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Without pur

Absque purgatione facienda. gation being made.

Absurdum etenim clericis est, immo etiam opprobriosum, si peritos se velint ostendere disceptationum esse forensium. For it is absurd, nay even disgraceful, that the clergy should make a boast of their skill in forensic debates.

Accedas ad curiam. That you go to the. court.

Accessorium non ducit, sed sequitur, suum principale. An accessory does not lead, but follows, his principal.

Accessorius sequitur naturam sui principalis. An accessory follows the disposition of his principal.

Ac etiam. And also.

Actiones compositæ sunt, quibus inter se homines disceptarent; quas actiones, ne populus prout vellet institueret, certas solennesque esse voluerunt. Actions are disposed, by which men dispute amongst themselves; which actions are made definite and solemn, lest the people proceed as they think proper.

Actiones in personam, quæ adversus eum intenduntur, qui ex contractu vel delictó obligatus est aliquid dare vel concedere. Personal actions, which are brought against him, who, from a contract or fault, is obliged to give or allow something.

Actio non accrevit. An action has not accrued.

Actio non habere debet. An action cannot hold.

Actio personalis moritur cum persona. A personal action ceases with the death of the party.

Actor. A plaintiff.
Actores fabulæ. Agents of a fiction : players.
Actum agere. To labour in vain.

Actus Dei nemini facit injuriam. The act of God causes injury to no man.

Actus non reum facit nisi mens sit rea. An act does not make a man guilty, unless the mind be guilty. Ad computandum et rehabendam terram.

To account and to repossess the land.

Ad admittendum clericum. To admit a clerk in orders.

Ad aliud examen. To another trial (or jurisdiction.)

Ad annum vigesimum primum, et eo usque juvenes sub tutelam reponunt.

To the twentyfirst year, and so far, they reserve youths under protection.

Ad assisas capiendas. To take assizes.
Ad audiendum errores. To hear errors.

Ad audiendum et determinandum. To hear and determine.

Ad colligendum bona defuncti. To collect the goods of the deceased.

Ad communem legem. At common law.
Ad consentiendum. To consent; to agree.

Ad consulendum,-ad defendendum regem. To advise with,—to defend the king.

Ad damnum. To the loss, (or) damage.
Ad damnum ipsorum. To the damage of them.
Addenda. Additions.

Ad executionem decretorum judicii, ad æstimationem pretii, damni, lucri, fc. To the execution of the decrees of judgment, to the valuation of the sum, the damage, profit, &c.

Ad exhæredationem episcopi vel ecclesiæ. To the disinheriting of the bishop, or the church.

Ad exhæredationem ecclesiæ. To the disinheriting of the church.

Ad faciendum attornatum. To appoint an attorney ; to appear by attorney.

Ad hoc autem creatus est et electus, ut justitiam faciat universis. For he was created and chosen for this office, that he dispense justice alike to all.

Adhuc existit. It still exists.
Ad infinitum. To eternity.

Ad informandam conscientiam. To inform the conscience, (or remembrance.)

Ad inquirendum. To inquire into.

Ad instructiones reparationesque itinerum et pontium, nullum genus hominum, nulliusque dignitatis ac venerationis meritis, cessare oportet. That no description of persons, however deficient in dignity and consequence they be, should refuse their aid in the building and repairing of roads and bridges.


Adjudicabitur reus ad legem suam duodecima

A defendant shall be adjudged to wage his law by twelve compurgators.

Ad libitum. At will, (or pleasure.)

Ad nocumentum liberi tenementi sui. To the injury of his free holding.

Ad ostium ecclesiæ. At the door of the church.
Ad patriam. To the country.
Ad quod damnum. To what damage.

Ad rationem ponere. To put (or call) to account.

Ad reson. To call to account, (or answer.)

Ad studendum et orandum. To study and pray.

Ad synodos venientibus, sive summoniti sint, sive per se quid agendum habuerint, sit summa pax. That the strictest respect be observed towards the members coming to the general councils, whether they be summoned to attend, or come of their own accord, for the despatch of business.

Ad terminum qui præteriit. For a term which has passed by

Ad tractandum et consilium impendendum. To exercise and deliver advice.

Ad valorem. To the value.

Ad veniendum coram justiciariis ad compotum suum reddendum. To come before the judges to render his account. Advocati

fisci. Advocates of the revenue. Advocatio. Advowson.

Æque bonis adnumerabitur etiam, si quid est in actionibus, petitionibus, persecutionibus. Nam et hæc in bonis esse videntur. It will be accounted alike for goods also, if there be any thing in deeds, petitions or process. For those things also seem to be in goods.

Æquitas sequitur legem. Equity follows law.

Ætas infantiće próxima. The age next to infancy.

Ætas pubertati proxima. The age next to puberty.

Affeere. To assess an amercement.
Affeerment. An amercement assessed.
Affeerors. Assessors of amercements.
Affraier. To terrify.

A fortiori. By so much stronger; on the stronger side.

Agentes et consentientes pari pæna plectantur. That the doers and abettors be subject to a like punishment.

Agere actum. To labour in vain.
Agnati. Kindred, by the father's side.

Agri ab universis per vices occupantur: arva per annos mutant.

Fields are held by all occupiers in turns : tilled lands change by years.

Agnus Dei. The lamb of God. .
Aiel. A grandfather.
A latere. By the side; in attendance.

Al common ley, avant le statute de West. 1. c. 12. Si ascun ust estre appeal, et ust estre mute, ill serra. convict de felony. At common law,

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