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Reversion. l'ie equitable interest of the wife, whose right by survivorship bus been established against the assignees. Mitford v. Milfurd, 9 Ves. 87.

This Indre made, &c. Betn (assignor) of, &c. of the one pt and (assignee) of, &c. of the or. pt Whas the sd (assignor) under and by virtue of an indre bearing date the, &c. and made previous to the inarre of I D deed and S his wife her father and mother betn I H of, &c. since deed and the sd S his only daur of the first pt the sd 1 D then of, &c. since deed of the second pt and (trustees) trustees named by and on behalf of the sd S and both since deed of the third pt the sd S became entitled to the reversionary int of and in the capital sum of £ — 3 per cent. consolidated Bk Annties expectant upon the dece of her sd mother the sd S D And whas the sd capital sum, &c. now stands in the names of (new trustees) for the uses of the sd settlmt And whas the sd (assignee) hath contracted with the sd (assignor) for the absolute purchase of all her reversionary right title and int of and in the capital sum of £ — 3 per cent, &c. expectant upon the dece of her mother the sd S D at or for the price or sum of £ Now this Indre Witnesseth That for and in conson of the sd sum of £ — in hand, &c. to the sd (assignor) by the sd (assignee) well, &c. pd at, &c. she the sd (assignor) Hath bargained sold and assigned and by, &c. Doth bargain, &c. all that the remr or reversion of her the sd (assignor) expectant upon and to take effect immly upon and after the dece of the sd S D of and in all that capital sum of £— 3 per cent., &c. now standing in the names of the sd (7") as afd in the bks of the Gov and Compy of the Bk of Engld and all the int divs and proceeds thenceforth to grow due and paye thereon And all I!agendum- the right, &c. To Have, &c. the sd reversionary sum of £ — and all or. the preses hby assd, &c. unto the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. to and for his and their own absolute Power of use arid bent And for the better enabling the sd (assignee) attorney. his exs, &c. to have and rece the reversionary right and int of and in the sd sum of £ — she the sd (assignor) hath made constituted,&c.the sd (assignee) his exs,&c.her true and lfu) atty and atties to ask demand have rece and take the transfer and assnment of the sd hby assd preses and evy pt and pel thofof and from the sd (T) or the survor of them and the exs, &c. of such survor or whom else it shall or may concern to transfer the same upon the dece of the sd S D as afd and on rect thof to make sign and give such rects acquittances rels and discharges in the law for the same as shall be requisite and necessary And in deft thof to commence and prosecute with effect all such actions and suits and or. proceedings at law or in equity for the recovery thof as the sd atty or Shans. at ties shall be advised and generally to do and perform all and evy such furr and or. acts deeds matters and things in the prcses as he or they shall think fit And the sd (assignor) for herself, her exs, &c. doth hhy covt, &c. with the sd (assignee) that she the sd (assignor) hath done no act, &c. whby the sd preses or any pt thof are can may or shall be charged impeached or orwise incumbered And, &c. (covenant for further assurance) In Witness, &c.

Assignment of a Share in a Company.

Obs. As to assignments of shares in a company, see Copartnership, Pref. § 7.

This Indre made, &c. Betn (assignor) of, &c. of the first pt (assignee) of, &c. of the second pt and (trustees) trustees acting for the Compy established by indre or deed of settlement dated the day of of the third pt Whas sd (assignor) is possessed of or entitled to Recitals. one share in the stocks or funds of the sd Compy and Contract hath contracted with the sd (assignee) for the sale to for purhim of the sd one share for the price or sum of £ — chase, &r. and the sd (assignor) hath given notice in writing at the office of the sd Compy of his having procured the sd (assignee) to become the purchaser thereof And in such notice described the name and place of abode of the sd [assignee) who is willing to become a member of the sd compy And whas in pursuance of such notice the court of managers for the sd compy did proceed to take such notice into conson And did on the day of certify in writing that the sd managers had approved of the sd (assignee) as a fit psn to become a member of the sd compy Now this Imlre witnesseth Testatum. That in conson of, &c. He the sd (assignor) Hath bargained, &c. and by, &c. Doth bargain, &c. unto the sd (assignee) All that one share of him the sd (assignor) of and in the sd compy and the stocks and funds thof And all the right title int and property in and to the same and the divds and produce henceforth to arise and become paye upon or in respect thof To Habendum. Have, &c. unto the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. the sd one share, &c. And the sd (assignor) doth hby for himself, N0 act to etc. covt, &c. with the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. that he the incumber. sd (assignor) hath made done, &c. no act, &c. whby or by reason whof the sd one share, &c. is may can or shall be forfeited impeached or incumbered in any manner howsr And the sd (assignee) in conson of the preses doth hby for himself, &c covt, &c. with the sd (7 ) as

Shares. trustees for the time being of the sd compy That he Assignee to tne s^ (assignee) shall and will at all times hraftr so observe the long as he shall continue a member of the sd compy rules of the perform fulfil and keep all the rules orders and regucompany. jations contd in the sd indre of settlement and evy or.

order or regulation which shall hraftr be made in pursuance of the sd in pt recited indre In Witness, &c.

Another of a Canal Share (Short Form.)

I (assignor) of, &c. in conson of £ — pd to me by (assignee) of, &c. Do hby bargain sell and assign to the sd (assignee) his, &c. one share of the undertaking called, &c. being No of the shares in the sd undertaking To Hold, &c. to the sd (assignee) his exi ads and ass subject to the same rules orders and restrictions and on the same condons that I held the same immly before the exon hereof And I the sd (assignee) do hby agree to take and accept the sd share subject to the same rules orders restrictions and condons as afd As Witness our hands C D (assignor) E F (assignee)

A memorial of this transfer was registered on the day of 18

A B Clerk of the said Company.

Assignment of Shares in a Copper Mine.

Obs. As to the assignment of shares in a mining company, see Copartnership, Prcf. § 7.

This Indre. made, &c. Betu (assignor) of, &c. of the Testatum. one pt and (assignee) of, &c. of the or. pt Witnesselh That the sd (assignor) for and in conson of, &c. Hath bargained, &c. unto the sd (assignee) All those two full sixty-fourth pts shares or doles (the whole into sixtyfour equal pts shares or doles to be considered as divided) of and in that copper mine commonly called, &c. of or to which the sd (assignor) is possessed or entitled by virtue of an indre of, &c. Togr with the like pts or shares of and in all copper copper ore lead tin tin ore and all or any or. metals and minerals now or hraftr to be found broken or brought up to grass in upon or out of the sd copper mine or adventure or any pt thof And also of and in all tackle tools whims engines stamps mills and implements of mining whatsr And of and in all ways paths passages easements prfts commodities advantages rights members and apts And all the este, &c. To Have, &c. the sd two, &c. and all and singr or., &c. unto the sd (assignor) his exs ads and ass according to the custom of the stanneries of Cornwall from henceforth for and during all the residue of the term of yrs from the day of when the original grant was made from the lords of the soil subject to the paymt of the proportionable part of the lord's and bounder's dues being one-twelfth part and also to two full sixty-fourth pts or shares of all costs and chas henceforth to accrue in working trying and prosecuting the sd mine and preses and to the articles regulations and agrts in the sd indre contd or that hraftr may be made or entered into pursuant to the same for facilitating and prosecuting the sd mine and the affairs thof And the sd (assignor) for himself his exs, &c. doth hby covt, &c. with the sd (assignee) his exs ads and ass in manner following that is to say That he the sd (assignor) is lfully possessed of or rightfully entitled unto the sd two sixty-fourth pts, &c. And that for and notwthstg any thing to the contrary by him done he hath good right and full power to grant and assign the sd two, &c. And that it shall and may be lful to the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. from henceforth peaceably and quietly to have and hold the same and rece and take the divds proceeds and prfts thof witht the lful let, &c. of the sd (assignor) his, &c. (see Assignment of a Lease) subject as afd And that the sd two, &c. pts, &c. hby assd, &c. now are free and clear and freely clearly and absolutely acquitted exonerated and discharged of from and agst all and all manner of gifts grants bargains sales assnments leases mtges charges and int-umbs whatsr made, &c. by the sd (assignor) his exs, &c. and all and evy or. psn, &c. And that the sd (assignor) and all and evy or. psn claiming or to claim under him shall and will from time to time and at all times hraftr at the reasone request, &c. make do, &c. (for further assurance, see Assignment of a Lease) ln Witness, &c.



Lawfully possessed.

Good rieht to assign.

Quiet enjoyment.

Free from incumbrance!!.


Assignment of Growing Crops for securing a sum
of Money.

Obs. An assignment of stock and crops in trust to sell, and Stamp. with the proceeds to be produced by such sale to discharge debts due to the trustees and others, has been held to require, under the 55 G. HI. c. 184, not an ad valorem, but a common deed stamp only, Coata v. Perry, 6 Moore, 188, S. C. 3 B. and B. 48.

This Indre made, &c. Betn (assignor) of, &c. of the one pt and (assignee) of, &c. of the or. pt Whas the sd (assignor) stands justly indebted to the sd (assignee) in the sum of £ — for money lent and advanced And Recital of what the sd (assignee) hath commenced an action at acbt

Stock in

to sign cog-


Declaration of trusts.

law against the sd (assignor) in his Maj. Court of C. P. at Westr and the sd (assignor) hath been held to hail thereon And what the sd (assignor) hath applied to the sd (assignee) and requested him to suspend any furr proceedings in the sd action and hath proposed to confess the same by cognovit under his hand with liberty for the sd assignor to enter up judgment thereon in case deft shall be made in paymt of the sd sum of £ — contrary to the covt hnaftr contd And whas the sd (assignee) having suspended all proceedings in the sd action the sd (assignor) hath signed a cognovit as hnbefe proposed and for the better securing the paymt of the sd sum of £ — hath also agrd to assign the sevl crops now growing on his farm in manner hnaftr mentd Now this Indre Witnesstth That in conson of the sum of £ — so due and owing from the sd (assignor) to the sd (assignee) as afd He the sd (assignor) Hath bargained sold and assd and by, &c. doth bargain, &c. unto the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. All and singr the crops of corn and grass now growing arising and being in and upon the farm situate lying and being in the parish of afd and consisting of the following parlars that is to say acres of wheat acres of barley acres of meadow grass acres of beans and acres of oats, &c. (parcels) and all or. crops now growing on the sd farm And all the right, &c. of him the sd (assignor) in to out of or upon the sd crops of wheat and or. crops and preses hby assd with full liberty for the sd (assignor) his servants workmen and agents with horses carts and carriages at all times hraftr as long as the sd crops of wheat and or. crops shall be growing standing or lying on the sd sevl pees of land to enter upon the same to see the state of such crops and for the purpe of cutting reaping and carrying away the same and for all necessy purps To Have Hold rece and take all and singr the sd crops and preses hby assd or intended so to be in as full large und ample a manner to all intents and purps as if posson had been taken of the same by the course of law or as the sd (assignor) might have held and enjoyed them if these prests had not been made Upon Trust nevss in ense deft shall be made in paymt of the sd sum of £ — on the day and in the manner as in the covenant hnaftr is mentd and expssd that the sd (assignee) his exs ads and ass do and shall sell the sevl crops hby assd And do and shall stand possessed of and interested in all sums of money to arise from such sale or sales Upon Trust in the first place to reimburse himself or themselves in all costs and exps which shall be incurred or which he or they shall pay sustain or be put unto in

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