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and custom in the place, in which the contract is made.

Incorporamus. We incorporate.

In crastino animarum. On the morrow of All Souls.

In curia wardorum. In the court of wards (or liveries).

In curia domini regis ipse in propria persona jura discernit. In the court of our lord the king, he determines the laws in his own person.

Indebitatus. Indebted; a debtor.

Indebitatus assumpsit. The debtor has promised.

Inde producit sectam, fc. Thereof he brings his suit, &c.

Indicavit. He hath proclaimed.
In dominicis terris. On the lord's lands.

In dominio suo. In his demesne; his lord. ship.

Indorso. On the back. .

In ejus unius persona veteris reipublicæ vis atque majestas per cumulatas magistratuum potestates exprimebatur. The power and dignity of the ancient republic was represented in his person alone, above the authorities of the magistrates collected altogether.

In esse. In being.
In eventu.' In the event; in the end.
In extenso. In the extent; at length.

In extremis. In the last moments; in extremity.

. In facie ecclesiæ. In the face of the church.

In facie ecclesiæ et ad ostium ecclesice ; non enim valent facta in lecto mortali, nec in camera, aut - alibi ubi clandestina fuere conjugia. In the face of the church, and at the door of the church; for marriages do not avail performed in a man's bed, or in his chamber, or in any other place where they were clandestine. · Infangthief. A thief taken within a lord's fee.

Infantia. Infancy: to seven years of age.
Infantiæ proxima. Next to infancy.
In favorem prolis. In favour of the offspring.
In favorem vitæ. In favour of life.
In feudare, To grant a fee.
In feudis antiquis. In fees ancient.

In feudis novis. In fees newly acquired. In feudis stricte novis. In fees strictly new.

In feudis vere antiquis. In fees truly ancient.

In fictione juris semper subsistit æquitas. In the fiction of law, equity always holds (or subsists).

In forma pauperis. In the character of a pauper.

In foro conscientiæ. In the court of conscience; conscientiously. , In foro contentioso. In a contentious court.

In foro seculari. In a secular (or lay) court.
Infra. Below; beneath; within.

Infra annum luctus. Within the year of mourning. · In fraudem legis. Toan imposition against law. In futuro. In future; for a limited time to come.

Ingenium. Invention; capacity; an engine fin law).

In hanaperio. In a hamper ; in the hanaper.
In iisdem terminis. In the same terms.
In infinitum. To no end; without limit.

In ipso concilio vel principum aliquis, vel pater, vel propinquus scuto frameaque juvenem ornant. Hæc apud illos toga, hic primus juventæ honos: ante hoc domus pare videntur; mox reipublicæ. In the council, either some one of the chiefs, or the father, or a relation, furnishes the youth with a shield and a short spear. This is as much esteemed among them as the robe, it being the first honour conferred on youth: before this, they are considered among the family; after that, of the republic.

In judicio non creditur nisi juratis. In law none are believed but those who are sworn.

In jus vocando. In calling to court; to sue.
In libera eleemosyna. In free gift.
In libero maritagio. In free marriage.

In limine. In (or on) his entrance; at the beginning.

In loco parentis. In the place of a parent.

In misericordia domini regis pro falso clamore suo. In mercy of our lord the king, for his false claim.

In modum juratæ et non in modum assise.


After the manner of a common jury, and not after the manner of an assize.

In mortua manu. In a dead hand (or mortmain).

In naufragorum miseria et calamitate tanquam vultures ad prædam currere. In the distress and wretchedness of those who suffer shipwreck, they run like vultures to their prey.

In nostra lege unum comma evertit totum placitum. In our law one comma overturns a whole plea.

In notis. In the notes: in marked characters of writing.

In nullo est erratum. It is erroneous in no part.

In numcro impiorum ac sceleratornm habentur ; ab iis omnes decedunt, aditum eorum sermonemque defugiunt, ne quid ex contagione incommodi accipiant : neque iis pretentibus jus redditur, neque honos ullus communicatur. They are considered in the number of impious and wicked men: all depart from them, and avoid their approach and discourse, lest they receive any injury from the contagion: neither is any law afforded them when seeking it, nor is any honour allowed them.

In obsequio domini regis, vel alicujus episcopi. In the service of our lord the king, or of some bishop.

In omnibus contractibus, sive nominatis sive innominatis, permutatio continetur. In all contracts, whether named or not named, an exchange is comprised.

In omnibus, imperatoris excipitur fortuna; cui ipsas leges Deus subjecit. In all things the state of the emperor is excepted; to whom God has made those laws subject.

In omnibus placitis de felonia solet accusatus per plegios dimitti, præter quam in placito de homicidio, ubi ad terrorem aliter statutum est. In all charges of felony the accused party is usually discharged upon his giving sureties, except in a charge of homicide where it is otherwise assigned to fear.

In omni scibili, et de quolibet ente. In every science, and of any being.

Inops consilii. Wanting advice; in need of counsel.

In pais. In the country; on the spot.
In pari materia. In a like matter.
In pari delicto. In a like offence.
In parva baga. In a small bag.

In perpetuum rei testimonium. In lasting testimony of the fact. .

In personam. To the person; against the person.

In pios usus. To pious uses.
In pleno comitatu. In full county court.

In potestate parentis. In the power of the parent.

In præsenti. At the present time.
In principio. In the beginning.

In propria personá sedente curia. In his own person, when the court is sitting.


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