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each bundle containing 5cwt. How many bundles were there, and what did he receive for the whole?

38. A., B, and C. traded in company. A. contributed $19000, B. $18500, and C. $25750. What was the whole stock in trade, and what part of the gain should each man receive ?

39. How many potatoes, at 25 cents a bushel, must be given in exchange for 1632 pounds of sugar, at 9 cents a pound?

40. A. can do a piece of work in 8 days, and B. can do it in 12 days. What part can they both do in one day, and how long will it take them both to do the whole ?

41. A merchant bought 17 bales of sheeting, each bale containing 18 pieces, and each piece 321 yards. How much did he give for the whole, at 112 cents a yard ?

42. How much will it cost to carpet a floor 15ft. wide and 17ft. 6in. long,—the carpeting being a yard wide and worth $1.50 per yd. ?

43. The circumference of the earth’s orbit is estimated at 567019740 miles. Then what distance does the earth move every second ?

44. How many men can build a house in 1 day, that 25 men can build in 73 days ?

45. A labourer's wages are $1.75 per day. How many days must he work to pay for pasturing his cow 394 weeks, at 37 cents per week ?

46. What is the diameter of the Earth, the circumference of any circle being 3.14159 times its diameter ?

47. How many bottles, each holding 1} pints, may be filled from a cask containing 1275 gallons of wine ? How many drops are there in the cask ?

48. How many times will a wheel that is 124 feet in circumference, revolve in going from Boston to Providence, the distance being 39miles ?

49. What must I give for 17 boxes of sugar, each weighing 2cut. lqr. 716., at $6.75 per cwt.?

50. What is the worth of a vessel, if ý of of ở of her cost $875.00 ?

51. If a staff 9ft. 6in. long, cast a shadow of 12j feet, what is the height of a tree whose shadow at the same time measures 994 ft. ?

52. How much can a man save in a year, whose annual salary is $5931, and whose daily expenses are 93 cents ?

53. If 19 lb. of wool cost $5, what is the price of 23:16. ?

54. How much must a man spend a day in order to use all his income, which is $1000 per annum ?

55. Bought a house lot for $950.50. What is the value of sof i of of the lot ?

56. How much cloth is there in a piece worth $1273, at $4, per yd.?

57. A merchant bought 56 barrels of flour for $238, and paid for transportation $14.00; storage $4.75; drayage, and other expenses, $5.00. At what price must he sell it per barrel to gain $25 on the whole ?

58. A cistern has 3 pipes, one of which would fill it in 44 hours, one in 32 hours, and the third would empty it in 5 hours. If they are all opened, in what time will the cistern be filled ?

59. If of a ton of hay cost $1115, what will 45 tons cost?

60. If a tax of $469 is levied on property valued at $140750, how much must be paid by a man whose property is worth $1900 ? *. 61. How many oxen at $953, horses at $120, and cows at $274, of each a like number, can be purchased for $4371.1

62. What is the value of 16116. of flour, at $4.75 perx barrel of 1961b.?

63. What will 9.763cut. of rice cost, at 42 cents per pound?

64. How much must I give for 841 gallons of vinegar, at 61 cents a quart ?

65. Bought 9 pieces of sheeting, each piece containing 30 yards, for $3633. What was the price per yard? X. 66. If, when wheat is $1.00 per bushel, the 6ct. loaf

weighs 1316., what ought it to weigh when wheat is $1.25

per bushel ?

67. What would 963lb. of pork cost, at 7 cts. per lb. ?

68. What must be the length of a board that is 10% inches wide, to measure 94 square feet ?

69. How long will it take 1 man to build a wall that 15 men can build in 41š days ?

70. How many square feet in a board 2ft. 3in. wide, and 11ft. 7in. long?

71. The sum of two numbers is 96.17, and one of the numbers is 18 [ ; what is the other ?

72. The greater of two numbers is 873, and their difference is 7.625. What is the less ?

73. The less of two numbers is 14.79, and their difference is 13. What is the greater ?

74. The sum of two numbers is 169}, and their difference is 2816. Required the numbers. [Add half the difference to half the sum for the greater, and subtract half the difference from half the sum for the less number.]

75. What number must be taken from of io of 8, to leave of of ii of 13 ?

176. A man left to his son $9164 more tran to his wife, and to his wife $1593 more than to his daughter. The daughter's share was $1299; what was the whole fortune ?

77. If the divisor is 9327, the quotient 8641, and the remainder 1591z, what is the dividend ?

78. What number must be added to i of 62% to make 11

of of 191 19?

79. If lcwt. 2qr. 211b. of indigo cost £33 173. 7d., how much will 6cwt. 3qr. 15lb. cost ?

80. If 5.29 francs are worth $1.00, what is the value of 688.31 francs ? 81.

Philadelphia, 4th mo. 29, 1844. Simpson and Jones,

Bought of M. Hart & Co. 18 Emerson's First Class Readers at $5.00 a dozen. 22 Colburn's Algebras

at $8.00 a dozen.

at $2.25 a gross. 1200 slate pencils

at $0.15 a hundred.

9 gross

steel pens

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New York, Aug. 18, 1844.
Harcourt & Elliott,

Bought of Wm. Thompson,
6 pieces of coarse cottons, each 32}yds. at 10£cts.
40 pieces

each 31*yds. at 11cts. 46 pieces fine

each 281yds. at 137cts. 49 pieces Merrimack prints, each 30yds. at 12 cts. 28 pieces bleached muslins, each 29 yds. at 15cts.

11 pieces Dover prints, each 311yds. at 13fcts. 83.

London, July 25, 1844.
Watson, Miller & Co.,

Bought of Joseph Merriam,
4 bags Surinam cotton, each 3cwt. Iqr. 161b. at 214d.
3 bags

each 2cwt. 3qr. 27lb. at 221d.
4 bags St. Domingo do. each 3cwt. Oqr. 10lb. at 14d.
4 bags Barbadoes do. each 2cwt. Igr. 15lb. at 14fd.

5 bags Pernambuco do. each 2cwt. 2qr. 191b. at 214d. 84.

Bristol, Sept. 5, 1844. George Merriam & Brother,

Bought of William Kent, 5cwt. 24r. 9lb. hops,

at £4 12s. per cwt. 2cwt. lqr. 9lb.

at £4 19s. per cwt. 3cwt, 3qr. 271b.

at £5 28. per cwt. 5cwt. Igr. 181b.

at 18. 3d.


lb. 7cwt. 3qr. 25lb.

at 1s. 2 d. per 16. 85. What is the yearly rent of 2473 acres of land, at $9.50 per acre ?

86. A merchant bought of te of a vessel, and afterwards sold z of of his share for $569. How much has he left, and what is its value at the same rate ?

87. If of of us of a farm be worth $959.75, what is the whole farm worth ?

88. What is the balance of the following account, the balance being the difference between the Debtor and Creditor amounts ? Dr.

Cr. 1169.423

432.50 875.183

6911.47% 9121.75

853.25 638.12

419.37 991.147


89. If 939cwt. 3qr. 211b. of sugar, sell for $499.50, what is the price per cwt. ?

per lb. ?

per 16.

90. How much wool, at 37}cts. a pound, will purchase 95 barrels of apples, at $1.66; per barrel ?

91. What would be the value of is cwt. of gold, at $13.75 per ounce Avoirdupois ?

92. How many steps will a man take in 193 hours, if he walks 31 miles an hour, and each step measures 2}ft.?

93. A certain room is 143 ft. long, 113 ft. wide, and 77 ft. high. How many bushels will it hold, there being 2150.4 cubic inches in a bushel ?

94. What is the value of 8131316. of tea, at 62}cts.

95. What is the price of loz, of indigo, if 45lb. cost $133 ?

96. A rectangular farm contains 10A. 3R., and it measures in front 39 rods. What is the length of one of the sides?

97. A merchant gained $1920 a year, for the first three years after commencing business; for the next four years he gained $2370.50, and for the next two he lost $1875.75 a year. How much had he gained at the expiration of the ninth year?

98. How many cents weigh lcwt. lqr. 1516. 150%., if the weight of one cent is īj lb. ?

99. 5914) is z of 1 of of what number?

100. Add 1 of 3 of 3 of 16 years, į of 3 of 4 of 4 days; 217 minutes, and of 62.49 seconds.

101. Nine men bought 27 barrels of flour, at $5 per barrel. How much did each pay ?

102. A merchant who owned į of of a ship, gave ? of his share to his son, and sold 1 of the remainder for 1375. What was the value of the whole vessel, at the same rate ?

103. If 11% gallons of wine cost 123 dollars, what will 21 gills cost?

104. A silversmith has 4 tea-pots, each weighing ilb. 80%. 12dwt. 6gr.; 2} dozen silver spoons, each weighing 20%. 19dwt. 18gr. ; and 37 tea-spoons, each weighing 16dwt. 7gr. What is the weight of the whole, and what is their value at $19.00 per lb. ?

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