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Observation i. 8

Affidavit (or Affirmation) of a Debt due to a Widow, Administratrix of her husband ib.

Affidavits in Bankruptcy, (sec Bankruptcy) ii. 210

Affidavit verifying the Certificate of Acknowledgment, (see Fines

and Recoveries) ii. 124

Affidavit of the Execution of Deeds i. 9

Affidavit of the Execution of Articles of Clerkship ib.

Affidavit of the Assignment of Articles of Clerkship 10

Affidavit of the Execution of a Will ib.

Affidavit of Service under Articles 11

Affidavit of Service of a Petition and Order ib.

Affidavit for the Allowance of spoiled Stamps ib.


Preface i. 12

Agreement to grant an Annuity (with Observations) il1

Agreement to refer to Arbitration (with Observations) 117

Agreement between two Partners to assign outstanding Debts to

each other 455

Agreement for building a House (with Observations) 15

Agreement to enter into Copartnership (with Observations) .... 17

Articles of Clerkship (see Apprenticeship) 110

Agreement to horse a Coach (see Copartnership) 380

Agreement between a Debtor and his Creditors to pay his Debts,

by Instalments 18

Articles of Agreement between a Debtor and his Creditors where

Inspectors are appointed to superintend the Insolvent's Affairs, 284

Agreement for an Exchange 20

Agreement by Trustees to convey a Parcel of Land by Way of

Substitution for the Rights of Common 21

Agreement for Freight (see Shipping) ii. 448

Agreement to relinquish a Businc&s in Favour of another (with

Observations i. 23

Agreement between Proprietors of Waste and Common Lands by

Consent of the Lord of the Manor to divide and inclose the

same (with Observations) ib.

Agreements for a Lease, Observations 27

Agreement for the Lease of a House (General Precedent) 29

Agreement for the Lease of a Farm (General Precedent) 30

Agreement to let a furnished House or Apartments 31

Agreement by Trustees for letting Premises during the Minority

of a Child ii. 172

Lease of a House (with or without the Furniture) for a Year, and

so from Year to Year, by way of Agreement 159

Agreement for a Building Lease (General Precedent) i. 32

Agreement from the Lessee to demise Ground held by him under

the foregoing Agreement 35

Articles of Agreement before Marriage, Observations 36

Articles for n Settlement of the Freehold, Copyhold, and Personal

Property of the Intended Wife 37

Agreement that a Person shall hold Title Deeds as a Deposit, and

for a Mortgage at some future 'lime (with Observation).... 40

Agrremettts for a Partition, Observations 41

Agreement between two Joint Tenants of Freeholds or Copyholds

to make Partition 42

Agreement between two Joint Tenants to hold in Severalty .... 43

Agreements between a Principal and an Agent, Observations .. 45

Agreement between a Brewer and a Managing Clerk 46

Vol. Page

Agreement between a Merchant or Manufacturer and a Factor, i. 47

Agreement to form an Association for the Prosecution of Offenders, 49

Agreements for the Purchase and Sale of Estate!, Observations, 50

Agreement for the Sale of a Freehold Estate 52

Another (Short Form) 54

Agreement for the Sale of a Copyhold Estate [with Observations) ib. Agreement for the Sale of Leasehold Premises, with a Covenant

to take the Furniture (with Observations) 55

Agreements following and referring to Conditions of Sale (sec

Conditions of Sale) 345

Agreement for the Sale of an Advowson, and also for a Lease of

the Tithes (with Observations) 57

Agreement to assign a Boarding School, Lease of the Premises,

and Furniture 58

Agreements as to Shipping (sec Shipping) ii. 448


Preface i. 59

Agreement to grant an Annuity (with Observations) 61

Assignment of an Annuity (General Precedent) 81

Bond to secure the Payment of an Annuity to a former Mistress

(with Observations) 63

Grant of an Annuity for the Life of the Grantor secured on Freeholds (Gem ral Precedent) 64

Grant of an Annuity for the Life of the Grantee secured on

Copyholds (with Observations) 72

Assignment of a Leasehold Estate as a Collateral Security for the

Payment of an Annuity granted for Lives 75

Grant of an Annuity secured on Money in the Funds (with

Observations) 77

Grant of an Annuity secured on a Benefice (with Observations).. 80

Menu/rials of an Annnity, Observations 84

Memorial of Grant of an Annuity by Indenture 86

Memorial of a Bond and Warrant of Attorney for securing the

Payment of the same Annuity 87

Release of an Annuity on a Repurchase 88


Preface 89

Appointments in Execution of a Power 92

Appointment of a Freehold Estate to Children to be indorsed on

a Deed of Release 92

Appointment of a Jointure by Virtue of a Power under a Will.. 93

Appointment and Disposition by a Married Woman 96

Appointment of Money by a Married Woman 97

Conveyance by Appointment and Release from a Vendor to a Purchaser who was married on or before the 1st of Jan. 1834, when the Estate had been conveyed to the Vendor to bar

Dower (Old Form) ii. 72

Mortgage by Appointment and Release 237

Appointments Delegating an Authority i. 98

Appointment of a Third Arbitrator or Umpire 124

Appointments of an Attorney (see Powers of Attorney ) ii. 306

Appointment of a Chaplain (with Observations) i. 98

Appointment of a Chaplain by a Bishop ib.

Appointment of a Parish Clerk (with Observations) ib.

Appointment of a Deputy Steward yy

Appointments of a Deputy (see Deputation) ii. CI

Appointment of Executors under a Power in a Will i. 99

Appointment of a Gamekeeper (with Observations) 100 Vol. Psge

Appointments of Guardia ns, Observations i. 10"

Appointment of a Guard ian by a Father 101

Appointment of a Guardian by an Infant ib.

Appointment of a Receiver to secure Rents to a Mortgagee (with

Observations) 102

Appointment of a Steward of a Manor [with Observations) 105

Appointment of New Trustees by Virtue of a Power in a Settlement 106


Preface 108

Indenture of Apprenticeship 109

Articles of Clerkship to an Attorney (with Observations) 110

Assignment of an Apprenticeship 112

Assignment of Articles of Clerkship 113

Assignment of Articles of Clerkship by Indorsement 143


Preface 115

Acceptance by Arbitrators of the Appointment 124

Agreement to refer Disputes to Arbitrators 117

Appointment of a Third Arbitrator, or Umpire 124

Another ib.

Arbitration Bond 120

Award pursuant to a Clause in Articles of Agreement for making

Repairs 126

Award under a Submission by Deed 127

Award of two Arbitrators under a Submission by Cross Bonds.. 128 Another Award, under a submission by Cross Bonds, between a

Surveyor and a Company 130

Award of Differences between two Copartners tmder a Submission by a Judge's Order 131

Award under a Submission by Order of the Lord Chancellor.... 133

Award by an Umpire 134

Award by a Commissioner under an Inclosure Act 203

Enlargement of the Time for making an Award by the Parties in

Dispute 125

Enlargement of the Time for making an Award by Arbitrators, ib.

Nomination of an Umpire by Arbitrators appointed ib.

Order to refer all Matters in Difference in the Cause 122

Order that an Agreement be made an Order of the Court of

Chancery 123

Order to make an Award an Order of the Court of Chancery. .. 124

Rule of Reference at Nisi Prills when a Juror is withdrawn .... 121

Rule for making a Submission by Bond a Rule of Court 122

Submission by Indenture Illi


Preface 135

Assignment of an Agreement for the Purchase of an Estate ib.

Assignment of an Agreement for the Sale of Timber for securing

the Payment of Debts ('ly Indorsement) 137

Assignment of an Annuity, (General Precedent) Bl

Assignment of an Annuity by a Wife to Executors for discharging her Husband's Debt to the Testator 137

Assignment of an Annuity (by Indorsement) 141

Assignment of Exchequer Annuities 142

Assignment of Articles of Clerkship ((by Indorsement) 143

Assignment of a Bill of Sale of Goods pb.

Assignment of a Conditional Bill of Sale (by Indorsement) 144 Vol. Page

Assignment of a Bond (with Observations) '•

Assigument of a Bail Bond 246

Assignment of a Replevin Bond (see Distress) •-• »• sI

Assignment of a Bond and Judgment, by n Husband and a Wife,

as a Security for a Debt

Assignment of a Mortgage Bond by Indorsement thereon, to

keep the same on foot against the Heirs of the Mortgagor .. 148

Assignment of Part of the Cargo of a Ship l*f

Assignment of a Copyright (with Observa'ions) 150

Assignment of a Debenture by way of Collateral Security 151

Assignment of a Debt by way of Collateral Security 152

Another Assignment of a Debt (Short Form) 154

Assignment of Debt and Dividends under a Fiat of Bankruptcy. 155

Assignment of Copartnership Debts (see Copartnership) 453

Assignment of Dower (with Observations) 157

Assignment of an Executorship, and Indemnity of the Executor

by a Mortgage 'b-

Assignment of Household Fnrniture, and verbal Agreement for

a Lease I»»

Assignment by a Husband, of Household Furniture, &c. to Trus-

tees to sell for the Payment of Debts, and to stand possessed

of tbe Surplus for tbe separate Use of the Wife (with Obser-

vations) 160

Assignment of the Good Will of a Business (with Observations) 162

Assignment of tbe Moiety of a Boarding-school (by Indorsement

on the Articles of Cupartnership) 163

Assignment of a Judgment recovered by a Verdict (with Obser-

vations) 164

Assignment of a satisfied Judgment (with Observations) 165

Assignment of a Lease with an Assignment of Fixtures, and Po-

licy of Insurance ( General Precedent, with Observations) .... 166

Assignment of a Leasehold to a Mortgagee by Indorsement (see

Bankruptcy) 221

Assignment of a Lease (by Indorsement) 171

Assignment of Leasehold Property by Executors (see Purchase

Herds) ii. 364

Assignment of a Legacy to a Trustee for an Infant, by an Order

of the Court of Chancery

Assignment of Monies by way of Collateral Security 1"

Assignment of a Sum of Money by way of Security for the pay-

ment of another Sum 1"

Assignment of Entailed Money to a Trustee with the Consent of

the Protector (sec Fines and Recoveries) ''• 1' 2

Reassignment by the Trustee indorsed on the foregoing Deed of

Assignment *"

Assignment of a Mortgage from the Executors of a Mortgagee,

to a Person advancing the Money where the Mortgagor is not

a Party, [with Observations)

Assignment of a Patent (with Observations) s■*

Assignment of a Pew (with Observations) 183

Assignments of Policies of Insurance, Observations 184

Assignment of a Policy of Insurance on a Ship by an Executor,

(with Observations)

Assignment of a Reversion in tbe Funds (with Observations). ... 185

Assignment of a Share in a Company • • • • 1''

Another of a Canal Share (Short Form) 188

Another of Shares in a Copper Mine 'u-

Assignment of Growing Crops for securing a sum of Money (with


Assignments of Copartnership Stock (see Copartnership) '33

Assignments of Terms, Observations lyl

Vol. Psse

Assignment of a Term to attend the inheritance for a Purchaser, i. 192

Assignment of a Term by Indorsement, to secure Mortgage

Money, and subject thereto to attend the Inheritance 19-4

Assignment of a Term to a Trustee for several Purchasers of an

Estate sold in Parcels

Assignment of several Terms 1H

Assignment of Chattels real, to which a person is entitled in

Right of his Wife in Trust, to reassign the same [with Ob-

servations) •• I"'

Reassignment by Indorsement, in pursuance of the foregoing

Deed l^9

Assignment of a Wife's Term for Years by a Husband and a Wife

to a Purchaser


Preface 200

Attestation of the Execution of a Deed by a Person Deaf and Dumb, ib.

Attestation of the Execution of a Deed by a Blind Person ib.

Attestation of the Execution of a Deed as the Attorney 201

Attestation and Testimonium of a Deed executed under a Power

of Attorney from Two jo-

Attestation where there happen to be Interlineations ib.

Attestation of a Deed executed by one Party in his own Right,

and as the act of another of the Parties by virtue of a Power, ib.

Attestation of a Will 202

Testimonium of a Will ib.


Preface 202

Attornment from a Tenant to a Mortgagee in Possession, by

Ejectment ib.

Attornment of several Tenants, by Direction of the Mortgagor, ib.

AWARDS.—(See Arbitration.)

Award by a Commissioner under an Inclosurc Act 203


Preface 20u

Affidavit of a Debt for obtaining a Fiat 210

Affidavit in a Country Bankruptcy 211

Bond given by Petitioning Creditor ib.

Certificate of the Solicitor of the Petitioning Creditor in the

Country 212

The Creditor's Petition for a Fiat in Bankruptcy ib.

Petition for a Fiat where one is not proceeded in ib.

Petition to enlarge the Time for the Bankrupt's Surrender 213

Another Petition for the same Purposes by the Assignees 214

Petition to the Lord Chancellor, under the 19th section of the

New Act, to annul Fiat upon the Revival of an Adjudication,

by the Court of Review ib.

Conveyance of Freeholds by Assignees of a Bankrupt to a Pur-

chaser, in which the Bankrupt joins (variations where the

Bankrupt is Tenant in tail, under the 3 & 4 W. IV. c. 74,

(with Obselvations.) 215

Bargain and Sale of One Fourth Part of a Copyhold Estate by

the Commissioner and Assignees of a Bankrupt [with Ob-

servations) 220

Assignment of a Leasehold by Assignees of a Bankrupt, and the

Bankrupt to a Mortgagee by Indorsement (with Observations) 221

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