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insurance company, James Paul, Wm. & Jona. Leedom, Eyre and Massey, James S. Ritchie, Samuel Israel, George Smith, Smith and Helmuth, John Bohley, Jacob Girard Koch, James Latimer, Daniel Man, Martin Dubs, Samuel Clarkson, J. Peterson, Thomas L. Moore, Samuel Keith, James C. Fisher, Gustavus and Hugh Colhoun, W. J. Miller, Thomas Ketland, Matthew H. Bevan, Daniel W. Coxe, Otto and Shawhidff, Andrew Bayard, John Coulter, Thomas Biddle and John Wharton, attorneys for James M'Murtrie, J. Bell, for himself, Wm. Bell, and Jos. Watson, Ebenezer Large and Son, Wilson Hunt, Samuel S. Veacock, Thomas Wotherspoon, Wm. M-Faden, John R. Shubert, James Barclay, Stephen Dutilh, Joseph Smith, Samuel Clarke, John Bernard, Montgomery and Newbold, James Finnisk, Thomas Clifford.

Statement of American Vessels condemned by the Imperial Council of Prizes at Paris, from the 18th of December, 1806,

to the 26th of May, 1809.

Names of the ports to Names of the Proprietors,
Names of the Vessels and Captains.
which they belonged. and their places of Resi- Date of the decision.

Motive for condemnation,

Samuel Dulany, of Sept. 18, 1806, Vessel restored, the cargo confiscated, being

English property.
2. The Fame, captain Zadock Crowell, seiz- New York.... Henry Turner, of New Jan. 29, This vessel carried brandies from Charante to
ed at Bordeaux, by the custom house of- This vessel wore the York,

Bordeaux, after the decree of the 21st Nov.
ficers, the 8th of August, 1807,
American flag, she

was claimed by Mr.
Constantine of Bor-

Edmund Roberts, of April 27, Came from England, condemned for a false
seized by the custom house officers, at

4. The Aurora, captain Wm. Bowen, taken Baltimore, Peter Laverry, and June 8, No certificate of origin ; retaken from the
the 24th of January, 1808, by the corsair,

English by the Incomparable.
the Incomparable,
5. The Rising Sun, captain Laborn Burt, Plymouth,

June 8,

Conducted to Plymouth in England, by an
taken the 7th of December, 1807, by the

English corsair, retaken by the Jena, con-
French corsair, the Jena, who conducted

fiscated, one twelfth to the profit of the
her to Amsterdam,

state, the other to the owners of the corsair. 6. The America, captain John Proctor, taken Kennebunk,

Conducted to Portsmouth in England, the the 5th of February, 1808, by the corsair,

27th Dec. 1807. No certificate of origin. the Victoire, 1%. The George, captain Bray, taken the 13th Newburyport,

June 8,

Visited the 230 Dec. 1807, by an English friof January, 1808, by the Precurseur, who

gate. carried her to Passage,


Names of the ports to Names of the Proprietors, Names of the Vessels and Captains, which they belonged. and their places of Resi Date of the decision.

Motive for condemnation.

8. The Mars, capt. Charles Henry, taken New York, Wm. Henry, of New June 15, 1808, Opposition to the decrees of the 21st Nov.
the 4th of February, 1808, by the cor-


1806, and of Dec 1807. Destination for sair the L'Active,

London. 9. The Vengeance, capt. Ward Chipman, Salem,

Wm. Gray, of Salem, June 15, No certificate of origin. Visited the 30th Dec.
taken the 7th of Jan. 1808, by the corsair

1807, by an English frigate.
the Precurseur,
10. The Grace, capt. Lingei, taken the 27th Boston,

Wm. Stackpole and July 6, Visited on the 29th Dec. 1807, her papers
of Jan. 1808, by the corsair, the Cosmo-

Moses Wheeler, of

thrown overboard.

11. The Cados, capt. Bunker, taken the 2d New York, Joseph Seard, of New July 6, Visited by an English frigate before Toulon,
of Feb. 1808, by the gun boat Jalouse,


the 16th Jan. 1808, and taken the 2d of who conducted her to Marseilles,

Feb. following:
12. The Fame, capt. Nathaniel Small, Boston,

Oliver Keating, of Bos: July 6, Visited by an English frigate the 19th Jan.

1807, and taken the 20th Jan. by the Ja.
louse gun boat, who conducted her to Mar-

seilles. 13. The Brothers, capt. Fisk, taken the 27th Bath,

Abner Dingney, of July 6,

Destination for London. of Dec. 1807, by the Revenge, who con

Dunburg, and Nath. ducted her to Calais,

Ames, of Winslow, 14. The George, capt. Jon. Eveleth, con- Newburyport,

John Woodwell and July 6, Visited the 28th Jan. 1808 ; taken by an ducted to Conquet,

David Coffyn, of

English frigate the 31st of said month, and

taken the 20th Feb, by the corsair the

15. The Tarantula, captain John Riley, jun. Portsmouth, Joseph Chase and The-July 6, Conducted to Gibraltar, the 20th Dec. 1807,
taken the 2d of Feb. 1808, by the corsair,

odore Chase, of

by an English corsair, and left this port the the Peu de Formille, conducted to Bou


7th Jan. Visited the 12th of same month Togne,

and also the 29th by an English frigate.


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16. The James Adams, capt. Elijah Barry, This vessel had no re-Messrs. Adams, Lough July 13, 1808, \Visited the 24th Dec. 1807. Touched at taken 31st Dec. 1808, by the corsair gister, she had a cering and Cooper, of

England. No certificate of origin. Sauvage, conducted to Dunkirk, tificate dated at Phi- Philadelphia,

ladelphia, the 5th of

Nov. 1807,
17. The Mercury, capt. Watson, taken the New York,

July 13, Visited the 8th Jan. 1808. No certificate or
28th Jan. 1808, by the corsair, the Ro-

origin. Touched at England in May, 1807.
deur, conducted to Dieppe,
18. The Pauline, capt. John Clarke, taken Baltimore- Charles Wingman, July 23, Opposition to the decree of the 21st Nov.
the 7th Jan. 1808, by the corsair, the Re- Pretended to be Ame-

1806, and to that of 17th Dec. 1807 ; cor-
rican, claimed by

respondence with England intercepted.
Bareu of Morlaix,
19. The Juno, capt. John Fisher, taken by Charleston- Wm. Malcolm sold August 3, English property; cargo of slaves.
the corsair, the Beum of Martinique, A provisional register the said ship to

dated the 4th of Feb

capt. Fisher, before

1806, captain Wm. a notary at London, do


May 17, 1806,
20. The Charlotte, capt. Jonathan Lowden, Frenchman's Bay, John Peters of Surry, August 18, Left Plymouth the 23d Jan. 1808, destined
taken the 28th of Jan. 1808, by the cor-

county of Hancock,

for Gothenburg
sair Revenge, conducted to Ostend,
21. The Mary, capt. Samuel Rice, taken the Portsmouth, state of Wm. Dennech and August 31, Opposition to the decrees of the 21st Nov.
12th March, 1808, by the corsair L'Aigle, Massachusetts, Wm. Badger,

1806, and of the 230 Nov. and 17th Dec.
conducted to Malaga,

1807, coming from England.
22. The Hope, capt. John Drady, taken the Philadelphia, without Edward Tilgham of Sept. 7,

No certificate of origin.
18th of Jan. 1808, by the corsair La register, certificate Philadelphia,
Mouche, conducted to La Spizzia, from the custom

23. The Mercury, capt. Bradfort, taken the Plymouth, Robert Roberts, of Sept. 21, On leaving Gibraltar visited by several Eng-
3d of Feb. 1808, by the corsair the Jo-


lish frigates. sephine, and conducted to Alicante,


Names of the ports to Names of the Proprietors, Names of the Vessels and Captains, which they belonged. and their places of Resi Date of the decision.

Motive for condemi àtion,

Sept. 21, 1808, Visited the 24th Jan. 1808,
31st of Jan. 1808, by the corsair Jose-

Infringement of the imperial decrees of block,
ed to Alicante,
26. The May Flower, capt. John Buntin,

George Rogers, Jo- Deo. 2, Came in ballast from London.
taken by the corsair Prince Jerome and

Nicholas J. Ridgley, Dec, 2, Opposition to the imperial decrees of block-
the Prince Jerome, and conducted to Ali-


Robert Dec. 2, Came from England.
and Jas. Hooe and
John Muncaster, of

Dec. 15,

Opposition to the imperial decrees of blockat the Isle of Re,

30. The Two Marys, capt. Riley, conducted

Dec. 15, Visited by English ships.
to Belle Isle,
31. The Science, capt Howard,

32. The Lanette, capt. Coffyn, of Boston,

R. Breed, of Boston, Nov. 2, Came from England.

Daniel Guillaver, Jan. 25, 1809, Sailed from Ireland when taken,

dence. 24. The Hibernia, capt. Appleton, taken the Boston,

phine, conducted to Alicante,
25. The Steward, capt. Thompson, conduct-

Capt. Thompson,

seph Cutter and conducted to Alicante,

John Wood, of New

27. The Ranger, capt. Chestum, taken by


and Samuel Shel

burne, of Baltim. 28. The Anne, capt. Charles Bradfort, con- Alexandria, Capt. Bradfort, Chas. ducted to Alicante, by the Pr, Jerome,


29. The Edward, capt. Samuel Lewis, seized

according to capt's
declaration ; regis-
ter says Jos. Holmes

of Kingston, Mass. 33, The Susas, capt. Thomas Delens,

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