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AN ACT to incorporate the Lumberville Delaware Bridge


inafter prosho Runk, linson, eich ers com

Whereas it hath been represented to this legislature, ibat the

legislature of Pennsylvania have passed an act to incorporate the Lumberville Delaware Bridge Company, which act cannot go into operation until a concurrent act is passed by the Preamble. legislature of ihe state of New Jersey, and it appearing that the passage of such an act, and the erection of a bridge at Lumberville, would be conducive to the public benefit, there. fore,

Sec. I. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assemly of this Stale, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That the capital stock of the Lumberville Delaware Bridge Company, for the purpose of erecting a bridge over the Delaware river at Lumberville, in the state of Penn- Amount of conce sylvania, with suitable toll houses, shall amount to twenty thou- pital stock. sand dollars, and that the same shall be divided into shares of filty dollars each, and the subscribers to the said capital stock shall pay the sum or sums of money, for the share or shares by them respectively subscribed, at such periods, and in such proportions as by this act is hereinafter provided.

Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That John Runk, Thomas Loquere, Jobo Burket, James Soyder, Francis Tomlinson, Jobo Commission. Aller, William Bonham, Thomas Cherry, James Scott, Richers to receive ard Opdycke, Jacob Kuglar, Samuel Woolverton, Peter H. subscriptions Dilts, George Johnson, Daniel B. Rittenhouse, and Wilson Bray, be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners, on the part of this state, who, with the commissioner already appointed by the legislature of Pennsylvania, shall be authorized 10 receive subscriptions to the said capital stock, at such times and places as they, or a majority of them, may direct, giving notice thereof in two of the newspapers printed in the county of Hunterdon, in this state, and also in two newspapers, printed in the county of Bucks, in the state of Pennsylvania, for at least twenty days, of the times and places, when and where the said subscriptions shall be received, and at the time of subscription for the said stock, five dollars shall be paid upon each share subscribed for, to the commissioners, or some of them, and shall be by them paid over to the treasurer of said company, when he shall be appointed, and that the residue of such subscriptions shall be paid in such jostalments, and at such times and places, and to such person or persons as the president and directors of the company shall, from time to time, direct and give public notice of ; and upon failure of payment thereof, as so directed, for thirty days thereafter, the said president and directors shall have

pay instal.

Stock forfeited power to forfeit the sliares of each and every person failing to pay on failure to ihe said instalments, or any of them, 10 and for the use of said

company, provided. that if the number of shares subscribed, ments. Proviso.

sball exceed the amount or number of shares authorized by this act to be subscribed, that then the said commissioners shall

apportion the said stock among such stockholders, in proportion ,, to the amount or number of shares by them subscribed, as aforesaid.

Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That whenever three hundred shares of the said stock shall be subscribed for, the persous

holding the same shall be, and they are hereby declared to be Style of incor. a body politic and corporate in law, by the name of “ The poration. Lumberville Delaware Bridge Company, and by that name

shall have perpetual succession, and all the privileges and franchises of a corporation, and shall be capable of taking and holding their said capital stock, and the increase and profits thereof, aud of enlarging the same from time to time, by new sobscriptions, in such manner and form as they shall think proper, if such enlargement should be found necessary to fulfil the intent of this act, and of purchasing, taking and holding to them and their successors and assigns, in fee simple, or for any less estate,

all such lands, tenements, hereditaments and estates, real and Powers and

personal, as may be necessary and convenient to them, in the privileges.

prosecution of their works, and the same to sell and dispose of, at their pleasure, and of suing and bei:g sued, and of doing all and every other maller and thing which a corporation or body politic may lawsully do..

Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That as soon as the said three Time and manner of

hundred shares of stock shall have been subscribed, as aforeelecting offi- said, it shall be the duty of the said commissioners to give pub

lic, notice in the newspapers mentioned in the second section of this bill, of a time and place by them to be appointed, not less than thirty days from the time of issuing the said notice; at which time and place the said stockbolders shall proceed to organize the said company, and shall choose, by ballot, by a majority of votes, to be delivered in person or by proxy, one president, six directors, one treasurer, and such other officers as they shall think necessary to conduct the business of the said company for one year, and until others shall be appointed; and such president and directors may make and adopt such by-laws and regulations, not inconsistent with the laws and constitution of this state or the United States, as to them shall seem necessary for the proper management of the concerns of said company; Provided, that no person shall have more than twenty votes at an election, or in determining any question arising åt such meetings; and that each person shall be entitled to one vote for every sbare by him beld not exceeding ten.


. Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That the said stockholders, their successors and assigns, shall meet on the first Monday in

Set Monday in Amual meet.

"ing of stockNovember, in every succeeding year, at such time and place as holders. the by-laws of the said company shall direct, and elect their officers for the ensuing year.

Sec. 6. And be it enacted, That the president and directors of said company first chosen, as aforesaid, shall issue to each Stock to he stockholder, a certificate of stock for the number of shares by issued and him or her beld in such company; which certificate shall be transte: signed by the president, and countersigned by the treasurer ; and shall be transferable at the pleasure of such stockholder, in person or by legal attorney; subject, however, to all the pay. inents due or to become due thereoo 10 said company; and the assignee holding such stock by such transfer, after having first caused the assignment and transfer to be entered in a book of the company for that purpose to be kept, shall, for every share of stock by bim or her held, be entitled to his or her equal proportion of the said capital stack, and of all the estates, real, personal, and emoluments of the said company, and to vote as herein before directed, at the meetings thereof.

Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That the said president and directors shall meet at such times and places, and be convened in Fivo directors such manner as shall be agreed upon; and at such meetings, five to be a quia

* rum. members sball be a quoruin, who, in the absence of the president, may choose a chairman, and shall keep minutes of all their proceedings fairly entered in a book; and a quorum being met, they shall have full power and authority to agree with, and appoint such engineers, superintendents, artists, and other officers, as they shall think necessary to carry on the said bridge Duties of diand complete the same; and to fix their salaries and wages, 10 sectors. draw orders on the ireasurer for all money that may be required, the same to be signed by the president and countersigoed by the clerk or treasurer of the board; and to do and transact all matters or things which the by-laws of said company authorize and require. Sec. 8. And be it enacted, That the said president and di

Location of rectors shall and may fix upon and determine the place at bridores which the said bridge shall be located at the village of Lumberville, on the river Delaware; after which, ihe said president Proceedinge and directors shall and may agree with any owners of the when compa. lands necessary for the erection of said bridge, for the pur- ny and own

ers of land chase of so much ibereof as shall be necessary for' erecting cannot agica. such bridge and perfecting the same; if they caonot agree with the said owner or owners of such lands, then it shall be lawful for the said company to apply to one of the justices of the Supreme Court of this state, oot being a stockbolder or inter

ested in the said bridge; who, upon such application, is hereby avihorized and directed to appoint ihree discreet and disinterested freeholders of his slale, who, afier being duly sworn or affirmed before any justice of the peace of said stale, faiibfully and impartially to perform the duties enjoined upon thein herein, shall proceed to view and examine said ground and premises, and the lands and properly so needed by said company for the purposes aforesaid, and shall, according to the best of their skill and judgment, ascertain and estimate the injury and damage ibat will be susiained by ihe owner of such lands, or other property, so necessary in be taken as aforesaid, and shall fix and determine the value ihereof, and report wbat sum sball be paid by such company therefor; which report shall be made in writing, under their hands and seals, or under the hands and seals of any iwo of thein, and shall be accompanied with a map describing the metes and bounds of said land, and a minute description of the properly so taken and valued; which report and map shall be filed in the clerk's office of ibe Supreme Court of this stale; and is confirmed by the said Supreme Court, shall be and remain of record and conclusive upon the said parties respectively, their heirs, successors and assigns forever; and the said company having paid the said sum or sums of money so awarded by the said report, together with the fees of said commissioners, at the rate of two dollars each for every day employed in the said business, and their necessary expenses, shall be entitled to have and to hold to them and their successors and assigns forever, the said lands, tenements, and estate, as fully and effectually as if the same had been granted to them by the respective owners thereof; and it shall and may be lawsul thereupon, and not besore, for the said corporation to enter upon said lands and real estate, and use, occupy, possess and enjoy the same, as fully and entirely as may be necessary for the erection and completion of their said bridge, and all the appurlenances thereto properly belonging.

Sec. 9. And be it enacted, That it shall and may be lawful Par pohos for which compe. Jor me pro

a. for the president and directors aforesaid, their superintendants, np may enter agents, artists and workmen, to enter upon all lands and encloon lands, &e. sures, near to the place where said bridge is to be built, and to

examine the ground for the purpose of obtaining stone, gravel, or sand, necessary for the building of said bridge ; and it shall and may be lawful for the said company, their superintendents, agents, or any other person in their employ, to enter on said ground with wagons, carts, sleds or sleighs, or beasts of burden, or draught of any kind whaisoever, first giving notice to the

owner or owners of said land, so to be entered upon, doing as Mode of ap

little damage as possible, and repairing any breaches of fences praising darasa

they may make, and first making amends for any damages that

and theiand estate bem by bereupon

and cessary for the joy the sands and readed

theretoproletion of entirely use


may be done, which damages shall be ascertained by the parties, if they can agree, or if they cannot agree, then by appraiseinent thereof, to be made upon oath, or affirmation of three dis. interested freeholders of ihe neighborhood, or any iwo of them, to be mutually chosen ; or if ihe owner, or the said com. pany, their superintendents, engineers, or artists, shall, afier due notice, neglect or refuse in join in the choice, then the said freeholders shall be appointed, upon the application of either party, by some justice of ihe peace, of the county of Hunterdon, not interested, in any manner, in the said premises, or related to the parties, and such freeholders so appointed, shall make appraisemeni, as aforesaid, and make report thereof in writing, to each party, and the said company, by themselves or agents, after payment or tender of the said sum, so reported or appraised, shall and may enter upon, dig, take, and carry away from said premises, any stone, gravel, sand, or earth, most conveniently situated for making and perfecting said bridge, and for necessary repairs to the same.

Sec. 10. And be it enacted, That the said company shall . keep fair and just accounts of all money received by them from Am

v rersived ho hem from Ananal state, the said commissioners, and stockholders, and of the amount of counts to be

ment of ao all profits derived to said company from tbe forfeiture of the submitted stock, and also of all money by them expended in the erection of said bridge, and other appurtenances, and shall, at least once in each year, submit such accounts to a general meeting of tbe stockholders, until the said bridge shall be fully completed, and all the costs, charges and expenses incurred in its erection shall be fully paid and discharged, and the aggregate amount of all such expenditures shall be fully ascertained.

Sec. 11. And be it enacted, That when a good and complete property of bridge is built over the said river Delaware, at Lumberville, as bridge vested aforesaid, the property of the said bridge, with all and singular, in company, the toll houses and appurtenances thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, shall be, and hereby is, fully and absolutely vested in the said company, and their successors and assigns, forever; and the said company may bave, demand, take and receive, and is need be, sue for and recover, from travellers and oihers, passing over and upon said bridge, the rates of toll here inserted.

For every coach, landeau, chariot, phaeton, or other pleasureable carriage, with four wheels, drawn by four horses, ibe sum of sixty cenis.

Ratos of wolle For the same kind of carriage, with two horses, the sum of forty cenis.

For every wagon, with four horses, the sum of fifiy cents.

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