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when the Promenade is cleared at about eight | several miles, and tho chain of the Bergstrasse o'clock. This boiling spring is called Kochbrunnen, mountains, with the woods of the Taunus and and presents all the appearance of a boiling Wiesbaden lying immediately beneath. cauldron, in a state of angry ebullition. Its tem- The Convent of Klarenthal and the Fasanerie perature ranges at 56° of Réaum, equal to about (Pheasantry), a little to the left of the road, will 156° of Fahrenheit. Besides this there are thirteen

repay a visit. other springs in the town, all of which are of a At Biebrich is the duke's château. See Route very high temperature. These waters are now 22, where all the interesting places on the Rheingau, carried off to the Rhine, and so powerful is their between Biebrich and Rudesheim, will be found heat that they keep warm, and never permit to described. freeze that portion of the river with which Railway from Wiesdaden to Mayence in 16 first mingle.

minutes, thence in one hour to Frankfort-on-theThe heat of the weather in July and August is Main station. at times very oppressive, and thunder storms are

EMS, in Nassau. not unfrequent, but the evenings are generally

A Station near Nassau, on the line from Coblenz fine and pleasant, and the air on the hills light,

and Oberlahnstein. Population, 4,000. agreeable, bracing, and well calculated to remove

Hotels: Hotel d'Angleterre; Four Seasons; and the oppression caused by the atmosphere of the

Hotel de Russie. valley, from its sheltered position. Wiesbaden

Ems, or Bad-Ems, is beautifully situated on the possesses a good winter climate for Germany, and

right bank of the Lahn. It consists chiefly of a is drier than that of Baden.

long range of houses built against hills, which rise The Schlosschen (or Little Palace) has an excel- steeply behind it to a considerable height. The lent public library, containing 60,000 vols., and a

side of the valley is so narrow that there is barely museum or cabinet of antiquities, among which is

space for the road and public promenade between a curiously carved altar piece, the bronze top of the houses and the river. The situation of Ems is the standard of a cohort of the 22nd Legion, and a

eminently beautiful, and the neighbourhood posbas-relief representing the young god, Mythras, in

sesses several objects of interest, to which excursions a Phrygian bonnet, sacrificing a bull, surrounded

are usually made on donkeys, which are here by mythological figures, and surmounted by the

numerous and well conditioned, and without which signs of the zodiac.

many of thevisitors would be unable to ascend the The Theatre opens at 6 p.m.

steep hills by which the valley is enclosed. Strangers are admitted to the Casino on being From this narrowness of the valley there is a introduced by a member.

want of free ventilation, the air is exceedingly English Church Service is celebrated twice every oppressive and relaxing in July and August. The Sunday.

donkeys are posted close by the bridge of boats, Conveyance: Eilwägen daily, to Schlangenbad, and are hired for 40kr. an hour. Ems, though not Schwalbach, and Ems (see below); to Ems and able at all to compete with Wiesbaden. yet boasts Homburg by rail.

a magnificent Kursaal, situated on the verge of the Ducal Hunting Lodge--Die Platte-stands in a Lahn, and erected by the Grand Duke. It contains conspicuous position, on an elevated ridge of the a café and gaming halls, and a ball-room. All the Taunus, and usually forms a pleasant excursion gambling tables are to be suppressed. for strangers. The apartments are tastefully fitted The King of Prussia was here taking the waters up with furniture, chiefly made of stags' horns, and when pressed by M. Benedetti, the French amseveral fine pairs of antlers hang around the hall, bassador, for his ultimatum about Prince Leopold as trophies of the late Duke's achievements in the and the throne of Spain, which preceded the dechase. From the roof a splendid prospect is claration of war, 15th July, 1870. obtained of an extensive tract of variegated The Kurhaus stands in the centre of the town; country, including the course of the river for

on the ground foor, which is a large vaulted and

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gloomy hall, the water of the two principal springs There are also the following: Stadt Frankfort; is drunk. Between the two springs there is a long Goldener Adler; Hotel de l'Europe; Badischer passage, on either side of which are arranged stalls Hof; Rheinischer Hof; Goldene Rose ; Englischer for the sale of fancy articles. Underneath the Hof; Belle Vue; Hessischer Hof; Nassauer Hof ; Kurhaus the Baths are situated, which are charged Hotel Bergère; and Hotel du Chemin de Fer. for at the following rates: 18kr. for the common, Homburg is a small town beautifully situated 36kr., 1f. to 1fi. 30kr. for the superior class, and on an eminence in the midst of agreeable scenery. 48kr. for the douche baths. Tickets are usually Since 1844, it has become a very distinguished purchased beforehand from the Badmeister, who

watering-place, and a spot famous for its excellent arranges the time for taking them, to which time

mineral springs, the waters of which are decidedly the bather should be punctual to a minute, as if valuable, and consist of five springs, one of which, he do not, he will lose his turn.

that of Elizabeth, has more carbonic acid than any The waters are taken in the morning and after

other saline spot at present discovered.

The dinner, from three to six goblets before breakfast,

Stahlbrunnen is ferruginous, like that of Spa; the and one or two in the afternoon. The dinner hour Badelle, a salt spring ; the Kaiserbrunnen, compared is one o'clock, and mostly all dine at the table

to the Carisbad waters, and the Ludwigsbrunnen. d'hôte. After dinner the visitors repair to the

We refer with confidence, those who really walks, where musie and sipping coffee amuses

desire to become acquainted with the resources those who do not walk or ride.

and virtues of these justly celebrated waters, to The English Church Service is celebrated twice

the “ Observations on the Mineral Waters of Homon Sundays in summer. Some beautiful walks

berg," by F. H. Prytherch, M.D., &c., &c., &c., can be taken near Ems; particularly those up and

who is authorised English resident physician. down the Lahn.

This publication may be had of John Churchill, Conveyances.--By rail or coach to Schwalbach, Prince's-street, Soho, London; Louis Schick, Schlangenbad, Wiesbaden, &c.

Homburg; or through them, of the principal Kemmenan, situated at the top of a mountain to

continental booksellers. the rear of Ems, is a splendid point of view; and from Ems also can be visited Braubach and the

At Homburg we find one of the most magnificent

Kurhäuser in Germany. It is stated that over
Castle of Marksburg, described in Route 22.
A short distance on the right bank of the Lahn, 50,0008. were lost annually at this gaming table;

and it is also said that from this establishment the
is Nassau, the first seat of the Ducal family.
Population, 1,100. (Hotel, Krone.) Here stands
state of Hesse Homburg derived its chief revenue.

B their old castle, with the Monument to Baron Stein, smoking rooms, and is provided with a very fino

It has a dining hall, coffee rooms, reading and which was inaugurated, 1872. It faces Stein Castle, and bears a punning motto on his name, Stein or band, which plays daily on the walk.

y Stone

Its only object of attraction is the Palace of tho is " Des Guten Grundstein,

Prince of Hesse Homburg. In it is a large collec-
Des Bosen Eckstein,
Des Deutschen Edelstein,"

tion of Roman antiquities, and over the inner >> In English

gateway is an equestrian statue of Prince Frederick
"The foundation Stone of Good,

of Hesse. The daughter of George III., the late
The sharp stone for the Bad,
The precious Stone of the Germans,"

landgravine Elizabeth, had the gardens attached យ

to the Palace nicely laid out in the English style, HOMBURG, in Hesse-Homburg.

but they now present a deserted and neglected it A Station on a branch rail near Frankfort. See Route 23. Population, 13,000. Hotels:

appearance. A succession of flower gardens and Hotel de Russie.-First-class hotel, elegantly shrubberies stretch along between these gardens furnished apartments.

and the base of the Taunus, affording to the Hotel Victoria.--Very good hotel, excellent table d'hôtel, moderate charges.

promenader a magnificent walk, and leading him Hotel des Quatre Saisons, kept by Mr. W. Schlot

to an eminence commanding a rich view of the terbeck. Well situated; moderate charger. surrounding country.


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A Nott can be paid from bare to the Nauheim are opon in the season for the sale of booka, foyer, Salt Works, distance about 8 or 9 miles north- &c., by itinerant travellers. The Pauline spring east of Homburg. For excursion in the Tannus, gives water to the baths in the upper storey, and see Route 27.

the Stahl and Weinbrunnen to those on the lower. English Church Service every Sunday, at the Each bath is charged at the rate of 48kr., with new church, near the station.

4kr. additional to the servant. Persons should be Conveyances.--Omnibuses correspond with the

punctaal in attending at the hour they bespeak tho

bath, as if they do not they will lose their turn. trains to and from Frankfort almost every hour.

The table d'hôte is at 11 o'clock. It is quite as well to go the whole distance by the

English Church Service is celebrated on Sunday: four-horse coaches which run regularly from the

at 11 a.m. in the Upper Protestant Church, the Post Office every hour, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Lange Gasse.
SCHWALBACH, in Nassau.

Conveyances, to Eltville, Schlangenbad, Wier
The nearest Station is Wiesbaden or Eltville, see baden, Ems, &c.
Route 22.

The hills about are all intersected with paths, and Population, 2,400.--Hotels:

very beautiful views can be had from the surHotel Herzog von Nassau, an excellent hotel in rounding eminences, particularly from the Rrustic a good situation.

Pavilion, standing on the summit of a hill on the Hotel de la Promenade (Allée Saal), near the

road from here to Wiesbaden, and which is not Royal Bath-house, first-class hotel, good accomo

more than a quarter of an hour's walk from the dation.

Exchange office here.
Russicher Hof; Poste; Altesaal.

Adolphseck, a ruined castle, is another pretty

excursion of a half-hour's walk. The principal Schwalbach or Langenschwalbach lies con

excursion, and the one most surrounded with siderably higher than Wiesbaden (8 miles distant), agreeable associations, is that to the Castle of and though the town itself is hot in the middle of

Hohenstein approached by a carriage road, or by the day when the sun's rays are reflected from the

the windings of the small stream Aar, under the hills, yet the air out of the valley is extremely

Castle of Adolphseck, and up the valley for 6 bracing; the ground soon dries after rain, and the

miles. Its scenery is charming and varied after walks and rides in the environ, are varied, and

a most beautiful fashion up to the moment the extremely beautiful.

magnificent old castle shadows itself forth from its Within the last few years the place has been

romantic height of black precipice. oonsiderably enlarged and improved in its appearance and accommodation. This place is far more

From Schwalbach wo proceed by an excellent ploasant than Wiesbaden or Ems, in being more

road (4 miles) to sflent and less exposed to bustle or annoyance.

SCHLANGENBAD, in Nassau. The season lasts little more than two months, The nearest Station 16 Eltville or Wiesbaden, seo beginning in June and ending in August. Here Route 22. also are gaming tables in the pablic rooms of the Population, 10,000 (?).-Hotels: Hessischer Hof Allé Saal, which opens out upon the Allé on a Naussen Hof. fine avenue

of trees continuous with the Schlangenbad (i.e., Serpent Spring) and Schwalpublic promenade, where two of the springs, the bach, are two of the baths, celebrated in Sir F. Weinbrunnen and the Pauline rise; the third spring, Head's “ Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau." Stahlbrunnen, is separated by a low hill from the Those who require quiet and retirement can paus others. Near Weinbrunnen is the new Bath House, a few weeks very agreeably at Schlangenbad, a handsome building, resting on an open colonnade, which being higher and more shaded, is a much which contains commodious bathing cabinets, and cooler residence than Wiesbaden (6 miles distant). i promonade room. The colonnade extends the The baths, also, from boing but slightly mine onttro length of the banding, Bonrath which bootbo ralised may be used by persons in health without

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