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%y^T\J 10474a /. I o s. 6 d. per Annum,
for 99 years, from Lady day,
1704. for 1 ^69664 /. 181. 6d.
contributed for Annuities.
> 46000 /. per Ann. for 99 years,
from Christmas, 170s. for
690000 /. Purchafs money ,
contributed for Annuities.

190/98/. 6 s. 7 d. and the rests

for Charges in paying the said i. 192406

Annuities. In all j
IX d. per Barrel Excise granre<h

4 tV. for 99 years, from the [

ayth January,i6^2.. ischare'd

with 124866/. per Annum for

Annuities, for which there

was contributed 1492579/!

7 s. and with 7/67 /. per Ann. y 1 f 0106'

for 108100/. advanced for

Annuities on the Advantage

of Survivorship, by a Medium

of the neat Produce into the;

Exchequer in the said three

years, is

Another 9 d. per Barrel f W. made perpetual, is ap-
propriated at foSows, viz.

Five Sevenths thereof for Pay-
ment of 100000/. per annum,
to the Bank of England for
1200000/. advancedoy them,
which is redeemable on pay-
ing the principal Sum, as in
the said Act is mentioned.

Two Sevenths with 1/336 I;
12 s. 6 d. per Annum, for
176744 /. 1 s. 9 d. Contri-
buted for Annuities, which
were at first purchased for
single Lives, and afterwards
turn'd into Estates certain for
89 Years, from the aeth of
Jan. 1702.

And 159898

And also with 2.003® /. 1 /.
per Annum, for 1709I7 /.
■2.S. 3 d. advanced for Annui-
ty for two Lives.
And allo with 2.093/. 10
4 d. per annum, for 21235/.
4/. Contributed for Annui- 1 150094
ties, for three Lives, the Pro- J
duceof the 9 d. by a medium
of the said 3 Years, is
And one other 9 d. per Barrel forj
16 Years from the 17th of I
May, continued \A. from the I
17th or May, 1713. for 95'
Years, is appropriated for
paying 140000 I. per ann. on
Million Lottery-Tickets, for
the Remainder of a Term of

16 Years, which will end at
Michaelmtts, 1710. and after-
wards towards paying Annui-
ties amounting to 134242 /.

14 s. per Ann. purchas'd for 99 Years, from Lady-day, 1706. The neat Produce of this 9 d. (which contains some additio

rial Duties on Brandy, (3c.

rot granted by the two former

Acts,) from a Medium of the

said 3 Years, is, Low Wines and Spirits of the~>

first Extraction, continued by

an Act 4 A. from the 25th of

March, 1706. to the 24th of

June, 1710. are appropria

ted towards re-payment of

700000/.authoriz'd to bebor

row'd, as well upon Credit of

these Duties, as upon an addi-
tional Duty of 15 i.p. Cent, on

Muslins, Gfe. The neat Pro

duce hereof by a like Medium,

is, j

Toral 677765

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O^YNJ Out of which is to be deducted,
so much, as by the aforegoing
neat Produce, will be more
than sufficient to pay the
above-mention'd Annuities,

A superplus of the-j
9 d. ftr Barrel for/
the remainder 0^17675
99 years, from theC
ajthofjiw. 169a. J

A superplus of thel
9 d. for the Bank, ^-11654
and others, «*

A superplus of the"
Lottery, 9 d.
continued for An-
nuities, with the :6

id. Subsidy of I
Tonnage and I
Poundage; J
All which are unappropriated,!

and amount to s 85781

And then the Total of the seve- ■

ral Branches of Excise appro / f 02.182 14
priated for payment of Debts C *9 1
is, set Annum.

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AnxAccmnt of the Proportions which tht present Excise K*S\~+J"' upon Liquor) in Scotland, doth bear t* the several Branches of that Revenue in England, exclusive of the Encease that may arise by the higher Duties, or greater Consumption after toe Union.

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English Excise p. Ann,

For the Civil \ 269837. Proportions

Government, J Superplusages ■> unappropria C85781 ted. J

Appropriated for Debts, 3700/. a Week"} for payment I of Annuities I

tuiry redeem-
able by Par-

IX. d.per Barrel "\ .
for the Re /
mainder of\,.„..,
99 Years/1^"
of Jan. 169a. *

IX. d. per Bar-?

rel for the ^137460 Bank, 6c. J

IX. d.p'er Barrel!
for payment I

Tickets, and |"I04^Z3
afterwards for I
Annuities. J
Low Wines till

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4860 20936

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j 7347»

A Computation of the Value of the Annual Sums,
contributed out of the Scots Excise- (ijH&ated as
335001. per Annum) towards the Antkipatt<k
Excise Funds in Engt^ndv w's,

68oa /. per Ann. out of the Ex-~J v
cisein Scotland, towards pay-
ment of. Annuities, for 99;
Years, which are charg'd on
the 3700/. a Week, arising >• 10373x1 10
out of the Hereditary and |
Temporary Excise mEngltind,
ac ty Years 3 Moftths Pur-
chafe, comes to


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