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Fidei commissum. A feoffment of trust.

Fide jussores. Persons who appear as sureties for others.

Fidelitas. Fealty.

Fidem nuptialis contractus. A promise (or obligation) of a marriage contract.

Fief d'haubert. A tenure by knight's service.
Fieri. To be made (or done). .

Fieri facias. That you cause to be made (or idone).

Fieri facias de bonis ecclesiasticis, &c. That you cause to be made of the ecclesiastical goods, &c.

Fieri facias de bonis propriis. That you cause to be made of the proper goods.

Fieri feci. I have caused to be made.

Fieri feci sequestrari. I have caused sequestration to be made.

Filii nobilium. Sons of noblemen (or gentlemen.) · Filius mulieratus. The eld of a woman, who was illicitly connected with his father before marriage.

Filius populi. A son of the people; a bastard.

Filum forestæ. The line (or bound) of the forest.

Finalis concordia. The final agreement.
Firmarius. A farmer.

Fit juris et seisinæ conjunctio. It becomes a conjunction of right and possession. Fiunt. They are made; they become.

Flagellis et fustibus acriter verberare uxorem. To punish his wife severely with lashes and sticks.

Flagrante delicto. While the offence was glaring.

Flotsam. Goods floating on the surface of the sea.

Fædus Edwardi et Guthruni. The treaty of Edward and Guthrun.

Fænus nauticum. Nautical usury; bottomry. Forestællan. Forestalling.

Forma et figura judicii. The form and manner of trial.

Formedon. The form of a gift: a writ issued to recover lands or property in gift.

Formedon in descender. Formedon in descent.

Formedon in reverter. Formedon in reversion.

Forum plebeiæ justitiæ et theatrum comitivce potestatis. The court of justice for the common people, and the public place of meeting of the power of the county.

Frankalmoign. Free gift..

Frater consanguineus. A paternal (or half) brother.

Frater fratri, sine legitimo hærede defuncto, in beneficio quod eorum patris fuit succedat: sed autem unus e fratribus a domino feudum acceperit, eo defuncto sine legitimo hærede, frater ejus in feudum non succedit. One brother may succeed to the other's estate derived from their father, if the lawful heir of his body be dead: but if one brother receives his fee from the lord, he having died without a lawful heir, his brother does not succeed to the fee.

Frater fratri uterino non succedet in hæreditate paterna. A brother shall not succeed a maternal brother in a paternal inheritance.

Frater uterinus. A maternal (or half) brother. .

Fraudem facere legi. To commit a fraud in (or upon) law.

Fraunke ferme. Free farm.
Fructus industriales. Fruits of industry.

Functus officio. Being discharged from the duty; having discharged the duty.

Fundamus. We found.

Fundatio incipiens. The original foundation.

Fundatio perficiens. The concluding foundation.

Fundi patrimoniales. Lands of inheritance.

Furem, si aliter capi non posset, occidere permittunt. It is admissible to kill a robber if he cannot be otherwise secured.

Furiosus furore solum punitur. A lunatic is punished only by his lunacy.

Furiosus solo furore punitur. A madman is punished only by his madness.

Furtum lege naturali prohibitum est admittere. It is forbidden by the law of nature to allow theft.


Gallia causidicos docuit facunda Britannoș. Gaul, famous for its eloquence, afforded instruction to the British lawyers.

Generalia comitatuum placita certis locis et vicibus teneantur. Intersint autem episcopi, comites, fc.; et agantur primo debita verve christianitatis jura, secundo, regis placita, postremo causæ singulorum dignis satisfactionibus expleantur. That the general pleas of the counties be held in certain places and courses. And that the bishops, counts, &c. be present; and determine in the first place the just rights of the true religion; secondly, the pleas of the king; finally, that the causes of all be determined with due satisfaction.

Gildam mercatorium. A guild of merchants.
Git. The ground; the foundation.
Graef; grave. A governor (or count).

Grand cape. A writ whereby the king takes possession of land by default of the tenant.

Grand coustumier. The great book of customs.

Grand serjeanty per magnum servitium. A grand serjeanty for a superior service.

Gratis. For nothing; free.
Gratis dictum. A free saying:

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Habeas corpora quatuor militum. That you have the bodies of four knights.

Habeas corpus ad respondendum. That you have the body to answer.

Habeas corpus ad satisfaciendum. That you have the body to satisfy.

Habeas corpus ad satisfaciendum, adrecipiendum. That you have the body to satisfy, to receive. · Habeas corpus ad testificandum. That you have the body to testify.

Habeas corpus ad subjiciendum. That you have the body to submit (or answer.)

Habeas corpus cum causa." That you have the body with the cause.

Habeas corpus cum causis. That you have the body with the causes.

Habendum. To have.

Habent legibus sancitum, si quis quid de republica a sinistimis rumore aut fama acceperit, uti ad magistratum deferat, neve cum alio communicet :: quod sæpe homines temerarios atque imperitos falsis rumoribus terreri, et ad facimus impelli, et de summis rebus consilium capere cognitum est. It is established by the laws, if any person hears of a matter concerning the republic, by omens, rumours, or report, that he convey it to the magistrate, and that he do not communicate with any other person : because it is known, that rash and unskilful men are terrified by false rumours, and are driven to crime, and take their own advice on the most important subjects.

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