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Vol. Paje

Letter of Attorney from the Assignees to empower Another to

receive the Rents of a Bankrupt's Estate i. 222

Letter of Attorney from the Assignees to receive the statutable

Allowance of a Bankrupt 223

Release to be given by a Bankrupt before he can give Evidence

to increase his Estate on a Trial at Law .... 224


Preface 225

Bargain and Sale by the Deputy Remembrancer of the Court of

Exchequer of an Estate belonging to a Crown Debtor [with

Observation) 226

Bargain and Sale of Lands to Trustees for a Charity (see Pur-

chase Deeds) ii. 352

Conveyance by Bargain and Sale from a Vendor to a Purchaser

where the Wife joins to extinguish her Dower (see Dower) 75

Enfranchisement by Bargain and Sale (see Enfranchisement)... 77

Bargain and Sale for a year (see Release*) 382

Bargain and Sale of Copyholds by Tenant for Life under a Power

in an Inclosure Act i. 228

Bargain and Sale of Copyholds by Trustees under a Will (with

Observations) 231

Bargain and Sale of Timber [with Observations) 233

Bargains and Sales of G;ods, Observations 235

Bargain and Sale of Goods distrained for Rent (see Distress) ... ii. 69

Bequests.—(See Wills.)

Bills Of Lading.—(See Shipping.)


Observations i. 238

Absolute Bill of Sale of Goods 236

Conditional Bill of Sale of Goods and Merchandize 237

Bills of Sale of a Ship (see Shipping) ii. 454


Preface i. 238

Forms of the Obligatory Part of a Bond from One to One, from

Two or more to One, &c 210, 241

Conditions of Bonds.

Bond from a Receiver 241

Bond from the Treasurer of a Company 242

Bond from an Administrator and his Sureties, to account for an

Intestate's Effects [with Observations) 243

Bond from'a Clerk and his Surety for the faithful Execution of his

Office in a Brewery 243

Bond for securing Payment of an Annuity to a Man and his Wife

during their Lives 244

Bond for securing the Payment of an Annuity to a former Mistress, 63

Bail Bond (with Observations) 245

Special Bail Bond 246

Assignment of the Bail Bond (by Indorsement) ib

Bottomry Bond (see Shipping) ii. 458

Bond that an Infant, when of full Age, shall convey i. 247

Bond for the faithful Service of an Attorney's Clerk or Assistant, 248

Another Form for a Merchant 249

Bond to Indemnify a Purchaser against an outstanding Term... 251

Bond of Indemnity to a Purchaser from Trustees under a Trust

to sell, where a Fiat of Bankruptcy had been issued against

the Cestuique Trust, but not acted upon ib

Bond of Indemnity against the Rents and Covenants in a Lease, 25!

Vol. Psgs

Bond of Indemnity against all Damages which may be sustained

on Account of the Non-production of a certain Deed i. 253

Bond of Indemnity from a Vendor to a Purchaser, where Title

Deeds were lost sb.

Bond of Indemnity on the Mortgage being paid off on Account of

the Loss of the Mortgage Deeds 254

Bond to indemnify a Surety against the Penalties of a former

Bond (with Observation) 'b.

Bond to indemnify one Bound for the Obligor in a Bail Bond.. 255

Bond to indemnify against paying Rent where the Title is in

Question 256

Bond by a Legatee to indemnify Executors, in case there shall be

a deficiency of Assets (with Observation) 'b.

Bond to indemnify the Purchaser of an Estate against Mortgage

Money, where no Evidence can be obtained of its having been

paid ofT 257

Bond of Indemnity on paying a lost Bond ib.

Bond to indemnify a Person from a Bill that is lost, upon bis

granting another (with Observation) 258

Bond of Indemnity to a Purchaser against two Legacies, and an

Annuity charged on Hereditaments which the Devisee has

contracted to sell 259

Bond of Indemnity to Trustees under the Obligor's Marriage

Settlement for having permitted him to convert Trust Monies

to bis own Use 260

Bond from a continuing to a retiring Partner 45b'

Condition to Marry a Woman, or in Default thereof to pay a Sum

of Money (with Observations) 260

Mortgage Bond (with Observations) 261

Common Condition of a Bond for Payment of Money (with

Observations) 262

Bond for the Payment of a Sum of Money by Instalments ib.

Bond to secure the Payment of future Advances 263

Bond for Payment of Purchase Money retained in Purchaser's

Hands (with Observations) 264

Bond to pay Rent and perform Covenants reserved in a Lease

(with Observations) ib.

Condition of a Bond for Performance of an Agreement for the

Sale of Timber 265

Bond that an Apprentice shall perform the Articles of his Ap-

prenticeship ib.

Bond to permit an intended Wife to make a Will (with Ob-

servations) 266

Bond to permit a Wife to live separate from her Husband ib.

A Post Obit Bond (witA Observations) 267

Bond from a Vendor of an Estate and his Surety for Quiet En-

joyment, free from all Incumbrances, the Estate being subject

to the Payment of Portions under a Marriage Settlement... 268

Bond of Indemnity on the Sale of Part of the Premises held under

a Lease against the Rent reserved in the Lease, and for Quiet

Enjoyment of other Premises, in consequence of a Defect in

the Title 269

Bond for Quiet Enjoyment of Copyholds free from Incumbrances,

and for further Assurance 270

Bond to accompany a Surrender by a Mortgagor ii. 254

Bond to repair a Road i. 270

Bond for replacing Stock (with Observations) 272

A Replevin Bond (sec Distress) ii. 71

Bond to reside upon a Parsonage, and to resign in favour of the

Patron (with Observations) i. 274

A Respondentia Bond (see Shipping) ii. 459

Vol. Pagt

Bond for securing a Sum of Money by the intended Husband to

the Wife, and the Issue of the Marriage [with Observntioui) i. 275

Bond for securing a Sum of Money, and conveying all the Estates

of which the Obligor shall become seised during his Life, for

the Benefit of his Wife and the Issue of the Marriage 276


A Certificate to the Ordinary of the Condition of the Dwelling-

House belonging to a Benefice (with Obseivation) 277

Certificate of the Residence of an Incumbent 278

Certificate of an articled Clerk having regularly served his Clerk-

ship ib.

Certificate by the Mayor of a Corporation of the due Execution

of a Deed 279

Certificate of a Mortgage being paid off ib.

Certificate by the Surveyor of his Majesty's Revenue 280

The Receipt to be indorsed or subsc ribed by the Cashier ib.

A Certificate of the Nomination of a Curate as a Title for Orders, 281


Charge of a Bond Debt on Land, by Indorsement on the Bond, ib.


Preface 282

Agreement between a Debtor and his Creditors to pay by Instal-
ments 18

Articles of Agreement between a Debtor and his Creditors where

Inspectors are appointed to superintend the Insolvent's Affairs, 284

Memorandum of an Agreement at a Meeting of Creditors to ac-

cept a Composition 289

Deed of Composition ib.

Another (Short Form) 292

Deed of Composition between a Debtor and his Creditors, where

a Fiat of Bankruptcy has been issued against the Debtor.... 293

Letter of Licence from Creditors to a Debtor 297

Release from Creditors to a Debtor under a Composition 298

Indenture of Release from two Creditors to one of two Partners, 299

Memorandum indorsed on the above Deed of Release 300

Conveyance of Freeholds in Trust for Creditors where the Debtor

is a Trader (General Precedent) 301

A Trust Deed for the Benefit of Creditors, to accompany a Deed

of Conveyance or Assignment (General Precedent) 30fi

Release of Freeholds and Covenant to surrender Copyholds to

Trustees in Trust to sell and pay Debts where the Debtor is

not a Trader 319

Assignment of Stock in Trade, Debts and Effects of Copartners,

for the Benefit of Creditors (General Precedent) 330

Assignment of the Effects of a Debtor (not being a Trader) in

Trust to pay his Debts 340

Assignment of Personal Estate to two Creditors upon Trust to

sell for their Benefit 343


Pri Face 345


Preface 345

Conditions of Sale of Lands (General Form) ib.


Vol. Page

Agreements following and referring to Conditions of Sale i. 347

Receipt at thc Foot of Conditions of Sale 348

Conditions of Sale under an Inclosure Act ib.

Acknowledgment and Agreement referring to the above Con-

ditions of Sale 349

Conditions of Sale of a Leasehold Estate 350

Memorandum written under the Conditions ib,

Conditions of Sale of Timber 351

Notice to the Auctioneer of the Appointment of a Bidder to buy

in Premises for the Owner 353

Notice by the Person appointed to buy in the Premises ib


Preface 353

Confirmation by an Heir at Law of Estates devised to a Stranger, 354

Confirmation of a Deed by an Infant on coming of Age, and a

Release to be indorsed 355

Confirmation of a Lease, and also of a Sale of Furniture sold by

an Attorney not duly authorized 35(i


A Purchaser's Consent to deliver up an Agreement for the Sale

of an Allotment of Common 357

Consent of the Ordinary and Patron to the Building or Repair-

ing a Parsonage House (from Sched. 17 G. III. c.53) ib.

Another Consent where the Patronage is in the Crown 358

Consent by a Vendor that a Purchaser may retain Part of the

Purchase Money ib

Consent by a Tenant that Goods distrained may remain on the

Premises beyond the time allowed by Law ii. 67

Consent of the Protector 121

Qualified Consent of a Protector 122


Prffacf. i. 360

Articles of Copartnership between two Tradesmen (General Pre-

cedent) 363

Copartnership Deed between a principal Partner and two In-

coming Partners 368

Deed of Copartnership between two Manufacturers, where one

of them is a dormant Partner 374

Agreement for Setting up and Horsing a Stage Coach 380

Articles of Copartnership between Warfingers or Canal Carriers

(Variations fur Common Carrier*) 385

Articles of Copartnership between two Merchnnts, one in London

and one in a Foreign Establishment 397

Articles of Copartnership between Bankers 400

Copartnership Deed between Brewers 411

Articles of Copartnership between two Attornics, where one is an

incoming Partner (Variations where a Premium is given) ... 416

Articles of Copartnership between two Surgeons, where one of

them proposes to relinquish his Business to the other 421

Deed of Settlement of a Joint Stock Company 420

A Continuance of Articles of Copartnership for a further Term

(by Indorsement) 431

Admission of a New Partner, by annexing the same to the Co-

partnership Deed 432

Assignment of a Moiety in a Copartnership, and Admission of a

New Partner (by Indorsement) 433

Vol. Page

Deed of Dissolution between a retiring and two continuing Part-

ners [General Precedent, with Observation*) i. 434

Deed of Dissolution between a retiring and continuing Partner

[Short Form) 438

Deed of Dissolution between three Partners, at the Expiration

of a Copartnership Term, where the whole is assigned to one

continuing Partner 440

Deed of Dissolution between two Partners, where there are mu-

tual Assignments 441

Assignment of the Stock in Trade of a deceased Partner by the

Administrator to the surviving Partner, and Dissolution of

Partnership between the Widow and surviving Partner 442

Assignment, Release, and Indemnity, between surviving Part-

ners and the Executors of a deceased Partner 446

Dissolution of Copartnership where Receivers are appointed to

call in Debts and wind up Accounts • 448

Assignment of Copartnership Debts 453

Agreement between two Partners to divide and mutually assign

outstanding Debts to each other 455

Bond from a continuing to a retiring Partner 456

Notice of Dissolution from one Partner to another, pursuant to

a Power in the Articles 457

Notice to dissolve a Partnership immediately 458

Notices of Dissolution to be published ib.


Preface ii. 1

Deed of Covenants from a Managing Clerk of a Banking-house,

and Surety for the faithful execution of his office 2

Deed of Covenants and Grants of Powers of Distress and Entry,

as an Indemnity against the Payment of the Ground Rent.. 4

Deed of Covenants between two Purchasers of Leasehold Es-
tates to indemnify each other against a Moiety of the Rents
and Covenants reserved in the Original Lease 9

Covenant from a Legatee on receiving a Sum of Money from the
Executor on account of his Legacy, to execute a Release for
the whole amount as soon as it shall be paid 11

Deed of Covenant on the part of Mortgagees to stand possessed
of their Securities, for the Benefit of the Person Paying off
Part of the Debt 14

Covenant by a Mortgagee on a Mortgagor conveying the Equity
of Redemption to a Person to accept Payment of the Mort-
gage Debt when tendered, and execute a Conveyance 16

Deed of Covenants between a Mortgagor and Mortgagee, on the
latter having Purchased a certain Sum in the Stocks to be
lent to the Mortgagor as soon as be has made a good Title
to his Estate 17

Deed of Covenants and a Declaration that two Surrenders and a
Bond were made to a Person only for Securing a Sum of
Money 19

Deed of Covenant for the Production of Title Deeds 21

Covenant to stand Seised to Uses (if ith Observations) 22

Covenant to surrender in consideration of an Annuity, and to

pay the same 24

Covenant to surrender on a Mortgage of Copyholds 250

Deed of Covenants to accompany a Surrender of Copyholds by

way of Mortgage 253

Deed of Covenants to surrender Copyholds, and for Title to a

Purchaser 360

Deed of Covenants by the Vendors of Four-fifths of a Copyhold
Estate for the Title, and that the Owner of the remaining

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