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fa':] office. And, for tl>e better encouragement os him the said William. Blatlnvaite,. diligently and saithsully to exercise the laid ofsice and employment of surveyor and auditor-general, as aforesaid, we have given a-'d granted, and by these presents do give and grant, for us, our heirs and successors, unto the said William Blathwaite, the annuity or yearly sa1 jy of five hundred pou-nds sterling; to have, hold, receive, and enjoy, t'le said annuity or yearly salary ot sive hundred pounds sterling, to him the said William Blatlnvaite, during Iiis good behaviour in the laid ofsice, out of the said rents, revenues, prizes, sines, forseitures, escheats, duties, and prosits, arising or growing due or payable as aforesaid, in and from our said dominions, colonies, and plantations, in America, by the hands of our treasurers, receivers, collector, and other ofsicers or persons, for the time beinss out of such of our treasure as shall be remaining in their hands, after and according to the proportions following: that is to fay, out of all or any of the rents and other the duties and prosits aforesaid, arising in or from our dominion and colony of Virginia, the sum of One hundred pounds; out of our island of Barbadoes,the sum of one hundred and siisty pounds; out of our islands, commonly called the leeward Carri'oee Islands, the sum of one hundred pounds; and out of our island of Jamaica the sum of one hundred and sifty pounds; to be allowed to them on their respective accounts and to be received by the said William Blatlnvaite, as aforesaid, quarterly, at the four moll: usual seastdays in the year, by even and equal portions; and the said payments to begin from the seast of the annunciation of the blestcd Virgin Mary last past: and we do hereby authorise, will, and direct, all ofsicers and persons whom it may concern to make due payment and allowance of the said annuity or lalary of sive hundred pounds sterling, in manner as aforesaid, according to the purport, true intent, and meaning, of these presents; for which the acquittance »f the said William Blatlnvaite, his executors or administrators, shall be unto such ofsicers and persons a sufsicient discharge. And, to the end the said ofsice of our surveyor and auditor-general may be* duly and rightly executed^ we do hereby will and command the said William Blatlnvaite and his deputies to be obedient to and to observe such orders, rules, and directions, for and concerning the fame, and relating thereunto, as the high treasurer of England, or the commissioners of the treasury, and the chancellor os the exchequer for the time being, shall from time to time direct and appoint; which directions arid orders shall .be uutu him the said William lilatfiwaite at aU times a good aadiuisici^nt

warraiit warrant and discharge; and that he do deliver unto them respectively,, -from time to time, a sair and just state of all such accounts as he Ihall receive from the respective ofsicers settled or established, or to be settled or established, within our said plantations, colonies, and dominions, in America, as aforesaid: And that the said William Blathwaite do also, from time to time, ofser and present to our high treasurer and commissioners of the treasury for thetime being, such proposals and observations concerning our said duties and revenues as may any way tend to our service. And, for the more effectual execution and performance of the premises, we do hereby surther impower and authorise the said William Blathwaite, from time to time, to constitute and appoint, by any writing under his hand and seal, such inserior officers for the better expediting and carrying on our service, in relation to the said ofsice, as by nomination, warrant, and direction, from our high treasurer of England, or commissioners of our. treasury, lor the time being, the said William Blathwaite shall be directed, and them from time to time to suspend, remove, or displace, as to htm the said William Blathwaite, with the direction of the lord treasurer, or commissioners of the treasury for the time being,-shall be thought necessary and expedient. And whereas there is an auditor-general established by our authority within our colony of Virginia, we do hereby especially provide and require, that the auditor-general of Virginia, for the time being, do, from time to time, transmit and deliver unto the said William Blathwaite, his deputy or deputies, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, the sull and particular state of all accounts of monies arising or payable within our said colony, as he the said auditor of Virginia shall and ought to receive the same from the respective collectors, receivers, and other ofsicers, lawsully appointed to collect, receive, and manage, our said revenue; and after the determination of the present grant or grants of the said ofsice of auditor-general of Virginia, the said ofsice is to be annexed, and we do hereby annex the same, to the office of surveyor and auditorgeneral hereby erected ; and the said William Blathwaite, and his successors rn the laid ofsice hereby erected, shall do and perform by^ themselves or deputies all the powers and authorities which are or ought to be executed at this present by the said auditor-general of Virginia: And surther, it is our express w ill and pleasure, that, by the name and title of rents, revenues, prizes, sines, escheats, forfeitures, duties, and proiits, anling due .and payable unto us, within our said dominions, be understood and •comprised, to all intents and purposes, amongst other things, all and all

Y % manner manner os arrears of monies, rents, revenues, prizes, -and prize-goo'd?^ "fines, forfeitures, escheats, duties and prosits, which have risen within our said dominions of America, and which are due, payable, and accountable, unto us, our heirs and successors, by any person or pesons whatsoever, by cause or reason of any matter or thing happened or done since the beginning of the sirst war which was between us aud the statesgeneral of the United Netherlands, since our restoration, and not before; and all that shall hereafter happen, sall, or become, due to us, our heirs and successors, during the continuance of this grant, and also all seizures . and,forseitures since that time lawsully belonging, or which shall at any time hereafter belong, unto us, our heirs and successors, by virtue of any law or statute of our kingdom of England, or other law which is or shall be in forct- in any of our laid dominions in America respectively, or by reason of any special licence, grant, or charter, held of us, whether the fame be made on land or upon the sea, in any part or parts whatsoever, lying or situate or commonly accounted to be lying or situate within the limits and bounds of America aforesaid. And we do hereby, for us, our heirs and successors, require and command all governors, deputy governors, councils, and commanders in chief, and their and every of their subordinate officers and ministers respectively, and all and every collector, receiver, treasurer, and all other officers and persons whatsoever, of, in, or appertaining to, our said colonies and dominions in America, from time to time, to observe, 'fulsil, and obey, our will and pleasure in all things concerning the premises, and to be aiding, assisting, and savouring, to the said William Blathwaite, his deputy or deputies, in the due execution thereof; and we do by these presents, for us, our neirs and successors, grant the said William Blathwaite that these our letters patent, or the enrollment or exemplisication thereof, shall be good and effectual in the law, and shall as well in all courts of record or elsewhere within our realm of England, as also within any of our said islands, plantations, territories, and dominions, whatsoever, tor his the said William Blathwaite having, exercising, and enjoying, the said office and annuity or salary according to their purports and true intent of these presents, without any surther or other warrant in that behalf: And, lastly, jt is provided, intended, and declared, that these presents, or any thing herein contained, shall not extend, or be construed to extend, to impower the said William Blathwaite, or any other person or persons,to act or intermeddle in or with the customs, impost, or duties, arising here in England^

Jot 'for or upon anyrgooels and merchandizes imported Into this kingdomfroift our sa d islands, colonies, and plantations, in America, or with any bond, or obligation taken or taken in pursuance of any act of parliament at anv time heretofore made in England, or at any rates, or duties paya^ •l)le unto us for goods transported from one plantation to another, by .virtue of an act of parliament made in the sive and twentieth year of our reign; any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding. Although express mention ot the true yearly value of the premises, jor, of any ot them, or of any other gifts or grants by us, or by any of icur progenitors or predecetfbrs, heretofore made to the same William £1 «thwaite, in these presents, is not made, or any statute, ordinance, provision, proclamation, or restitution, heretofore had, made, enacted, ordained, or provided; or any other matter, cause, or thing, whatsoever to the -contrary in anywise .notwithstanding. In witness whereof, we have caused the se our letters to be made patent. Witness ourself at Westminster, thfc itxineteenth day os May, in the thirty-second year of our reign. A DIALOGUE

JBy writ of privy Jeal,

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Pro.—'YTTELI.,, how do you Jike this putting it off for a day or two VV longer?

Con.—Not at all, for we have done nothing these six months but put ,off, adjourn, and the God knows what! When do you think we shall make an end at this rate?

pro.—This is the way to make an end; for, if this revenue-bill be not well adjusted, all we have done already signissies nothing; and about six months lience we may expect to begin again, and then I hope all that are so fond of the frequent meetings of asiemblics will have their bellies full; for my part/ I am lull of it aheady.

Con.—What do you mean by well adjusting it?

Pro.—I mean agreeing upon it in such terms and conditions a? may not obstruct its passing with the governor, and yet be sase and pro(itabl? tj), the country; so as the forts now ready to sall may be repaired and kept in good condition, and jio misapplication of the money lo any other use whatsoever than for the support of the government and conting-. nt charges thereof; and suither to secure unto us a wholesome body of laws, without which neither property nor liberty can be sase.

Con.—And do you think that all this may be done, or that the gftyemor will consent to any thing like it?

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