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25, 27. The guilt of this sin is
imputed, and the corruption of
nature conveyed to all their
posterity, con. vi. 3. cat. 22, 26.
Who are thereby bound over to
the wrath of God and curse of the
law, con. vi. 6. cat. 27, 194.
From the original corruption of
nature all actual sins proceed, con.
vi. 4. cat. 25. Which are not all
equally heinous, cat. 150. The
aggravations of sin, cat. 151. The
demerit of every sin, con. vi. 6.
rat. 152. Punishments of sin in
this world, con. v. 5, 6. xvii. 3.
xviii. 4. cat. 28, 83. In the world
to come, con. xxxii. 1. xxxiii. 2.
eat. 29, 86, 89. Sin is pardoned
for Christ’s sake alone, con. xi. 1.
xv. 3. cat. 70. See Justification,
Satisfaction. Every man bound to
pray for pardon of sin, con. xv. 6.
God continues to pardon the sins
of those that are justified, con.
xi. 5. How pardon of sin is to be
prayed for, cat. 194. The sin un-
to death, con. xxi. 4, cat. 183.
Believers have the dominion of
the whole body of sin destroyed,
and the lusts thereof more and
more weakened and mortified,

con. vi. 5. xiii. 1. cat. 75. See
Mortification, Sanctification. How

providence is exercised about sin,
•on. v. 4. Why God permitted
the sin of our first parents, con.
wi. 1. Why he leaves his children
to fall into sin, con. v. 5. Why
and how sinners are hardened, cow.
v. 6. cat 68.
Sins against the first command-
ment, cat. 105. Against the se-
cond, cat. 109. Against the third,
eat. 113. Against the fourth, cat.
119. Sins of inferiors, cat. 128.
Sins of superiors, cat. 130. Sins
of equals, cat. 132. Sins against
the sixth commandment, cat. 136.
Against the seventh, cat. 139.
Against the eighth, cat. 143.

Against the ninth, cai, 14%
Against the tenth, at 14%
Sincerity. Believers love Christ in
sincerity, con. xviii. l. They are
never utterly destitute of intris
of heart, con. xviii. 4. Minister;
ought to preach sincerely, out 15%
we are to pray with sincerity,
cat. 185. God is pleased to *
cept and reward the good works
of believers which are sincere, to
xvi. 6. - -
Singing of psalms a part of reign
worship, con. xxi. 5,
Slandering sinful, cat. 145. ..
Songs that are lascivious forbidden,
cat. 139.
The Soul of man is immortal, *
iv. 2. cat. 17. The state of ol
when separate from their bodies,
con. xxxii. 1. cat. 86.
Sovereignty. God hath moto
vereign dominion over his to
tures, to do by them, for them, Of
upon them, whatsoever he so
eth, con. ii. 2, The ight of no
ture sheweth that Godhathko
ship and sovereignty overal,"
xxi. J. Eternal sovereignty. "
be ascribed to God alone, tal. 19%
We are to pray with due appro-
hensions of his sovereign Pow",
cat. 185, 189.
Spirit. See Holy Ghost.
Stage-plays forbidden, cat. 139.
Stews not to be tolerated, cat. 18%
Supererogation impossible, op.” :
Superiors, why styled father: "
mothers, cat. 125. How to be ho
noured, con. xxiii. 4. cat. 127, Their
duty, con. xxiii. 1, 2, 3 to 129,
Their sins,cat.130. See Magistry.
Superstition. , God may not be
worshipped according to the
imaginations and devices of mos,
con. xxi. 1. Religious worship to
instituted by God himself, is not
to be used or approved, at 1%
All superstitious devices, too
ful, cat, 109, 113. -

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Tale-bearing, cat. 145.

Temptation. Why God leaves his
children to manifold temptations,
con. V. 5. The wicked given up
to the temptations of the world,
con. v. 6. Temptations to sin are
to be avoided and resisted, cat.
99. § 6, 185, 188. How temp-
tation is to be prayed against,
cat. 195,

Testament. The books of the Old
and New Testament are the word
of God, con. i. 2. cat. 3. And
the only rule of faith and obe-
dience, ib. See Scripturer.

Testament. Why the covenant of
grace is called a Testament, con.
vii. 4. As it was administered
under the law, it is called the Old
Testament, con. vii. 5. And as
administered under the gospel, it
is called the New Testament, con.
Wii. 6.

Thanksgiving to be joined with
prayer, con. xxi. 3. cat. 108, 178.
It is to be made in the name of
Christ, con. xxi. 3. Solemn thanks-
giving a part of religious worship,
con. xxi. 5.

Toleration. A false religion not to

be tolerated, cat. 109.
Tradition, no pretence for using
superstitious devices in the wor-
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UNIon of the elect with Christ, con.
xxv. 1. xxvi. 1. cat. 66. It is in-
separable, cat. 79. Believers are
united to one another in love, con.
xxvi. 1.
Union of the two natures in Christ.
See Personal Union.
Unregenerate, the use of the moral
law to them, cat. 96. Their best
works cannot please God, and
why, con. xvi. 7. But their ne-
glect to do what God commands
is more sinful, ib.
Vocation. See Calling. -
Vow, a part of religious worship,
con. xxi. 5. What it is, and how
to be made, con. xxii. 5, 6. To
be made to God alone, con. xxv. 6.
cat. 108. What vows are unlaw-
ful, con. xxii. 7. Violating of law-
ful vows, and fulfilling of unlaw-
ful, is sinful, cat. 113. '
Usury unlawful, cat. 142.

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will. The counsel of God's will is most wise and holy, con: iii 1. o. 12. It is unsearchable, con. iii. 7 cat. 13. It is free and im: mutable, con. v. 1. cat. 14.3 and most righteous, con. ii. 1: How the will of God is to be done and submitted to, cat. 192. The will of God, revealed in the scriptures, is the only rule of faith, worship, and practice. See, Serio. Christ revealeth to his church; by his Spirit and word, the whole will of God in all things concerning their edification and salvation, cat. 43.

Free will. The will of man is neither forced, nor by any absolute necessity of nature determined, to do good or evil, con. iii. 1. ix. 1. Mao in his state of innocency had freedom and power to will and do good, con... iv. 2. ix. 3. to 17. By his fall he lost all ability of will to any spiritual good at: companying salvation, oft. vi. 2, 4. ix. 3. cot. 25, 192. The will is renewed in conversion, con. ix. 3. ... 67. It is made perfectly and immutably free to do good alone in the state of glory only, con. ix. 5.

Word. See Scripture,
Preaching, Hearing:


worldly-mindedness sinful, cat. 105,

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sinful, cat. 105.

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