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Regent Lal Ikrabband


To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives

of the United States, in Congress assembled, The Memorial of the Committee appointed for that purpose; by the “FREE TRADE CONVENTION," held at Philadelphia, in September and October, 1831. Respectfully shows :


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That a Convention of Delegates, appointed by public meetings in various States in the Union, for the purpose of co-operating by Constitutional and legal measures, in procuring the repeal of the restrictive system, was held at Philadelphia, on the 30th September, 1831, and continued in Session, till the 7th October, ensuing : when a Committee, consisting of one member from each State, represented in the Convention, was appointed for the purpose of preparing a memorial to Congress, setting forth the evils of the existing Tariff of duties, and asking such a modification of the same, as will be consistent with the purposes of revenue, and equal in its operation on the different parts of the United States, and on the various interests of the same.

Acting under that appointment, your Memorialists respectfully pray:

1st. That the duties be so reduced, as to leave, after the extinguishment of the public debt, only that amount of revenue which may be necessary to meet the ordinary exigencies of Government.

2ndly. That, allowing a reasonable time, for a gradual reduction of the existing exaggerated duties on some articles, the duties on all the imported articles not free of duty, be ultimately equalized, so as that the duty on any such article shall not vary materially from the general average rate of all the duties together, or in other words, from a uniform duty ad valorem on all imported articles subject to duty.

3dly. That wines, teas, coffee and similar articlas, be not added to the list of those now free of duty, but, may on the contrary,

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