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Almonds. 19. Venom of the Common Toad. 20. Ignited
Wire Lamp. 21. Changes of Colour by Heat. 22. Babylo-
nian Cement. 23. On Chemical Nomenclature. 24. Cap-
tain Bagnold on a Table Furnace. 25. Manufacture of Ca-

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1. Ancient Manuscripts. 2. Ancient Tomb. 3. Ancient

Subterranean Apartments. . 4. Site of the Temple of Con-
cord at Rome. 5. Ancient Model of Measures. 6. Ancient
Coin. 7. Haches de Pierre. 8. Commerce. 9. On the Use
of Salt in feeding Cattle. 10. Lithovasa. 11. African
Expedition. 12. Saxon Piece of Antiquity. 13. Fine Arts
at Rome. 14. Antiquities. 15. Ancient Remains. 16.
Roman Coins. 17. Ship discovered in the Earth in Africa.

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Iodine. 8. Radiant-Heat. 9. On a Mode of preserving
some Vegetable Remedies. By Marshall Hall, M. D. 10. On
the spontaneous Combustion of Cotton Goods, which have
been imbued with Linseed Oil. By Marshall Hall, M. D.
il. On the Moiré Metallique, or Fer blanc moiré. 12. Reduc-
tion of the Oxide of Silver by Amnionia. 13. Chinese mode
of making Sheet Lead. 14. Ignited Platinum Wire. 15. Ex-
plosion from Fire-damp. 16. New Products from Coal.


$ 2. Meteorology.

1. Rain of earthy Matter. 2. Halo. 3. Meteoric Iron.

4. Earthquake. 5. Ice from the North. 6. Description of

the Lake which has been found in the Valley of Bagne, in

the Valaise.


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