Nature, Volume 98

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1917 - Electronic journals

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Page 191 - Each essay must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the name and address of the author and bearing on the outside the motto or device which is inscribed upon the essay.
Page 81 - On the other hand, the sun-arc displacements and the relative separation of the components of close pairs in solar and arc spectra indicate that, within the limits of error, evidence of mutual influence is absent from the solar spectrum, and, in so far as mutual influence is a necessary corollary of anomalous dispersion in the sun, evidence for it also is absent.
Page 79 - We may speculate, if it amuses us,, of other beings in other planets who have arranged analogous experiences according to an entirely different conceptual code— namely, who have directed their chief attention to different relations between their, various experiences. But the task is too complex, too gigantic, to be revised in its main outlines. You may polish. up .common sense, you may contradict it in detail, you may surprise it. But ultimately your whole task is to satisfy it.
Page 78 - I am going to emphasise the importance of theory in science. But to avoid misconception I ,most emphatically state that I do not consider one source as in any sense nobler than the other, or intrinsically more interesting.
Page 47 - England under the Advisory Council of the Committee of the Privy Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and in the United States under the National Research Council.
Page 79 - ... it, of the folk who sold it, of the folk who have seen it or used it, of the man who is now experiencing a comfortable sense of support, combined with our expectations of an analogous future, terminated finally by a different set of experiences when the chair collapses and becomes firewood. The formation of that type of concept was a tremendous job, and zoologists and geologists tell us that it took many tens of millions of years. I can well believe it. I now emphasise two points. In the first...
Page 247 - In considering the provision of scholarships, bursaries, etc., the committee was instructed to take into account the report of the consultative committee of the Board of Education on this subject.
Page 154 - Paper covers. $1.30 net. Part III. VESUVIUS IN ANTIQUITY. Passages of Ancient Authors, with a Translation and Elucidations. By Francis W. Kelsey. Illustrated.
Page 9 - It is in our view certain that the number of trained research workers who will be available at the end of the war will not suffice for the demand which we hope will then exist." But it is not only the scientific pioneers who will then be needed. Sir George Beilby, chairman of the fuel research board, informed us that in the chemical industries there was need for a much larger supply of professionally trained chemists as works managers and process...
Page 59 - PETROLEUM MINING AND OIL-FIELD DEVELOPMENT. A Guide to the Exploration of Petroleum Lands, and a Study of the Engineering Problems connected with the Winning of Petroleum. Including Statistical Data of important Oil Fields. Notes on the Origin and Distribution of Petroleum, and a description of the Methods of Utilising Oil and Gas Fuel. By A. BEEBY THOMPSON, AMIMech.E., FGS, Author of "The Oil Fields of Russia.

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