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Jones and the reinforcement, but feel be as lights amid the surrounding willing to submit to a kind Providence. darkness!

28th. I was requested to appear this

morning before the magistrate who Germany.

inspected my pass, and inquired what I was doing in this place. I told him that I had visited my friend, and that I

had addressed a number of persons at Narrative of a missionary tour.

his house. He said, “ If you do not Lüneburg, 24th Sept., 1840. I left baptize, I have no objection to this." Hamburg to-day on my journey to I replied that no one had offered for Hessia and Bavaria. I had intended to that ordinance. leave before, but several deaths in the Had a long discussion with a rationchurch, and other pressing engage- alist this forenoon. ments occupied me to the moment of my departure. About 60 of our mem- BaptismsChurches constituted— Persebers celebrated the Lord's supper at

cutions threatened. my house last Lord's day evening.

1 Othfresen, 29th. Br. Eggert accompreached twice to about 70 of my panied me to this place-a small people. At the burying ground, where village near the main road from our sister A. was interred, I had an Brunswick to Berlin, and about ten excellent opportunity of addressing miles from Golar. The Lord has 100 persons, who paid deep attention opened here a door for his gospel. A to the words of life.

young man, a native of this place, I have visited in this place some old named Sanders, was converted at Stuttacquaintances, and attempted to en- gart, and united to the church. Some courage them in the distribution of time afterwards he resolved to visit us Tracts. A thousand copies more will at Hamburg, but became so unwell on be sent to them.

the road that he was compelled to go Ueltzen 25th. Visited several serious home. Here he began to converse people in this place, to whom I have with his neighbors and others on the sent many tracts. And 1000 copies truths of the bible, and to distribute will again be sent to a friend who the tracts he had brought with him. has taken a lively interest in this good His efforts were blessed ; a deep inwork.

terest was excited ; and religious meetIn the evening I met with about ten ings were opened, at which sixteen or or twelve persons, to whom I ex- eighteen persons attend now regularly pounded a portion of scripture, and on the Lord's day. Among these I then sang and prayed with them. found seven who have hopefully ex

Peine, 27th. On my way to this perienced a change of heart, and being place I had many opportunities of convinced of their duty to render obedistributing tracts. We have a broth- dience to all Christ's commands, they er at this place, formerly united to the were accordingly buried and raised Moravians. He has been pretty active with their Lord in his own appointed in the distribution of tracts and bi- way. bles; and one or two persons bave I was the whole of this day engaged been benefitted by his labors. I found in conversing with the above seven that several persons were in favor of converts and other friends who attend believers' baptism, but as they have the meetings. Between nine and ten only begun to make a profession, and in the evening, we proceeded to a appeared to have little knowledge of little river about a mile from the house divine truth, I thought it best to wait, where we were assembled, under a coand they agreed to come with br. E. pious shower of rain; which the Lord, to Hamburg about Christmas. Called however, graciously stayed, just at the on the rector, who received me very moment we descended into the water. kindly. He inquired very minutely On our return home, we joined in into all our doctrines and practices, commemorating the dying love of our and said, “ All this is quite Apostolic." | Lord; and were engaged in speaking I preached twice at B. E's. The as- the word till midnight. Oh! let us semblies were not large,-in the eve- unite in magnifying the Lord for all ning there might be about 20 persons the wonders of his grace which he present.—May the spirit of God bless permits us to see. the seed and gather here a number of Br. Sanders is a dear young manfaithful persone to himself, who shall I humble and devoted. He has already

been exposed to much odium, and I in speaking-many appeared to be fear it will not be long before he will much affected. May the Lord bless have to feel the iron band of persecu- his own truth to the ingathering of the tion. The pastor of the village is un- elect! friendly to ihe cause, and as the truth At 10 o'clock, I met the brethren advances, it is feared he will not be a and sisters, assisted in forming them silent spectator, as he has already into a Christian church, and, after suitthreatened his displeasure to our breth- able admonitions and instructions,comres who had a three hours' disputation memorated with them Christ's dying with him.

love to his people. Halle, Oct. 2d. I arrived here last Monday morning, Oct. 6. It has the esening and was sorry to find that appearance that the little church in Professors Tholuck and Guerick were this place will almost immediately on atsent.

its formation be called to share in the To-day, called on a christian, to sufferings of Christ. whom I had formerly sent tracts. In It is a happy circumstance that br. him I found a man deeply interested Werner has settled here as a citizen, in the spread of the gospel. He also and that he has been recognized by informed me that several senior stu- the authorities, so that he cannot be deuts iutended to form a temperance expelled. soriety. I engaged to supply them Villa of the prince of Wirtemburgwith temperance tracts.

Bitterfield, 3d. Much good has been Persecution in B.-Baptism-Distrieffected in this place through the in

bution of tracts. strumentality of br. Werner, a mem Baireuth, 8th. An ancient town of ber of the church at Hamburg. W. is Franconia; has 13,000 inhabitants, the a native of this part of Prussia, and greater part of whom are protestants. returned early in the present year to Four miles from the town is a villa of this place. He opened two religious the prince of Wirtemberg, which had meetings in the week, conversed with been fitted up for the reception of his the people, and distributed many reli- wife, the princess, the daughter of gious tracts, bibles, and other good Louis Philip. I was invited to visit books. These efforts the Lord accom- the above place with Count Lest. Bapanied with his blessing, to the con- deri, my travelling companion from version of some and the awakening Hof to this place, which I accepted. of many more.

I was happy to find, when I introduced I was engaged the greater part of the subject of the necessity of a divine Saturday and yesterday, in examining revelation, that the count fully held those converts who have previously that the bible was the word of God. been convinced that believers' baptism At the villa I left several tracts ;-may is an ordinance of Christ, and that it they be blessed to all the domestice was their duty to render obedience to that generally hover about the resithis and every other institution of the dence of the princes of the earth! Savior. I found that nine, though still | There are one or two ministers, I am deficient in knowledge and weak in told, in the Lutheran church here, who faith, had been taught what flesh and preach the gospel, but who have maniblood cannot reveal to man, namely, fested much opposition to the efforts their guilt and helplessness as sinners, of our br. K., a member of the church and their deliverance through Christ. at Hamburg, and a native of this town. With these I proceeded about 7 o'clock K. returned here, after having been a on Lord's day evening, 4th Oct., ac- worthy member at Hamburg for more companied by br. W. and the gen-than three years. He had a great deerous host and hostess of W., to a sire to be instrumental in spreading place about two miles from the town, the truth in his native place; and I where the ordinance of baptism was gladly gave him the little assistance administered. Immediately after this which he required. I despatched W. to the town to com. It is now a year since he left us, and mence the meeting for preaching, his efforts have been greatly blessed. which was announced at 8 o'clock. I He has distributed nearly 30,000 tracts, arrived about half past 8, when I had a considerable number of bibles, and the pleasure of addressing a most other useful books. His religious meetattentive audience of about 60 or 70 ings have been numerously attended, persons. I trust God was in the midst and not a few have, as we trust, been of us, of a truth-enjoyed much liberty I rescued from satan and eternal de

struction. In fact, his labors for a time as both these men advanced. It was created a general excitement. The the worst kind of rationalism I have authorities were then excited against ever heard. A violence was done to thein. K. and others were several the Scriptures which proves how uttimes imprisoned, and the religious terly ignorant the people must be of meetings strictly prohibited. By these the very first principles of scriptural cruel measures the little flock has been knowledge. I distributed a few tracts much scattered, and not a few who had outside the gates of the city, and in the decided to follow the Lord in all bis or- evening I had the privilege of setting dinances have withdrawn. Some, how-truth before the innkeeper and his ever, have remained faithful, and ap-wise; both appeared to pay much atpear to be decided characters. Iconver- tention. sed with, and examined yesterday three Hearing that Counsellor Sch. from men and three women; one of the M. was at Erlangen, I proceeded tolatter, an interesting girl only fourteen day thither, in order if possible to inyears of age. They all gave a good terest that gentleman on behalf of our reason for their hope, and I could with persecuted brethren at Baireuth. much joy fulfil their request and bap I met with a most christian receptize them, which was accordingly done tion, and he gave nie the assurance last night, between 8 and 9 o'clock, at that he would do what lay in his power a short distance from the town.

to favor our cause. 9th. In the evening I met with the Stuttgart, 15th, Arrived here this little band of disciples, formed them evening, and was most kindly received into a Christian church, gave them sol- by the brethren. Not less than sixtyein exhortations to constancy in their nine persons have been baptized since profession, and united with them in my first visit two years ago. The elder commemorating the death of Christ. and two deacons accompanied me to N. We were assembled with locked doors, ten miles from the city, where the not indeed for fear of the Jews or church has twelve members. We spent Gentiles, Inuit of men calling themselves several pleasant hours among them, Christians! The circumstances are pe- and I was privileged to address them culiarly affecting ; for as soon as the at one of the members' houses. fact is known to the authorities that 18th. Returned to Stuttgart, and spent the ordinances have been administered a most delightful Sabbath with the to these dear people, they will be ex- church; preached twice; met with posed to severe persecution. Our Lord several members to settle little differwas of a truth in our midst, and we ences, which was effected; adminis. were refreshed and strengthened from tered the Lord's supper in the evening, his presence. Oh that he would gath- and gave afterwards some necessary er these lambs in his arms, and carry instructions on church discipline,which them in his bosom, and thus preserve had not been strictly adhered to. These them from the rage of men and devils. exhortations were well received, and

Nürnberg, 12th, On my way to this will, I hope, be of great use for the ancient city, I passed through several future prosperity of the church. Catholic villages, and found many op 19th. I had intended to leave to-day, portunities on the road of supplying having promised to do so to the director the people with tracts, which were of the city, who could not allow me to thankfully received. Several of the stay long; but I could not well get off. peasants, on hearing them read, ob- I had, therefore, another meeting with served, “ They are Catholic," but when the church, and preached to them. I told them that these little books Set out to-day, in company with pointed to Christ as the only Savior, dea. R., for a village where one of the they took them immediately with much Stuttgart members lives; conducted a thankfulness.

meeting at his house, at which about

twelve or fourteen persons might be The doctrines preached_Counsellor S.- present, most of whom are ebristians, Increase of the church at Stuttgart. and are convinced of the soundness of

our principles; but the fear of man preNot knowing any of the preachers vents them from following their conpersonally, I resorted to two different victions. I trust, however, our visit places of worship yesterday, Lord's day, will be attended with important reI was not only disappointed but grieved sults. Called on a minister of our on account of the uuhappy people who principles, with whom I formed a contisten :9 such soul-destroying errors Inection in the bible and tract cause.

Interference of the police Another church Marburg, 25th. Arrived here early in constituted.

the morning, having travelled through 21st. We proceeded to Habewhlay, the night. Was engaged during the st wbich place are three members. A day in conversing with five candidates meeting was announced in the even for baptism, and other individuals Lg at 8 o'clock. About thirty persons among them, dear christians, who but were assembled, and I had not been for the fear of man, would render obemany moments present, when a con

dience to all Christ's commands. The stable arrived, and demanded, in the five candidates were baptized in the Darne of the minister, my name and evening, at seven o'clock. At eight, I oceupation; he ordered the landlord was permitied to preacli to nearly fifty at the same time to go to the minister. attentive hearers, of whom several apDea. R. went also and took my pass. peared deeply affected. After converBr. R., thinking that I would employ sing with a number of individuals till my time well with the people, soon en- eleven o'clock, 1 joined with the little tered into a warm dispute with the band in commemorating the dying love minister, which was protracted so of our blessed Lord, by which we were ruch that I gained sufficient time to all much blessed. Oh that God would speak to the people all the words of protect, keep, and increase this little this life. In the midst of this a heavy flock! slone was thrown at the window, and

Nothing is more desirable than to surashed it to pieces. Afier a short appoint a colporteur at each of the new pause I proceeded, and was thus per- stations who could devote either a mitted to point them to the only refuge part or the whole of his time to the from the wrath to come.

spread of the truth. All the members Frankfort, 23d. Ilad intended to of the various churches formed are leave this evening, but calling upon poor, and require their whole time for iwo sisters, christians I believe, they the support of themselves and famitold me that several of their friend's lies. had been apprized of my arrival and

I trust that the Lord will yet induce would assemble at their house, in order American and other christians to grant to hear the gospel from my lips; 1 the mission so much support, that 40 was therefore compelled to stay, and

or 50 missionaries and colporteurs may was permitted to address nearly twenty

be employed. persons unexpectedly.

Other Societies.


$2000. Total for foreign distribution, $18,000.

Expenses, salaries, printing, &c., 89,242 09 ; AMERICAN AND FOREIGN BIBLE 80- leaving a balance in the treasury of $4,650 43.



BAPTIST HOME MISSION This Society beld its fourth annual meeting

SOCIETY. in the Calvert street meeting-house, Baltimore,

The ninth anniversary of this society was on the 27th of April. The president, Rev. S. held in the meeting-house of the First Baptist H. Cone, occupied the chair.

Church, Baltimore, on Tuesday afternoon, The treasurer's report was read, exhibiting April 27, 1841 ; the president, Heman Lincoln, ibe receipts and expenditures of the Society in the chair. The annual sermon was preached during the past year, as follows :

in the evening by Rev. Stephen Chapin, D. D., Receipts from all sources, including balance president of Columbian College, D. C., from in the treasury, 831,892 52.

Rom. x, 1. Disbursements-To the Baptist General Con

Summary of missionary labor. Feution, for printing and circulating the sacred

The whole number of agents and missionaScriptures in Asia, $13,500; in Hamburg, ries who received their commissions directly 1,000; in Norway, 8500. To the Bible Trans- from the executive committee the past year, lation Society, England, to aid the Calcutta is 82. These have labored in 20 of the missionaries, $ 1000. To the General Baptist United States and Territories, in Canada Missionary Suciety, England, to aid in printing and Texas. They have occupied not less and circulating the sacred Seriplures in Orissa, than 300 stations; preached at least 10,922





sermons ;. and in the performance of these / $6,214 87. But the amount of the socieduties have travelled 73,151 miles. ty's liabilities at the same date

The aggregate of ministerial labor per- $10,813 81, making the balance against formed by them is that of one man for 45 us $4,598 94, and showing the necessity years.

of increased liberality on the part of all Besides the above, the reports of the those who desire the prosperity of home missionaries show a great amount of other missions.-Abstract of Ann. Report. labor performed by them in prayer and protracted meetings, and meetings for moral improvement ; in bible and tract distribution, and in organizing or aiding societies This society held its annual meeting in the for various benevolent purposes.

Broadway Tabernacle, New York, on ThursThe number of agents and missionaries day, May 13th; the president, Hon. John Colton reported by the auxiliaries is 233, whose Smith, in the chair. From the annual report the joint labors amount to 99 years for one following statistics are obtained.

They have preached 16,000 ser The receipts from all sources, during the past mons ; made 22,000 pastoral visits; and

year, amount to $118,860 41, among which travelled 34,328 miles. Total 315 agents | 89,747 were from legacies. Of this latter som, and missionaries ; 143 years labor; 26,922 35,000 were by bequest of Miss Mary Ann sermons ; and 107,779 miles travelled.

Brin mer of Boston; and $2,292 were received Results of missionary labor.

from the estate of the late Jolin Shacksord, Esq., The reports of missionaries show, that of Portsmouth, N. H. during the year 4,665 persons, attendants

The whole number of Bibles and Testaments upon their ministry, have been hopefully printed during the year is 166,875. converted ; 1134 have been baptized on a

The whole number of books issued, in the profession of faith, by the missionaries of same time, is 150,202, making an aggregate of the society, and 2693 by those of our aux- issues during the lwenty-five years of its exisiliaries—total 3827. Fifty-nine churches tence 2,795,698. The number issued the last have been constituted ; 27 ministers have year is 8,096 less than those of the preceding been ordained ; 7083 pupils have been

year. instructed in Sunday schools and Bible classes ; several thousand pages of tracts and many copies of the scriptures have been distributed ; and 902 subscribers to

Publications. the temperunce pledge have been obtained. There have been stereotyped, during the

Connected with these results, it appears year, seven volumes; whole number of new that twelve houses of worship have been volumes and tracts issued, 26; total public erected, and three others have been com- cations 994, including 73 volumes; besides menced, some of them in places of great upwards of 1,000 publications, including importance. Several churches have been 95 volumes, approved for circulation in vamuch strengthened, and confidently antici- rious languages abroad. pate sufficient ability soon to sustain the The Family Christian Almanac, adapted cause without our aid ; while three of for use throughout the United States, has those which we have heretofore aided, al- proved acceptable, 69,000 for 1841 having ready enjoy that blessing.

been sold, and the Almanac for 1842 being We have seen our missionaries blest of in the press. God as instruments of salvation to many Total printed the past year, 4,436,710 hundreds of their fellow men, and nearly publications, or 95,958,500 pages, incluall of them permitted to record to the praise ding 254,710 volumes; total circulated, 4,of divine grace, the occurrence of a revival | 224,372 publications, or 80,581,565 pages, of religion among the people with whom including 153,340 volumes. Total circulathey have labored. Indeed, the number tion since the formation of the society, 59,and extent of revivals at our mission sta- 383,711 publications, including 1,598,150 tions may be mentioned among the re- volumes, making in all 1,222,252,841 pages. markable events in the missionary year The circulation of 4 pago tracts has been 1840-1.

proportionally increased; and of three, more

than 150,000 each have been printed durFinancial operations.

ing the year.

Of the Evangelical Family By the Treasurer's report it appears that Library 2,301 sets have been circulated on the 15th inst., the receipts for the pre-making in all 20,344 sets. The Christian vious twelve months were $10,769 09 ; Library, of 45 volumes, has received a cirbeing $4,560 79 less than the appropri- culation of 542 sets the first year of its ations, and there were in his hands | publication.


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