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AN ACT to release to Elizabeth Taylor, the right of the

State of New Jersey, to a Lot of Land in the Township of .

Lodi, in the county of Bergen.
WHEREAS, it is represented to the Legislature, that George

Taylor, late of the township of Lodi, in the county of
Bergen, in this state, died intestate, without leaving a
widow or any lenial or collateral heirs, capable of in

heriting the real estate whereof he died seized, consisting Preumbla

of a lot of land, containing about sixteen and one-half acres, situated in the township and county aforesaid, and by reason of the said premises, the said lot of land may have escheated to the state of New-Jersey; AND WHEREAS, it is further represented, that the said George Taylor at the time of his death, left a mother, Elizabeth Taylor, him surviving, without any means of support; Therefore,

Sec. l. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That all the right, title and interest, whereof the state of New Jersey may have become seized, or entitled to,

of and in the said lot of land, either by escheat or otherRights of lands wise, be, and the same is hereby released to, and vested in, released to E. the said Elizabeth Taylor, the mother of the said George Taylor.

Taylor, her heirs and assigns, in fee simple; saving nevertheless, all the legal rights of any other person or persons whatsoever to the same.

Passed February 23, 1835.

A FURTHER SUPPLEMENT to an act entitled “ An

act to regulate the Newark Fire Department,” passed the eleventh day of February, A. D. eighteen hundred and fifteen.

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this Stute, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That on the ninth day of March next, at seven

o'clock in the evening, at David D. Chandler's Hotel, in the Two assistant township of Newark, and thereafter at the several annual Engineers to be meetings, for electing a chiet engineer, as is provided for in

the act to which this is a supplement, and ai such place as


shall be agreed upon by the previous annual meeting, a
majority of the firemen present, having first agreed upon the
number to be chosen, may proceed to elect not inore than
two assistant engineers, to be designated numerically, whose
duty it shall be, at all times of fire, under the direction and
control of the chief engineer, to locate the several engines,
to determine from what source water shall be obtained, and
also, to determine and order what duties and services shall
be performed by the several hook and ladder companies, and ers.
to endeavor to have promptly executed, every order and in-
struction which shall emanale from the chief engineer; and
in the absence of the chief engineer, his powers and duties
shall devolve upon one of the assistants, in their numerical

Passed February 23, 1835.


AN ACT to authorize the sale of the Real Estate of Anna

Hornblower, deceased, late wife of Josiah Hornblower.

WHEREAS, Anna Hornblower, deceased late wife of Josiah

Hornblower, died seized of, and entitled to, certain lots of land and premises, situate in the county of Bergen, in the state of New Jersey, and intestate, (which said lots of land and premises were devised to her by the last will and testa. Preamble. ment of her father, Merselis Merselis) leaving Elizabeth, wife of Thomas B. Gautier ; Christiana, wife of Gasherie De Witt; Jane Hornblower, William Hornblower, chil. dren, and Anna E., wife of Edwin Webb, Caroline T. Hornblower, and Josiah H. Hornblower, (children of her son, Josiah Hornblower, Junior, deceased,) grand-children of her, the said Anna, her surviving, and her heirs at law; which said Caroline T. Hornblower, and Josiah H. Hornblower, are infants, under the age of twenty-one years : the said Caroline T. being of the age of twenty years, and the said Josiah H. of the age of eighteen years : And WHEREAS, the said children are the issue of the marriage bet ween her, the said Anna, and the said Josiah Hornblower, and the said Josialı Hornblower is tenant by the curtesy of the said lots of land and premises ; AND WHEREAs, it is represented by the said Josiah Hornblower, Thomas B. Gautier, and Elizabeth his wife, Gasherie De Witt and Christiana his wife, Jane Hornblower, William

certain lagde.

Hornblower, Edwin Webb and Anna E. his wife, Caroline T. Hornblower, and Josiah H. Hornblower, the only per. sons interested in the said lots of land and premises, that it would be advantageous to sell the said estate, as it would at present command a high price, and that it would be of a great benefit to all the parties interested in the same; and that the interests of the said Caroline T. Hornblower and Josiah H. Hornblower, who are infants, under the age of twenty one years, but still have arrived to years of dis. cretion, would be greatly advanced thereby, all which appearing to be true; Therefore,

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assem

bly of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of Trustees ap.. the same, That Samuel Cassidy and Abel I. Smith, of the pointed to sell

township of Bergen, in the county aforesaid, be, and they are hereby appointed trustees, with full power and authority to sell and dispose of the said lots of land and premises, situate in the said county of Bergen, belonging to the heirs at law of the said Anna Hornblower, and which said lots of land and premises were devised to her, the said Anna, by the last will and testament of her father, Merselis Mer. selis, or any 'part thereof, for the best price or prices that can be procured for the same, and to make out and exe. cute good and sufficient conveyances and assurances in the law, to the purchaser or purchasers; and they are hereby directed to account for, and pay over the moneys arising from such sale or sales, to the said petitioners, according to their legal and respective rights and interests therein.

Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That no deed of such lands and estate shall be valid, unless it be certified in writing, in or upon such deeds, by Peter Sip and Cornelius Van Worst, of

the township of Bergen aforesaid, or the survivor of them,

i under his or their hands and seals, that such sale is made rified before valid

bona fide, and for the highest price that could be obtained for such property, at the time of the said sale or sales.

Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That before the said Samuel Cassidy and Abel I. Smith, Esquires, trustees as aforesaid, shall enter into the trust reposed in them, by virtue of this act, they shall enter into bond, to the Governor of this state,

with such securities, and in such amount, as shall be ap Trustees to give

proved of by the Surrogate of the county of Bergen; conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties required of them by this act, which bond shall be deposited in the office of the said Surrogate.

Sec. 7. And be it enacted, That the said trustees, or the survivor of them, shall, within six months after the sale of the said lands is completed, make and exhibit, under oath, to

Deeds to be cer


bond to gor

the Surrogate of the county of Bergen, a true statement of Account of salos the amount of said sale or sales, to be by him recorded and to be exhibited filed ju his office; and that the said trustees shall be accounta- Bere

10 Surrogate of ble for all moneys received by them, by virtue of this act, deducting their reasonable and necessary expenses, and a reasonable compensation for their services, to be allowed by the said Surrogate, of the county of Bergen, and shall account for the same to the Orphans' Court for the county of Bergen accordingly.

Passed February 24, 1835.

AN ACT to incorporate the Bridgeton Beneficial Society,

of the county of Cumberland, New Jersey. WHEREAS, a number of citizens of the county of Cumber.

land, in this state, have formed themselves into a society, for the purpose of raising a fund, sufficient for the relief of each other, in case of disease, age or accident: AND

Preamble. WHEREAS, they have, by a committee, represented to the legislature of this state, the expediency of being constituted a body corporate, so as to enable them to hold property, and more safely to vest their funds in stock, or other securities, for the purposes of their association; Therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this state, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That Janies B. Potter, Daniel Elmer, H. R. Merselles, Isaac Tittsworth, William Riley, David Reeves, Benjamin Thompson, Isaac B. Husted, John Hire, Jr. and James M. Riley, and all such other persons, not exceeding three hundred, as now are or hereafter shall, become members of the Bridgeton Beneficial Society, be, and they are hereby contituted and declared, to be a body corporate and politic, in fact and in law, by the name of the Bridgeton Beneficial Society ;' and by such name, they shall have succession, and Style of incorpobe persons in law capable of suing and being sued, pleading and being impleaded, answering and being answered unto, defending and being defended, in all courts of law and equity whatever; and that they and their successors, may have a common seal, and shall have power to make, change and alter


of election of

the same at their pleasure; and by their name as aforesaid, and under their common seal, may make, enter into and execute, any contracts or agreements, touching and concerning the objects of said corporation.

Sec. 2. And be it enacted, That the members of said society, or as many of them as can conveniently attend, shall

meet on the first Thursday of April next, and on the first Time and modo Thursday of April, annually thereafter, at some suitable time officers. and place; of which meetings, notice for the space of ten

days shall be given in one of the newspapers of this state, and then and ihere by a plurality of votes of those present, proceed to elect a president, vice-president, secretary, assistant secretary, treasurer, and such other officers and assistants as they shall find necessary for conducting their affairs according to their constitution and by-laws; and that the said president shall keep in his custody ihe common seal of said company, and at the expiration of his term of office shall deliver it over to his successor.

Sec. 3. And be it enacted, That the estate and property,

of what kind soever the same may be, now held by the sociObjects, duties ety, shall be vested in the body politic and corporate hereby and powers of incorporation. constituted; which said body politic and corporate, shall, by

the name and title aforesaid, be able and capable in law, to purchase, receive, take and hold, for the use and benefit of said society, and for the purposes alone expressed in the preamble of this act, any lands, tenements, hereditaments, and any sum or sums of money, rights, goods, and chattels, by the gift, alienation, devise or bequest, of any person or per

sons, bodies politic or corporate, legally authorized, and able Limitation oes to make the same: provided, that the clear yearly income or

value of the real and personal estate of the said corporation, shall not exceed the annual sum of two thousand dollars.

Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That the said corporation be,

and they are hereby authorized to make and use, and from Corporation time to time, to alter and amend, as to them may appear exmay make con. pedient, such general form of a constitution, and such bystitution and by

laws for the transaction of business, and for affecting the persons of the association aforesaid, as to the members of the said society or the major part of them, duly met, shall be deemed right and proper, provided nothing in the said constitution and by-laws be contrary to the constitution and laws of the United States, or of the State of New Jersey.

Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That the said corporation shall not use any of their funds for banking operations, or in any other way except for such benevolent purposes provided for by this act.

Sec. 6. And be it enacted, That it shall be lawful for

tato to be owned


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