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require into and* examine the behaviour os the said sir Francis Watson, from ihe time ot his taking upon him the presidentship of the council, in or.i(%r to the signisication of our pleasure, whether the surther sum of sive hundred pounds per annum, from the death of the said duke of Albenvlle, shall be allowed to him, in consideration of his service, of our royal bounty.

And whereas we are willing, in the best manner, to provide for the support ot our government of Jamaica, by setting apart sussicient allowances to such as shall be our general or commander-in-chief, residing for the time being within the same; our will and pleasure is, that, when it shall happen that you shall be absent from that our island, one sull moiety of your salary, and of all perquisites and emoluments whatsoever, which otherwise become due unto you, shall, during your absence, be paid and satissied unto such governor and commander-in-chief who shall be resident upon the place' for the time being; which we do hereby allot unto him, for his better maintenance, and for the support of the dignity of that our government.

And whereas great prejudice may happen to our service, by the absence of our governor or commander-in-chief, without iussicient cause and especial leave from us; for prevention thereof, you are not, upon any pretence whatsoever,' to come into England from your government, without having obtained leave for so doing from us, under our signet and sign ma. nual, or by order in our privy council: but we do nevertheless hereby permit you, in case of sickness, to go to any of our plantations in America for the recovery of your health.

We do hereby empower you to consent to a law for the raising of money, in order to the better carrying on the solicitation of the public affairs in England, provided that such levy do not exceed three hundred pounds sterling yearly; but, in case you fhall not think sit to agree to such law, our pleasure is, that then the persons desiring the lame may be permitted to make voluntary contributions for discharging the expences of their solicitations, provided such contributions do not exceed three hundred pounds sterling per annum.

- And we do likewise think sit, that, when any complaint shall be, intended, against you, notice he immediately given you thereof by the

complainant complainant, with the charge against you in writing, to the end you may make timely preparation for your defence.

In case of any distress of any of our plantations, you shall, upon application of the respective governor thereof unto you, assist them with what aid the condition and sasety of our island under your government can spare.

Lastly,if any thing should happen that maybe of advantage and security to the said island, and the other territories depending thereon, which is not herein or by our commission provided for, we do hereby allow unto you, with the advice and consent of the council, to take order for the present therein, giving us, by one of our principal secretary's of state, and our Æommittee for trade and foreign plantations, speedy notice, that so you -may receive our consirmation, if we shall approve the same; provided .always, that you do not, by colour of any power or authority, hereby given you, commence and declare war without our knowledge and particular commands*

'By his majesty's command*




.may It Please Yovr Majesty,

WE, the sirst grand jury at St. Jago de la Vega, this last Tuesday in November, 1690, for the body of this your majesty's island of Jamaica, in America, since your majesty's happy accession to the throne, cannot forbear rendering our humble thanks to Almighty God for his inestimable goodness and mercy, in that when, according to the weakjiess of our human understanding, all hopes of enjoying any longer our Veligion, law?, and liberties, were taken from us, he was pleased, in our utmost «Ustres'-, to shew his miraculous power in raising your majesty to -be the glorious instrument of our deliverance from that Philistine bondage, which had extended itself into these the remotest of your majesty's dominions; so that the laws of your majesty's kingdom of England, and this island, which should have been our swords and spears for the desence of our natural rights a/id privileges, were not to be found amongst us; but our task-masters, with an absolute arbitrary power, attended with a tyrannical oppression of all that durst adventure to be honest, in order to complete our ruin, would not allow us our freedom.of electing our representatives to make laws, but were resolved themselves to be smiths to forge them*

Under these circumstances, we might still have lain, had not your majesty, in your great wisdom, sent his excellency, the earl of Inchiquin, for our governor, who hath already, by his great experience, made fe 4arge a progress in settling our affairs, that we doubt not but iie will ia amort time accomplisti what is so happily begun.

The consideration of the removal of all these aiflictions, which, next to the divine providence, we must acknowleage to be due to the extraordinary courage and admirable conduct wherewith God hath inspired your majesty, forceth from the bottom of our hearts an humble congratulation ©f your majesty's successes at home, unseigned thanks lor your majesty's extraordinary care of these your dominions abroad^ and incessant prayers to the Almighty for the ever continuance and increase of your majesty's prosperity and glory; not doubting that, as our Saviour hath made you his great apostle for rcstorisg his church in this age, he will enable you to establish it upon him, the rock that neither the pope, with anti-christian principles, nor his disciples, with their subtle delusions, lhall ever impiously endeavour to prevail against it*



May It Please Your Excellency,

TX7E, the grand jury for the body of this their majesty's island, being * * thoroughly sensible of their majesties special savour and high wisdom, in selecting your excellency as a physician, every way sufficient for the extraordinary distempers of this late miserable* but now happy, island, have thought ourselves obliged humbly and thanksully to acknowledge the progress your excellency has already made, towards sixing us in lasting foundations of peace and justice; and, where the administration is entirely just and happy, we may have leave to instance, we gratesully own your excellency's goodness and care in removing from the seats of justice the late arbitrary instruments of our oppression, as well as silling them with magistrates which now at last will only be a terror to the evil; and we are consident that the remaining precincts of this island, which, by reason of the great variety and intricacy of their alfairs, could not by your excellency (that is not by the greatest application imaginable) be yet supplied, with alfairs civil and military, will, in due time, join with us in an harmonious applause of your excellency's conduct and good government. ,

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SINCE the king was pleased to honour me with the trust of this government, I thought it my duty to use my utmost endeavours in the promoting of his service, and the interest of his subjects here, which I take to be inseparable; therefore, sinding at my arrival that, through the want of a due exercise of the law, and that, by the practice of some turbulent spirits, you were in some distractions, I applied mylelf as early as I could to the repairing of the breaches they had caused, and which laid you open to all the evils that could happen to a place and people! for whom I know the king has a great value, and whose service and real advantages shall be the chiefest of my study. i

The sirst of those breaches was repaired by the law being restored t« its due course, as soon as it could be; in the others, I have laboured as much as in me lay, but what progress I have made in it, will be best known among yourselves; I hope it wont appear to be inconsiderable, by letting the world see you lay aside all private piques and animosities, to promote the public and general good of the island.

I had not been here many days, when I found you had such degenqjfate neighbours as might reasonably give apprehensions of ruin and destruction to the settlements near the sea-side, and that you know alfects the whole; but, when I think of giving them the protection they ought to have, I sind a treasury exhausted, and a government greatly incumbered with debts, insomuch that it now lies under the greatest exigency that can be imagined; some instances you have ot it, by these walls I receive you in, amongst many other things which shall be olfered to you in due time.

But, gentlemen, since, for your own preservation, the general welfare, as well as the honour of the island, and their majesties immediate service, no cure can be had but from you in this distemper, I will make no doubt of your taking those measures by which one may effectually be wrought, especially when you consider the difference between your condition, and that of their majesties subject) in other parts. Besides a great


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