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tion is exact and straitened; as to certain heirs, some are excluded from the succession.

Dos rationabilis. A reasonable dower.

Dotalitii et trientis ex bonis mobilibus viri. Of a dower and a third part of her husband's effects.

Dotalitium. A dower.

Dotem non uxor marito, sed uxori maritus effert: intersunt parentes et propinqui, et munera probant. A wife brings not a dower to her husband, but the husband to the wife: the

parents and relations are present, and prove gifts. Do, ut des. I give, that

I give, that you give.
Do, ut facias. I give, that you perform.

Dower unde nihil habet. A dower, whereof she has nothing

Droit D’Aubaine. The king's right of escheat of an alien's property.

Droit. A right.
Droit, droit. A twofold (or double) right.
Droit patent. A patent right.

Duas uxores eodem tempore habere non licet. It is not lawful to have two wives at the same time.

Duces. Dukes; leaders.
Duces tecum. You shall bring with you.
Dulcia defectá modulatur carmina lingua

Cantator cygnus, funeris ipse sui, &c. The swan, himself the chanter of his own death, warbles melodious strains as his tongue fails him. Dum bene se gesserit. As long as he conducted himself well.

Dum fuit infra ætatem. While he was under age.

Dum fuit non compos mentis. While he was insane.

Dum fuit non compos mentis suæ, ut dicit, fc. While he was insane, as he says, &c.

Dum recens fuerit maleficium. While the mischief was fresh.

Dum sola. While single.
Dum sola et casta. While single and chaste.
Dum tamen. Until however; nevertheless.

Duodeni legales homines, quorum sex Walli et sex Angli erunt, Anglis et Wallis, jus dicunto. Let twelve lawful men, of whom six shall be Welch and six English, declare the law to the English and Welch.

Duplex querela. A double plaint.

Duplicem valorem maritagii. Double the value of a marriage.

Durante absentia. During absence.
Durante bene placito. During pleasure.

Durante minore ætate. During lesser age; during minority.

Durante minoritate. During minority.
Durante viduitate. During widowhood.

Duress per minas. Cruelty (or compulsion) by threats.


Ealder. An elder (or chief).
Ealdorman. An elder (or alderman).
Ealdormen quasi. As if elder-men.

Ea est in re parva pervicacia, ipsi fidem vocant. That which is obstinacy in depravity, they call honour.

Eat consultatio. That the consultation go.

Eat inde sine die. That he go from thence without a day.

Ecclesia commendata. A commendam.
Ecclesia decimas non solvit ecclesiæ.

The church does not pay tithes to the church.

Ecclesiæ de feudo domini regis non possunt in perpetuum dari, absque assensu et consensione ipsius. . Churches in the fee of our lord the king cannot be given in perpetuity, without his assent and permission.

E converso. On the contrary; on the other hand.

Edmundus autem latusferreum, rex naturalis de stirpe regum, genuit Edwardum : et Edwardus genuit Edgarum, cui de jure debebatur regnum Anglorum. For Edmund Ironside, the lawful king descended from a race of kings, begot Edward: and Edward begot Edgar, who of right was entitled to the crown of England.

Ego Stephanus Dei gratia assensu cleri et populi in regem Anglorum electus, &c. I Stephen,

by the grace of God, with the assent of the clergy and the people, chosen king of the English, &c.

Ei incumbit probatio, qui dicit, non qui negat: cum per rerum naturam factumnegantis probatio nulla sit. The proof lays upon him who accuses, not upon him who denies: as in the nature of things, the act of the denial is no proof.

Ei legitur in hæc verba, &c. It is read to him in these words, &c.

Ejectione firmæ. Ejection of a farm; trespass in ejectment.

Ejectione firmæ n'est que un action de trespass en son nature, et le plaintiff ne recovera son terme que est a venir, nient plus que en trespass home recovera damages pur trespass nient fait, mes a feser; mes il convient a suer par action de covenant ad comen law ad recoverer son terme : quod toto curia concessit. Et

Et per Belknap, la comen ley est, lou home est ouste de son terme par estranger, il avera ejectione firmæ versus cesty que luy ouste; et sil soit ouste par son lessor, briefe de covenant; et sil par lessée ou grantee de reversion briefe de covenant versus son lessor, et countera especial count, fc. Ejection of a farm is in its nature only an action of trespass, and the plaintiff shall not recover his term which is to come, any more than, in trespass, a man shall recover damages for a trespass not done, but to be done; then he must sue by action of covenant at common law to recover his term: which the whole

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court granted. And according to Belknap, the common law is, that where a man is ousted of his term by a stranger, he shall have an action of trespass against him who ousted him; and if he be ousted by his lessor, writ of covenant; and if by the lessee or grantee in reversion, writ of covenant against his lessor, and he shall count special count, &c.

Ejusdem generis. Of the same kind.
Elegit. He has chosen.

Elementa juris privati Germanici. The elements of the German common law.

Eliguntur in conciliis et principes, qui jura per pagos vicosque reddunt: centeni singulis, ex plebe comites, consilium simul et auctoritas, adsunt. The chiefs who expound the laws in counties and towns are chosen in the councils; the hundredors are present at all to advise and authorize as counts from the people.

Elisors (or) Esliors. Chosen persons (appointed by the court to try a challenge).

Elongatus. Eloigned.
Elongavit. He hath eloigned.

Emisit me mater Londinum, juris nostri capessendi gratia, cujus cum vestibulum salutassem, reperissemque linguam peregrinam, dialectum barbaram methodum inconcinnam, molem non ingentem solum sed perpetuis humeris sustinendam, excidit mihi, fateor, animus, &c. My mother sent me to London, for the purpose of entering upon the study of our law; when I hailed my initia

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