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Causa jactitationis matrimonii. By reason of a vain boasting of marriage.

Causa matrimonii prælocuti. By reason of a marriage before mentioned.

Causa mortis. In prospect of death.
Causa venationis. For the purpose of hunting.

Cause de remover plea. Cause of removing a plea.

Caveat. That he take heed. Le fain lake heed
Caveat emptor. That the purchaser take heed. Let there.

Celeberrimo huic conventui episcopus alderman- lathe filed
nus inter sunto ; quorum alter jura divina, alter
humana populum edoceto.

At this most august session let a bishop and an alderman preside; let the one instruct the people in divine laws, the other in human laws.

Celles que trusts. Those trusts entitled to veriac? the purchase money, after payment of debts. Census regalis. The annual revenue (or in

hou come) of the crown.

Centenarius (pl. Centenarii.) A petty judge, (under the “ Vicecomes,” sheriff, and deputy to the “Comes," chief governor of a county,) who had rule of a hundred, and judged smaller matters amongst them.

Centeni ex singulis pagis, sunt, idque ipsum inter suos vocantur; et, quod primo numerus fuit, jam nomen et honor est.

The hundredors are chosen from all the counties, and are called so among themselves; and that which was at first a number, is now a name and honour.



Centesimæ. Interest paid at one per cent per month, (or) at twelve per cent per annum.

Ceo est le serement que le roy jurre a soun coronement : que il gardera et meintenera lez droitex et lez franchisez de seynt esglise grauntez auncienment dez droitez roys christiens d'Engletere, et quil gardera toutez sex terrez, honoures et dignites droiturels et franks del coron du roialme d'Engletere en tout maner dentier te santz null maner damenusement, et les droitez dispergez dilapidez ou perduz de la corone a soun poiair reappeller en launcien estate, et quil gardera le peas de seynt esglise et al clergie et al people be bon accorde, et quil face faire en toutes ses jugementer owel et droit justice oue discretion et misericorde, et quil grauntera a tenure lez leyes et custumez du roialme, et a soun poiair les face garder et affirmer, que lez gentez du people avont faitez et estiez, et les malveys leyz et custumes de tout oustera, et ferme peas et establie al people de soun roialme en cea garde esgardera a son poiair; come Dieu luy aide. Sacramentum regis. This is the oath which the King swears at his coronation : that he will keep and maintain the rights and franchises of the holy church, formerly granted by the rightful christian kings of England, and that he will keep all his lands, honours, and dignities, of royal and free right, pertaining to the crown of the kingdom of England, in all manner without diminution, and that the rights of the crown scattered, dilapidated, or lost, he shall recall to the best of his power to their ancient estate, and that he will keep the peace of the holy church both to the clergy and the people, with good accord, and that he will dispense in all his judgments equal and impartial justice with discretion and mercy, and that he will adhere to the laws and customs of the kingdom, and to the best of his power, cause them to be kept and maintained, which the people have made and agreed to, and that he will abolish the bad laws and customs altogether, and firm and established peace to the subjects of his kingdom, in this regard he will keep to the utmost of his power; so help him God. The king's oath.

Ceo n'est que un restitution en leur ley, pur que a ceo, n'avemus regard, fc. This is but a restitution in their law, to which we pay no attention, &c.

Cepi Corpus. I have taken the body.

Cepi Corpus et paratum habeo. I have taken the body, and have it ready.

Cepit et asportavit. He took and carried away.

Cepit et asportavit centum cuniculos. He took and carried away an hundred rabbits, (or conies.)

Cepit in alio loco. He has taken in another place.

Certe altero huic sæculo nominatissimus in patria juris consultus, ætate provectior, etiam munere gaudens publico et prædiis amplissimis generosi titulo bene se habuit; fortè, quod togatæ genti

To cer

magis tunc conveniret civilis illa appellatio quanı castrensis altera. Truly in the last age

the most eminent counsellor, in the country, advanced in years, who enjoyed a public pension and most extensive estates, was well satisfied with the title of a gentleman; perhaps, in those times, that civil term suited the gentry of the gown better than the military title.

Certiorari. To be certified of; to be informed of.

Certiorari ad informandam conscientiam. To certify, to inform the conscience (or) memory:

Certiorari quare executionem non. tify why he hath not execution.

Cessante ratione, cessat et ipsa lex. Upon the cause ceasing, the law also ceases.

Cesset executio. That the execution stand aside (or cease).

Cesset processus. That the proceeding cease. Cestui


trust. A person to whose use or benefit another is invested or seized of lands or tenements. Cestui

que vie. A person for whose life, lands or tenements are granted.

Cestui que vives. Persons for whose lives, lands or tenements are granted.

Cestuy, que doit inheriter al pere, doit inheriter al fits. He who ought to inherit to the father, should inherit to the son.

Champart. Field rent; champerty.
Chaud-medley. Chance-medley.

Chirographa, cirographum, cyrographum. A writing under one's hand. Chose.

A thing Christiani Judaizantes. Jewish Christians. Chronicon pretiosum. The valuable chronicle.

Circa ardua regni. About the important affairs of the kingdom.

Circumspecte agatis. To be cautious in deciding: the title of a statute 13 Ed. I. prescribing certain cases to the judges, wherein the king's prohibition lies not.

Civiliter mortuus. Dead in law.

Civitas Lund. Cordubanario reginæ, XXs. City of London. A sash for the queen, 20 shillings.

Civitas Lundon. Pro oleo ad lamp' ad reginæ. City of London. For lamp oil to the use of the queen.

Clandestino copulati fuerunt. They were united clandestinely.

Clausum fregit. He broke the close.
Codicillus. A codicil; a little book.
Cælum. Heaven; air; sky; weather.

Cognati. Maternal kindred; kindred by the father's and mother's side.

Cognoscit. He acknowledges; he confesses.

Cognovit actionem relicta verificatione. He has confessed the action, having abandoned his plea.

Collatio bonorum. A contribution of goods.

Collectum ex senibus desperatis, ex agresti luxurià ex rusticis decoctoribus, ex iis, qui vadimonia deserere quam illum exercitum maluerunt. A mob

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