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116. Since a piece of land 16 rods long and 10 rods wide makes an acre, what must be the length of a field that is 35 rods wide, to contain 273 acres ?

117. If 7 men, in 83 days, by working 9 hours a day, can build } of a wall that is to be raised 12 feet, how many days must 11 men work, when the days are 8 hours long, to raise the same wall 5 feet ?

118. How much must I pay for carrying 11 boxes, each of which weighs 3fcwt., 75 miles, if the freight of 8 boxes, each weighing 4cwt., is $6.50 for 43 miles ?

119. If 5 men, by working 8 hours a day for 12 days, can build a wall 40 rods long, 2 feet thick, and 6 feet high, how many men, working 9 hours a day, will build a similar wall, 30 rods long, 3 feet thick and 8 feet high, in 4 days?

120. If a man, by travelling 8 hours a day, for 114 days, can accomplish a journey of 460 miles, how far would he go in 17 days, by travelling half as fast again for 9 hours a day?

121. Two couriers travel at a uniform rate in opposite directions, for 5 days, riding 113 hours each day. How far apart are they at the end of the fifth day, if a locomotive, which goes twice as fast, will run 360 miles in 3 days of 8 hours ?

122. If 13 horses eat 4.cwt. of hay in 37 days, how much will 78 horses eat in 14 days ?

123. A pile of wood 60ft, long, 10ft. high, and 8ft. thick, was sold for $2381. What would be the price of a pile 20ft. long, 8ft. high and 4ft. thick, at the same rate ?

124. If a pile of wood 31 ft. long, 9jft. high and 7ift. thick, cost $101.50, what must be the length of a pile 13ft. high and 6ift. thick, to cost $79.87} ?

125. How many oxen can be pastured 13; weeks, for $143), if it cost $266} to pasture 26 oxen 6 weeks ?

126. How many horses will eat 384qt. of oats in 16 days, if 17 horses eat 1292qt. in 19 days?

127. In how many days will 31 horses eat 58bu. 4gt. of oats, if 14 horses eat 6bu. 2pk. 2qt. in 3 days?

128. How many men, by working 12 hours a day, will accomplish as much work in 24 days, as 16 men can accomplish in 36 days, by working 10 hours a day?

129. If 2500 slates, each 8 inches long and 5 inches wide, will cover a roof, how many will be required that are 6 inches long and 4 inches wide ?

130. If 3 compositors set 152 pages of type in 139 hours, how many will be required to set 69 pages of the same work in 6 hours !

131. If 12 oxen eat 73 tons of hay in 22 weeks, how many oxen will eat 13 tons in 43,2 weeks ?

132. If 18 men, in 9 months, consume flour worth $78.75, when wheat is $1.12į per bushel, how many months will $145 supply 35 men with flour, when wheat is $1.00 per bushel ?

133. If a cellar 22.5ft. long, 17.3ft. wide, and 10.25ft. deep, be dug in 2.5 days by 6 men, working 12.3 hours a day, in how many days of 8.2 hours, would 9 men dig a cellar 56.25ft. long, 25.95ft. wide, and 16.4ft. deep?

134. If 36 men, in 1273 days of 131 hours, dig a trench 33 yd. long, 10 ft. deep, and 15% ft. wide, how many men, in 7 days of 120 hours, will dig a similar trench 82 styd. long, 73 ft. deep, and 10ft. wide ?

135. If 19 men, in 714 days of 10 hours, dig a trench 41łyd. long, 57 ft. deep, and 7ft. wide, how long a trench that is 8 ft. deep and 476 ft. wide, will 11 men dig in 291 days of 47 hours ?

136. How many days of 8 hours will 42 men require, to build a wall 983 ft. long, 7) ft. high, and 2aft. thick, if 63 men can build a wall 45 ft. long, 679 ft. high, and 35 ft. thick, in 68 days of 11 hours ?

137. If 100 pounds at Rochelle equal 1061b. at Leipsic, 1181b, at Leipsic equal 16316, at Leghorn, 1371b. at Leg. horn equal 100lb. at Seville, 1011b. at Seville equal 158316. at Venice, 140lb. at Venice equal 831b. at Franckfort, and 89 lb. at Franckfort equal 1001b. Avoirdupois, how many lb. Avoirdupois equal 35016, at Rochelle ?

138. If 750 tiles, each 10in. long and sin. wide, will pave an area 121 ft. wide, how many tiles that are 16in.

long and 9in, wide, will pave an area of twice the length and 15 ft. wide ?

139. If $328support a family of 16 persons 94 months, each person consuming 4f1b. per day, how much would support a family of 28 persons 74 months, each consuming 5 lb. per day?


FELLOWSHIP. By the rule of Fellowship, we determine the gain or Joss of partners in trade or joint adventures, the worth of debts in bankruptcy, &c.

The whole gain or loss should evidently be distributed among the stockholders, in proportion to each man's share: hence we have the following

RULE. Divide the whole gain or loss by the whole stock, for the gain or loss of one dollar, and multiply the quotient reduced to its lowest terms, by each man's share.

1. A., B. and C. entered into partnership. A. contributed $500, B. $300, and C. $600. At the end of a year they had gained $350. What was the share of each?

2. The debts of a bankrupt amount to $1275, and his whole property is worth but $950. What proportion of the whole can he pay, and what is the value of a debt of $361.25 ?

3. A vessel during a storm sustained a damage of $1950. How much of the loss should be sustained by A., whose share of the cargo was $1000, the whole value of the vessel and cargo being $21500 ?

4. William Johnson, Samuel Buffum, and Moses Clark, entered into partnership. Johnson contributed $4750, Buf. fum $5250, and Clark $6000. At the end of three years they had lost $2500. What was the loss of each?

5. A., B. and C. traded in company; A. put in $3000, B. $2000, and C. the remainder. They gained $1500,


which C. took $500. What did C. contribute, and what was A.'s share of the gain?

6. The property of a bankrupt is worth but $5163.90, and he owes A. $1765.75, B. $840.00, C. $2329.50, and D. $1380.10. How much will each creditor receive ?

7. A. contributed $380 to an adventure, B. $420, C. $500, and D. $700. What was each man's share of the X gain, which was $900 ?

The use of $500 for 3 months, is worth as much as the use of $1500 for 1 month. Therefore, when the stock of the several partners is employed for unequal times, multiply each stock by the time it is employed, and work with the products as with the original stocks in the general rule.

8. In a certain firm A. contributes $5000 for 4 months, B. $6000 for 3 months, C. $2000 for 6 months, D. $4000 for 5 months, and E. $5000 for 2 months. How should the gain, which was $1680, be divided among the partners ?

9. A. and B. form a limited partnership for 2 years and 6 months. A. at first contributed $2000, and in 13 months $1000 more. B. contributed at first $2500, and at the end of the first year $600 more, but at the end of 19 months he withdrew $2000. At the end of 14 months, C. was admitted to the firm, and contributed $3700. How should the gain, which was $3000, be divided ?

10. A. and B. traded in company. A. contributed at first' $800, and B. $1000. At the end of 3 months A. advances $1200 more. What sum must B. add to the firm at the end of 6 months, to entitle him to one-half of the year's profits ?

11. The amount of the legacies bequeathed in a will was $35000, but the whole amount of the testator's property was found to be only $31500. What was the value of the wife's legacy, which was $10000, and of the eldest son's, which was $15000 ?

12. A., B. and C. form a joint stock of $1098, by which they gain $234. A.'s money is in trade 4 months, B.'s 5 months, and C.'s 13 months, and their shares of the gain


are as the numbers 2, 3 and 4, respectively. What was euch man's stock and gain ?

13. A privateer captured a prize valued at $15000, which the crew agree to divide in proportion to their pay, and the time each has been on board ; the officers and midshipmen have been on board 4 months, and the sailors 3 months ; the pay of the officers is $20 a month, of the midshipmen $15, and of the sailors $12, and there are 3 officers, 6 midshipmen, and 40 sailors. How much does each receive ?

14. Three men bire a pasture for $40. A. put in 4 horses for 3 months and 6 for 2 months, B. put in 5 for 4 months and 10 for 1 month, and C. put in 7 for 4 months and 3 for 2 months. How much ought each to pay ?

15. A man failing in trade owed $75000, to meet which he had property valued at $14500. How much can be pay A., who is a creditor for $10000, B., who is a creditor for $3750, and C., who is a creditor for $12362.50 ?

16. A. commenced business with a capital of $2500. Five months afterwards he received B. as

partner, who added $4000 to the stock. Six months after B. was ad. mitted, C. joined the firm with a capital of $6000. Two years from the commencement, they had gained $8000. What was each man's share of the gain?

17. It is required to divide $36000 among 4 persons, in such manner that the second may have twice as much as the first, the third as much as the first and second, and the fourth three times as much as the third ?

18. A legacy of $40000 was left to four heirs, in the proportion of į to the first, to the second, to the third, and { to the fourth. , What was the share of each?

19. A levy of 1200 horses is to be distributed among three regiments in the proportion of 1, i and s, respectively. How many will each regiment receive?

20. Five men hire a pasture for $294. A. put in 10 cows for 3 months; B. put in 5 cows for 2 months ; C. put in 8 cows for 11 months; D. put in 16 cows for 21 months; and E. put in 20 cows for 4 months. How much ought each to pay ?

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