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For every carriage of the same description, drawn by two
horses, the sum of fifty cents.
- For every chaise, riding chair, sulkey, cart, or other two
wheel carriage, or a sleigh, or sled, with iwo horses, the sum of
thirty-one and a fourth cents.

For the same. with, one horse, the sum of Grieen cents.
For a single horse and rider, the sum of ten cents.

For every led or driven horse, or mule, the sum of five cents.

For every foot passenger, the sum of one cent.
For every head of horned cattle, the sum of three cents.

For every sheep or swine, ihe sum of half a cent. - Proviso

Provided, ihat all persons going to and returning from funerals, persons going to and relurning from meeting or church, children going to and returning from school, and persons going to ad

returning from military trainings, shall pass free of toll : providProviso

ed also, that in fixing the toll of all carriages to be drawn wholly by oxen, or partly by horses and partly by oxen, two oxen shall be estiinated equal to one horse, and the said company shall so construct the said bridge as in no wise to injure, stop or interrupt the navigation of the said river, or prevent boats or rasis from passing, or persons from fording the said river.

Sec. 12. And be it enacted, That if any person or persons,

'shall wilsully cut, destroy, break or remove from off the said Penalty for in. bridge, or any part thereof, any piece or pieces of timber, plank jaring' bridge. or planks, stone or stones, chain or chains, bolt or bolts, or any

other materials whatsover belonging to said bridge, or otherwise wilfully or maliciously damage the same, he, she, or they so ofseoding, shall forfeit and pay, for every such offence, over and above the damages done to the said bridge, the sum of thirty dollars, to be recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction.

Sec., 13. And be it enacted, That if the said company, their Penalty for

successors or assigns, or any person or persons who shall have exacting unLawrful Lolls. at any time the possession, ownership, or management of the

said bridge, sball demand or collect any greater rates or prices, for roll, for passing over said bridge, than those which are hereinbefore fised and specified, or shall neglect at any time to keep the said bridge in good repair, he, she, or they, so offending, shall, for every such offence, forseit and pay the sum of thirty dollars, one third thereof, for ihe use of the poor of the township of Kingwood, in the county of Hunterdon, one ibird thereof sor ihe use of the poor of the county of Bucks, in the state of Pennsylvania, and one third thereof, to the person who shall sue for the same; provided, ihal no suit or action shall be

brought, unless within thirty days after such offence or offences shall be committed.

Sec. 14. And be it enacted, That the said corporation shall have power to agree with any owner or owners of ferries or Compensation shad fisheries, that may be injured by the erection of the said to

“ferries or fishbridge, and to compensate them for any damages they may sus- eries injured. tain thereby; and if they cannot agree with such owner or owners; then and in such case the said damages shall be ascertained and paid, in the manner provided for in the ninth section of this act; provided, that no person shall receive any compensation for ferrying at any ferry which shall have been purchased, and paid for by the said company, after the said bridge shall have been completed.

Sec. 15. And be it enacted, That the said company sball also keep a just and true account of all, and every, ihe money received by their collectors of tolls for crossing the said bridge,

be made. and shall make and declare a dividend of the profits and income thereof, among all the stockholders of the said company, deucting first therefrom, all contingent costs and charges, and such proportion of said income as may be deemed necesssary for a growing fund, to provide against the decay, and for rebuilding and repaising the said bridge; and shall on the first Monday in May and November in each and every year, publish the dividend to be made of the said clear profits thcreos, and of the time and place when and where the same shall be paid, and shall cause the same to be paip accordingly.

Sec. 16. And be it enacted, That nothing in this act con- Exclusive pris "tained, shall be so construed, as to authorize the said corpora- vileges. tion, to exrrcisa any bapking privileges, or to issue any poles in the form of bank notes, or to do any other act or thing than to erect a bridge over the river Delaware, with suitable toll houses at the place designated in this act.

Sec. 17, And be it enacted, That the Legislature of this state, Act may be may for proper cause, at any time hereafter, alter, modify, amend altered or ser or repeal this charter.

. pealed Passed, February 12, 1836.

AN ACT to incorporate the Medford Rail Road and

Transportation Company. Sec. 1. Be IT ENACTED by the Council and General As sembly of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That Edward Hilyard, Edward Thomas, Benjamin Shreve, jr., Samuel B. Finch, Jesse Richards, Nicholas Sooy, and David Cole, and such other persons as may hereafter be associated for the purpose, shall be, and hereby are made, constituted and declared to be a body corporate and

politic, in fact and in name, by the name of “ The Med. Style of incor.

ford Rail Road and Transportation Company," and by poration that name they, their successors and assigns shall and may

have continual succession, and shall be persons in law ca pe

ble of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, Powers. answering and being answered unto, defending and being

defended, in all courts and places whatsoever, and shall have power to make and use a common seal, and the same at pleasure to alter, and shall be capable of purchasing, holding and conveying any lands, tenements, goods and chattels whatsoever necessary or expedient to the objects of this incorpora


Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That the capital stock of said Amount of sapital stock. company shall be seventy-five thousand dollars, with liberty

for the company to increase the same to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and shall be divided into shares of fifty dollars each, which shall be deemed personal property and transfer

rable in such manner as the said corporation shall by their Provina.

by-laws direct; Provided always that no part of the said capital stock of the said company shall be employed for banke ing or other purposes incompatible with the objects for which

this act is passed. Booke of soh Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That the above named persons, scription for or a majority of them, may open books to receive subscriprock to be tions to the capital stock of said company, at such time or opened.

times and place or places as they or a majority of them may think proper; and after one-half or more of the stock shall be subscribed, and five dollars paid on each share, shall give

notice for a meeting of the stockholders to choose nine direcTime and tors, which election shall be made at the time and place apmode of elec

pointed, by such stockholders as shall attend for that purpose, tion of first directors. in person or by lawful proxy, each share shall entitle the

holder thereof to one vote for every share not exceeding twenty, and one vote for every five shares above twenty and not exceeding one hundred, and one vote for every twenty


shares above one hundred; and the above named persons, or a majority of them, shall appoint three stockholders to be inspectors of the said election, who shall certify under their hands the names of the persons duly elected, and deliver over the subscription books to the said directors; and the directors chosen at such meeting, or at the annual elections, shall as soon as may be after every election, choose out of their own number a president, and in case of the death, resignation or removal of the president or any director, the vacancy or va- President to be cancies may be supplied by the board of directors, or a ma- chosen jority of them, and in case of the absence of the president, they or a majority of them may appoint à president pro tempore.

Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That an annual election for directors shall be held at such time and place in the county of Burlington as may be fixed by the by-laws of the company or Time and the board of directors for the time being, who shall advertise mo

al election of the same for twenty days in some newspaper published in directors. said county, at which the stockholders shall vote in the same manner as at the first election; Provided always that in case no election shall be made at the time fixed, the said corpora. Corporation tion shall not for that cause be dissolved, but such election not dissolved may be held at any other time, upon giving the proper no- for failure to tice; and the directors for the time being shall continue in

in elect on day

" prescribed. office until new ones shall be chosen in their place.

Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That five directors of said corporation shall be a quorum competent to transact all busi. Powers and ness of the same, with power to call in the capital stock of duties of di the same at such times and by such instalments as they may rector think proper, first giving notice of the time and place where and when such instalment is required to be paid, by pubJishing the sarne in one or more of the public newspapers printed in the county of Burlington, at least thirty days previous, which instalments required to be paid shall not exceed the sum of five dollars at any one time; and in case of the non-payment of any such instalments to forfeit the share or

Stock forfeited shares upon which such default shall arise, if not paid within on twenty days thereafter ; and to make such by-laws, rules pay instad. and regulations, not inconsistent with the constitution and ments. laws of the United States or of this state, as to them shall appear needful and proper, touching the management and regulation of the stock, property and estate of the said corpo. ration; and also, to have power to appoint a secretary and such other officers and agents as to them may seem meet; to fix the salaries and compensation of their president and other officers and agents, and to require from them proper securities for the performance of their several duties and trusts.

Sec. 6. And be it enacted, that the president and directors of the company be, and they are hereby authorized and in

vested with all the rights and powers necessary and expeLocation of dient, to survey, lay out and construct a rail road in the rail road.

county of Burlington, not exceeding sixty-six feet in width, with as many sets of tracks and turn outs as they may deem necessary; to begin at such convenient point or place at the tide waters of the Rancocus creek, in or near Lumberton, in said county, and within half a mile of the bridge in Lumberton, over said creek, to be fixed upon by the president and directors; thence through Medford along the main street, if in the opinion of the president and directors it can be constructed there without materially interrupting the common travel, or increasing the cost of constructing the road, or lessening its general usefulness, but if in their opinion it cannot, then to be located as near the said main street as the ground and other circumstances will admit of, but in no case to be located more than one and an half miles from said main street ; thence to or near Atsion Furnace, thence to or near Batsto Furnace, thence to a suitable point or place on the Mullicas river, between the forks thereof below Batsto and what is called the upper Bank, as may be fixed on by the president and directors; and it shall be lawful for the said company to

make a branch rail roud to some other point or place on the Branchos may said Rancocus creek, on either side, for a landing place, with be constructed ructed in one mile of the aforesaid bridge, which said branch shall

intersect the main line within half a mile of said bridge ; and in order to give all the owners of landings on both sides of the said creek, within one mile of the said bridge, as nearly equal advantages of the main line of the said road, it shall be lawful for any person or persons owning landings, or the representatives of the owners, to construct branch rail roads to their said landings, and to charge toll' thereon in the same manner and at the same rates as this corporation is authorized to charge; and for the purpose of constructing said branches he or they are invested with the same privileges and subject to the same liabilities, and reservations, as this corporation are entitled and subject to; and it is further provided, that if the main line of the said rail road, or any branch thereof authorized by this act, shall be located, over or across the said creek, the said corporation or the owner or owners of any of the aforesaid landings, are hereby authorized and empowered to build a bridge over the same, suitable for rail road carriages to pass over thereon; but if it is built' more than thirty yards below the present bridge, they shall put a draw in it, at least twenty feet wide in the clear, and place it over the best channel of the creek in a line with the course of the stream, and in such position as to do the least injury

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