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of desperate old men, rustic spendthrifts, in clownish luxury, of those who would sooner desert their securities than that army.

Collegia. Corporations; societies; colleges.

Collegium si nullo speciali privilegio subnixum sit hæreditatem capere non posse, dubium non est. If a corporation be supported by no special grant, there is no doubt that it cannot purchase an inheritance.

Collistrigium. A pillory,
Colloquium. Discourse; conference.
Color. Colour; probability; doubt.

Colus discreti et diversi ; ut fons, ut campus, ut nemus placuit. Their place of habitation was varied and different; as a fountain, a field, or a grove pleased them.

Combustio domorum. The burning of houses; arson. Come ceo.

As well for this. Et
Comes. An earl; a chief governor of a

Comes stabuli. A constable.
Comitatus. A county; a train of followers.
Commenda. A commendam.

Commendam recipere. To take (or possess) a commendam.

Commendam retinere. To retain a commendam.

Common pur cause de vicinage. Common by reason of vicinage.

Commune concilium regni, magnum concilium regis, curia magna, conventus magnatum vel pro


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cerum, assisa generalis, communitas regni Angliæ. The general council of the realm, the king's great council, the great court, the convention of the great men, or nobles, the general assize, the community of the kingdom of England.

Commune consilium. A general counsel.

Commune vinculum. The common chain (or stock.)

Communia pasture, "jus pascendi.Common of pasture, right of grazing.

Communia placita non sequantur curiam regis, sed teneantur in aliquo loco certo. That the common pleas follow not the king's court, but that they be held in some certain place.

Communibus annis. Taking one year with another.

Communis error facit jus. A common mistake causes law.

Communis rixatrix. A common(female) brawl

er; a scold.

Compensatio. Recompense.
Comperuit ad diem. He appeared at the day.
Compositio mensurarum. The composition of


Compositio ulnarum et perticarum. The composition of ells and perches.

Compos mentis. Sound in mind.
Concessiones. Grants.

Concessit et dimisit. He has granted and discharged.

Concilium. A council (or) assembly of counsellors met to consult.

Concordia discordantium canonum. The agreement of church laws which heretofore were undigested.

Concubina. An unchaste woman.
Concubitu prohibere vago.

To forbid illicit connexion.

Conditiones scripti obligatorii prædicti. The conditions of the aforesaid obligatory writing.

Conductio. A hire.

Confirmatio cartarum. The confirmation of the charters.

Conflictus legum. A contradiction of statutes. Conge d'eslire. Leave to elect.

Conjunctim aut separatim. Conjointly or separately.

Conquæstus; Conquisitio. An acquirement by research.

Conquereur ; Conquæstor; Conquisitor. An acquirer by research.

Consanguineos. Kindred.

Consensus, non concubitus, facit nuptias. Consent, not consummation, makes a marriage good.

Conservatores pacis. Preservers of the peace.

Consideratum est per curiam. It is considered by the court.

Consilium. Counsel; advice given.
Constabularius. Aconstable.
Constat de persona. The person is ascertained.
Consuetudines. Customs; usages.

Consuetudo loci observanda est. The custom of the place must be observed.

Consules, a consulendo; regis enim tales sibi associant ad consulendum. Consuls, derived from consulting; for kings associate with such persons, to take their advice.

Contestatio litis. The disputing of a suit.
Continuando. In continuing.

Contra. Against; on the contrary; otherwise.

Contra bonos mores. Against good manners (or morals.)

Contra formam statuti. Against the form of the statute.

Contra formam statutorum. Against the form of the statutes.

Contra fictionem non admittitur probatio: quid enim efficeret probatio veritatis, ubi fictio adversus veritatem fingit? Nam fictio nihil aliud est, quam legis adversus veritatem in re possibili ex justa causa dispositio. Against fiction proof is not admitted: for what could the evidence of truth effect, when fiction supposes against truth? because fiction is no other than a just policy of the law, in a possible matter, against truth.

Contra inhibitionem novi operis. Against the prohibition of the new work.

Contra omnes homines fidelitatem fecit. He made a vow of loyalty above every obligation of fealty.

Contra pacem. Against the peace. .

Contra pacem balivorum. Against the peace of the bailiffs of a corporation.

Contra pacem domini regis. Against the peace of our lord the king.

Contra pacem vice-comitis. Against the peace of the sheriff.

Contrarisse unusquisque in eo loco intelligitur in quo ut solveret se obligavit. Every person is understood to have contracted in that place, where he has obliged himself to pay.

Coram ipso rege. Before the king himself. Coram nobis. Before us; in our presence. Coram non judice. Not in presence of a judge. Coram paribus. Before his peers.

Coram paribus de viceneto. Before his equals, resident in the neighbourhood.

Before the king; in the king's presence.

Coram vobis. Before you.
Coronator. A coroner.
Corpora corporata. Bodies corporate.
Corpus Christi.

Christi. The body of Christ. Corpus juris civilis. The body of the civil law.

Corpus juris canonici. The body of the canon law.

Corruptivè. Corruptly.
Corsned. A mouthful of execration.

Cosinage, de consanguineo. Relationship, of kindred.

Cotemporanea consuetudo optimus interpres est.

Coram rege.


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