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4. Resolved, That the Governor of this stale be requested to transmit to the President of the United States, to the Vice President, to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress, and to the executives of each of the states, and territories, a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions.

Passed, February 12, 1836.

WHEREAS the repeated and extensive losses of life and pro

perty, occasioned by the navigation of that part of the Delaware Bay, known by the name of Cape May Roads, render it necessary that measures should be taken to decrease,

if they cannot entirely remove the evil. And whereas it is well known to all acquainted with that Preamble.

portion of the state, that vessels drawing more than three fathoms water cannot approach the New England Channel, and that it is used by coasting vessels only, and the lighter crast, and to them its easy navigation is a matter of

serious importance. The coasting trade has increased within a few years to an

enormous extent; the amount of it from Philadelphia eastward, and the importance of the Philadelphia market to the Eastern States, require that this branch of commerce should receive all the protection possible; for this purpose a safe

harbor in the said Roads is all important. Vessels bound up the Delaware, approaching Cape May

Light, in thick and rough weather, cannot with any degree of safety, run for the Breakwater; the shoals in the mouth of the Delaware, nuinerous and dangerous, prevent them. Their only course is through the Cape May Roads, and when the wind is from the south-west and north-west, places them on a lee shore. Such a wind has a fair sweep from upwards of forty miles across an open bay; it exposes all vessels at anchor to great danger, if not to certain destruction. Those that cannot ride it out, must go

ashore, which is often the case; and the loss of life and property has been afflicting and extensive; complaints are frequently made, and very justly too, that vessels bound up the Delaware and running the eastern channel are lost for the want of light houses on the Jersey shore. These serious difficulties in the way of navigation of the Delaware, and the successful protection of the coasting trade, can be obviated by the erection of a stone pier from half to threefourths of a mile in length, to be placed on what is called “Crows Shoal," at a proper distance from the Bay-Shore, or at whatever other point a skilful engineer may determine; and also, a light house on Egg Island, and another on Cohansey-Point-Therefore,

RESOLVED, That in the opinion of this legislature, the

maters set forth in the foregoing preamble are peculiarly Appropriation worthy of the attention of Congress, as guardians of the inrequested

terests of the whole community, and that a survey of the said Cape May Roads, and an appropriation for the construction of said pier and light houses, would conduce greatly to the general good.

Resolutions to Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing preamble and reso-
be presented to lutions be forwarded by the governor of this state to our se-
Senators and

"nators and representatives in Congress, to be by them laid tives

before both houses of Congress.

Passed, March 4, 1836.

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Council and General As. sembly of this Stute, That the Treasurer of this state be author. ized to setile with, and make compensation, to Richard J. Bond, William M. Guiggs, Samuel Lippencoit, Daniel J. Blackwell, Edmund Rue, Elizabeth Henderson, Daniel Newbold, S. W. Thomas, Ezekiel Pullen, J. Arnold, James Priest, William Paul, Samuel Allison, Margaret Bodine, John Miles, John Meirs, Charles Dippoldt, and Abraham Woodruff, severally, the sums slated in the report of the state prison committee, for property owned by them, and destroyed by the recent fire at the state prison; the aggregate amount so appropriated, not to exceed four hundred and pinety-six dollars and ninety-six cents.

Passed, March 5, 1836.

RESOLVED, Council concurring, That the treasurer of this state, be authorized and required to purchase two hundred copies of the Manual of Legislative Practice, printed under the authority of this Legislatore, and distribute the same as follows, viz. : To the Governor and Secretary of State, 10 each member of the present Legislature, Secretary of Council, Clerk of Assembly, State Treasurer, Attorney General, Law and Chancery Reporters, Judges of the Supreme Court, Clerks of Supreme Court and Chancery, Clerks and Surrogates of the respective counties, Senators and Representatives of this state in Congress, President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Law Library of New Jersey, Incorporated Libraries of New Jersey, Congressional Libraries, one copy each; And further, That the remaining copies be placed in the State Library for the use of succeeding Legislatures.

Passed, March 9, 1836.

RESOLVED, by the Council and General Assembly of this State, That the treasurer of this state, pay unto Joseph W. Scott, esq. in payment for his revision of the Orphans' Court system, the sum of five hundred dollars from any unappropriated money in the treasury, and that the receipt of the said Joseph W. Scott shall be a sufficient voucher for such payment.

Passed, March 10, 1936.

RESOLVED, by the Legislative Council and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey, That the legal proceedings in relation to the escheat of the lands of William Lewis, situate in the county of Burlington, be discontinued upon pay. | ment of the fees and costs incurred by said proceedings.

Passed, March 11, 1836.



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An act to authorize David Marvin, of the county of Es.

sex, 10 sell certain lands therein mentioned,

An act for the relief of Trinity Church, at Newark,

A supplement to an act entitled “An act to authorize

the sale of the wood and timber standing on certain

real estate of Peter Drummond, of the county of Mon-

mouth, a lunatic,” passed the twenty-sixth day of Fe-

bruary, A. D. eighteen hundred and thirty-five,

An act to appoint commissioners to make partition of

the real estate of Enos Ayres, late of Middlesex coun-

ty, deceased,

An act to incorporate the Reiglesville Delaware Bridge


An act relative to the last will and testament of Richard

Eayre, late of the county of Burlington, deceased,

An act to empower certain trustees therein named to

sell the real estate of Cornelius Smith, late of the

county of Somerset, deceased,

An act to authorize trustees therein named to sell cer-

tain real estate, of which James N. Joralemon died


An act to authorize the sale of the real estate of Elias

Morehouse, deceased,
A supplement to the act entitled “An act to protect cer-

tain real estate in the possession of the state of New-
Jersey, in the county of Bergen, and late of John G.

Leake, deceased.”

An act authorizing the sale of certain real estate whereof

Cornelius D. Van Horn, late of the county of Bergen,

died seized,

An act to repeal certain chartered rights therein speci-

fied, and for other purposes,

An act for the support of the government of this state,

An act to defray incidental charges,

An act to authorize trustees therein named to sell the

real estate of John P. Ackerman, deceased,

An act to incorporate the Salem, Delaware and Phila-

delphia Steamboat Company,

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