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enced, they stand much in need of bears to the character of Ms. Oncken, and 10
some one who can encourage and com the usefulness of his labors, cannot but be grati-
fort them. I have engaged br. Sander, tying to those who are watching with intense
who was the instrument of their con- interest, the progress of the work in thal country.
version, to return and remain among luis encouraging also, to know that the cause
them. He is an excellent young man, of truth and religious freedom is taking a strong-
-has the good cause much at heart,
and I believe his stay ainong this per- of our brethren are beginning to command the

er hold of the public mind; and that the labors
secuted little bavd, will be a great
blessing to them.

respect and sympathy of christians of other de. At Langeland the persecutions have nominations. The letter is dated at Hamburg, also been very severe; as also at Aal- Sept. 27, 1841. burg, where Fottved has been dismiss- State of the church at HamburgSabbath ed from the regiment in which he had

erercises. served for many years.* But God has strengthened bis children, and made the arrangements for travelling such

Op my arrival at Hamburg I found them faithful, so that not one has proved faithless,-a cause of abundant main here two or three days longer

as to make it necessary for me to regraditude to God, who alone can keep than I had intended. Unfortunately us from falling. The church in this city (Berlin) has Oncken, is absent at this time, on a

for me, our missionary brother, Mr. of late had occasion to rejoice in new visit to Memel on the coufines of accessious; and as br. Lehmann has

Prussia, whither he has gone to organnow a more suitable place for their

ize a new baptist church. As he promeetings (it will hold between 2 and 300 persons) and the government puts visit the christians on the Suabian

poses also, during this excursion, to no hindrance in their way, there is

mountains, who have professed baptist every prospect—if the spirit of God bless the word—that the church will principles, his absence will probably 8000 increase. A considerable addi- have seen Mrs. Oocken frequently

be protracted two or three months. I tional expense has been incurred in since my arrival, and have received consequence of the saloon (hall) which from her much interesting information has been hired, which the infant church respecting the state of the mission at able to defray. I warmly recommend required by the government, to bold composed of very poor persons, is unë this place. Onir friends here are still the case to the Board, or if their funds their meetings in a private room; and will not allow of their doing anything there is not, so far as I can learn, any for this special object, I trust they will recommend it to the christian public. striction will be removed. There is

very immediate prospect that this reOur friends here require for the saloon

very little doubt, that if it were, and annually, about $150.

they could have the use of a more pubI am now on my way to Memel

, lic place, a large congregation could where I hope to baptize between thirty be speedily collected. The room in and forty converts. The prospects which they now assenuble will contain there are most encouraging, and I hope perhaps seventy-five or a hundred perthat from thence we shall introduce sons; and this is not only filled, but the gospel into Lithuania. On my usually the stairs and entry leading to way to Memel I shall pass as rapidly it. They have two services on the as possible, that the object I have in Sabbath ; and it should be stated, that view there may be realized. On my the audience at the former of these, in way back, I shall visit some of the the morning, is always a different one Menonites, and endeavor to sow the from that in the afternoon. This is the good seed wherever an opportunity result of concert, in order that as many offers. Oh! that it would please God to breathe his life-giving spirit on the Yesterday was the Sabbath, and I had

as possible may be enabled to attend. Menonite congregations.

the pleasure of meeting with this little In addition to the above, it gives us pleasure assembly. Our br. Kobuer conducted to lay before our readers the subjoined extracts the service; and unintelligible as was of a letter received from Professor Hackett, of most of the sermon to me, it was abunNewton Tbeological Institution, who is now on dantly rnanifest, from the attention with a visit to Germany. The testimony which it which he was beard, and the varied

expressions of countenance which I * For some account of Mr. F. see pp. 269 witnessed, that there was an active and 276, of the September number.

sympathy between the preacher and

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Ojibwas :—Letter of Mr. Bingham.

351 his hearers. Ten additional members have just been received into the church,

Ojibwas. which now numbers, I was told, one hundred and thirty-five. Labors of Mr. Oncken-Decision of the

HAM, DATED SAULT DE STE. MARIE, court at Copenhagen.

AUGUST 2, 1841. It has been very gratifying to me to The station occupied by Mr. Bingham, as find so much evidence as I have met doubtless most of our readers are aware, is a with in various ways, of the respect U. S. military post, within the state of Michiwhich religious people here entertain for Mr. Oncken; and of the interest gan-at the falls of the river St. Mary, which they take in his labors. He is which unites the lakes Huron and Superior. beyond all question performing a most | On the opposite side of the river is a trading useful work; and my impressions of post of the British Hudson's Bay Company. the importance of his position, and of The labors of Mr. B. are employed in superinthe claims of this mission upon the tending a school, of which some account is sympathy and support of our churches, given in the subjoined report-in preaching 10 have been most decidedly strengthened the whites connected with the Garrison, and 10 by what I have been able to learn. I the Indians who resort thither for the purpose hare taken some pains to inform my- of trade, or for instruction-and in visiting, at self on this point, and am confident intervals

, the different stations temporarily octhat I do not speak at random. I can cupied by the Indians in their migratory wanmerely say at present, that in addition derings over the country. to the conversions here, of which Mr.

The latest previous accounts from this mis. Oncken has been instrumental, and the churcbes wbich he has formed in other sion, which have been published, will be found places, and over which he exerts a

in the last annual report of the Board. directing influence, he is fast acquiring Annual report of the mission-State of the increased respect and confidence

the school Of the churchPreaching. of christians of other denominations ; is contributing to correct the misap In presenting to the Board the thirprehensions which exist here, to an teenth annual report of this mission, astonishing extent, in regard to the we would record with gratitude the principles and usages of the baptists ; tender mercies of the Lord. Through and is destined, as I can not doubt, to his kind providence our school has do much to hasten the time when the been continued through the year in true principles of christian liberty, now regular and successful operation, with so sadly misunderstood here, shall be no other intermissions than our usual better known and practised.

vacation of one week at the end of With respect to the condition and each quarter. The number of scholars prospects of our brethren in Denmark, enrolled during the first quarter of the I can write nothing of which you will present year, was forty-two ; nineteen not probably be apprized before this of whom were taught gratuitously. comes to hand. I learn that the deci. The second quarter had forty-nine ension of the court is more favorable rolled; thirty-two of whom, eighteen than the friends of the mission here boys, and fourteen girls, were fre apprehended, who supposed that it scholars. The third quarter had thirmight very possibly be unconditional ty-two enrolled ; seventeen of whom banishment. There is room for an ap- enjoyed the benefit of free tuition. peal from the judgment of the court in And the present quarter has forty-five wbich they have been tried, to a higher enrolled, twenty-nine of whom are loone; and the brethren, as I understand, dians and mixed bloods, and are taught are unanimous in refusing to accept free of charge ; ten of these latter are the decision which has been made, but boys, and nineteen are girls. The will have the question carried up. progress in their studies has been as May wisdom from on high be granted good as could reasonably be expected 10 your Board that they may be guided with the attention they give. aright in relation to this subject, and Arithmetic, geography, and gramall the important interests which they mar, have been taught, in addition to are called to direct. It is our consola- the minor branches. tion to know that His word is faithful, We have been trying the experiment who hath said that he will cause even of conducting our missionary operathe wrath of man to praise him, and tions upon the plan of boarding a the remainder be will restrain. smaller number than formerly. A part

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of the year eight beneficiaries have them. Yet I think the prospect is, that been wholly supported ; five bors, and we shall be able to lead them on gradthree girls: but at present we have but ually in these things. Fisk have been six, four boys and two girls ; one of so low the past year, that they have each having been disinissed. They done very little. In general they have are pretty well instructed in the usual | done finely at making sugar. Many branches of business common in this families, of those who fall under my country, and are quite judustrious. labors, have made 4, 5, or 600lbs, and

Our Sabbath school and Bible class probably some have gone over that are still continued. The former, much anjount. as it was at my last report ; the latter Br. Cameron bas been down here. is not so well attended as then; it He stopped on the other side of the never is at this season of the year. Of river, but attended meeting with us. our Sabbath meetings at home, I can. He has baptized quite a number renot report so favorably as at some cevily ; but low many I do not now former tines. Those held with the recollect. He will, doubtless, report Indians, continue to be of about their the particulars to the Board. usual interest. But those with the On that side of the lake (the Canada white people have seldom been at a side) no ardent spiriis are carried lower ebb, for any length of time, since among the Indians; consequently their we have been here; yet we hold on prejudices and opposition are much our way.

more easily overcome. It was so here, of my labors with the Indians when we had succeeded in rooting out abroad, my journal will give a more that bane of human society from among full and distiuct account. During the us. But now that it has returned upon past year, I have travelled about 800 us, with all its destructive power, what miles in visiting them at their different will be the result of our labors, we hunting and fishing locations. In these cannot tell. In reference to translamissionary excursions, I have preached tions, I would remark, that Dr. James' fifty-one regular discourses, besides work was never revised, as it onglit to several lectures; have held eight prayer have been, and as we intended to have and conference meetings, and have it. Br. Cameron commenced a revis“ camped out” several nights, both ion, but found so many alterations sumer and winter, where we had no necessary, that he concluded to transIudians to preach to. These are in late it anew. addition to my regular labors at the station. But with all these labors I

We give below, a few extracts from the jouram unable to report any additions to

nal of Mr. Bingham, relating particularly to bis the church by baptism, during the year. missionary excursions among the scattered porNo alterations have taken place in the lions of the tribe, which have their residence church since my semi-annual report. during part of the year, along the banks of the Present number seventeen; besides St. Mary's above and below the military staone from whom we have heard nothing lion. for several years. Br. Shegud (the assistant) has maintained his meeting at

Missionary tour-Death of an Indian Utikwamenan during the time the Indians remained there, with the excep Feb. 19, 1841. Friday morning I tion of a short interval. There was a started on my tour down the river. time when the attendance became About four o'clock, P. M., I reached a quite small, and the discouragement place where were four lodges, and five he felt, together with his feeble state families. Most of the Indians present of health, led him to drop his meetings came out to meeting in the evening. for a short time. But I soon visited 20. Proceeded to Nawesakodan, them, and endeavored to strengthen where were three lodges together, and his bauds. I pressed upon them the three others at a distance. Two famiimportance of attending the ministra- lies had evcamped here the night betions of the word ; and they revived fore our arrival-the old chief Keokas again.

and his son. Here we spent the next I believe he has acted the part of a day, which was Sabbath. The Iudians faithful assistant in his labors with that laid aside their business for the meetpeople.

ings, though they had but little to eat. The Indians have planted their gar- As usual, had three services during the dens, the present season, but have day and evening. Here was Nawagezmade no considerable additions tol hik, with his mother, and the family


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The mother informed me, that the night on the subject of religion, and answer before I visited them last fall, his wite my questions, to come in. All came (who was then just gone with the con- except one woman. At the beginning sumption) dreamed that I made them of the meeting br. Shegud appeared a visit, and talked with her. And, rather dispirited, and I proceeded with said the mother, “the next day you the others. The members were faint, caine, just as she had dreamed." The yet not wholly disheartened; but found sirk woman died, the Sabbath after 1 Finany trials and discouragements in left there. But, the mother added,“ she the way. After they bad spoken, I was not afraid to die; and said she did questioned the others. not think hard of the Lord for making Bwam said he believed what he had ber siek, or taking her out of the world.” beard was the truth; admitted his own This was her method of expressing her personal need of religion, but said the daughter's resignation under sickness force of the truths he heard soon lett and in prospect of death. She repeat his mind. le resolved that from that ed the expression a number of times, time be would endeavor to abandon * She was not afraid to die.” I asked her drink. Said lie had never said so beif she thought her daughter fully be- fore, but he vow declared it before lieved the gospel? She replied, that those persons as witnesses. she did fully ; and, said she, “that was Mukubwanr, in answer to a question the reason she was not afraid to die;" I put respecting himself, said he told and said further, that she had a great his family they must go to meeting, desire to see me again before she died, and attend to these things, adding that The thought forcibly struck my mind he wished to have them become chris-who knows but the doctrine preach- tians. Seeing him fully disposed to ed to her when I was there—“ but now justify himself, I informed him that lie God commendeth liis love toward us, was lacking in one important thing; in that while we were yet sinners, He ought to lead the way. In all good Christ died for us,” may bave been things a father should always teach bis specially applied by the Holy Spirit to family by example as well as precept. her durk mind, and made effectual to After some appropriate remarks from her conversion? It may be that the the deacon, M. said, he did fully lejudgment day will unfold results of our lieve that the word he heard was not Tabors, of which we now have little the word of man, but the word of God.. idea. The thought did, at least, relieve And it was evidently the most serious somewhat the painful depression that word I ever heard bim speak. Bwan's bad for some time affected my mind, / wife thought if he kept bis resolution, in view of the little apparent fruits of it would be a great means of enabling my labors.

ner to embrace christianity.

The mother of Shegnd's wife said, of another excursion to Whitefish Point, on the loss of lier children had witch af: lake Superior, the jourval has the following no. | fected her mind. Admitted her need tices. They reached the Judian settlement on of religion, and promised she would the 24th of June, and the following day, Mr. endeavor to follow my iustructions and B. visited the two principal families, those of advice. The others also admitted their Bwam and Mukubwam.

need of a Savior.

28. Returned to the Bay. Found An inquiry meeling.

nine lodges including Bwam's, who After evening meeting, had some came down with us. conversation with Mukubwain Next day had two services. Our drinking, &c. The conversation was subjects were solemn and interesting. introduced by bimself. I related to After meeting, had some talk with an bim the resolution formed by our first Indian whose English name is James female convert at Pawetin, and recom- D. Knowles, and who is sick. He said mended her course as a pattern for an increasing solemnity had rested on him. Deacon Shegud followed up the his mind ever since I was there before; subject, and finally related the manner but said he was not a christian. in wbich he escaped a critical tempta

In this tour Mrs. B. and our two littion at Mackinaw.

tle girls accompanied me; and I found June 27. Lord's-day. Had good it profitable. She interested the minds meetings. At the close of the alier- of the females, and instructed them in poon service I notified an evening con. things that I could not. She was deference, and invited all who were wil- lighted with the trip, and her health ling to have me converse with them was improved by it.


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We were absent eight days; I miles beyond, travelling at intervals to the dif preached eight discourses, and held ferent hunting and fisbing stations of the Inone conference meeting. It was the dianis. most agreeable trip I have had these two years.

Annual report of the mission- Additions

to the church-Favorable prospects. Arrival of other missionariesCommun

I feel great pleasure in reporting to ion season.

the Board the blessed success which July 4. Lord's-day. Just as I was has attended my missionary labors going into meeting, Rev. Mr. and during the past year among the natives Mrs. Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. James, and residing on the northern shores of lake Miss Spooner, missionaries from the Superior. Ascribiug all the praise to A. B. C. F. M. arrived and put up with our Heavenly Father for his unspeaka

Mr. Wheeler preached for me. ble mercies, I have to inform the 5. As the birth-day of our national Board that there bas been this year an Independence occurred on the Sab- addition of eight members to our bath, the national salute was fired in church, of whom five are males, and the Fort with but little parade. This three females. The wbole number is afternoon we celebrated it at the mis- thirty. The spirit of one has departed sion, by prayer and praise to God, in into the blessed mansions of eternity: connection with reading the declara- the mother of my dear children. Her tion. Our missionary brethren, and end was a happy one. She died full the Rev. Mr. Brockway, were present, of faith in the blessed Redeemer. who also took part in the services. The native bretbren are steadfast in

11. Solomon Parker,—one of our the faith, and seem to appreciate, very Seneca scholars, who was under our in- much, the privilege of hearing the struction all the time we were with word of life preached. Those residing that people,-being at Mackinaw, came in this vicinity bave not enjoyed that over and made us a visit. He is not blessing as much as those in the neighpious, but still an interesting young borhood of Fort Williain. I have

We had considerable conversa- pitched upon this place as my winter tion and prayer with and for biin. He quarters for the ensuing winter. The remarked that he felt happy to meet natives are very much pleased with my · his old teachers, and receive renewed | decision, knowing that it is designed justruction from their lips.

for their special good. 23. Had a day of humiliation and

The prospect of doing good to the prayer. But our missionary brethren natives at this place, is very encourawere obliged to leave us, the vessel ging. Some years have elapsed since being freighted, and the wind fair. I many of the heard the word of God We however accompanied them to the preached, as I have been most of the place of their embarkation, where we tine absent. Their love to the truth kneeled down upon the shore and had however, seems to be unabated, judga precious season in prayer. From ing from what I hear from the bretlian acquaintance of almost three weeks, ren. It is expedient, therefore, that we were bigbly pleased with them all; measures be adopted to satisfy their and we rejoice to see the region be- hungering and thirsting after the bread yond us being supplied with such mis- and water of life. sionaries.

During my short stay here, this sumThe other part of the day was spent mer, a goodly number of natives arwith our native members, and we felt rived at this post for the purpose of rethat it was a good season. Our native ceiving religious instruction. They members all arrived from the interior, were from one of the Company's posts, and were all present at the commu- called New Brunswick, about ninety pion.

miles froin this. It unfortunately hap-
pened that necessity obliged me to has-

ten on my way to the Sault, from ERON, DATED MICHIPICOTON, (LAKE scarcity of provisions. The disagreeSUPERIOR) SEPT. 29, 1841.

able consequence was, that I had to The station at which this letter is dated is a

leave without giving them inuch in

struction. The bead of the band had trading post of the Hudson's Bay Company, on

come to me a few years before at this the northern shore of Lake Superior. Mr. C. usually resides a portion of the year at this sta.

* The pumber added last year was seven. tion, and a portion at Fort William, about thirty | See Magazine for Febrnary last.

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