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CAR Beardslee, Getty—Trustees appointed to sell his lands, 21
. Beneficial Society—Of the city of Burlington incorporated, 97
Of the county of Salem incorporated, 120
Franklin, of Trenton, incorporated, 152
Bergen and New York Dairy Company incorporated, 134
Belvidere Bridge—Supplement to the act incorporating, 160
Benevolent Society of Camden incorporated, 111
Bird—James and Aaron Vansyckle, jun., executors of Jo-
seph Bird, deceased, authorized to convey
certain lands to John P. Yawger, 13
Binney, Horace—Certain real estate, in Burlington, con-
veyed to him in trust, authorized to be sold, 47
Blodget, Samuel—Administrator of, authorized to sell land, 3
Bloomsbury Delaware Fire Company incorporated, 41
Bogert, Cornelius J.—Ann Wanmaker authorized to con-
vey certain lands to him, 85
Brewer, Edmond, deceased—Administrators of, autho-
rized to convey certain lands, 119
Bridges—May be placed over drains on private roads, 35
Certain bridges to be considered swinging-gates, 36
Over Pennshawkin creek authorized, 53
Intended applications to the legislature for

bridges must be previously advertised, 100
Travelling on truss bridge over Coopers creek

regulated, 148
Draw in bridges not to be kept up longer than

fifteen minutes, 154
Penalty for injuring a bridge, or leaving the

draw open, 155
Supplement to the act incorporating the Belvi-
dere Bridge Company, 160
Bridgeton—An act authorizing a drawbridge to be built
over Cohansey creek, at the town of Bridge-
ton, 29
Burlington Meadow Company—An act providing for the

management of their meadows, 25
Button Manufactory, at Paterson, incorporated, 37


Camden—Benevolent Society incorporated, 111
City, Clerk of the court of quarter sessions to be

elected by joint-meeting, 150
Mayor of, to be chosen by city council, ib.
Former acts of quarter sessions rendered valid, ib.
Resolution recommending its establishment as
a port of entry, 166
Canal—Manasquan River and Barnegat Bay Canal Com-
pany incorporated, 128
Carll, Ephraim—His expenses for apprehending a horse

thief to be paid, 23
no i.

Carson, Rachel, deceased—Commissioners appointed to COU

divide her real estate, 32

Chandler, Moses—Executor of Robert Young, empower-
ed to sell lands, 84
Chamberlin, Enoch—Authorized to sell real estate of Isaac

Ely, deceased, 94
Charges, incidental—Directed to be defrayed, 8, 162

Chancery reports—Edward Sanderson appointed to print, 170
Clayton—James and Elizabeth, divorced, 53

Clinton Manufacturing Company—Supplement to the act

incorporating, 36
Manufacturing Company of Clinton, New Jer-
sey, incorporated, 121
Cohansey creek—An act authorizing a bridge to be built
over Cohansey creek, at Bridgeton, in the
county of Cumberland, 29
Cooper—Benjamin and Elizabeth, divorced, 44
Coopers creek truss bridge—Travelling over, regulated, 148
Coon—Alpheus and Elizabeth, divorced, 155
Columbia Glass Manufactory—An act to incorporate, 85
Commissioners—Appointed to execute conveyances for
certain lands divided by John and Albert Ly-
dacker, 18
Appointed to sell certain real estate of which

Elsie Vroom died seized, 22
Appointed to divide the real estate of which Ra-
chel Carson died seized, 32
Appointed to settle the territorial limits and ju-
risdiction between N. Jersey and N. York, 54
Appointed to superintend the construction of a

new state penitentiary, 95
Appointed to make sale of the real estate of Sa-
muel Potter, deceased, 100
Appointed to meet commissioners appointed by
Pennsylvania, relative to obstructions in the
river Delaware, 165
William Grant and Jasper S. Scudder appointed
commissioners to repair the government house, 169
Complainant—Representative of deceased plaintiff may be

inserted as complainant in a suit in chancery, 88
Committee—Powers of state prison committee extended, 9
Compilation of the public laws—An act making provision

for, 90
Colt, Eliza P.—Trustee appointed to sell certain lands for

her use, 45
Court—Supplement to the act constituting courts for the

trial of small causes, 154
Court of Appeals—The time for holding the November
term thereof, may be changed by governor
and council, •

ELM Constitutionality of an act of congress—Resolution re- specting the mode in which it is to be deter-
mined, 167
Crimes, and their punishment—All acts, parts of acts, and
supplements relating thereto, to be revised, al-
tered, modified, amended, and digested, 169
Crowell, William M.—Administrator of, authorized to

convey certain lands, 110


Dairy Company—New York and Bergen, incorporated, 134
Darrah, Willliam, deceased—Trustees authorized to sell

certain real estate of which he died seized, 20
Defendant—Representative of deceased defendant may

be made party to a suit in chancery, 88
Delaware—Fire Company of Bloomsbury incorporated, 41
and Jobstown Railroad or McAdamized Road

Company incorporated, 75
river—Fishing therein regulated, 108
river—Commissioners appointed to meet com-
missioners of Pennsylvania, relating to ob-
structions therein, 165
Divorce of—Thomas Huffman and Elizabeth Huffman, 6
Joseph Snyder and Charlotte Snyder, 21
Tunis Van Middlesworth and Catharine Van

Middlesworth, 24
William Starkweather and Eliza Starkweather, 37
Benjamin Cooper and Elizabeth Cooper, 44
James Clayton and Elizabeth Clayton, 53
Adam A. Pease and Sarah Pease, 75
Samuel Williams and Mary Williams, 95
David D. Allen and Rhoda Allen, 99
Amos Lawrence and Hannah Lawrence, 117
William H. Schenck and Angeline M. Schenck, 136
Joseph B. Park and Sarah Ann Park, 154
Alpheus Coon and Elizabeth Coon, 155

Drawbridge authorized to be built over Cohansey creek, 29
Dundee Manufacturing Company—Supplement to act in-
corporating, 117

Elections—Voters may be examined on oath touching

their qualifications, 157
Penalty for offering to vote at elections when
not entitled, ib.

Elizabethtown and Somerville Railroad Company—Sup-
plement to the act incorporating, 69

Elmendorf, William C, deceased—Trustees appointed to

sell certain real estate of, 118

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Ely, Isaac, deceased — Trustee authorized to sell real es-

tate of,
Engrossing clerk-J. S. Smith appointed,
Executors of–Joseph Bird, deceased, authorized to con-

vey certain lands to John P. Yawger,
Robert Young authorized to sell lands,
Henry J. Van Saun, deceased, authorized to sell

Samuel Walker, deceased, authorized to convey

certain lands,



Fire Company-Delaware, of Bloomsbury, incorporated, 41

Resolution, of Princeton, incorporated,
Fishing-In Barnegat bay regulated,

In Delaware river regulated,

Fine for retailing ardent spirits without license,



Gazetteer and History of New Jersey--Treasurer autho-

thorized to subscribe for a certain number of

Gordon, Thomas F.-To have access to public docu-

ments, while compiling his History and Ga-

zetteer of New Jersey,
Governor-and council may alter the time of holding the

November term of the court of appeals,
Authorized to borrow money for building state

Government-An act for the support of,

House, directed to be repaired,
Guardian-Robert Lavielle, guardian, empowered to sell

certain real estate of his wards,
James Hodge. guardian of John Hodge, a luna-

tic, empowered to sell certain real estate,

[ocr errors]

Hendrickson, Benjamin, deceased-Trustees appointed to
sell his real estate,

William, deceased--Administrators authorized
to convey certain lands,

History and Gazetteer of New Jersey Treasurer autho-

rized to subscribe for a certain number of co-
• pies,

. 169
Hodge, James-Empowered to sell lands of John Hodge,

a lunatic,
Horse Artillery-An independent regiment of, established, 158
Huffman, Thomas Divorced from his wife Elizabeth,

[ocr errors]


INC Idioti—Orphans' court may be called to appoint guardians

for, 91

Inns and Taverns—A supplement to the act concerning, 105
Incidental charges defrayed, 8, 162

Insurance—Rahway Mutual Insurance Fire Company in-
corporated, 137
Incorporations—An act to extend an act entitled, "An act

for the incorporation of the town of Princeton," 5

An act to incorporate the American Pottery
Manufacturing Company, 15

Burlington Meadow Company incorporated, 23

Supplement to act incorporating TrentoniDela-
ware Falls Company, 31

Supplement to the act incorporating the Clinton
Manufacturing Company, 36

An act to incorporate the Paterson Button Ma-
nufactory, 37

An act to incorporate the Delaware Fire Com-
pany of Bloomsbury, 41

An act to incorporate the Resolution Fire Com-
pany of Princeton, 47

An act to incorporate the Passaic Turnpike Com-
pany, 49

Supplement to "(An act for manufacturing and
other ^purposes," 55

A supplement to an act incorporating the Eli-
zabethtown and Somerville Railroad Com-
pany, 69

An act to incorporate the Orange Aqueduct
Company, 71

An act to incorporate the Delaware and Jobs-
town Rail or McAdamized road Company, 75

An act to incorporate the New Jersey Peat Com-
pany, 82

An act to incorporate the Columbia Glass Ma-
nufactory, 86

An act to incorporate the Beneficial Society of
Burlington, i 97

Applications to the legislature for acts of incor-
poration, or supplements to former acts, must
be previously advertised, 100

A supplement to the act to incorporate the Me-
chanics Bank at Paterson, 106

An act to incorporate the Camden New Jersey
Benevolent Society,' 111

Supplement to act incorporating proprietors of
Morris Aqueduct, 107

An act to incorporate the American Print
Works, 113

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