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Es will have mercy on whom I will

Por his own glory, unchangeably foreordained whatsoever comes to pass in time", especially concerning angels and

Q. 13. What hath God especially decreed concerning angels L and men ?

A. God, by an eternal and immutable decree, out of his mere love, for the praise of his glorious grace, to be mani. fested in due time, hath elected some angels to glory w; and in Christ, hath chosen some men to eternal life, and the means thereof*: and also, according to his sovereign power,

and The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, to make his power known, endured and the love of God, and the com with much long-suffering the vessels munion of the Holy Ghost, be with

of wrath fitted to destruction : you all. Amen.

Ver. 23. And that he might make 12. Eph. i. 11. In whom also known the riches of his glory on the We have obtained an inheritance, vessels of mercy, which he had afore being predestinated according to the prepared unto glory? Psal. xxxiii. 11. purpose of him who worketh all The counsel of the Lord standeth things after the counsel of his own for ever, the thoughts of his heart to will. Rom. xi. 33. O the depth of all generations. the riches both of the wisdom and 13. w 1 Tim. v. 21. I charge thee knowledge of God! how unsearch before God, and the Lord Jesus able are his judgments, and his ways

Christ, and the elect angels, that past finding out! Rom. ix. 14. What thou observe these things, wiihout shall we say then? Is there unrighe preferring one before another, doing teousness with God? God forbid. nothing by partiality, Ver. 15. For he saith to Moses, I * Eph. i. 4. According as he hath

chosen us in him before the founda. bave mercy, and I will have com tion of the world, that we should be di passion on whom I will have com holy, and without blame before him

passion. Ver. 18. Therefore hath in love: Ver. 5. Having predestina.

mercy on whom he will have ted us unto the adoption of children mercy, and whom he will he hard. by Jesus Christ to himself, according

to the good pleasure of his, will, u Eph. i. 4. According as he hath Ver. 6. To the praise of the glory chosen us in him before the foun. of his grace, wherein he hath made dation of the world, that we should us accepted in the Beloved. 2 Thess. be holy, and without blame before ii. 13. But we are bound to give him in love. Ver. 11. In whom thanks alway to also we have obtained an inherite brethren, beloved of the Lord, ance, being predestinated according because God hath from the be. to the purpose of him who worketh ginning chosen you to salvation, all things after the counsel of his through sanctification of the Spis own will, Rom. ix. 22. What if rit, and belief of the truth: Ver. 14. God, willing to shew his wrath, and Whereunto he called you by Gus





God for you,

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Q. 16. How

do appear. Prov. xvi. 4. The Lord.

hath made all things for himself;.

and the unsearchable counsel of his own will, (whereby he BE extendeth or withholdeth favour as he pleaseth,) hath pass- i lid ed by and foreordained the rest to dishonour and wrath, sier to be for their sin inflicted, to the praise of the glory of his justice y.

Q. 14. How doth God execute his decrees?

A. God executeth his decrees in the works of creation and providence, according to his infallible foreknowledge, ale and the free and immutable counsel of his own will*:.

Q. 15. What is the work of creation ?

A. The work of creation is that wherein God did in the beginning, by the word of his power, make of nothing the world, and all things therein, for himself, within the space u of six days, and all very good a. gospel, to the obtaining of the glory, but also of wood and of earth; of the Lord Jesus Christ.

and some to honour, and some to . Rom. ix. 17. For the scripture dishonour. Jude, Ver. 4. For there saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this are certain men crept in unawares, same purpose have I raised thee up,

who were before of old ordained that I might shew my power in

to this condemnation, ungodly men, thee, and that my name might be turning the grace of our God into declared throughout all the earth.

lasciviousness, and denying the only Ver. 18. Therefore hath he mercy

Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ. on whom he will have mercy, and

1 Pet. 2. 8. And a stone of stumwhom he will he hardeneth. Ver. 21. bling, and a rock of offence, even to Hath not the potter power over the

them which stumble at the word, clay, of the same lump to make being disobedient, whereunto also one vessel unto honour, and another they were appointed. unto dishonour ? Ver. 22. What if

14. 2 Eph. i. 11. In whom also God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, en

we have obtained an inheritance, dured with much long-suffering the

being predestinated according to the

purpose of him who worketh all. vessels of wrath fitted to destruction? things after the counsel of his own. Mat. xi. 25. At that time Jesus will. answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, Through faith we understand that

15. ^ [Gen. Chapter i.] Heb. xi

. S. because thou hast hid these things the worlds were framed by the ward from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes, . Ver. 26.

of God, so that things which are Even so, Father, for so it seemed

seen were not made of things which good in thy sight. 2 Tim. ii. 20. But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, evil.

yea, even the wicked for the day of

16. o Cole

Q. 16. How did God create angels ? Ă. God created all the angels b spirits', immortal, holy', excelling in knowledge', mighty in powers, to execute his commandments, and to praise his name", yet subject to change

Q. 17. How did God create man?

A. After God had made all other creatures, he created man male and female *; formed the body of the man of the dust of the ground', and the woman of the rib of the man", endued them with living, reasonable, and immortal souls" ;


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16. 6 Col. i. 16. For by him were that do his commandments, hearken. all things created that are in heaven, ing unto the voice of his word. and that are in earth, visible and Ver. 21. Bless ye the Lord, all ye his invisible, whether they be thrones, hosts; ye ministers of his that do his or dominions, or principalities, or pleasure. powers: all things were created by i 2 Pet. ïi. 4. For if God spared him, and for him.

not the angels that sinned, but cast Psal. civ. 4. Who maketh his them down to hell, and delivered angels spirits ;

his ministers a faming them into chains of darkness, to be fire.

reserved unto judgment. d Mat. xxii. 30. For in the resur. 17. k Gen. i. 27. So God created rection they neither marry, nor are

man in his own image, in the image given in Warriage; but are as the of God created he him: male and angels of God in heaven.

female created he them. Mat. XXV. 31. When the Son of Gen. ji, 7. And the Lord God man shall come in his glory, and formed man of the dust of the ground,

all the holy angels with him, then and breathed into his nostrils the $ shall he sit upon the throne of his breath of life. glory.

m Gen. ii. 22. And the rib, which { 2 Sam. xiv. 17. Then thine

the Lord God had taken from man, handmaid said, The word of mý

made he a woman, and brought her lord the king shall now be coni.

unto the man. fortable: for as the angel of God,

n Gen. ii. 7. And the Lord God so is my lord the king-to discern formed man of the dust of the ground, good and bad: therefore the Lord and breathed into his nostrils che thy God will be with thee. Mat. breath of life: and man became a xxiv

. 36. But of that day «ind hour living soul. Compared with Job xxxv. knoweth no man, no, not the angels

11. Who teachech us more than the of heaven, but my Father only.

beasts of the earth, and maketh us & 2 Thess. i. 7. And to you who

wiser than the fowls of heaven. are troubled rest with us, when the And with Eccl. xii. 7. Then shall Lord Jesus shall be revealed from the dust return to the earth as it heaven, with his mighty angels. was; and the spirit shall return

# Psal. ciïi. 20. Bless the Lord, ye unto God who gave it. And with his angels, that excel in strength, Mat. X. 28. And fear not them

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made then after his own image o, in knowledge ?, rightta ousness, and holiness?; having the law of God written in their hearts', and power to fulfil it', with dominion over the creatures *; yet subject to fallo.

Q. 18. What are God's works of providence ?

A. God's works of providence are his most holy, ". wise *, and powerful preserving and governing: all his

creatures ;

upon the earth.


which can kill the body, but are not dominion over the fish of the sea, able to kill the soul : but rather fear and over the fowl of the air, and him which is able to destroy both

over every living thing that moveth soul and body in hell. And with Luke xxii. 43. And Jesus said unto

u Gen. iii. 6. And when the woman him, Verily I say unto thee, To-day

saw that the tree was good for food, shalt thou be with nie in paradise.

and that it was pleasant to the eyes, o Gen. i. 27. So God created man

and a tree to be desired to make in his own image, in the image of

one wise, she took of the fruit there. God created he him: male and fe.

of, and did eat; and gave also unto małe created he them.

her husband with her, and he did P Col. iii. 10. And have put on

Eccl. vii. 29. Lo, this only the new man, which is renewed in

have I found, that God hath made knowledge, after the image of him

man upright; but they have sought that created him.

out many inventions. 9 Eph. iv. 24. And that ye put on

18. * Psal. cxlv. 17. The Lord is the new man, which after God is righteous in all his ways, and holy created in righteousness and true

in all his works holiness

* Psal. civ. 24. O Lord, how nani"Rom. ii. 14. For when the Gen

fold are thy works! in wisdom hast tiles, which have not the law, do by

thou made them all: the earth is nature the things contained in the

full of thy riches. Isa. xxviii. 29. Law, these having not the law, are

This also cometh forth from the a law unto themselves : Ver. 15.

Lord of hosts, which is wonderful Which shew the work of the law

in counsel, and excellent in working. science also bearing witness,

and their brightness of his glory, and the

y Heb. i. 3. Who being the thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another.

express image of his person, and s Eccl. vii. 29. Lo, this only have

upholding all things by the word I found, that God hath made man

of his power, when he had by upright; but they have sought out

himself purged our sins, sat down on

the right hand of the Majesty on many inventions.

high. Gen. i. 28. And God blessed them; and God said unto them, Be

* Psal. ciii. 19. The Lord hath fruitful, and multiply, and replenish

prepared his throne in the heathe earth, and subdue it: and have

vens: and his kingdoin ruleth over

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creatures; ordering them, and all their actions, to his own glory b.

Q. 19. What is God's providence towards the angels ? A. God by his providence permitted some of the angels, wilfully and irrecoverably, to fall into sin and damnatione, limiting and ordering that, and all their sins, to his own gloryd; and established the rest in holiness and happiness; employing them all, at his pleasure, in the administrations of his power, mercy, and justice %.

Q. 20. What

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* Mat. X. 29. Are not two spar. ye will do: he was a murderer from rows sold for a farthing? and one of the beginning, and abode not in the them shall not fall on the ground truth, because there is no truth in without your Father. Ver. 30. But him. When he speaketh a lie, he the

very hairs of your head are all speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, numbered. Ver. 31. Fear ye not

and the father of it. therefore, ye are of more value than d Job

12. And the Lord said many sparrows. Gen. xlv. 7. And unto Satan, Behold, all that he hath God sent me before you, to preserve

is in thy power, only upon himself you a posterity in the earth, and put not forth thine hand. So Satan to save your lives by a great deli went forth from the presence of the

Lord. Mat. viii. 31. So the devils b Rom. xi. 36. For of him, and besought him, saying, If thou cast us through him, and to him, are all out, suffer us to go away into the things; to whom be glory for ever.

herd of swine. Amen. Isa. lxii. 14. As a beast

ei Tim. v. 21. I charge thee goeth down into the valley, the before God, and the Lord Jesus Spirit of the Lord caused him to

Christ, and the elect angels, that Test ; so didst thou lead thy people, thou observe these things, without to make thyself a glorious name.

preferring one before another, doing 1.9. © Jude, Ver. 6. And the angels nothing by partiality. Mark viii. 38. which kept not their first estate, but

Whosoever therefore shall be asha. left their own habitation, he hath

med of me, and of my words, in this
reserved in everlasting chains under adulterous and sinful generation, of
darkness, unto the judgment of the him also shall the son of man be
great day. 2 Pet. i. 4. For if ashamed, when he cometh in the
God spared not the angels that sin- glory of his father, with the holy
ned, but cast them down to hell, angels. Heb. xii. 22. But ye are
and delivered then into chains

come unto mount Sion, and unto the
to be reserved unto
judgment. Heb. ii. 16. For veri-

city of the living God, the heavenly
ly he took not on him the nature

Jerusalem, and to an innumerable of angels; but he took on him

company of angels.

if Psal. civ. 4. Who maketh his
the seed of Abraham. John viii.

angels spirits; his ministers a faming
44.. Ye are of your father the fire.
devil, and the lusts of your father

8 2 Kings xix. 35. And it came

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of darkness,


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