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Being Bissex!ile or Leap Year, and (until July 4th) 720 of Am. Independence.

Fitted to ihe city of Boston, but will answer for all the Ncio England States.
Containing, besides the large number of Astronomical Calculations,

and the Farmer's Calendar for every month in the year,

as great a variety as any other Almanack of NEW, USEFUL, AND ENTERTAINING MATTER.

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Behold thy self reflected here!
The Spring proclaims thy infant year,

Gay life, the Summer's bloom,
Mild utumn speaks maturer age,
Proves thee unwise, or hails thee sage,
While Winter shows the tomb.-Cunningham.


Sold, also, by most Booksellers and Traders throughout New England.
(Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year 1847, by J. H. Jenks and G. W. Palmer, in the

Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.)

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TO PATRONS AND CORRESPONDENTS. We have the satisfaction of appearing before our friends with the Fifty-sixth Number of our favored Annual, in which such improvements in type, &c., have been made, without alteration of its character, as we trust will add to its popularity and usefulness, and cause it to continue to receive the hearty welcome it quiet and pleasant homes and happy firesides that it has for so many years enjo' ed.

We have endeavored, where new information is furnished, to have the work correct, and believe that the Courts in New England, with the statistical and other matters, in our pages, will be found so, and brought down to the most recent dates.

Our ihanks are rendered to Hon. Chief Justice Shaw, of Massachusetts, for infor. mation in regard to the Suprem : Judicial Court in this state ; to J. W., Esq., oi Rhode Island, to C. W., Esq., of Connecticut, to W. R. C., Esq., of Maine, for Falu. able information courteously furnished by them in regard to the Courts in the seveni States in which they reside; and also to our old friends B. B. and J. W. D., for thes favors.

We are obliged to several correspondents for Problems and Enigmas, but they are too long for our use, or unaccompanied by solutions, which render them inadmissi.

Will those sending future favors please bear ihis in mind ? All communica. tions addressed to the Editor, care of the Publishers, will reach us.

It will be seen that the time of Full Sea is calculated for Boston. At page 33 will be found a valuable Tide Table, by which the time of high tide may be readily ascertained for all the New England coast, and for various other parts.

We trust that the new Stylographic Map at page 12, as well as the Synopsis of Railroads in New England at page 35 will be found interesting to our readers.

In addition to the Probate Courts, established by law, in Norfolk Co., others are held by adjournment, at the house of the Judge, at Roxbury, every Sat., at 2 P. M.

Our thanks are due and most cordially rendered to the gentlemen connected with the newspaper press of New England, for the uniformly courteous manner in which they have noticed our annual, many of them for a period of near half a century; and to all other friends, we do not know how we may more appropriately express our feelings than in the language of the editor fifty years ago.

“The pleasing reception which the Farmer's Almanack has hitherto received, is highly gratifying to the editor, and encourages him to make fresh altempts to please and improve.

“Gratitude is not to be confined to the narrow limits of acknowledgment, but should influence lo actions which show that favors are not ill bestowed, and that approba. tion is the stimulus to exertion.

"Though the best way of proving an appreciation of favors is to persevere in deserv. ing them, still he would be apparently wanting in respect, if he did not cordially tender to his friends and patrons his most grateful acknowledgments for their kind

"He repeats his solicitations, that persons of ability who make experiments in husbandry,” (or have other information adapted to our pages, and interesting to the people of New England,) “to disseminate, would make this work the depository of their communications.


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EXPLANATION OF THE CALENDAR PAGES. On each page, at the LEFT HAND, under Astronomical Calculations, stands the true place of the Sun in the ecliptic for every day in the month. Under this may be found the Changes of the Moon.

Column First shows the days of the month; SECOND, the days of the week; THIRD, the rising of the šun; FOURTH, setting of the same; FIFTH, the day's length in hours and minutes; SIXTH, the day's increase or decrease in hours and minutes ; SEVENTH, clock equations in minutes, (S., sun too slow, F., too fast;) Eighth, the moon's age, in days; NINTH, high water in Boston in hours and minutes, adapted to other parts by the Tide Table at page 33; TENTH, the moon's place in the signs; ELEVENTH, time of moon's rising and setting; TWELFTH, moon's southing.

On the RIGHT HAND page, column First shows the days of the month; SECOND, the days of the week; THIRD, Massachusetts Courts-Supreme Judicial Court, (S. J. C.,) Do. law terms, (S. J. C. L.,) Court of Common Pleas, (C. P.,) and County Commissioners' Meetings, (C. C.,) with Observable Days, Interesting Events, Aspects, Weather, &c.; FOURTH, Farmer's Calendar, &c., &c.

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, 1848. By a recent aet of Congress, the day fixed for the choice of Electors to vote for President of the U. S. in all the states simultaneously, is the Tues. following the first Mond. in Novem. For the number of Electors each state is entitled to, seo pago 45.

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1848. This year there will be four Eclipses of the Sun, two of the Moon, and a Transit of Mercury.

1. There will be a partial eclipse of the Sun, March 5th; al Boston the eclipse will be visible for a short time as follows: Eclipse begins, 7h. 48m. End of eclipse,

8h. 15m. Middle of eclipse,

8h. 2m. Duration only' 27 minutes. This eclipse will be visible to the whole of Greenland, Iceland, and the Canadas. II. A totul eclipse of the Moon, March 19th, partly visible,

Beginning, 2h. 32m. P. M. Total eclipse ends, 5h. 19m. P. M.
Total immersion, 3h. 37m.

Moon rises,

· 6h. 21m.
4h. 29m.

Eclipse ends, 6h. 21m. As the Moon rises only a few minutes before the end of the eclipse, it will not probably be noticed by the naked eye at all.

III. A partial eclipse of the Sun, April 3d-invisible at this place. This eclipse will be visible to no place situated out of the Southern Ocean.

IV. A partial eclipse of the Sun, August 28th-invisible at this place. This
eclipse will be visible io only a small portion of the Southern Ocean.
V. A total eclipse of the Moon, Septeinber 12th and 13th-visible.

Eclipse begins, 11h. 47m, P. M., Sept. 12th.
Total eclipse begins, Oh. 46m., A. M., Sept. 13:h.
Middle of the eclipse,

lh. 35m.,
Total eclipse ends,

2h. 24in., Eclipse ends,

3h. 23m., VI. A partial eclipse of the Sun, September 27th-invisible at this place. This eclipse will be visible in the northern pari of Europe and Asia.

VII. A transit of Mercury, November 9ih. The ingress will be visible from the greater portions of Europe and Asia, and the whole of Africa and South America. The egress, from the western extremity of Europe, the greater part of Africa and North America, and the whole of South America.


Juno. a DO The Moon. o Mars.

H Herschel

Pallas. Mercury. 24 Jupiter.


Ceres. Venus.

THE NAMES AND CHARACTERS OF THE ASPECTS. Conjunction, or in the same degree. Opposition, 180 degrees. Sextile, 60 degrees.

Dragon's Head, or Ascending Node. o Quartile, 90 degrees.

Dragon's Tail, or Descending Node. A Trine, 120 degrees. THE NAMES AND CHARACTERS OF THE TWELVE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC. O p Aries, head. 4 22 Leo, heart.

8 F Sagittarius, thighs. 18 Taurus, neck. 5 i Virgo, belly.

9 Capricornus, knees. 2 0 Gemini, arms. 6 - Libra, reins.

10 - Aquarius, legs. 3. Cancer, breast. 7 m Scorpio, secrele. II * Pisces, feet.

COMMON NOTES FOR 1848. Golden Number,

6. Dominical Letters, B. A. Roman Indiction, 6. Cycle of the Sun, 9. Epact,

25. Julian Period, 6561. MOVABLE FASTS AND FEASTS FOR 1948. Septuag. Sunday, Feb. 201Good Friday, April 21 Holy Thursday, June 1 Shrove Sunday, Mar. 5 EASTER SUNDAY, 23 Whit Sunday,

11 Ash Wednesday, 8 Low Sunday, 30 Trinity Sunday,

18 First Sun. in Lent, " 12 Rogation Sunday, May 28 Advent Sunday, Dec. 3

HOME QUESTIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR. Have you kept one half the good resolutions you made last new year's day? If so, cannot you keep the balance this year? Do you know that it is a "vulgar error” to suppose that because a neighbor willingly lends you a book, tool, or other article, he does not want it returned promptly? Do you weed carefully upon your side of your moral as well as artificial fences? Do you know that if you keep out of debt, taverns and law, you will always be in funds, good repute, and fine spirits ? Did you ever count up in your own mind how many good reasons you could give for setting out trees and planting an orchard? When conscience has dictated one course and pagsion another, did you ever regret following the injunctions of the former? I suppose you avoid draughts of cold air when you are heated? Are the fire engines and apparatus in your town, in good order? It is no time to "oil up and put things to rights," when your own or your neighbor's buildings are in flames! Do you, and all your family that are large enough, know how to swim? Are you insured ?

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HARVARD.-Com. 4th Wed. in Aug. Vaca. Ist, from end of first term, 6 W.; 21, from end of second term, to Fri. after Com. ; the academical year being divided into 2 terms of 20 weeks each, and beginning at Com.

AMHERST.---Com. 20 Thur. in Aug. Vaca. 4 w. from Com. ; 6 w. from the Wel preceding the annual Thanksgiving; 2 w. from the 3d Wed. of April,

ANDOVER THEoL. SEM.-Anniv. 1st Wed. in Sept. Vaca. 7 w., and 5 w. preceding last Wed. in May.

YALB.Com. 3d Thur. in Aug. Vaca. 6 w. from Com. From Ist Wed. in Jan., 1 2 w. Last Wed. in April, 4 w.

BURLINGTON.—Com. Ist Wed. in Aug. Vaca. Com. 4 w., Ist Wed. in Dec. 8., and Iw. from 2d Wed. in May.

DARTMOUTH.—Com. last Thur. of July. Vaca. 4 w. from Com., 7 beginning in Nov., and 2 w. in May.

Providence.-Com. Ist Wed. in Sept. Vaca. Dec. 10th, 3 w. March 31st, 3 w. July 21st, till Com. WILLIAMS.-Com. 3d Wed. in Aug. Vaca. Com. 4 w., Wed. after 3d Wed. in Dec.,

Ist Wed in May, 3 w. M DDLEBURY.-Com. 4th Wed. in July. Vaca. Com., 4 w. Last Wed. in Nov.,

I w. from 4th Wed. in April. BOWDOIN.-Com. 1st Wed. in Sept., 3 w. Vaca. Frid. after 3d Wed. in Dec., 8. Frid, after 30 Wed. in May, 2 w.

WATERVILLE.-Com. 20 Wed. in Aug. Vaca. at Com., 4 w. From 20 Wed in Dec., 8 w. From Ist Wed. in May, I w.

MAINE WESLEYAN SEMINARY.-Annual Exhib. last w. of June, Vaca. from do. to 3d Mond. of Aug. From last week in Nov., to 1st Mond. in March.

BANGOR THBOL. SEMINARY.-Anniv. last Wed. of Aug. Vaca. from do., 6 w. From 4th Wed. of April, 5 w.

6 w.



JAMES K. POLK, Tennessee, President,
George M. Dallas, Pennsylvania, Vice President,

5.000 James Buchanan,

Secretary of State,

6,000 John Y. Mason, Virginia,

Secretary of the Naty, 6,000 William L. Marcy,

New York,
Secretary of War,

6,000 Robert J. Walker, Mississippi, Secretary of the Treasury, 6,000 Cave Johnson,

Postmaster General,

6,000 Nathan Clifford,

Attorney General,


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Born. Inaug. Term espired.
Virginia, Feb. 22, 1732. 1789. 66th year of age.
Massachusetts, Oct. 19, 1735. 1797. do.
Virginia, April 2, 1743.

1801. do.
Mar. 5, 1751. 1809. do.

April 2, 1759. 1817. do.
Massachusetts, July 11, 1767. 1825. 63d
South Carolina, Mar. 15, 1767. 1829. 70th
New York,

Dec. 5, 1782. 1837. 59th

Feb. 9, 1773. 1841. 69th

Mar. 29, 1790. 1841. 51st
North Carolina, .Nov. 2, 1795. 1845.

George Washington,
John Adams,
Thomas Jefferson,
James Madison,
James Monroe,
John Quincy Adams,
Andrew Jackson,
Martin Van Buren,
William H. Harrison,
John Tyler,
James K. Polk,

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LEGAL TENDER OF GOLD AND SILVER COIN. American Eagle coined prior to Florin of Austrian Empire and city July 31, 1834, 270 gr., is

$10 66

of Augsburg, Half Eagle, 135 gr.,


5 33 Specie Dollar of Sweden and Norway, I 06 Eagles coined since July, 1834, 10 00

" Denmark,

I 05 Parts in proportion.

Thaler of Prussia & Northern States Doubloon, 17 dwt. 8 gr., is 15 58 of Germany,

69 Half Johannas, 9 dwt., is

8 53 Pound of Nova Scotia, New BrunsBritish Sovereign, 5 dwt. 34 gr., is 4 87 wick, Newfoundland, and Canada, 4 00 French Napoleon, 4 dwt. 34 gr., is 3 86 Lira of the Lombardo Venetian King Spanish Dollar, 17 dwt. 7 gr., is 1 00 dom, and Tuscany,

16 Mexican Dollar, 17 dwt. 7 gr., is i 00 Franc 'of France and Belgium and Poruvian Dollar, 17 dwt. 7 gr., is

1 00
Livre of Sardinia,

18 6-10 cts. Chili Dollar, 17'dwt. 7 gr., is 1 00 Ducat of Naples, Central American, 17 dwt. 7 gr., is 1 00 Piastre of Turkey,

4 2-5 cts. Florin of Southern German States, 4015 Franc Piece, (French)

FOREIGN GOLD.-By Act of Congress, March 3, 1843, English Gold is legal tender at 94 cents, 6 mills, per dwt. French Gold, at 92 cents, 9 mills, per dwt. Spanish, Mexican, and South American Gold, at 89 cents, 9 mills, per dwt.

80 cts.

93 cts.



Corrected by Wetherbee, Brothers, 29 Slate Street, Boston. Aug. 1847. MASSACHUSETTS. New Hampshire Bk., Ports-Wiscasset Bk., Wiscasset. Worthless. mouth.

Winthrop Bk., Winthrop. American Bank. Pemigewasset Bk., Plym

Uncurrent. Commercial Bk.


Bangor Commercial Bk., Commonwealth Bk.

Franklin Bk.

Worthless. City Bk., Portland.
Fulton Bk.
Lafayette Bk.
Derby Bk., Derby.

Citizens' Bk., (old plate,)

Middling Interest Bk.
Eagle Bk., New Haven.

Mercantile Bk., Bangor. Oriental Bk.


Westbrook Bk., Westbrook. Amherst Bk., Amherst. Housatonic Bk.,Bridgeport. V BRMONI. Berkshire Bk., Pittsfield.

MAINE, Chelsea Bk., Chelsea.

Worthless. Essex Bk., Salem.


Agricultural Bk., Troy. Farmers Bk., Belchertown. Agricultural Bk., Brewer. Bank of Bennington, BenFarmers & Mechanics Bk., Bangor Bk., of Bangor. nington. South Adams. Bath Bk., Bangor

Commercial Bk. of VerHampshire Bk., Northamp- Castine Bk., Castine. mont, Poultney. ton.

Citizens' Bk., (new plate,) Essex Bk., Guildhall. Mendon Bk., Mendon. Augusta

Vermont State Bk., (and Newburyport Bk., New- Damariscotta Bk., Noble branches.) buryport.


Windsor Bk, of Windsor. Phænix Bk., Charlestown. Exchange Bk, Portland.

Phenix Bk., Nantucket. Frankfort Bk., Frankfort.
Roxbury Bk., Roxbury.

Georgia Lumber Co., Port. St. Albans Bk.,of St. Albans. Sutton Bk., Wilkinsville. land.

RHODE ISLAND. City Bk., Lowell, fraud. Globe Bk., Bangor.


Hallowell and Augusta Bk., Franklin Bk., Providence. Hancock Bk.


Burrillville Bk., Burrillvile.
Kennebec Bk., Hallowell.
Kilby Bk.

Eagle Bk., Newport.
Cohannet Bk., Taynton.
Kennebunk Bk., Kenne-

Fariners' 'Exchange Bk., Manuf. & Mech. Bk., Nano Lafayette Bk., Bangor. bunk.

Gloucester. tucket.

Farmers' and Mechanics' Norfolk Bk.

Machias Bk.
Winthrop Bk.

Bk., Pawtucket.

Bank of Old Town, Orono. Mount Hope Bk., Bristol

Oxford Bk., Fryeburg. NBW HAMPSHIRE.

R. I. Agricultural Bk., John.
Passamaquoddy Bk., East-


Claremont Bk., Claremont. Penobscot Bk., Bangor.
Concord Bk., Concord.

Peoples Bk., Bangor. Pascoag Bk., Pascoag Vik Hillsboro' Bk., Hillsboro'.

Saco Bk., Saco. Wolsborough Bk., Wolfbo- St. Croix Bk., Calais. rough.

Stillwater Canal Bk.,Orono. Beware of altered bills;

Waldo Bk., Belfast. they may often be detected Uncurrent.

Washington Co., Calais. by holding them before a Grafton Bk., Haverhill. Waterville Bk., Waterville.'strong light.


Yearly meeting, beginning with select do., 7th day after 24 6th day, 6th month, 9th hour, morn., at Newport, R. I.-- Public meeting for worship Ist day following, at Newport and Portsmouth, 10th hour morn. and 4th after. Meeting for business at Newport 2d day following, 9th hour, morn.

This yearly meeting comprises the Quarterly Meetings of Rhodle Island, Salem, Sandwich, Falmouth, Smithfield, Vassalborough, Dover and Fairfield, held as follows, viz., Rhode Island-On the 1st 5th day, 8th month, Portsmouth; 1st 5th day, 11th month Somerset; 1st 5th day, 2d month, Providence; 1st 5th day, 5th month, East Green. wich. Salem--On the 4th 5th day, 5th month, Saybrook; 3d 5th day, 8th month, Lynn; 38 5th day, 10th month, Ware; 3d 5th day, 1st month Salem. SanduickIn the 1st 5th days, 4th and 12th months, New Bedford; 1st 5th day, 7th month, Nantucket ; 1st 5th day, 10th month, Sandwich. Falmouth-On the 5th day before the 1st 6th day in the month, at Windham, in the 2d and 9th months; at Falmouth, in the 6th, and at Durham in the 11th. Smith field-On the 2d 5th day, 8th month, Bolton; 28 5th day, 11th month, Northbridge ; 20 5th day, 2d month, Smithfield; 28 5th day, 5th month, Northbridge. Vassalborough-On the 24 6th day, 2d, 9th, and Ilth months; and on the 4th day before the last 6th day, 5th month, Vassalborough. Dover, N. H.-On the 4th 5th day in the month; at Dover, in the 4th; at North Berwick, in the 8th; at Sandwich, in the 10th; and at Rochester, upper meeting, (Meaderborough,) in the 1st. Fairfield-At Hallowell, on the 4th day before the 21 6th day, in the 11th month; at Fairfield, on the 4th day before the 2d 6th days, in the 2d and 9th months; and at Hallowell on the last 6th day in the 5th month.

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