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and duty to his governor, which, withour daily prayers for the prosper* ous and long continuance of your grace's government over us in this island, concludes the signal teltimony of our thoughts and intentions, and is subscribed by

Your grace's

Most obedient and humble servants,

Thomas Churchill, Chief pastor «f his majesty's catholic
Jubjtcts of this island.

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May It Please Your Grace,

THAT you consirm the choice of the assembly in their speaker, I conclude the reason is, because your grace is willing to acquiesce in their opinion, rather than question their judgment. I should have hardly presumed to speak to your grace in this capacity, which I esteem as the greatest honour of my lise, could I have convinced myself whether silence or an ill speech had been the more pardonable crime; for, it* this case, my lord, it is not enough to lay, in magnis voiuise Jit eji.

My Lord,

Amongst the multitude of savours conserred on us by his most sacred! majesty, whose goodness, like the sun, extends to the utmost corners of his dominions, this last hath transcended them all, in permitting your grace to condescend to accept of this government, who could have no other inducement but what the samous Roman saith, that a great fortune can have nothing greater, nor a good nature nothing better, in itself, than to do good in abundance; and that no way can be better done than by establishing wholesome laws on a sirm foundation; for those extend to our posterity, and your grace remembers, that your glorious predecessors are no less renowned for being good legislators than great warriors, for both which your grace is eminent at home and in foreign nations.

I should never forgive myself, should I omit to mention that great example of conjugal affection, your most noble consort, who, contemning the danger of the seas and the alteration of climates to accompany your grace, hath made il evident that God hath endued her with a foul equal

la to that os illustrious birth and husband. It is an honour done by you both to us which the opulent kingdoms of Mexico and Peru could never arrive at, and even Columbus his ghost would be appeased for all the injuries lie. endured here from the severity of the Spaniards, could it but know that his own beloved foil was hallowed by such footsteps: but this, my l«rd, is too sublime a theme for me to expatiate on.

I shall not longer detain your grace, but hope you believe our hearts are sull of loyalty to his majesty, duty to your grace, and studious for the welsare of this island.

I do therefore, in the name of these gentlemen, humbly beg the preIfervation of their privileges, freedom of debate, and accession to your person, as your more arduous alfairs will admit; and in particular, my ford, your pardon of the errors of me their, speaker, wljfe wholly submits himself to your grace's clemency.

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William Rex,

TnstruEt'tons for our right trusty and right well-beloved, cousin* William* earl of Inchiquin, our lieutenant and governor-general in- <tn(l •d«<r><j^..:._ island of Jamaica, and other the territories depending thereon %n'yA^^(^M^Given at our court at, the 5th day of December, 1689,- iwtHgf

. first year of omr reign.

8Wjfe.V* •• -' . 'I

ITH these our instructions you'receive our commission, under our great seal of England, constituting you our lieutenant and governor-general in and over our island of Jamaica, and other our territories depending thereon in America; whereupon you are to sit yourself with all convenient speed, to repair to our said island; and, being arrived there, you are to take upon you the place and trust we have reposed in you, and forthwith tp call together the members os our council in that island, viz.—Sir Francis Watson, knight, Thomas Freeman, Thomas Ballard, Thomas Fuller, William Ivy, John White, James Walker, John Burdem, George Needham, Peter Beckford, Peter Heywood, Thomas Ryves, esqrs.

And you are, with due and usual solemnity, to cause our said commission, under our great seal of England, constituting you our lieutenant and governor-general as aforesaid, to be read and published at the said meeting; which being done, you are to administer unto each of the members of our said council, as well the oaths appointed by act of parliament to be taken, instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, and the test, as an oath for the due execution of their places of trust; and also, as soon as conveniently may be after your arrival, you are to cause proclamation to be made in the several parts of our said island of your being commissionated by us our lieutenant and governor-general as aforesaid.


You are to communicate, from time to time, such and so many of our instructions to our said council, wherein their advice and consent is mentioned to be requisite, as likewise all such others as at any time you shall sind convenient for our service to be imparted unto them. Our will and pleasure is, that the members of our said council lhall and may have and enjoy freedom of debate and vote in all alfairs of public concern; and, that we be always insormed of the names of the persons sit to supply the vacancies t-hat shall happen in our said council, you are to transmit unto us, and to the lords of our committee of trade and foreign plantations, tha names and characters of twelve persons inhabitants of our said island, whom you shall esteem the best qualisied for that trust; and so, from time to time, when any of them shall depart out of our said island or become otherwise unsit, you are to supply the sirst number of twelve persons by nominating ethers to us in their stead; and, in the choice of members of our said council, as also of the chief ofsicers, judges, assistants, and justices, you are always to take care that they be men of good lise and well affected to the government, of good estates and abilities, and not necessitous people and much in debt; and you are not to augment nor diminish the number of our said council, as it is hereby established, nor to suspend any of the present members thereof without good and sufficient cause; and, in case ot suspension of any of them, you are forthwith to transmit unto us, and to our committee for trade and plantations, the reasons for your so doing, together with the charges and proois against the said persons,' and their answers thereunto; and you are to signify our pleasure to our said council, that if any of them sliall hereafter absent themselves without leave from you, or from the commander-in-chief for the time being, sirst obtained, or remain absent for the space of two years, or the greater part of them, without leave given under our royal signature, their place or places in our said council shall immediately thereupon become void, and that we will forthwith take care that others be appointed in their stead; and you are, from time to time, to send us, and our said committee of trade and plantations, the names and qualities of any members by you put into the said council, by the sirst conveniency after your lo doing.

You are to observe, in passing of laws, that the title of enacting/the fame by the governor, council, and assembly, be henceforth usevi, and •?* »o other. ^

. And our will and pleasure is, that you transmit authentic copies, un, E.e2 der

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