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stance, that, with the exception of Ras- | angels of the Lord, sent forth to minismus Jörgensen,* pardon was granted to ter to those who are heirs of salvation, us for the past, provided we would en- have no more agreeable mission to this gage for the future, to live each one world, than comforting, strengthening, for bimself, and not again assemble for and encouraging the children of God, mutual edification, or administer the while suffering imprisonment for the scrament of the Lord's supper. We good confession they have witnessed. replied, by referring to the declaratiion Let him remember Daniel in the lion's ve had made on a former occasion, den; the angel of the Lord was with when urged to give up our convictions him, and preserved him, because be respecting baptism and the Lord's sup- would serve no other but the true God. per as errors. That declaration was, But this was not all; the angel was that we dared not and could not make likewise with king Darius,and strengthsuch a concession, unless those who ened him, so that he overcamne bis preferred charges against us could mighty men, and had them cast into prove from the word of God, as con- the den, from which Daniel had been tained in the bible, that we are in an released. And the angels interfere on error. The judge here observed, that our behalf with the great of this world. Do punishment would be inflicted upon I can with truth declare, that since I us, on account of our faith or our opin- first became a believer, the greatest son, but as violators of the law. To spiritual blessing I have experienced Rasmus Jorgensen the choice was giv- has been during my imprisonment; for en, either to leave Denmark within four since I have been here, I have had time weeks, or to be immediately brought to learn to know myself. I have disto trial and condemned. On his choos- covered, that while in the enjoyment ing the latter, the judge urged him to of liberty, it is possible to be a slave, leave the country willingly, otherwise and in a prison, to be free. Under bis present worldly comfort must be such circumstances, the Lord maniexchanged for poverty, and a prison fests his love towards us in a most become his dwelling. He exborted wonderful manner. The jailor keeps him to relinquish his charge, that the the world, and the angel-band keeps church might be dissolved. J. replied satan at a distance from us; so that our that he could not and dared not do so, only conflict is with flesh and blood, it being his wish to live in every par- which, in truth, is sometimes hard ticular according to the dictates of the enough; but if we call upon the Lord word of God, and cousequently with in our distress, he comes to our relief, reference to the church also. The and we praise him afresh for every judge—“ In that case you must make up new victory he evables us to achieve. your mind to what I have told


will follow.” J.-“ Yes, I will rather occupy From Rasmus Jörgensen, superintendent of a prison with a good conscience, than a the church in Langeland, to Mr. Kobner, dated palace without it.” The judge now April 20, 1841. gave both verbal and written instructions to the parish bailiff who was in The magistrates appear disposed to attendance, to break up our meeting if adopt severe measures; they seek to we again assembled, and if we did not break up the church, and threaten banseparate quietly, to employ force; and ishment, and other cruel punishments. in case we attempted to administer the The second process against me is still Lord's supper, to confiscate the altar, depending, but judgment will soon be as be called it. By the grace of God, given in the lower court. I hope the we have preserved our integrity, and magistrates may soon be brought to confiding in Him, we venture to await see, that “it is hard to kick against the what he has appointed to befall us. pricks,” and that it is not us, but Christ, From P. Monster to his brother A. Monster. the opposition is so great, there are,

whom they are persecuting. Although We have indeed reason to rejoice nevertheless, seven or eight persons in the goodness of the Lord. Our here, perhaps more, anxiously waiting cause, in my opinion, stands well. to be baptized. It appears, indeed, at Write to our christian brother, who present it would be a dangerons un. is in jeopardy in Langeland, that be dertaking for any one to venture here need be in no fear of a prison ; for the to perform the ordinance. Let us,

however, hope that the Lord himself • Superintendent of the church. This name will prepare the way. There is inwritten by mistake in the last no. Forgensen. deed no room to doubt, with the facts

before us, which we have already ex- | ceive the blessing from his gracious perienced, that all is in the hand of band ! our God. We have seen one Lot after another coming out of Sodom; and

Public sentiment Many persons waiting that the people, who would assail the

for baptism. house, could neither find the doors nor From the schoolmaster, Rasmus Sörensen, of seize the men who came to us to fulfil Venstow. the cominands of their Lord.

The Copenhagen Post (a political I have lately received a letter from newspaper) contains an article headed Jutland, (Aalburg). The church there Anabaptists,” in which the following has not yet met with any farther inter- mention is inade of the book I have ruption. Some days ago I heard also lately published, (on the constitution from Copenhagen. They now hold of the true church). The writer, an their meetings there in different houses impartial unbeliever, after contrasting about the city, and A. Mönster writes the religious liberty enjoyed by the that the Lord has granted a rich in baptists in Würtemburg, and by the crease, as the fruit of their labors. The old Lutherans in West Prussia, with decision of the court on the case of P. the persecution of the baptists in DenMönster, will now soon be given, and mark, and expressing himself with we shall then see how much power great freedom on the edict issued by the Father has granted them over us; the Department of State, commanding without His permission, they cannot the prosecution of Rasmus Jörgensen hurt a hair of our heads.

of Langeland, proceeds nearly as fol From a letter of N. O. Foltved, superintend

lows: * Both the Fatherlaud (another ent of the church in Aalburg, to the same, da paper) and the Copenhagen Post, ad

vocate religious liberty for the Re-bapted April 23d, 1841.

tizers, or Baptists, whichever they may I have hitherto delayed writing, in prefer to be called, and the Fatberland the hope of being able to communicate remarks, 'Are their doctrines erronethe result of our two examinations; ous, let the clergy and schoolmasters but we still remain without molesta- prove them to be so to the people. tion or disturbance. We are reviled The scboolmaster, Rasmus Sörensen and ridiculed it is true, but that, by the of Venstöw, however, a man whose love grace of God, we can bear patiently of truth, and unaffected christian faith, from the unbelieving world around is questioned by no one, has just publis; for of believers we perceive none lished a book, entitled What is the either here in the town, or in the neigh- Holy Universal Church? &c., in which borhood—and unhappily it is they in he shows that infant baptism is neither particular, who carry on the war against evangelical nor apostolic. If it is not

Why a process has not been in- possible to refute him, and to render stituted against me, as well as against ihe errors of baptists innoxious by the brethren in Copenhagen and in co:inter arguments and proofs, but if, Langeland, I know not,-possibly my on the contrary, it must be admitted being a soldier may have bad some in that their doctrines are confirmed by fluence, but I am entirely uninformed the word of God and the history of the upon the subject. Thus inuch I know, christian church, then, in spite of imthat God granting me grace, 1 ought prisonments, condemnations, banishto await the result with patience and ments, &c., there will soon be in Dencomposure, which I trust I do, and mark as many baptists as there are every member of our little communi- now Lutherans. Therefore we now ly. We stay ourselves on the precious call upon all the zealous disputants promises with which we became ac- amongst the clergy, by argument and quainted, when God became our in-proofs, to refute the statements put structer. Our meetings are still fre-forth in Rasmus Sörensen's book.'" quented by some few strangers, and In this neighborhood, the number of there are three or four persons who those who have determined to join the ardently long to be united with the baptists, is continually on the increase. church of Christ by baptisın. How It is the same on Langeland, and I have this is to be accomplished, our dear heard that some in Fünen have formed brother Monster being still in prison, the same determination. As soon as we must leave to our Father in heaven, sentence is pronounced on Mönster, it who knows all things, and who will is my intention to write immediately arrange all things for us in the best to the king, and to remonstrate with way. May we only be prepared to re-I him on this subject.


By our latest accounts, the state of things old man who primarily came to Dr. in Denmark remained much the same as is here Tracy for medicine for his eyes, being represented. The severe measures of perse nearly blind. He soon became so far cution were in no degree relaxed, though the restored that he came into our employ, cause of truth and of religious freedom seemed and during his residence with us, has to be gaining a stronger hold upon the miuds of manifested a decided change of charsame, especially among the men of standing acter, though we regarded him from and influence both in the governinent and in so.

the beginning as strictly bonest and ciety. The spirit of inquiry was gradually ex

faithful to the interests of his employ

ers. He first, after learning something lending, and many persons were awaiting a

of the character of God, began to pray suitable opportunity for being baptized and to him to heal his eyes, and as he daily upiling with the afficred and suffering churches. prayed for this, he soon became con

The latest intelligence from the mission will vinced of the blindness of his mind, be found in the letter of Mr. Oncken, published and prayed to have the eyes of his unat page 266 of our last number.

derstanding opened.

11. Sabbath. The two Chinese al

luded to last Sabbath, have to-day been Siam.

baptized. We were accompanied to JOURNAL OF MR. DEAN, AT BANGKOK.

the water by some of the brethren of

the Presbyterian and American Board, (Continued from page 234.)

and a few Siamese and Chinese, beBaptism of two Chinese converts.

sides the members of the school and

the churı:h. At the close of the servi. Oct. 4, 1840. In addition to the usu

ces at the water, br. Davenport made al exereises of the Sabbath, we have

some remarks to the Siamese who to-day examined and approved two

were present.

We then returned to Chinese, as candidates for baptism. the house, and extended the band of One is the Chinese teacher in Mrs. fellowship to the persons just baptized, Dean's school, and the other, a man and gathered around the table of the who has been in our employ as cooly Lord, to think of his love, his sufferduring the last two years. The exam-ings, and his triumph. It has been a ination occupied two hours, in which day of interest and we hope of profit brethren Peet and Buell took a part to us all. with us, and all present expressed their fellowship for the candidates as Chris- Production of ardent spirits-Liberality tians. The baptism of these converts of a convertState of society. is postponed till next Sabbath, when

15. Having to-day, occasion to inwe expect to observe the ordinance of tercede with the man who stands at the Lord's supper.

the head of the spirit farm for BangThese persons have been noticed at kok, in behalf of a poor Chinaman who a former date, as requestivg baptisın.* had been falsely imprisoned on the TH school teacher is a young man of charge of having made ardent spirits promise, and though he came froin Chi- without a license, I learned that this ofia last year and has been with us only ficer pays into the king's treasury, anfour months, before which time he had nually, one hundred and forty-four thoutheard nothing of christianity, he now. sand ficals* for his license, or the privpossesses considerable knowledge of ilege of making ardent spirits in Bangthe scriptures, and so far as we can kok alone; and when we reflect that judge, affords satisfactory evidence of there is a distinct license for each of a renewed heart. The question arose the other places of importance in the in our minds whether, in view of the country, and that the expense of nateshort period since he became acquaint- rials and making is added to the above ed with the subject of christianity, it sum, we may form some idea of the would not be prudent to dissuade hiin state of intemperance in the country. froin making a profession of his faith Nov. 1. We have to-day enjoyed at present, but with the example of the presence of br. Goddard at our the Apostles and primitive saints be- Sabbath services, and hope soon to fore us, and the evidence afforded have bis assistance in conducting relius of his real piety, we felt unprepared gious worship with this people. Such to assume the responsibility of a post-aid in our work is none the less accepponement. The other person is an

* The lical is about sixty cents, consequently page 253, last number.

the sum is over eighty thousand dollars. 36


* See


table because we have so long waited the subject. He has to-day proposed and prayed for it.

some inquiries which show ihat he has 3. Chek Yět, one of the members of searched the scriptures with a desire the church here, and a poor inan, who to obey their injunctions. There are gains his support by washing clothes, one or two others who may be properpresented us two ticals as a contribu- ly termed inquirers. tion to aid the mission cause. The The school has recently suffered a known character of the man and the temporary reduction in consequence attending circumstances, leave us no of ill health and other causes connectroom to doubt the sincerity and pu- ed with the families to which they berity of his motives in this act of self- long. One boy who came to us one denial and christian benevolence. It year ago, has gone home for the first was the more pleasing to us as it was time to visit his friends, who live at a an entirely voluntary act of a young distance of sixty or seventy miles. Anconvert, who, a few months ago, knew other has gone bome to attend the cernothing of that doctrine which teaches emony of cutting the top-knot from his that "it is more blessed to give than to brother's head, an occasion which here receive."

calls together all the members of the 5. We have to-day had application family, as imperiously as does thanksfrom a poor Chinaman for assistance, giving in New England. Two others who says that in default of a contract are absent from ill health. But while for a few ticals, his wife and child have there is some reduction of numbers, been seized and sold into slavery, and there have been introduced some chanhaving heard that we were accustomed ges in the regulations and instruction to deeds of benevolence, he came to of the school, which it is hoped will us with the assurance that we would result in good. The present arrangehelp him. This is neither the first nor ments are, that Mrs. Dean, in addition an unusual occurrence of the kind, and to taking charge of the three girls now it is by no means an easy matter to in the school, examine the boys daily dispossess their minds of the impres- in their Chinese lessons, including nasion that, because we gratuitously give tive books and the scriptures, and teach away books, we must be wealthy and them arithmetic by means of their own Inay give away money and other things. language, while Mrs. Goddard is to

This is one among the many reasons give them lessons in geography in Engfor living in an bumble style as it re- lish, and Mr. Goddard gives them a spects our houses, furniture, &c. Still lesson in English in the evening. health and usefulness forbid our adopting the style of worldly men as our Interesting meetingsPolitical state of standard, as well in this country as

the country. in our own; for while in the latter, 8. Sabbath. We have to-day enmen go to excess in the indulgence joyed the pleasure of seeing all the of pride and the love of fashion members of the church present at worand vain show, men in this coun- ship, except the one who has gone to try, of equal wealth and from no China, and the brethren at the prayer better motives, will live in a bamboo meeting appeared highly to enjoy the shed and in a manner more like brutes privilege of meeting iogether again in than human beings, thinking thereby peace and health, to mingle their supto avoid government taxation, and be plications and thanksgivings at the allowed to hoard up their wealth un- mercy-seat. All felt that it was good der the garb of poverty.

to be here. At the service in the chap

el, some remarks were made from the Applicant for baptism-InquirersState last verses of 2d Tim. 3d chap., with of the church.

a design of encouraging a greater revNov. 6. Chek Rung, a man of some erence for and a more diligent study learning and of respectable behavior, of the scriptures. There are some reahas been for some weeks under exam sons why the disciples of Christ here ination with a view of joining the are disposed to esteem the word of church. Having more than a year ago God more lightly than Christians do in become somewhat acquainted with the our own country. doctrines of christianity by means of The exercises in the bazaar to-day tracts, he came to us on his return from have been conducted by Keok-cheng, Chantibun and wished for further in- whose labors as an assistant are bestruction. Since that time he has given coming daily more valuable. We have himself chiefly to an examination of reason to hope that some good will re

sult from the exertions of this day, I have been able to conduct the exhowever imperfect they may have been. ercises in the chapel to-day and Keok

15. Religious worship was conduct- cheng attended the meeting in the ed in the bazaar this afternoon by the bazaar. One Chinese was present in school teacher, who succeeded very the morving from Batavia, who said he well considering it was the first time was acquainted with Mr. Medhurst. in so public a manner. More hearers He also showed a familiarity with were accommodated by placing the the sentiments of the Catholics, who speaker at the door, while a part of the bave made some unsuccessful efforts assembly were seated within the house to secure his faith to their creed. He and a part without. The latter were offered me the loan of some of their also within an enclosure in the shade books, which I gladly accepted, since of the building so as to be comfortably it is extremely difficult to obtain their accommodated. I have been unable religious books. to take any active part in the exercises While going to the bazaar for worof the day in consequence of a cold ship, we met several companies of and sore throat. Br. Goddard made drunken and riotous men, which resome remarks to the brethren at the minded us of the demand for our tract prayer meeting this morning, and Ke- on intemperance which was yesterday os-cheng conducted the service in the struck off in proof, and will soon be chapel. During worship this afternoon, ready for distribution. two drunken Siamese, professing to be

We have occasion to think that the policemen, seized a Chinese in front of exercises of this day have been renderthe chapel, on pretence that he had ed more interesting and profitable in not paid his tax. Things of this kind consequence of a mission prayer meetare now of daily occurrence. Not only ing which has been instituted with redo the government officers extort mo- ference to the duties of the Sabbath. ney from the poor Chinese on the plea The first meeting was held last evenof collecting their tax, but others feign ing, and is to be continued weekly. themselves police officers, and pass un- This is not to preclude the meeting detected among the multitudes who we enjoy on Wednesday and Sabbath bear that title, by which means they afternoons, with the christian friends all, whether authorized or unauthor of the other Boards. The English ized, gain their support.

service on the Sabbath is attended by 16. We bave just heard that the all the missionaries, so far as religious Cochin-Chinese, on the Cambojan worship in the native languages will coast, are carrying on their wartare, allow. and slaying, without distinction, men 25. Last evening we met the miswomen and children. Some predict sionary friends at the house of Prahthat the wars without and around, and Na-Wai, the son of the Prah-klang; the increasing dissipation crime and and this evening we received a visit oppression, within both city and coun- from prince Chow Fah, attended by try, will terminate in a revolution of some of his ladies. This intercourse the kingdom. We look with deep in- with the nobles may perhaps give us terest upon this moral chaos, while we some additional influence among the reflect that it contains materials for common people, but we fear that they that spiritual kingdom which shall themselves derive but little religious eventually subdue all the kingdoms of influence from us. They manifest a the earth.

disposition to copy our customs, ex

cepting our religion. School erercises-Visit from prince Chow 29. At the close of the Chinese Fah-A Siamese convert.

prayer meeting this morning, br. Day22. Sabbath. I was present to-day enport came in with a Siamese who at the exercise with the Chinese boys, has requested baptism,* and as some of who learn a verse of scripture in their the Chinese brethren speak Siamese, native language on each day of the they proposed to him several questions, week, and recite the whole on the Sab- to all of which he replied in a very satbath to Mrs. Dean. They also repeat isfactory manner. He expressed a frathe Ten Commandments and answer ternal affection for them, and they enquestions on the portions of scripture gaged to pray for him. We expect the recited, and have an opportunity to question relative to his baptism will be propose questions and engage in famil- settled next Sabbath. iar conversation on any subject connected with their lesson.

* Soe Mr. D.'s letter on the next page.

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