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commercial relations, there has appeared a system of wisdom: nations have learned that each is not to look for its own success or advancement in depreciating others, but to seek its owní prosperity in the prosperity of its neighbors, and, like a world of brothers, in the common welfare of man! If political economy has grown generous, well may Christians become so! And well may we then expect greater triumphs still: and my worthy friend and relative, the Treasurer, will tell us of still more increasing funds, and my worthy friends, the Secretaries, of increasing benefits. These are subjects, on which we may look forward, without a single circumstance to excite regret and pain.

It has been said, that there is, in every dark prospect, some luminous spot, on which the eye loves to stay, as that which gives it more delight than the rest of the picture, and I confess, that that, to which my eye is always drawn, as the excellency and glory of our times, are those missionary attempts, which, in Africa, and in India, and in other places, are made for the benefit of man; and if I look, on the other hand, at the commencement of these efforts, I scarcely know on which I dwell with the greatest delight. It was, indeed, a small seed that we planted at first; and it seemed to be visited somewhat rudely by the cold: but it has swelled and increased: its branches have extended to the east and the west, to the north and the south: its foliage is ample and abundant: and its fruit is pleasant to the eye and sweet to the taste, and its leaves are for the healing of the nations.

In the operations of man, he works with care, and labour, and pain : he works on one part of a design, and endeavours to make it complete : he then proceeds to another part; and so from part to part, till he has accomplished the whole. But in the works of the Divine Architect, we see, as in the progress of vegetation, that the whole proceeds together—the work is not partial, but universal and the world is filled with its effects.


Sierra Leone.

WE copy what follows from the communications of Mr. Johnson, in the London Missionary Register for April. Our readers will remember, that this is not the first time we have taken occasion to illustrate the influence of the Christian religion on the negroes of the African continent.

Examination of a Candidate for Baptism. Question.—How long have you felt desirous of being baptised ? Answer.Since you came from England, Sir. Q. How did you become first desirous ? A. Some words which you talk in the church make me fraid.

Q. Can


tell me those words, which made you afraid ? A. Yes, Sir. You say, “Suppose a man or woman die, and not born again by the Spirit of God, they cannot go to God;" and then you talk about them people, how they stand (pointed out the character of those who were not born again,) and then I think that meme do all them thing, and that make me fraid.

Q. If you have been bad before, you do not any thing bad now: you are very good this time, are you not?

A. Massa, me very bad: me heart full of sin, and that trouble me.

Q. I suppose, then, when you are baptised, you think you shall be better.

A. No, Massa : that no make me good: the Lord Jesus Christ, Him one only can make me good, and can save me; and for that I want to follow him.

Q. Who is Jesus Christ?
A. The Son of God.
Q. What did he do to save you?
A. He die upon the cross for sinners.
Q. Are you a sinner?
A. Too much, Massa.
Q. Where is the Lord Jesus Christ now?
A. He live in heaven.
Q. What is he doing there?
A. Pray for sinners.
Q. How many Gods are there?

A. One: God the Son, God the Father, and God the Holy Ghost -I mistake: it is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

Q. You say three times God; are there not three Gods ?
A. No, Massa ; them three be one God.
Q. Can you tell me who made you ?
A. God the Father.
Q. Who redeemed you ?
A. God the Son; and God the Holy Ghost teach me.
Q. What does God the Holy Ghost teach you ?
A. He shew me my sin.
Q. Does he teach any thing else ?
A. Yes: he shew people that they can be saved by Jesus Christ.

Q. When he has shewn them that, does he teach them any thing else?

A. He makes them heart feel glad: he give them peace.

Q. Can you tell me what is the outward thing in baptism? (Was silent.) I mean, what does the minister take when he baptizes people? A. Water.

Q. Does that wash your sins away?
A. I don't know. No, I think not.

Q. Does water baptize both your body and soul? You know that you have a soul.

A. Yes, I know: but the Holy Ghost must baptize the soul.

Q. What then is spiritual baptism? (Was silent.) I mean, what is true baptism?

A. The Holy Ghost baptism.

Q. Can you tell me what people eat and drink when they come to the Lord's table ?

A. Bread and wine.

Q. And what does the soul eat and drink? (Was silent.) I mean while we look to Jesus Christ, and remember his dying love, what do our souls spiritually receive ?

A. The body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Q. You said before, that the Son of God redeemed you; what did he redeem or save you with ?

A. He pay his own blood for sinners.
Q. Why don't you say for me?
A. Me fraid, Massa : 'me so bad, me can't say " for me” yet.
Q. Tell me, did not you know any thing before you felt your sins ?

A. No, Massa ; me no nothing before: me careless : but when I see all the bad things that I do before, then I glad to hear something.

you think you shall do good now? A. O Massa! if God help me, I want to do good ; but I cannot do any thing by myself. I hope the Lord will help me-me bad too much I sorry for myself.

Q. Do you pray ?
A. Yes, I pray; but I am fraid God no hear my prayer.
Q. Do not you feel glad sometimes when you pray?
A. Yes, Sir: I feel sometimes glad, and sometimes sorry.
Q. Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is able to save you:

A. Sometimes I am afraid, because my sins too much; but he is God, and can do all things: that make me glad.

Here the examination ended, greatly, as may be supposed, to my satisfaction.

Others who were also examined, gave similar answers: But I should observe, that all cannot answer so correctly as this woman, and, therefore, her examination must not be taken as a general case ; though I do not baptize any, unless my mind is satisfied that a work of grace is begun. Their knowledge sometimes differs, but not materially. Some cannot speak in my presence, while they can do so before Tamba or Davis : some are so much agitated when they come to me, that it requires a great deal of patience to find out their real state.

Q. Do

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Therefore, when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a

trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do-Verily I say into you, they have thein reward."

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