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before the statute of Westminster, 1. chap. 12. if any person was charged with an offence, and that he remained mute, he was convicted of felony.

A lege suæ dignitatis. By right of his dignity.
Alia enormia. Other great wrongs.
Alias dictus. Called (or named) in another


Alibi natus. Born in another place.
Alieno solo. In another's soil.

Aliquo modo destruatur. That he be in any manner destroyed.

Aliter. Otherwise.

Aliter quam ad virum, ex causa regiminis, et castigationis uxoris suæ, licite et rationabiliter pertinet. Otherwise than lawfully and reasonably belongs to a husband, from a cause of governing and chastising his wife.

Aliudve quid simile si admisserint. Or if they have admitted (or committed) any thing of a like sort.

un Ållocatur.

He allows. Allodium. Alodium. A free manor ; a freehold.

Alta proditio. High treason.
Alterum non lædere. Not to injure another.

Ambiguitas latens. Latent ambiguity.
Ambiguitas patens. Plain ambiguity.
A mensa et toro. From table and bed.
Amicus curiæ. A friend of the court.

Amittere liberam legem.

To lose the benefit of the law.

Amoveas manus. That you remove your hands.

A nativitate. From the birth.
Anglicè. In English.

Animalia feræ naturæ. Animals of a wild nature.

Animo furandi. With a felonious intent; with an intent of stealing. Animo possidendi. With an intent of


Animo revertendi. With an intent of returning

Animum furandi. An intent of stealing.
Animum revertendi. An intention of returning.
Animum testandi. An intent of making a will.
Animus furandi. An intent of stealing.
Animus quo. The intent with which.
Animus revertendi. An intent of returning.
Annates. First fruits.

Annotatione principis. By the signature of the prince. Annus luctus. A

A year of mourning. Id Ante. Before.

Ante litem contestatam. Before the action is proved; vid. before the plaintiff has declared.

Antiquam. Ancient, old.
A palatio. From a palace.
A patre. By (or from) the father.

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Apices juris non sunt jus. The extremity of the law is injustice.

Appeller. To appeal; an appeal.
Apprendere. To learn.

Apprenticii ad legem. Apprentices to the law; barristers.

Apres ce, est tend le querelle a respondre; et aura congie de soy conseiller, s'il le demande; et quand il sera conseille, il peut nyer le faict dont il est accuse. After that, the Defendant is held to reply; and he shall have leave to imparl, if he require it; and when he has imparled, he may deny the act of which he is accused.

A priori. From the former; originally.
Apud. At.

A qua non deliberentur sine speciali præcepto domini regis. From which they be not delivered, without the special precept of our lord the king.

Aquatiles. Living in water.

Aquatilium alia sunt regalia, alia communia. Of water fowl, some are of royal right, others of common right. Aqua vitæ.

Water of life; brandy; spirits of wine.

Arbitrio boni viri. To (or by) the judgment of a good man.

Arcana imperii. The secrets of the empire.

Arcta et salva custodia. Close and safe custody.

A resn. To call to account (or answer).
Arrester. To arrest; to stay.

Arguendo. In arguing; in argument.

Argumentum ad hominem. Argument to the man; a personal application,

Armigeri natalitii. Esquires by birth.

Arrha. A proof of a purchase and sale being contracted.

Articuli cleri. The articles relating to the clergy. Articuli super

Articles upon the super cartas. charters.

A societate nomen sumpserunt, regis enim tales sibi associant. They have derived their title from fellowship, for kings associate with them.

Asportavit. He has carried away.
Averia elongata. Cattle eloigned.
Assez. Enough.

Assignetura utem ei pro dote sua, tertia pars totius terræ mariti sui, quæ sua fuit in vita sua nisi de minori dotata

fuerit ad ostium ecclesiæ. That the third part of the whole of the land which belonged to her husband, in his life-time, be assigned to her for her dower, unless a smaller dower was secured to her at the door of the church.

Assisa vertitur in juratam. The assize is changed to an inquest, (or jury.)

Assumpsit. He has promised.

Assumpserunt super se. They took upon themselves.

Astuti. Cunning; ingenious.

As usurarius. A pound, lent upon usury, (or at interest.)

Attacar, Attacare, Attacher. To tie; to make fast.

Attinctus. Attainted; stained; tainted. Auditá querelâ. The complaint being heard. Augusta legibus soluta non est. The


is not exempt from the laws.

Augusta regina conjux divi imperatoris. The august queen consort of the sacred emperor. Aula regia.

The royal palace; the king's court.

Aula regis. The palace (or court) of the king.
Aurum reginæ. The queen's gold.
Auter action pendant.

Another action pending.

Auter droit. The right of another.
Auterfitz acquit. Formerly acquitted.
Autrefoits acquit. Formerly acquitted.
Autrefoits attaint. Formerly attainted.
Autrefoits convict. Formerly convicted.

Auxilia fiunt de gratia et non de jure, - cum dependeant ex gratia tenentium, et non ad voluntatem dominorum. Aids are granted of favour and not of right,---as those aids depend upon the kindness of the tenants, and not upon the will of the lords.

Averia carucæ. Beasts of the plough.
Averia elongata. Cattle eloigned.

A vinculo matrimonii. From the bond of marriage.

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