or absorbcome to the city to get books and ed in the divine essence, as a drop of tracts. I think more than 2,000 people water loses its form and individual heard the gospel. Moung Na Gau was character when cast into the ocean. with me, and be labored hard to reach Connexion with matter, or materithe consciences of the heathen. There al substance, therefore, is the cause are few priests and fewer idols in the l of evil, and the gratification of the


senses, is to commit sin. Neither the is now very ill, and the other is violenteye, nor ear, nor taste, nor feeling, should ly opposed by her husband. These be gratified. Even conjugal, parental, tokens of the divine favor encourage and filial affection are only so many us to preach the gospel in season and forms of selfishness. To own any out of season, and endeavor to comthing which affords pleasure, or to mend ourselves to every man's conwhich any relative value can be attach- science in the fear of God. It is two ed, is only to gratify self, or the indi- months to-day since we came to anvidual being. While the highest ef- chor in this harbor, entire strangers forts of virtue consist in rooting out all and no house to go into; now, near idea of self, or individual existence, the same place and the same hour in and so bringing back the soul to an the evening, three converted heathen eternal, though unconscious repose. are baptized, and a multitude listen to Baptism--Interesting converts-Encour- the everlasting gospel which brings

life and immortality to light. The aging results of labor.

venerable M'ha don was at the water, May 22. Yesterday we had a meet- and united with us in singing two ing for the examination of those who hymns and paid the utmost attention wished to be baptized. This afternoon to all that was said and done. When we had a prayer meeting, and then in the converts came up out of the water, the cool of the day assembled on the in answer to a question which some shore of the harbor, and after services one put to him, he replied in an earnest intended to instruct the Christians, as and elevated tone of voice, “ This is also the heathen who gathered in con- the true religion, and I must be bapsiderable numbers around us, I bap- tized and be a disciple of Christ.” His tized Moung Loon, Moung Yau That, constant attendance at worship has and Ma Pong. The last two are young created a great sensation all over the people, and gave very satisfactory evi- city. The priests have had a meeting dence that they were taught by the to inquire into the cause of this extraHoly Spirit. The conversion of Moung ordinary conduct of the M'ha don; he Loon is a case of peculiar interest. told them, in the most frank and open From the very first, the truths of the manner, “I have found the true religospel fell upon his mind with irre- gion after worshipping idols and pagosistible power, and while they swept das for more than ninety years.” So away every vestige of heathenism, they far, therefore, he stands firm, and faces brought home to his inmost soul the the storm. Though more than 90 years knowledge of God and of Christ Jesus, old, his form is erect, and he walks which is eternal life. As all the inqui- with a firm step, and reads without rers were suffering violent opposition glasses. and bitter railing, I preached last Sab

The intelligence contained in the remaining bath evening from Matthew v. 10, 11, 12, and told them distinctly that honest portion of Mr. K.'s letter we know will be weland faithful disciples of Christ could come to our readers. The wonderful progress not escape persecution and reproach; of the gospel among the Karens in Bassein and and if they were not prepared to per- the other provinces which lie along the western severe, regardless of all opposition, borders of Burinah Proper, has been alluded to they were unfit for the kingdom of in various communications from the missionaHeaven, and could not be disciples of ries; and some notice was taken of it in the Christ.

Annual Report of 1839; but no definite inforEarly on Monday morning, Moung mation has reached us as to its extent, or the Loon came to the house and said he had probable number of those who have embraced not slept at all, during the night. He the truth. This work is the more remarkable, could only pray and weep for joy, be

as it occurs in a region where there is no orhad such an overwhelming sense of

dained missionary, and from which the most the love of Christ in bearing in his own body the sins of men. His deep feel- practicable mode of access to any of our staings are more like what we often see

tions, is by a long and perilous journey over the at home, than any other case I have mountains and through the jungles which sepaever found among converts from hea- rate it from Arracan on the west. Yet the fathenism.

tigues and hazards of this journey have been There are two others who wish to undertaken by many large companies, and a be baptized, and there is much reason communication has been established with Mr. to think they have felt the renovating Abbott at Sandoway, as mentioned in his jourinfluence of the Holy Spirit; but one I nal given in our last number. Immediately


on bis arrival, Mr. Abbott sent a deputation

Barens. over the mountains to invite the inhabitants of these provinces to visit him at Sandoway. The result is stated in the journal to which we have Our previous accounts from Mr. Ingalls, and just referred. Though the violence of perse from the station at Mergui, were to Sept. 9, cution has caused our missionaries to retire, for 1839. (See pages 4, and 83, of last volume.) a season, from their labors in Burmah Proper, | The natives had just completed a commodious and has occasioned great suffering to the Chris- chapel for worship, and the missionaries, tians at Rangoon, Ava, and other places, yet Messrs. Ingalls and Brayton, and their wives it would seem that “the word of God is not

were laboring in hope, and with encouraging bound;” it still prevails among these simple success, in preaching and in conducting their hearted Karens of the western provinces, and Burinan and Karen schools, which are kept up they are willing to incur every hardship and at this station during the rainy season. Still, danger, for the sake of securing to themselves Mr. I. says,“ Our brightest prospects are among its inestimable blessings.

the Karens; the Burmans of this province glory Wonderful work of divine grace among

in rejecting the gospel. God is pointing out the the Karens of the Bassein province - Karens as the people whose day of salvation More than two thousand souls hopefully has come ; to them the gospel is indeed good converted.

tidings, while to most of the Burmans it is fool. You will be happy to learn the ishness.” wonderful triumph of the gospel in Baptism-Attack of illness-Departure the Bassein province. It cominenced

for the jungle. among the Karens in the latter part of 1837, and now there are more than two Mergui, Sept. 24, 1839. To-day, in thousand rejoicing in the glorious liber- presence of a large assembly I baptized ty of the gospel. Br. Abbott, at San- six Karens. These individuals were doway, is in communication with them, from the boarding school. The soland he has fifty or more promising emn ordinance was witnessed, and reyoung men in school. All the inen marks listened to, with more than who have come over the hills, repre- common interest. O that the truth sent the work as still going on ; spread-heard might be sent home with divine ing from village to village in every di- power to their hearts ! rection. Moung Shway Moung, who 29. An unusual number of Burmans was baptized the latter part of 1835, at worship to-day,—some of whom was appointed by the king, governor of give us reason to hope that their hearts all the Karens in the Bassein province. are affected with the truth of the gosHe was sent down from Ava the latter pel. In the evening two Karens, one part of 1837—the Karens soon found a chief, came in, neither of whom is a he was a disciple of Christ, and that he believer. This chief has been a notowould shield them to the utmost of his rious drunkard. When my eye first power from oppression and persecu- fell upon him I saw, by his countetion. The Karens testify that“ he was nance, that a great change had taken a just man, and would never take place in his feelings—he was now as bribes,"_“that on the Sabbath he harmless as a Jamb ; the large tears closed up his house, and remained rolled down his check as he told me alone.” About this time, the conver- that he had given up his arrak and sion of the celebrated young chief took was now praying to the blessed God place. Ile is a young man of great en- for mercy. Praise be to God for showergy and powerful intellect, and all his ing compassion to this poor man ! influence was thrown into the work of This has been a good day; though publishing the knowledge of God wearied with much speaking, and the among his countrymen. The full ex- body ready to faint, the soul rises in tent of this revival we do not know, strong desires that blessings may debut enough bas been learned to con- scend upon the Burmans and Karens vince us that it is an extraordinary dis- surrounding me. play of divine grace. Probably more Oct. 7. This morning had an attack iban two thousand souls are turned from of bleeding at the lungs, produced by the worship of demons to the service too much speaking. I have been wont of the living God. This too has taken to consider my lungs as almost invulplace under the jealous and intolerant nerable, but now feel how frail Iann. reign of the new king. It is God's The discharge of blood not being great, glorious work.

I am not apprehensive of immediate

danger, still I fear an interruption to making preparation for a short tour to my public labors. The hemorrhage the jungle. continued till November 6, with little 11. Reached Mazau ; found the intermission, when, through the bless- brethren steadfast in the faith, and a ing of God, it was wholly removed. number of inquirers. After evening

Nov. 9. Left Mergui in company service, four requested baptism. with br. Brayton for Palau, a large 12. This morning we met and orBurman village about half way to Ta- ganized a church of six members—then voy. Preached at a number of small proceeded to examine the candidates. villages; gave away some testaments All gave evidence of faith and repenand tracts. Some listened with appa- tance, and were baptized and added to rent interest, while others opposed with the church. In the evening broke much hardness of heart.

bread to this little band ;-this was a 19 Left with my family for the memorable day for Mazau. Never bejungle, accompanied by br. and sister fore, since the ascension of our Lord, Brayton, and on the 20th reached Ka- was the ordinance of baptism adminbin, the loved village where the princi- istered in this region, or the emblems pal Karen church in this region is lo- of a crucified Savior exhibited. To cated.

me and the little church, the season Found the brethren in peace, re was joyful, solemn, and holy—God joicing in an abundant harvest of rice was there. Among the baptized was and the fruits of the earth, the reward the wife and son of the head man. of their hard labors. Our reception This chief was baptized last year by was most cordial. Met with them in br. Kincaid. For nearly two years he the evening, and preached from Psalms has stood alone and preached to his 65: 11.

drunken relatives. The aspect of this

village is changed. God has done Repeated baptisms— Sickness of Mrs. 1.- great things for them, and to his name Visit to Mazu10 Kabin.

be all the glory!

17. Yesterday I left Mergui with 33. This evening had a meeting for Mrs. Ingalls for Kabin, her liealth bethe examination of candidates for bap- ing so far restored as to warrant her tism. Ten came forward and requested undertaking the journey, and early the the ordinance ;-a number more, con- next morning we found ourselves near sidered too young by their parents, were the village. The native brethren hearvery anxious to apply. The evening ing of our approach came down and was happily spent in listening to their pulled our boat up to their village. relation of God's love and mercy to This act of Christian affection, pertheir souls. I rejoiced to witness the formed with so much good will, addclearness of their views of the way ed another to the many ties that bind

us to them. their only refuge, and since fleeing to 21. We have held frequent meer. him they had found great peace. ings with the church, and have found

24. Met again this morning and that some of the younger members completed the examination of the can- have been drinking toddya drink didates. About 5 o'clock, as the sun procured from a certain tree, and sold was declining in the west, we assem- by the Burmans. It resembles, I am bled upon the banks of the beautiful informed, cider; and if taken in large stream that winds along in front of the quantities produces intoxication. Menzayat, and led these willing converts in bers of our churches are not allowed the footsteps of the Savior. They were to partake of this deceptive beverage. “ buried with Him by baptism into Those who had been seduced by the death,” and “like as Christ was raised Burmans came forward, and on their from the dead,” so we trust they will making a full confession were forgiven. “ walk in newness of life.” In the The natives are now building Mrs. evening we conmemorated the love- Ingalls a house. They do it of their the dying love of Christ ; about seven own accord. I mention the fact to ty were present.

show the liberality of these native Jan. 10. Through the past month Christians. They have built their Mrs. Ingalls has been confined to her meeting house this year, and now, this bed by a fever, and some part of the dwelling house. Should every Christime apparently near the grave. But tian manifest the same liberality, no God has been merciful, and spared her. land would famish for the word of She is now so far recovered that I am life.

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We go

Excursion to the TenasserimVoyage, they joyfully put on Christ. In the

on a raft-Baptism, and a church con- evening we constituted them into & stituted at Tewah.

church, and gave to them the right 27. Early this morning I started in hand of fellowship ; after which, we company with br. Brayton for Tewah, a broke bread to this little flock. The. village on the Tenasserim.

duties of this day were of no ordinary by land over the mountains--the route kind, and we felt that the divine spirit taken by br. Kincaid. After a toilsome was present, guiding and filling us with march through jungles and over moun- joy and gladness. tains, we found ourselves, as the sun

30. Ilaving commended this church was going down, about half way to our to Him who alone can build it up and place of destination. The road not sustain it, we bade the brethren a rehaving been travelled for nearly a year luctant farewell, and recommenced our was bad indeed ; we pitched our tent voyage down the Tenasserim on our in the solitary woods by the side of a raft. stream, and having lighted our fires to

Feb. 2. Reached Ya-boo, where protect us from the wild beasts, we laid there are two converts, and where we ourselves down to rest. The Karens, stationed an assistant last rains. On my more thoughtful of a breakfast the visit last year, there were many hopeful coming morning, than of sleep, soon inquirers here, but we now found all disappeared with their lighted torches. cheerless and gloomy-many who apAfter a short absence they returned peared well then, are now arrayed in i with a number of immense frogs, which opposition to us. One reason they al- 3. they informed us were excellent eating. leged was, “that many of their friends

28. About 11 o'clock we reached a went last year to Mata and died of .? stream near the ascent of the bighest cholera.” I fear a more prominent mountain between us and Tewah. The reason is, the unholy walk of the two Karens told us they could construct Christians, who appear to have but little rafts and descend the stream, and so religion. We found not much to enavoid the mountain road. We willing- courage us at this place; the head ly assented to this arrangement, and in man has set himself against the gospel, å short time we found our rafts in and goes about doing all he can to stop readiness. They were made by lash- the work of God in this region. ing five or six bamboos together for

6. Reached Kabin and found our the bottom, and one on each side for families well, having accomplished a a railing ; upon these they placed some tour in eleven days, that would have split ones for our baggage.

occupied a month had we gone up the With a Karen at each end with a Tenasserim in our boat instead of gosetting pole, we commenced the de- ing over land. scent of this rapid stream.

We soon found that rapids and rocks were Addition to the churchesAn Association abundant, and that it required about as

proposed-A Burman deceiver. much agility and skill for us to keep on the raft, as it did for the Karens to 9. Two individuals were received and guide it. More than twenty times we added to the church by baptism. There found ourselves on the rocks, and being now four small churches in this once, with all my care, I found myself region, I informed the brethren of the in the water. After passing ten or fif- custom of our American churches in reteen miles in this manner, about sun- gard to Associations. They manifested down we reached Tewah. Last year great interest in the subject, and with br. Kincaid baptized four at this place, much good feeling resolved to invite who had removed to other villages. the brethren and sisters of the three We found three converts and a good adjacent churches to hold a general number of inquirers who had removed meeting with them, to continue three to this place last year. We bad an days,-commencing on Friday the assistant stationed here during last 28th of the month. I have long been rains. Ten came forward for baptism. desirous of getting up a yearly meet

29. Early this morning we coming of this kind, but hesitated about menced the examination of the candi- mentioning the subject, fearing it would dates. They gave very good evidence not succeed—the measure has taken of saving faith, and were received. We well with the native brethren, and if we now repaired to the banks of the Ten- should have a good meeting it will asserin,-whose waters in this region become established. seldom witness such scenes,-when 11. Left this morning for Thing

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