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der the public seal, of all laws, statutes, and ordinances, that are dow m de and in force, or which shall be made and enacted within our said ill nd, unto us and our commissioners for trade and foreign plantations, within three months, or sooner, after their being enacted, together with duplicates thereof by the next conveyance, upon pain of our highest dis-, pleature, and of the forfeiture of that year's salary, wherein you shall, upon any pretence whatsoever, omit to fend over the said laws and ordi. nances as aforesaid within the time above limited.

Our will and pleasure is, that no act or order be passed within that our iland, in any case for levying money or imposing fines and penalties, whereby the same shall not be mentioned to be reserved to us, our heirs and successors, for the public use of that our island, and support of the government, as by the laid act or order shall be directed.

And we do particularly require and command, that no money or value of money whatloever be given or granted by any act or order of atiembly to our chief-governor, lieutenant-governor, or commander-in-chief, of our faid island, which shall not, according to the stile of acts of parliament in England, be mentioned to be given and granted unto us, with the humble desire of such assembly, that the same be applied to the use and behoof of such governor, lieutenant-governor or commander-inchief, if we shall so think fit; or, if we should not approve of such gift or application of said money or value of money, it be then disposed of and appropriated to such other. use as in the said act or order shall be mentioned; and that, from the time the same shall be raised, it remains in the hands of the receiver of that our island until our royal p leasure shall be known therein,

You are not to permit any clause to be inserted in any law for levying money or value of money, whereby the same shall not be accountable unto us here in England, or to our commiffioners of our treasury, or our high treasurer for the time being.

And you are also to take care that fair books of accounts be duly kept, upon oath, of all the receipts and payments thereof, which shall be transmitted here half yearly or oftener, with duplicates thereof by the next conveyance, to the end that a due account may be rendered of the fame, and of the right application thereof unto our faid commissioners of our treasury, or our high treasurer for the time being.


You are not to suffer any public money whatsoever to be issucd or dirposed of otherwise than by warrant under your hand by and with the advice and consent of the council, and not otherwise; but you may neverthca lefs pernit the allembly, from time to time, to view and examine the accounts of all money, or value of money, disposed of by virtue of laws made by them ; which you are to fignity unto them as there thall be occasion.

Our will and pleasure is, that all laws whatsoever for the good government of our faid isand be made indefinite, and without limitation of time, except the same be for a temporary end, which shall expire and have its full effect within a certain time; and therefore you shall not re-cnact any law which shall be enacted by you, except upon very urgent occasions, but in no case more than once, without our express consent.

Our further will and pleasure is, that you do not permit any act or ora, der to pass in that our illand, whereby the price or value of current money within the government may be altered, without our particular leave or order for the same; and you are, upon your arrival in Jamaica, to confider what may be fit to be proposed unto us for the settling the current coin of that island.

And you are particularly not to pass any law, or to do any act by grant or otherwise, whereby our revenue may be lefsened or impaired, without our especial leave or commands therein.'

You shall not remove any fines or forfeitures whatsoever, above the fum of ten pounds, before or after sentence given, nor dispose of any escheats, until you shall first have signified unto us the nature of the offence, or occasion of fuch fines, forfeitures, or escheats, with the particular sums or value thereof, which you are to do with all speed unto our commisfioners of our treasury, or high treasurer, for the time being, until you fhall have received our directions therein ; but you may in the mean time fufpend the payment of such fines and forfeitures.

You are to take the most effectual care for the discovery of our quito rents, and for the making a perfect rent-roll of the fame, by impowering our receiver .general to administer an oath to all such as he shall account with, what other lands they may have, either in their own right or in - right of others, unaccounted for, or by such other means as you, with the

advice aforesaid, thall think most conducing to this service.

In case any goods, money, or other estate, of pirates, or piratically taker, thall be brought in or found within our laid iftand of Ja naica, or taken on board any thips or vessels, you arc to cause the same to be seized and secured in the hands of our officers, until you thall have given us an account thereof, and received our pleasure concerning the disposal of the same.

You are to require the secretary of the island, or his deputy, for the time being, to furnish you with all such acts and public orders as shall be made from time to time, together with a copy or journal of the council, to the end the same may be transmitted unto us as above directed; which he is duly to perforin, upon pain ot incurring the forfeiture of his office.

You shall not displace any of the judges, justices, or other officers or ministers, within our said island, without good and sufficient caule fignified unto us, and our committee for trade and plantations; and, to prevent arbitrary removal of judges and justices of the peace, you are not to express any limitation of time in the commislions which you are to grant, with the advice and consent of the council, to fit persons for those employments, nor thall you execute yourself, or by deputy, any of the faid offices, nor fuffer any person to execute any more offices than one by deputy. .

You shall not erect any court or office of judicature, not before erected or established, nor diffolve any court or office already erected or established, without our especial order; and therefore you are to transmit unto us, with all convenient speed after your arrival, a particular account of all establishments of jurisdictions, courts, offices, and officers, powers, authorities, fees, and privileges, granted and settled within our faid inland, to the end you may receive our especial directions therein

You are likewise, with the advice and consent of the council, to regu. late all salaries and fees belonging to places, or paid upon emergencies, that they may be within the bounds of moderation, and that no other exaction be made on any occasion whatsoever.

We do thereby require and command, that no man's life, member, or freehold, or goods, be taken away or harmed under your government, but by eitablished and known laws, not repugnant to, but as much as may be agreeable with, the laws of our kingdom of kugland.


You mall adminifter the oaths appointed by act of parliament to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and the test, to the members and officers of the council and assembly, all judges and justices, and all other persons that hold any office in that island by virtue of any patent under our great seal of England, or our feal of Jamaica.

You are to permit a liberty of conscience to all persons except papists, so they be contented with a peaceable and quiet enjoyment, not giving offence or scandal to the government.

You shall take care planters and christian servants be well and fitly provided with arms, and ibey inlisted under officers, and as often as thall be thought fit muftered and trained, whereby they may be in a better readin ness for the defence of our faid island and territories under your command.

And you are to use your utmost endeavours that each planter do keep such a number of white servants as by law is directed, and that they appear in arms at all such times as they shall be required.

And you are to take especial care that neither the frequency nor unreasonableness of remote marches, musters, and trainings, be an unneceffary impediment to the affairs of the planters,

You shall take an inventory of all arms, ammunition, and stores, iemain. ing in any of our magazines or garrisons in our said island under your command, and send:an account of them forth with after your arrival, and forward yearly unto us and our committee for trade and plantations.

You shall likewise demand ant account from our president and council". how the arms, ammunition, and stores, sent from the office of our ordnance, in this our kingdom, or bought by any public money, have been employ, ed; and whether any of them, and how many, have been sold, fpent, loft, decayed, of and to whom and to what uses; and, for your better information therein, you shall herewith receive an account of what hath, : fince the month of December, 1676, been issued out or fent from the office of our ordnance.

And, that we may be the better informed of the trade of our faid island, ou are to take especial care that due entries be made in all parts thereof, of all goods and commodities, their species and quantities, imported or exported, with the names, burthens, and guns, of all fhips coming and going from the said island, which the naval officer is to furnish you withal; and you are to transmit the fame unto us, or to our high treasurer or commissioner of our treasury for the time being, and to our committee for trade and plantations, quarterly, and duplicates thereof by the next conveyance.

You shall take especial care that God Almighty be devoutly and duly ferved throughout your government, the book of common prayer, as by Jaw established, read each Sunday and holiday, and the bleffed sacrament administered according to the rites of the church of England.

You shall be careful that the churches already built there, shall be well and orderly kept, and more built as the colony fhall, by God's bles. fing, be improved; and that, besides a competent maintenance to the , minister of each orthodox church, a convenient house be built at the common charge, for each minister, and a competent proportion of land assigned to him for glebe and exercite of his industry: and you are to take care that the parishes be limited and settled, as you shall find moft convenient for the accomplishing of this good work.

Our will and pleasure is, that no minister be preferred by you to any ecclefiaftical benefice, without a certificate from the right reverend father in God, the bishop of London, of his conforming to the doctrine and discipline of the church of England; and also, our pleasure is, that you give order forthwith, if the same be not already done, that every minifter within your government be one of the vettry in his respective parish, and that no vestry be held without him, except in case of sickness, or that, after notice of a vestry summoned, he absent himself.

And you are to enquire whether there be any minister within your government that preaches and administers the sacrament in any orthodox - church, without being in due orders, whereof you are to give an account

to the said bishop of London; and you are to endeavour, with the alfiliance of the council, that good and sufficient stipends and allowances be made and ascertained unto the ministers of every parish within your government; and, to the end the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the said


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