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on a certificate, produced to the treasurer, signed by the president or vice-president of council for the secretary of council, and by the president of council or the speaker of the house of assembly for the clerk of assembly.

Sec. 4. And be it enacted, That there shall be paid to the

sergeant-at-arms for the time being who shall attend the counSergeant-atcil and the house of assembly, and to the doorkeepers of counarms and

cil and the house of assembly for the time being, the sum of doorkeepers

two dollars, by the day, for each day, on a certificate, to be produced to the treasurer, expressing the sum and the number of days they have respectively attended, signed by the president of council or the speaker of the house of assembly.

Sec. 5. And be it enacted, That there shal: be paid to the Engrossing engrossing clerk who shall engross the bills of council and as

sembly this session of the legislature, at the rate of eight cents, by the sheet, computing one hundred words to the sheet, on a certificate of the amount, signed by the president or vice-president of council or by the speaker of the house of assembly.

Sec. 6. And be it enacted, That this act be, and continue in Limitation of force for one y

force for one year from the twenty-fifth day of October, in act.

the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirtytwo, and no longer.

Passed November 2, 1832.


AN ACT to defray incidental charges.

Sec. 1. BE IT ENACTED by the Council and General Assembly of this State, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That it shall be lawful for the treasurer of this state to pay the several persons, herein after named, the following sums, to wit:

To Joseph Justice, for publishing the public laws of this state, passed during the session of the last legislature; for advertising governor's proclamation; for blank commissions of

judges and coroners; for paper, quills, and sundries, as per Certain inci- bill, one hundred nineteen dollars, forty-eight cents and a quares to be paid.

To Martin C. How, for two days' painting; for glass, setting the same, and other sundries, as per bils, twelve dollars, sixty-five cents and a half.

To J. R. Smith, for white lead, oil, &c., as per bill, two dollars twenty-five cents.

To S. B. Scattergood, for cleaning government house and attendance on legislature, the first day of this session; for procuring wood and coal, and breaking up and putting, coal away, as per bill, ten dollars.

dental charg. ter.

To Villiam Grant, for boards and scantling, delivered to William Hyer, to repair government house, as per bill, four dollars, sixty cents.

To P. J. Gray, for publishing the public laws of the state, passed during the session of the last legislature, in the Trenton Union, as per bill, fifteen dollars.

To Charles Parker, for postage on letters; for expenses going to and from Philadelphia on business for the state; for other items, as per bill, forty-one dollars, seventy-eight cents.

To Richard L. Howell, for two cords of wood, delivered to Henry Wharton, for use of state house, as per bill, at six dollars per cord, twelve dollars.

Passed November 2, 1832.


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RESOLVED, by the Council and Assembly, That Jacob S. Smith J. 8. Smith. be appointed to engross the bills and resolutions of both houses, appointed enduring the present and future sittings of the legislature.


clerk. Passed October 30, 1832.


RESOLVED (the house of assembly concurring therein), That Powers of the joint-committee appointed on that part of the late governor's state prison message relating to the erection of a new state prison, be vested committee with power, in the interval of the sessions of the present legis- os lature, to take such course to procure drafts and plans of a prison building, estimates of the costs of the same, and such other information appertaining to the subject, as they may deem expedient.

Passed November 1, 1832.








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