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per N. Cor,


for gen. purposes, 52,00


-1125,00 do. do. do., Berean Bap. ch.

Missionary Society, per Rev.
A. Perkins,

100,00 do. do. do., North Bap. church,

J. H. Brouner 21,98
J. H. Townsend 10,00
A friend

B. C. Wandell 3,00
John Remsen

4,00 H. P. See

2,00 Martha Quigley 1,00 Nancy Albro

,25 per J. H. Brouner, 43,23 do. do. do., Bap. Tabernacle ch.,

per Charles Houghton, 223,00 do. do. do., South, missionary fund, 153,74

Female Miss. Soc. 50,00
Sunday school, for
Karen school under
the care of Mrs.

60,00 per Rev.C. G. Sommers, 263,74 Poughkeepsie,, nine

mon. concerts, 66,00
Fem. Mite Soc. 50,00
Juvenile Soc. in
Sab. school, for
educating a hea
then child in Bur.
Burmah, 20,00
Youth's Miss.Soc.
in Miss Booth's
seminary, for ed.
ucating in a girl's
school in India
one pupil, 18,00
Also $5 for Mr. Onck.
en's personal benefit.
Sundry donations
and subscriptions 303,00

per Rev. Dr. R.

457,00 do., Bap. ch., ladies, Mrs.

Mary Ann Conklin tr.,
Rev. S. H. Cone, 28,00

485,00 Hamilton, Rev. T. A. War.

ner, per J. O. Edmands, 10,00 do., Mrs. Bonny

1,00 Mrs. Clarissa Sey.

2,00 per Rev. Dr. Kendrick,

do., Ladies Benevolent So.

ciety,Mrs. J. B. Buel tr.,
for support of a native
child under the care of
Mrs. Bronson of A'sám, 25,00

38,00 Albion, Bap. ch.

Female Benevolent Soc.,

Mrs. M. A. Burrows tr., 40,00
Sidney Burrell

R. S. Burrows

7,00 per R. S. Burrows,

106,52 Carmel, Missionary

Society, J. Cole treasurer, 50,00 Franklin, Bap. Miss. Soc.,

Wm Stilson tr., 164,34 Shaftsbury, 1st Baptist ch.,

per W. E. Hawker, 15,50 Chatauque Co. Bible Soc.


Fredonia,Sarah Mal.

ison, for school une
der Mrs. Wade, 10,00

11,00 Rev. Jacob Knapp, balance

of his subscription to support the Rev. Mr. Haswell,

300,00 H. Burton

10,00 Elmira, Bap. ch. 11,00 Catlin,

9,00 Trumansburg, Bap. church

20,00 Covert, Bap. ch. 48,00

per D. K. MeLellan, 88,00 Whitehall, Mrs. Tho. Clarke and her children

7,00 Montgomery, J. Martin 5,00 Margaret Marlin 5,00

10,00 Genesee River Association,

13,50 Calskill, T. N. Wilson 50,00 per Wm. Colgate,

719,34 Buffalo, Bap.cb., Washington st.,

per Elisha Hayward, 34,00 do. Association, Missiona.

ary Soc., per Rev. J.
M. Purinion,


122,87 Champlain Bap. Convention, W. J. Cutting treasurer, for Burman mission, 15,00 general purposes, 131,45

146,45 Madison Ca. For. Miss. Society,

Hainilton, 1st Baptist ch., per
Rev. L. Fletcher,

35,00 Brooklyn, Fem. Miss. Society of

Isi Baptist church, per Rev.
S. llsley,

262,00 do., Fem. For. Miss. So

ciety of East Baptist
church, per Mrs. E. E.
L. Taylor, secretary, 100,00

362,00 Perry, Bap. church, for native

Karen preachers, per Rev. E.

100,00 Armenia Bap. ch., Mrs. Hunt

10,00 Other ladies 7,00

17,00 Franklindale, Miss Dodge 3,00

per Rev. Dr. Babcock, 20,00 Troy, 1st Baptist church, per Rev.

J. Cookson,
Fem. Burinan Miss. Soc.,

for support of a vative

Monthly concert 100,00
Young Men's For. Miss.


- 270,00 Mohawk River Baptist As

sociation, I. Smith tr.,
from sundry individuals, 40,00

Miss Susan Smith 10,00
per N. Post,

50,00 Lancaster, Mrs. D. Grinnell, per J. M. Purinton,

5,00 Genesee Association, per Rev. J. Elliott,

12,29 Saratoga Association, H. Middle

brook treasurer,
Broadalbin, E. Wetherby 10,00

Charles Rockway 10,00



Nortamplon, Baptist eb.,

Nottingham square, S. Stiles 11,00 per Rex. J. Goadby, 9,31

Sandy Ridge, For. Miss.

5,88 A friend to missions

10,00 Wear's Corner, Bap. ch. 2,00 Caruga Association 31,20

Middletown, 1st Baptist Onenaga Association 48,82


60,00 McGrawsville, Female Miss.

do., 2d. Bap. ch. 31,19 Sorieiy 5,31

91,19 do. eburen, in part of a sub

Freehold, monthly concert 10,00 xorption,


Patterson, 1st 5,06 Cortland For. Miss. Society,

Sabbath school 8,03 Homer village church, in

2d Baptist church 12,04 part of a subscription, 66,00

- 25,13 E sa Litchfield


Rahway, Bap. ch., a memMs. Clarissa Fowler


5,00 L! jah Buel

M. J. Rhees

10,00 Nis. Esther Fox


25,83 Mrs. Pamelia Pierce 1,00

- 600,00 Jeweire sold


Scolch Plains, Bap. church O oodaga Association, per

and congregation

21,31 Rex. J. Smilzer,


Fem. Burman Miss. Soc. 15,50 Akroa, Bap. ch., per do. do., 5,00

36,81 per Rev. Alfred Bennet,

Pemberton, Baptist church, per Agent of the Board, 320,79

Rev. J. G. Collom,

-*6248,40 New Brunswick, Youths Foreign
New Jersey.

Miss. Society, per Rev. G. 3.
Caldwell, Mrs. Aon Mott


377,00 1,00 Piscalaway, Mrs. Martha Sul

East Jersey For. Miss. Soc. 230,99 tvo, per Noah Ronyon, 3,00

New Brunswick, Bap. ch., per W'm. Colgate,


per Peter P. Runyon, 50,00 New Jersty Bap. State Conven.

280,99 too, Peier P. Runyon tr.,

James Hague


Daniel Fitch Canton, Bap. church

1,00 3,00

Newark Fem. Miss. Society, Cobansey, ..

3,00 Salen, For. Miss. Soc. 32,00

per J. Vanderpool, 6,00

Miss Elizabeth Bowker 1,00 Sabbath school “ 16.00

Miss Ann Tash

1,00 Monthly concert 14,21

A. H. Smith

Pemberton, church, monthly

Mrs. Hannah Loper
Mrs. Ano Grant

,50 concert,

Miss Elizabeth Mills

2,50 Pittsgrove, do., do. do., 2,20

John W. Cox
J. S. Eisenbray

Miss Hannah Reeves

Lewis Shin

,25 Burlington, Fem. Miss.

Mr. Lucas

2,00 Soc.

25,38 Sab. school, for In

per Rev. Alfred Bennett, dian missions,

Agent of the Board, 95,00
Monthly concert

Jacobtown, Bap. ch., per
Wm. Smith,

Mount Holly, For. Miss.

Cohansey, 1st Bap. ch., per

Rev. Isaac Moore, 33,00 Soe.

25,00 Baptist church

per Rev. B. R. Loxley, - 37,10 10,00

-1495,90 35,00 Evesham Baptist church 8,00

Trenton and Lamberton
For. Miss. Soc. 30,12

Philadelphia, Rev. S. J. Cres.
Monthly concert 38,00


17,25 Juvenile society 10,00

do., a lady of the Episcopal ch., 78,12

per Mrs. Anna C. Staughton, 5,00 Haddonfield Miss. Society 30,00

do., Spruce St. ch., mon. Canton, Baptist church 4,00


132,69 Bordentown, Miss. So

Annual collections 321,26 ciety 37,89

Burman Bible Society, Sabbath school 5,86

Mrs. Anna Staugh. 43,75

ton treasurer,

126,50 Woodstown, Bap. church 6,62

Dr. David Jayne 25,00 Bridgetown, monthly

Crew of ship Oscar, pr. concert 22,00

Capi. Mason, 14,00 Sabbath sehool 17,17

per J. M. Linnard,

619,45 39,17

do., Eleventh, per Rev. Allowaystown, 15,36

A. D. Gillette,

100,00 Higbisiowd,


do., Second Bap. ch., per Rev.
Daniel Dodge,

*In the Magazine for May, six dollars and Also $10 for the personal
thinty-three cents were, by mistake of the prin-

benefit of Mr. Oncken. ter, credited to Munroe Association, N. Y., in do., New Market St. ch., per stead of six hundred and thirty-three dollars. Rev. Wm. Shadrach, 183,40



Hilltown, Joseph Malthias

5,00 Isaac Morris 2,00 Wm. H. Rowland 2,00 Robert Heaton 1,00 Owen Heaton 1,00 H. S. Miller

1,00 Isaiah James 1,00 A. T. Rowland 1,00 Anna Matthias

1,00 Rachel Matthias 1,00 Elizabeth Hough 1,00 Griffith Jones 1,00 Mary Clime

,50 Burges A. Morris William Harding

,50 Elizabeth M. Rowland ,50

per Jos. Matthias, - 20,00 Holmesburg, Bap. ch. 6,00 Sab. school, for tracts in Burmab, 4,00

- 10,00 per Rev. B. R. Loxley, - 190,89 Lower Dublin, Bap. church 65,76 Female For. Miss. Soc. 44,00

per James M. Challis, 109,76 A discharged convict, per Rev. T. Lavecombe,





do., Sansom St. ch., Fem. For.

Miss. Soc., per Rev. J. L.

320,00 do., 10th, Juvenile Miss.

for German miss., 100.00
"general purposes,63,00

J. Barnhurst, for support

of a Karen preacher, 30,00 William and Maria Bara.

hurst, for do. do. do., 5,00

per Rev. J. H. Kennard, -200,00 do., 3d Bap. ch., per Rev. Geo. Higgins,

103,82 do., 1st Bap. ch., monthly concert,

Annual collection, inclu.

ding Mrs. S. É. Ed.
monds' 9ih instalment
of $10,

Also from Mrs. Edmonds

her 1st and 2d extra
instalment of $10 each
for the personal bene-

fit of Mrs. Wade.
Fem. Miss. Soc., per

Mrs. Mary Hallman,
tr., for support of R.
B. Semple, a Bur.

man boy, 25,00
Miss Sarah Ed.

monds, Ist au.
instalment for
Greek miss.,

Mrs. Rebec. Bird,

1st an, instal.
ment for Ger.

man mission, 10,00
Sundry collect. 145,50

Fem. Karen Ed.

Soc., Mrs. M.
Weatherly tr.,
for sup.of Geor-
giana Board
man, a Karen

Karen mission, 25,00

Burman Tract Society

of Female Depart.
ment of the Sabbath
School, Mrs. Mary
Keene tr., for tracis
in Burmah,

73,12 per Wm. W. Keene, tr., 828,47 Bridgewater, Bap. ch., per A. L. Post,

35,66 Great Valley, do. do., per C. B. Keyes,

106,00 Abington Bap. Association, John Mitchell treasurer,

57,31 Lebanon, a lover of truth, H.I.

Northumberland Bap. Asso-

ciation, per Rev. w. s.

Blockley, Bap. ch., per Mrs.

Mary Ann Hoffman, pro-
ceeds of missiovary box, 15,25
Philadelphia, Thomas Raw-

Hannah B. Rawlings 5,00
Thos. Rawlings, jr. 1,50
David N. Stuart ,50


[blocks in formation]





Virginia. A friend to missions, per Rev. Mr.

Cone, for Indian missions, Two ladies, per Rev.Cumberlaud

George, Enon, Bap. church, for Burman

mission and bible, per Muscoe

Bowlure, Shiloh and Mossing Ford church

es, Charlotte Court House, per

Rev. S. G. Mason, Bruington, Baptist church, mon.

concert, Virginia Bap. For. Miss. Society,

A. Thomas treasurer,
for German mission, 20,00

support of two heathen
children, Thomas and

Mary Ann Hume, 119,68 “ general purposes, 1060,32 Fredericksburg, E. F. Winter

4,00 Mrs. Winter






Charlottesville, Rev. Benj. Fick.

lin, for Indian missions, Richmond, Mrs. A. Thomas, for

jewelry sold,



do., Judson Society $3,00

Kentucky. do., For. Miss. Society 60,00

Riehmond, Miss Eliza Greenper Rev. E. L. Magoon, 93,00 do.; 2d Baptist church Female

balgh, per Rev. Roger Green

Foreign Mission Society,
Annual subscriptions 50,00

Shelbyville Fem. Foreign Miss.

Society, Mrs. S. Fry treasurer, collections 66,75 Unknown individuals 16,37

per Mrs. E. B. Farnam, 50,00

31,00 Rev. E. L. Magoon 15,00 Mrs. S. M. Magoon, 10,00

Ohio. per Rev. E. L. Magoon, 158,12 Cincinnati, Female Miss. Society

- 1666,72

of the 1st church, per Rev. Mr.

South Carolina.

Ohio Baptist Foreign Mission and Camden, Rev. Thomas Mason 2,00

Bible Society, J. B. Wheaton A friend, per J. O. B. Dargan, 8,00

tr., per Rev. Dr. Going, 154,28

10,00 Cheviot, Dea. Gaines 15,00 Georgia.

Cincinnati,Fem. Burman Ed

ucation Soc. 9th St. Bap. Savannah, Bap. church, collec

ch., for educating female tion, 382,84

children in Burmah, Mrs. Sabbath school


Catharine Smith tr., 77,90 Monthly concert 118,62

per John Smith, Ag't per Rev. J. G. Binney, . 525,30

of the Board,

92,90 Georgia Bap. Stale Convention,

Lockland, Bap. church, mon. per Rev. B. M. Sanders,


8,00 for foreign missions, 963,01

East Lebauon, do. do. do., 15,00
support of Rev. E.

Middletown, F. J. Titus 1,00
A. Stevens,


Dayton, Bap. church, mon. support of Rev. T.



Mr. Teal

,50 " Burman mission,


Troy, Bap. church, monthly African mission, 14,90


15,10 “ general purposes, 136,26

54,60 -1196,12

per Rev. Jirah D. Cole, Also a gold watch and chain.

Agent of the Board, - 356,78 Augusta, 1st colored church, Rev. Jacob Walker pastor, per W.

Indiana. H. Turpin,


Indianapolis, Fem. Foreign

Miss. Soc., for educating

a Karen boy,


Indiana For. Miss. Society 6,00 A friend to missions, per Rev. J.


per Rev. G. O. Chandler, Hartwell,


Lawrenceburg, S. Dow 2,00
J. C. Todd

Mrs. Dow

1,00 H. B. Janes

10,00 S. Dennis

per Rev. Mr. Hinck-

3,00 J. Bowman


Green Castle, Indiana Genper Rev. J. Hartwell, 30,50

eral Association, Corson Tuscaloosa, Young Ladies of the

Vickers treasurer,

36,50 Alabama Athenæum, per Mrs.

Putnamville, public col. 2,56 Dagg,


Madison, Bap. ch., monthly Greensborough, per D. B.


2,73 Bestor,

150,00 Linden, Bap. church, per

Aurora, Rev. J. L. Hol.

20,00 Rev. William Dossey, 41,50

Mrs. Holman 5,00 per William Colgate, 331,50


do., Nancy, Elizabeth

and Holman Foulk, ,71

do., Lucinda Foulk Mississippi.

and Jesse L. Holman ,37 Macon, a friend to missious 3,15

- 26,08 Mississippi Bap. State Conven

70,89 tion, Rev. T. S. N. King tr.,

per Rev. Jirah D. Cole, for school under the care of

Agent of the Board,

97,89 Mrs. Wade,

general purposes, 58,25

71,91 Northern Baptist Association, per
Rev. Isaac J. Hinton,


McLean Association, a friend to

1,00 Jackson, Mrs. Jane G. Fishburn,

Manchester, 4,00 for educating a heathen boy un

Female prayer meetder the direction of Mr. Judson, 20,00

ing, per Mrs. MorYellowbush Association 52,32 Zion


Mrs. Morrill's little

,06 per William Minter,

110,00 Galusha Sweet ,13



[blocks in formation]


A donation has also been receive ed from the American Tract Soci. ety, per O. R. Kingsbury, assiste ant ireasurer, to be appropriated as follows; to circulate approved publications by the following missious, viz :France,

500 Hamburg,

200 West Atrica,

200 Burman and Karen missions, 1000 A'sám,

400 Siam,

200 -2500,00

Sarah Cornelia Sweet ,10
Albert L. Sweet ,05

Island Grove, James Ray ,35
Kaue, Baptist church 2,58
Quincy, monthly concert 5,63
Uvion, Baptist church 2,37
Payson, Bap. ch., public

collection, 3,94 Mouthly concert, 10,06

14,00 Carthage, Bethel Bap. ch., movibly concert,

9,30 Washingion, Bap. church 2,37 Versailles,


3,16 Tremont, do.

1,50 Perry, Bap. ch., mon. con., 4,81 Griggsville, Bap. ch. 2,00 Carrollton, Bap. ch., mon. con., per Rev. A. Bai.

2,32 Prof. Munson


4,32 do., Rev. William Prichell 10,00 Winchester, Bap. ch. 11,25

Henry W. Minor ,12
James Minor


11,62 Whitehall, Bap. ch.

1,12 Bluffdale

1,60 Alion, Bap. ch., col., 23,87 monthly concert, 3,13

- 27,00 Upper Alton, col. at the

Siale Convention, 40,25

Bap. church, mon. concert,

4,00 collection, 8,06 Fem. Karen Society,

for support of a wat.

Karen preacher, 25,12
Juvenile Karen So-

ciety, for educa.
ting a Karen girl, 14,62
Harriet Davis

Bunker Hill, 2 individuals 1.25
Woodburn, 3 do. 1,50
Bethel, Bap church 16,57
Mr. Jones

Fem. Miss. Society 15,00

34,57 Edwardsville, Bap. ch. 2,37 Rockspring,

do. 9,85 Rev. W. McQuire, per Rev. J. M. Peck,

1.00 Salem, Bap. church 6,00

per Rev. J. D. Cole, Agent
of the Board,

- 292,95



Chelmsford, Ms., Sewing Society, per

Mrs. M. A. Spaulding, a box of cloth.
ing, &c., for the mission school at
Edina, Alrica,

30,00 Bostou, Ms., Thomas Hollis, 6 doz. su.

perior Iuk Powders.
do., Miss Susannah W. Butterfield, a

complete set of the Baptist Mis.
sionary Magazine from 1803 10

do., Mrs. Sharp, sundry articles of

clothing, &c., for Mrs. Love of

do., books, &c., from ladics in Bose

lon, for the Greek mission.
New York' State Temperance Society,

papers, pamphlets, &c., for distribu

Richmond, Va., a box for Mrs. Frances

Davenport, of Siam.
Portsmouth, N. H., Ladies Baptist Mis-

sionary Society, per Mrs. S. H.
Brown, clotbing, books, &c., for the
Shawapoe mission,

40,00 West Topsham, Ct., Ladies Sewing

Circle, per Mrs. T. P. Durant, cloth.
ing, for Indian mission,

16,00 Charlestown, Ms., Young Ladies in

Female Seminary, clothing, foc., for

Mrs. Harriet B. Culier in A'sám, 46,31 Plainfield, Cl., Sabbath School Mission

ary Society, per M. B. Spalding,
clothing, bonnets, &c., for school in
Burmah under the care of Mrs. C. H.

30,00 South Reading, Ms., a box for Mr.

Blanchard, Delaware station, per E.

Slateford, Pennsylvania Slate Compa.

ny, one case of slates for missionary

Sundry collections for the personal ben-

efis of Rev. J. G. Oncken, per Rev.
B. R. Loxley,

73,95 H. LINCOLN, Treasurer,

LEGACIES. Eastham, Ms., Miss Polly Smith

deceased, Freeman D. Mayo executor, per Miss Sarah Smiih, 50,00 West

Woodstock, Ci., Miss Sarah Morse deceased, per Rev. L. G. Leonard, (also 1 string gold heads and one Flo. rence straw bonnet.)

1,85 Ebenezer, Indiana. Rev. William

Morgan deceased, in part of a legacy of $500;—per Rev. Ji. rab D. Cole,




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