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Gen. i. 2. -

With or without adjuncts, the word spirit, among a great variety of significations,

frequently denotes the power and agency of God, natural, providential, or mira-
culous, having no reference to a distinction of persons in the Deity - 65-6,

137, 156, 201, 217, 222, 393, and many other places.
The Spirit of God, Holy Spirit, &c. means sometimes God himself, or, by a figure

of speech, the holy mind of God; without any allusion to hypostatical distinc-
tions — 95, 106, 175, 199, 205, 388, 394, 397, 403, 407, 423, 434-5, 443,

471, 547, 549, et al.
These expressions variously interpreted, but excluding any notion of the spirit of

God, holy spiril, &c. being the third person in the Godhead - 94, 125, 134,
156, 163-4, 175-6, 197, 204, 205-6, 220, 242-3, 256, 261-2,281, 343, 388, 420-2,
430, 436, 437, 438, 470-1, 505, 507,520, 558, et al.

The spirit of God moved on the face of the wuters. The power, or a
mighty wind, of God; not the person of the Holy Ghost — 94.
Ps. xxxiii. 6. By the breath, or spirit, of his mouth. Equivalent to the word, or

command, of Jehovah 163-4.
Isa. xxxiv. 16. — His spirit it hath gathered them. Jehovah himself, or his might

and power – 197.
Isa. xlviii. 16.- And his spirit hath sent me; indicating the inspiration of the

prophet — 201.
Isa. lxiii. 10. They vexed his holy spirit; God himself - 205.
Hag. ii. 5. — My spirit, the prophetical spirit, or an inward power, derived from

God - 220.
Matt. i. 18. Luke i. 35. — The holy spirit; divine power or influence - 232, 291.
Matt. iji. 16. The spirit of God descending. An external symbol of the divine

powers or the gifts with which Jesus was endowed - 242,
Matt. xxviii. 19. - Baplizing them into the name of the holy spirit. Impossible

to understand from this whether the Holy Ghost is a person 281.
John xiv. 16, 17; xv. 26; xvi. 13–15. Acts v. 32. The comforter, the holy

spirit, the spirit of truth. The divine power, personified as the ambassador of

God and Christ; an assistant to the apostles 367-8, 369, 372, 396.
John xv. 26. – Who proceedeth from the Father. — This not said of the essence or

eternal generation of the third person of the Trinity – 372.
Acts i. 16; xxviii. 25. The Holy Spirit, that is, the Father, spake - 388.
Acts v. 3,4; xv. 28; xx. 23, 28. Rev. xxii. 17. - Lying to the holy spirit and

to men; it seemed good to the holy spirit and to us, &c.; signifying "the

apostles endowed with the lioly spirit”. 394-5, 405, 407, 581.
Acts viii. 29, 39; X. 19; xi. 12. 1 Tim. iv. l. Rev. ii. 7. — The spirit said, &c.

Interpreted of an angel, or of Jesus Christ, or, by prosopopæia, of divine

revelation 399, 401, 403, 515, 576.
1 Cor. ii. 10. The spirit searcheth all things. The mind of God, or the spirit of

which Christians are partakers, penetrates the deep things of God 434-5.
2 Cor. xii. 14. — The communion of the holy spirit. Not explained of a person,
but of gifts and graces

Eph. i. 13, 14. — The holy spirit of promise, who, &c. No personality here

proved 463.
Eph.iv. 30. — Grieve not the holy spirit of God; God bimself, or his gifts — 470-1.
Heb.ix. 14. The eternal spirit ; not the third person in the Trinity — 540-1.
Rev. i. 4. — The seren spirits ; seven ministering angels – 572-3.

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