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128. How far will a locomotive run in 5 h. 29 m. 47 sec., at the rate of 193 miles an hour?

129. The product of three factors is 16, and two of the factors are 15 and 72. What is the third?

130.8 × 34 ÷ 964

= ?

131. What is the value of 187 francs 79 centimes, at 18 cents per franc?

132. What must be paid to effect an insurance of $15000, at a premium of 25 per cent., the charge for the policy being $3.00 ?

133. A merchant bought 127 bales of cotton, each weighing 375 lb. at $28 per bale, and paid for freight $17.50, for insurance $10.25, for drayage $5.00, and for advertising, and other incidental expenses, $7.50. How much, and what per cent, did he gain by selling the whole at 11 cents per pound, allowing 36 lb. tare per bale?

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134. If a merchant of New York remits money to London at $4.84 per £, thence to Lisbon at 5s. 8d. per milree, thence to Paris at 460 rees for 3 francs, thence to Amsterdam at 2 francs for 37 pfenings Flemish, what amount of Flemish money can be paid with a remittance of $8321 ?

135. The poll tax being $1.25, and the property tax per cent., what amount of tax must be paid for $8812.50 real estate, $7257 personal property, and 2 polls?

136. What is the compound interest of $4759 for 3 yr. 11 mo. 18 dy., at 6 per cent.?

137. Bought a house for $7500, paying in cash, $750 in 3 months, $1100 in 12 months, $2250 in 17 months, and $500 in 2 years. How much remained to be paid in 3 years, computing interest at 5 per cent?

138. What number is that to which if 3 times its square be added, the sum will be 100?

139. Three men purchased a house in company. A. paid $2300, B. $1700, and C. $1950. What yearly income, and what per cent., will each derive from the investment, the house renting for $700, and the taxes and other expenses being $175 per annum?

140. How much sugar at 7 ct. and 8 ct. per lb., must be mixed with 19 lb. at 7 ct., 24 lb. at 84 ct., and 11 lb. at 10 ct., to make a mixture of 173 lb., worth 9 cents a pound? 141. Write four 3's, so as to make 1, 14, 34, and 111. 142. If 19 men in 5 days of 8 hours build a wall 17 ft. long, 11 ft. high, and 3 ft. thick, in how many days of 93 hours will 76 men build a wall 100 ft. long 8 ft. high and 3 ft. thick?

143. If an investment of $1750 amounts to $3325 in yr. 3 mo. what is the annual gain per cent.?


144. A note of $4708, amounted at its settlement, to $5477.758. How long had it been at interest, the rate being per cent.?

145. What principal will yield an annual income of $1650, at 8 per cent.?

146. Bought 117 cwt. 3 qr. 11 lb. of sugar, at 64 ct. per lb., payable in 4 mos., paying for freight $4.50, cartage, $1.25, and other expenses $5.75. How much, and what per cent. shall I gain, by selling the whole immediately for $900, payable in 90 days, discounting at 6 per cent.?

147. A. hired a house for a year, at the end of 4 months receiving B., at the end of 6 months C., and at the end of 8 months, D., as joint tenants. How should the rent, which was $450, be divided among them?

148. A jeweller mixed 11 lb. of silver, 10 oz. fine, 13 lb. of 11 oz. fine, 7 lb. of 9 oz. fine, 12 lb. pure silver, and 9 lb. alloy. What was the fineness of the mixture?

149. If it cost $7.25 to carry 11 cwt. 3 qr., 44 miles, what will be the freight of 2 T. 17 cwt. 1 qr. for 76 miles?

150. If 13 tons are carried 262 miles for $153}, how far may 85 tons be carried for $2771⁄2?

151. If 17 yd. of satinet cost $8.75, and 24 yd. are sold for $1.65, what is the gain per cent. ?

152. In a certain partnership A. advanced of the stock, B., and C. the remainder. It is required to divide the gain, which was $7300, properly between them.

153. By what number must 84 be divided, that the quotient may be equal to the product of 84 by 17%?

154. A man had 7 children, whose ages were in arithmetical progression; the eldest was 25, and the youngest was 7. What was the common difference?

155. If 284 men in 5 days of 11 hours, dig a trench 232 rods long, 33 ft. wide, and 2 ft. deep, in how many days of 9 hours, will 24 men dig a trench 3371⁄2 rods long, 53 ft. wide, and 3 ft. deep,-the ground, in the latter instance, being but as hard as in the former?

156. A man bought 100 apples at 2 for a cent, and 100 at 3 for 2 cents. What was his gain or loss, by selling the whole at 5 for 2 cents?

157. A merchant of New York purchased in Liverpool, 29 pieces of merino, each 28 yd., at 2s. 6d., per yd., 38 pieces Scotch gingham, each 314 yd., at 1s. 9d. per yd., and 17 pieces broadcloth, each 27 yd., at 17s. 5d. per yd. He paid for freight £11 15s., for insurance 9 per cent., for duties 20 per cent., and for drayage 75 cents. What did the whole cost him in American money, exchange on England being at 10 per cent. premium?

158. A grocer bought 7 cwt. 1 qr. 5 lb. of sugar, for $58.25, and lost 8 per cent. by its sale. At what price did he sell it per pound?

159. If 60 lb. of bread serve 9 persons 5 days, how much will it cost per year, to supply 843 persons, when 9 lb. of bread can be bought for 25 cents?

160. The notes of the Merchants' Bank being at a discount of 7 per cent., how much Merchants' Bank money must be employed to pay a debt of $763 ?

161. How much tea at 62 ct. per lb., and chocolate, at 12 ct per lb., of each an equal quantity, must be given in exchange for 1281 gal. of vinegar, at 16 ct. per gal., and 115 bu. of wheat, at $1.10 per bushel.

162. A. can mow an acre of grass in 73 hours, and B. in 8 hours. In what time will they mow it together?

163. Two men, who are 59 miles apart, travel towards each other. A starts 1 hour before B., and travels 10

miles in 3 hours: B. goes 5 miles in 2 hours. How far will each travel before they meet?


164. Three men purchase a vessel. A. pays, B. 3 and C. the remainder, which was $2550. What was C.'s share, and how much did A. and B. pay?

165. A stone, dropped from the top of a precipice, reached the ground in 3 seconds. What was the height? 166. What is the least number, which, being divided by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9, leaves a remainder 1 ?

167. The ages of a man and wife at the time of marriage, were in the ratio of 11 to 9; 8 years afterwards they were as 15 to 13. Required the age of each on the wedding day. 168. Find the value of x in the equation, x5+ 4x3 2x2 = 4.

169. What is the sum of 13 terms of a geometrical progression, whose first term is 2181, and ratio?

170. A grazier having two equal flocks of sheep, sells 17 from one, and 95 from the other, when he finds one flock contains three times as many as the other. How many were there originally in each?

171. A footman engaged to serve a year for $72 and a livery, but leaving at the end of 5 months, he received only $24 and the livery. What was the price of the suit?

172. At the commencement of business, A. had twice as much money as B., but at the expiration of a year, A. having gained 17 per cent., and B. having lost $500, A.'s stock was 2 times B.'s. Required the original stock of each ?

173. A thief travelling 12 miles in 24 hours, has been absent 7 hours, when a constable starts in pursuit, going 11 miles to the thief's 10. In what time will the thief be overtaken?

174. A cistern has 4 pipes, the first of which will fill it in 2 hours, the second in 24 hours, the third in 24 hours, and the fourth in 3 hours. In what time will the cistern be filled, if they are all opened at once?

175. Bought a piece of cloth, which proved to be but as long as it was marked, but I find that if I sell it at $5.94

per yd, I shall gain 10 per cent. on the prime cost. What did I give per yard?

176. A person left by will to his widow $250 per annum, to his eldest son $6500, to his youngest son $6000, and to his daughter $5500. He had been in business 18 years, commencing with $1500. How much did he save per annum, his earnings having been invested at 5 per cent, compound interest?

177. Bought 29 pieces of broadcloth, each 31 yd., at $4.75 per yd., and 37 pieces of cassimere, each 343 yd., at $1.50 per yd., the whole cost to be divided into 3 equal payments at 4, 8, and 12 months. How much should be deducted from the bill upon paying cash, if money is worth 8 per cent. per annum?

178. My expenditure having exceeded my income by 15 per cent., I find that by saving of my income for the suc ceeding year, I can supply the deficiency with interest, and have $4.60 left. What is my income?

179. Find 11 terms of a Harmonical Progression, two of the terms being 4 and 8.

180. Bought goods amounting to $2500, at 12 months credit, at the end of 3 months $400 were paid, at the end of 6 months $500, and at the end of 8 months $200. When will the balance of $1400 become due?

181. Two persons of the same age conversing together, one said to the other, "My eldest son is just half as old as I am, and if 88 is added to the continual product of our three ages, the sum will be 52000." What was the age of each?

182. What is the present worth of the reversion of an estate valued at $10000, which comes into possession on the death of an individual now 37 years of age, the average duration of life at that age, being 29 years?

183. What sum of money must a man lay up annually, commencing at 21 years of age, to be worth $30000 when he is 50 years old,-the investments being made at 6 per cent, compound interest?

184. What sum of money at 6 per cent. simple interest,

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