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present Parliament assembled, That all and every the per-
sons hereafter in this present ordinance named, that is to

And such other person or persons as shall be nominated and appointed by both Houses of Parliament, or so many of them as shall not be letted by sickness, or other necessary impediment, shall meet and assemble, and are hereby required and enjoined, upon summons signed by the clerks of both Houses of Parliament, left at their respective dwehings,tomeet and assemble themselves at Westminster, in the Chapel called King Henry the VII's Chapel, on the first day of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred andforty-three; and after the first meeting, being at least the number offorty, shall from time to time sit, and be removed from place to place; and also that the said Assembly shall be dissolved in such manner as by both Houses of Parliament shall be directed: and the said persons, or so many of them as shall be so assembled, or sit, shall have power and authority, and are hereby likewise enjoined from time to time, during this present Parliament, or until further order be taken by both the said Houses, to confer and treat among themselves of such matters and things, touching and concernin theliturgy, discipline, and government of the Church of Eng. land, for the vindicating and clearing of the doctrine of the same from all false aspersions and misconstructions, as shall boproposed unto them by both or either of the said Houses of Parliament, and no other; and deliver their opinion, advices of, or touching the matters aforesaid, as shall be most agreeable to the word of God, to both or either of the Houses, from time to time, in such manner and sort as by both or either of the said Houses of Parliament shall be required; and the same not to divulge, by printing, writing, or otherwise, without the consent of both or either House of Parliament. Andbeit further ordained by the authority aforesaid, That William Twisse doctor in divinity shall sit in the chair, as prolocutor of the said Assembly; and if he happen to die, orbeletted by sickness, or other necessary impediment, then

such other person to be appointed in his place as shall be

agreed on by the said Houses of Parliament: And in case any differenceñopinionshallhappen amongst the said persons so assembled,


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assembled, touching any the matters that shall be proposed. to them as foresaid, that then they shall represent the same, together with the reasons thereof, to both or either the said Houses respectively, to the end such further direction may be given therein as shall be requisite to that behalf. And be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, That, for the charges and expences of the said Divines, and every one of them, in attending the said service, there shall be allowed every one of them that shall so attend, during the time of their said attendance, and for ten days before and ten days after, the sum of four shillings for every day, at the charges of the Commonwealth, at such time, and in such manmer, as by both Houses of Parliament shall be appointed. And be it further ordained, That all and every the said Divines, so, as aforesaid, required and enjoined to meet and assemble, shall be freed and acquitted of and from every offence, forfeiture, penalty, loss, or damage, which shall or may ensue or grow by reason of any non-residence or absence of them, or any of them, from his or their, or any of their church, churches, or cures, for or in respect of their said attendance upon the said service; any law or statute of non-residence, or other law or statute enjoining their attendance upon their respective ministries or charges, to the contrary thereof not- . withstanding. And if any of the persons above named shall happen to die before the said Assembly shall be dissolved by order of both Houses of Parliament, then such other person or persons shall be nominated and placed in the room and stead of such person or persons so dying, as by both the said Houses shall be thought fit and agreed upon; and every such person or persons, so to be named, shall have the like power and authority, freedom and acquittal, to all intents and purposes, and also all such wages and allowances for the said service, during the time of his or their attendance, as to any other of the said persons in this ordinance is by this ordinance limited and appointed. Provided always, That this ordinance, or any thing therein contained, shall not give unto the persons aforesaid, or any of them, nor shall they in this Assembly assume to exercise any jurisdiction, power, or authority ecclesiastical whatsoever, or any other power than is herein particularly expressed.

_- Assembly

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Assembly at EDINBURGH, August 19, 1643. Sess. 14.

Commission of the General Assembly to some Ministers and
Ruling Elders, for repairing to the Kingdom of England.

THE General Assembly of the Church of Scotland find

ing it necessary to send some godly and learned of this Kirkto the kingdom of England, to the effect underwritten; herefore gives full power and commission to Mr. Alexander Henderson, Mr. Robert Douglas, Mr. Samuel Rutherford, Mr. Robert Baillie, and Mr. George Gillespie, Ministers, John Earl of Cassilis, John Lord Maitland, and Sir Archibald Johnstoun of Waristoun, Elders, or any three of them, whereof two shall be Ministers, to repair to the kingdom of England, and there to deliver the declaration sent unto the Parliament of England, and the letter sent unto the Assembly of Divines now sitting in that kingdom; and to propone, consult, treat, and conclude with that Assembly, or any Commissioners deputed by them, or any Committees or Commissioners deputed by the Houses of Parliament, in all matters which may further the union of this Island in one Form of Kirk-government, one Confession of Faith, one

Catechism, one Directory for the worship of God, accord

ing to the instructions which they have received from the Assembly, or shall receive from time to time hereafter from the Commissioners of the Assembly deputed for that effect: With power also to them to convey to His Majesty the iii. answer sent from this Assembly to His Majesty's letter, by such occasion as they shall think convenient; and Sitklike, to deliver the Assembly's answer to the letter sent from some well-affected brethren of the ministry there; and generally authorises them to do all things which may further the so much desired union, and nearest conjunction of the two Churches of Scotland and England, conform to their instructions aforesaid.

Mayof the persons who were called by the foresaid Ordinance ofthe Lords and Commons (in that broken state of the Church) to attend the Assembly appeared not ; whereupon the whole

work lay on the hands of the persons hereafter maints.h
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The Promise and Vow taken by every Member admitted to sil in the Assembly.

I A. B. do seriously promise and vow, in the presence of Almighty Gop, That in this Assembly, whereof I am a member, I will maintain nothing in point of doctrine, but what I believe to be most agreeable to the word of God: nor in point of discipline, but what may make most for GoD's glory, and the peace and good of this Church.

4 L Is?' of the D1 or wes who met in the Assembly at - Westminster.

Dr. William Twisse of Newbury,
Dr. Cornelius Burges of Waterford,
John White of Dorchester, Asses-
I}r. William Gouge of Blackfriars,
Robert Harris of Hanwell, B. D.
Thomas Gattaker of Rotherhithe,
Oliver Bowles of Sutton, B. D.
Edward Reynolds of Bramston,
Jeremiah Whitaker of Streton,
Dr. Anthony Tuckney of Boston,
John Arrowsmith of Lynne,
Simeon Ashe of St. Bride’s,
Philip Nye of Kimbolton,
Jeremiah Burroughs of Stepney,
John Lightfoot of Ashley,
Stanley Gower of
Richard Heyrick of Manchester,
Thomas Case of London, -
Dr. Thomas Temple of Battery,
George Gipps of Ayleston,
Thomas Carter,
Dr. Humphrey Chambers of Cla-
Thomas Micklethwait of Cherry-
John Guibon of Waltham,
Christopher Tesdale of Uphus-
borne, '
Henry Philps,
George Walker, B. D.


Edmund Calamy, B. D. of Alder-
manbury, -
Dr. Lazarus Seaman of London,
Joseph Caryl of Lincoln’s Inn,
Dr. Henry Wilkinson senior of Wa-
Richard Wines of Calcot,
Nicolas Profit of Marlborough,
Stephen Marshal, B. D. of Finch-
ingfield, -
10r. Joshua Hoyle late of Dublin,
Thomas Wilson of Otham,
Thomas Hodges of Kensington,
Thomas Baillie of Mildenhall,
B. D.
Francis Taylor of Yalding,
Thomas Young of Stownmarket,
Thomas Valentine, B. D. of Chal-
font, St. Giles,
William Greenhill of Stepney,
Edward Pele of Compton,
John Green of Pencomb, |
Andrew Pern of Wilby,
Samuel de la Place,
John de la March,
John Dury,
Philip Deline, o
Sidrach Simpson of London,
John Langly of Westuderly,
Richard Clayton of Showers,
Arthur Sallaway of Seavernestock,
John Ley of Budworth,
Charles Herle of Winwick, prolo-
cutor after Dr. Twisse,


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Herbert Palmer, B. D. of Ashwel, assessor after Mr. White, Daniel Cawdrey of Great Billing, Henry Painter, B. D. of Exeter, Henry Scudder of Colingboin, Thomas Hill, B. D. of Tichmarsh, William Reynor, B. D. of Egham, Dr. Thomas Goodwin of London, Dr. William Spurstow of Hampden, Matthew Newcomb of Denham, Dr. Edmond Staunton of Kingston, John Conant of Lymmington, B. D. Anthony Burges of Sutton Coldfield, William Rathband, Dr. Francis Cheynel of Oxen, Dr. Henry Wilkinson younger of Oxford, o Sedgwick, B, D, of Cogshal, Edward Corbist of Marton College, Oxford, Samuel Gibson of Burley, Thomas Coleman of Bliton, Theodore Backhurst, William Carter of London, Peter Smith,

John Maynard of Mayfield,
William Price of Paul's Church in
Covent Garden,
John Whincop of St. Martins in the
William Bridge of Yarmouth,
Peter Sterry of London,
William Mew, B. D. of Eslington,
Benjamin Pickering of East Hoatly,
John Strickland of St. Edmonds in
Humphrey Hardwick,
Jasper Hicks of Lawrick or Lau-
John Bond,
Henry Hall, B.D. of Norwich,
Thomas Ford of London, afterwards
of Exeter,
Thomas Thorowgood of Massing-
Peter Clark of Kerby Underhill,
William Good,
John Foxcroft of Cotham,
John Ward,
Richard Byfield of Long-Ditton,
Francis Woodcock,
John Jackson of Marske.

Commissioners from the General Assembly of the Church of

AltRANDER HENDEason of Edin-
Robert Douglas of Edinburgh,
Samuel Rutherford of St.
Robert Baillie of Glasgow, .
George Gillespie of Edinburgh,


John Earl of Cassilis,
John Lord Maitland, afterwards
Duke of Lauderdale,
Sir Archibald Johnstoun of Wari-
stoun, Ruling Elders. -
Henry Robrough,
Adoniram Byfield,
John Wallis, Scriber.


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