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Assignment of a Lease by Indorsement.

Know All men that (assignor) of, &c. for and in conson of the sum of, &c. to him in hand, &c. by (assignee) of, &c. pd at or before, &c. the rect, &c. Hath bargained, &c. to the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. All, &c. and singr the preses comprised in the withinwritten indre and mentd to be thby demised to A B with their apts togr with the within-written indre of lease And all the este, &c. of him the sd (assignor) of, in or to the sd preses or any pt thof by virtue of the sd indre of lease To Have, he. the sd messe, &c. and all and singr or. the preses with their apts unto the sd (assignee) his exs, &c. for and during all the residue and remr yet to come, &c. Subject and witht prejudice to the rents covts and condons in and by the within-written indre of lease reserved and contd (add covts from the assignor, as in last precedent.)

Assignment of a Legacy to a Trustee for an Infant, by an Order of the Court of Chancery.

Obs. As to the stamp, see Prcf. § 4. Stamp.

This Indre, made,&c. Betn (trustees under a marriage settlement) of the one pt and (trustee) a trustee named for and in behalf of (infant) an infant of the or. pt What (recite the will of I T whby he devised and Recital of bequeathed his este and the legacies therein charged) will. And vohas by indre bearing date, &c. and made betn of settle(intended husband) therein described of the first pt ment. (intended wife) of, &c. spinster and a legatee under the

(atHgnor) bath granted bargd, 4c. all and singr the stoves grates Assignment ranges coppers shelves dressers goods chattels matters and things 0f fixtures. whatsr mentd and set forth in the schedule herennder-written or hereunto annexed and evy of them and evy pt and pel thof To Have, &c. the sd goods chattels, &c. hby granted, &c. or intended so to be and evy pt, &c. onto the sd (assignee) his, &c. as his and their own proper goods and effects absolutely and for ever And the wl (assignor) doth hby, &c. (clause of warranty, see Bill of Sale.)

Where a policy of insurance is to be assigned with a lease, then add. 'And whns by a certain deed poll in writing bearing date, &c. Recital of and being or purporting to be a policy of insurance under the hands insurance. and seals of the directors of Compy he the sd (assignor) hath insured the sd preses agst dams by lire for the sum of £ — And it hath been agrd that the same policy shall be assd to the sd (assignee) in manner hnaftr mentd Now this Indre furrWUneftetli That, &c. in conson of tbe prears he the sd (assignor) Hath assigned, 4c. and by, &c. Doth assign, &c. All that deed poll or policy of, &c. And all the right, &c. with full power, &c. (see Assignment of a Debt.) To Have, &c. the sd deed poll, &c. and all and evy sum or sums, &c. and all and singr, &c. (sec Assignment of Policy of Insurance.)


Of Act of

Of sale by trustees.

Of payment in part of legacy.

Death of legatee.

Death of husband.

Order to refer to master.

wilt of the sd I T deed of the second pt and the sri
(trustees) of the third pt In conson of a marre then in-
tended and aftwds solemnized betn the sd (I H) and
the sd (/ W) the sd (/ W) did assign unto the sd
(trustees) the sd legacy of £ — so bequeathed to her
by the will of the stl 1 T and thby directed to be raised
under the trusts of the sd term of yrs To Hold the
same unto the (trustees) their exs, &c. Upon such trusts
as are therein decld concerning the'same for the bent
of the sd (legatee) during the term of her natural life
and after her dece for the bent of the (///) and by
the now reciting indre the sd (trustees) are authorized
to rece the sd sum of £ — and to give discharges for
the same And what (recite Act of Parliament for vest-
ing pt of the estes of the sd IT deed entailed by his
will in trees for the purpe of selling the same and pay-
ing off incumbs affecting those and or. estes) And whas
the sd (trustees in the Act of Parliament) have accordgly
sold and conveyed the sd manors, &c. so vested in
them by the sd Act ln Trust to be sold as afd to
(purchaser) for the sum of £— being the best price
that could be got for them and have applied the monies
arising from the sale thof accordg to the directions of
the same Act as far as the same would extend And whas
the sd (trustees) have by and out of the sd purchase
money or sum of £ — pd unto the sd (trustees under the
settlement) the sum of £— in pt paymtof the sd legacy
or sum of £ — Upon the trusts affecting the same by
virtue of the sd in pt recited indre of settlmt the re-
maining part of the sd sum of £— having been ex-
hausted in paying the sevl sums of money directed
to be pd thereout by the sd in pt recited Act of Parlt
And whas the sum of £ — being the remaining
pt of the sd legacy or sum of £— is now due and
owing to the sd (trustees under the settlement) but all
int for the same hath been pd up to the day of
And whas the sd (legatee) hath departed this
life in the yr leaving the sd (husband) her hus-
band And the sd (infant) an infant of the age of
yrs or thereabouts her only child her surviving who by
virtue of or under the sd recited will of the sd I T decd
is seised of the estes thby devised for an este in tail in
revn And whas by a decree or order of the High Ct
of Chancery made and pronounced on or about
day in a cause then and there depending in which
the sd (infant) by (guardian) his guardian and next
friend is pltff and C F and ors. are defts It was ordered
that it shd be referred to (master) one of the Masters
of the sd court to inquire what incumbs affected the

real estes devised by the will of the sd I T deed and then remaining unsold And whas the sd Master in pursuance of the last recited order made his report in the sd cause bearing date, &c. and thby certified that the plttFs real estes were inter alia subject to the sum of i — the residue of the sum of £ — charged upon the pltff's este by the will of the sd I T deceased in favour of the sd (legatee) late the wife of the sd (husband) And whas the sd (infant) did on or about the day of present his petition to his Honour the Master of the Rolls stating that the sd sum was due to the trustees under the settlement made on the marre of the sd (husband) with the sd (legatee) his late wife but that all int thereon had been pd out of the rents and prfts of the pltfF's sd real estes And that the sd (husband) and his sd trustees had called for the sd sum of £ And that pursuant to a decree of the sd Ct the surplus of the rents of the pltff's sd real este had been from time to time invested in the purchase of 3 per cent. Bk Annties And that there was standing in the name of the Accountant-General of the Ct In Trust in the sd cause to the personal este acct of the sd pltff the infant the sum of £ — in 3 percent. Bk Annties And in cash the sum of £ — which Bk mos and cash constituted pt of the psnl este of the sd pltff And tiiat the petitioner is desirous that so much of the sd Bk mos as shd be necessy for that purpe might be sold and applied in paymt of the sd sum of £ — And that the mtge or or. secty for the sd sum of £ — might be assigned to a trustee In Trust and for the bent of the sd petitioner his exs and ads and that it might be decld pt of the sd petitioner's psnl este The petitioner therefore prayed that it might be referred to the Master to take an acct of the principal money due on the sd mtge or charge of £ — and to inquire whether it would be proper and for the bent of the petitioner that what shd be so found due might be pd off and discharged by the sale of a sufficient pt of the sd Bk Annties for that purpe and that tt-.e sd Master might settle a proper transfer in case the pties differed about the same of the sd mtge or or. secty for the sd sum of £ — unto a trustee to be approved by the sd Master who was to stand possessed thof In Trust for the bent of the sd petitioner his exs and ads And whas by an order made in the last recited cause on or about the day of (recite order in pursuance of the petition) And whas [recite the Master's approval of the sd (trustee) ] And whas by an order of the sd Ct [recite the order directing the Accountant-General to pay the sd £



Petition of infant.

Master's approval of tue trustee.

Legacy. to the sd (trustee) ] And whas the sd Muster hatb Also of the approved of these prests as a proper assnmt of the sd convey- sum of £ — and int. and hath signified such his apsnce. probation on the margin of these prests Now this Indre

Testatum. Witnesseth That in conson of the sum of £ — &c.

being pt of the psl este este of the sd (infant) intended (a) to be pd forthwith after the exon of these prests by the Acct-Gen. of the Ct of Chancery to the sd (trustees) as nfd the rect of which sd sum of £ — is intended to be ackngd by an indorsement upon these prests They the sd (trustees) at the request and with the approbation of the sd (husband) testified, &c. And in pursuance of the sd recited order of Chancery as afd Have and each of them hath bargained sold, &c and by these prests do and each of them doth bargain sell, &c. unto the sd (trustee) his exs ads and ass all that the sd sum of £ — being the pt remaining unpd of the sd legacy or sum of £ — bequeathed to the sd (legatee) deed late wife of the sd (husband) in and by the hnbefe in pt recited will of the sd I T deed and by the same will directed to be raised under the trusts of the sd term of yrs Ihby created as afd And all int due or to grow due upon or in respect of the sd sum of £ — And all the right title trust bent claim and demand whatsr at law or in equity of them the sd (trustees) and each of them into and out of the same Togr with all powers remedies and means requisite and necessy for calling in suing for or compelling paymt of the same Habendum. To Have hold rece take and enjoy the sd sum of £ — and int and preses intended to be hby assd unto the sd (trustee) his exs ads and ass In Trust nevss for the sd (infant) his exs, he. and as pt of his psl este And each of them the sd (trustees) doth hby for himself his exs and ads, &c. so far only as concerns his own acts deeds and defts covt and declare with and to the sd (trustee) his exs ads and ass that they the sd (trustees) have not at any time hrtofe made done or committed or been privy to any act deed matter or thing whatsr whby or by rea-on whof the sd sum of £ — hby intended to be assd or any pt thof is can shall or may be affected charged relsd or incumbered in any wise howsr In Witness, &c.

Assignment of Monies by way of Collateral Security.
Ohs. As to the stamp, sec Prcf. § 4.

This Indre, Sic. Betn (assignor) of, &c. of the one pt and (assignees) trustees under the marriage settle

No net to incumber.


(«) By the practice of the Court of Chancery, money is not paid until the deed is executed.

ment of the sd (assignor) of the or. pt Whas by an Monies. indre bearg date, &c. and made betn the sd (assignor) settlement of the first pt (intended wife) of, &c. spinster of the of«rifc's second pt and the sd (trustees) of the third pt being property. a settlement, &c. (see last precedent) after reciting among other things that the sd (/ W) was possessed of or entitled to various outstanding debts due to her and also to a tontine annty, &c. It was witnessed That the sd (/ W) with the privity of the sd (assignor) assigned unto the sd (trustees) all and singr the debts, &c. To Hold the preses unto the sd (trustees) their exs, &c. Upon Trust after the solemnization of the sd marre to Tiusts of pay the divds, &c. to such psns and in such manner as tbe settleshe the sd (/ W) shd during her life notwithstandg her mcnt' coverture direct or appt and in deft of apptment to pay the same into the hands of the sd (/ W) for her separate use during her life and after her dece Upon Trust to pay all such divds and int to the sd (assignor) during his life And after his decc ln Trust for the chn of the sd intended marre in manner thin mentd And whas the sd marre betn the sd (assignor) and the sd (/ W) took effect soon after the exon of the sd settlt And whas by Annuity an indre bearg date, &c. and made betn (grantor) therein purclms.'d described of the first pt the sd (assignor) of the second 0TMs0p^'tl. pt and the sd (trustees) of the third pt In conson of the sum of £ — pd by the sd (trustees) to the sd (grantor) he the sd (grantor) granted unto the sd (assignor) during the jt natural lives of the sd (grantor) and the sd (assignor) and the life of the longest liver of them one annty or clear yrly sum of £ — chagbe upon all the messes Ids and heredts of him the sd (grantor) situated, &c. Subject to -redemption on pay in t of the sum of£— in manner therein mentd which annty was purchased by the sd (assignor) with certain of the monies which by the sd settlmt were assd to the sd (trustees) And whas the sd (assignor) by bond or, &c. Bond given in writing bearg date, &c. became bound to the sd ll>' .tlle (trustees) for the paymt of £ — lent to him by them a!l!,lKnorby and out of the sd trust este and which sd sum is still due and owing to the sd (trustees) by the sd (assignor) And whas the sd M (assignor's wife) departed Death of this life leaving the sd (assignor) her husband and two chn namely E G of the age of, &c. and W G of the age of, &c. or thereabouts her surviving and upon the dece of the sd (wife) the sd (ass\gnor) became entitled to rece for his life the sd int divds, &c. And whas the sd (assignor) hath received from the sd (grantor) in redemption of his afd annty the sd sum of £ — for which the sd (assignor) became accountable to the sd

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