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On the Promotion of Edward Thurlow; Esq. tt the Lord High Chancellorship of England.

ROUND Thurlow's head in early youth,

•And in his sportive days,
Fair science pour'd the light of truth,

And genius shed his rays.
... 2.

See! with united wonder, cry'd - <

Th' experiene'd and the sage, Ambition in a boy supplied

With all the skill of age.


Discernment, eloquence and grace,

Proclaim him born to sway
The balance in th* highest place,
And bear the palm away.

The praise bestow'd was just and wise,
He sprang impetuous forth,

Secure of conquest where theprizo
Attends superior worth.

So the best Wtfrser on the plain
. E'fcr ftt he starts is known,

And does but at the goal obtain
What alrhad deem'cThis own.

0*DE To PEACE, l. COME* peace of mind, delightful guest I Return and make thy downy nest

Once more in this fad heart:
Nor riches I, nor pow'r pursue,
Nor hold forbidden joys in view,

We therefore need not part.
Where wilt thou dwell if not with me^
From av'rice and ambition free,

And pleasures fatal wiles?
For whom aks! dost thou prepare
The sweets that I was wont to share,

The banquet of thy smiles?

The 3

The great, the gay* ihall they partake

The heav'n that thou alone canst make,

And wilt thou quit the stream' That murmurs through the dewy mead^i 1 The grove and the scquester'd shed,

To be a guest with Them?

For thee I panted, thee I priz'd,. ./£'.-' For thee I gladly sacriftc'd

Whate'er I lov'd before, And shall I see thee start away,' .'. c.': . .: . And helpless, hopatefe,'hear thee fay_**

Farewell! we meet! no more? . .:


.'"IIS ';.>-;

WEAK and irresolute is man;

The purpose of to day,
Woven with pains into his plan,
To morrow rends away.

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But oars alone can ne'er prevail

To reach the distant coast,
The breath of heav'n must swell the sail,

Or all the toil is. lost. ..

The M O D E R N P AT RIOT, REBELLION is my theme all day,

I only wish 'twould come
(As who knows but perhaps it may)

A little nearer home.


Yon roaring boys who rave and fight

On t'other fide the Atlantic,
J always held them in the right,

But most so, when most frantic.

3When lawless mobs insult the court,

That man shall be my toast, If breaking windows be the sport '. Who bravely breaks the most.

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