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Numb. XIII. Pag. 12.8. An Act faffed im the Partia-
ment of Scotland, for Eletiing the sixteen Peers, and
forty five Commoners, to represent Scotland in tU
Parliament of Great Britain.

Numb. XIV. Pag. A Letter written by Mtnsun-

de Chamillard, Secretary of State to the Frcnc:
Kjnfy to the Dukf of Berwicjj.

King Charles HIV Proclamation, p. i op:

Numb. XV. Pag. 146. The Representation end Peti.
tion of the Council of State of the "United Provimct:,
prefix'd to the Lists and Estimates of the Number jr:
Charge of the forces, judged necessary to be employ &

. by that State in the Year 1707.

Numb. XVI. Pag. is6, The Queen's Letter to the
Bishop of Paderborn, &U8cd Bishop of Minister.

Numb. XVII. Pag. 157. Utt Grace the Dukf o/Marl-
bOTOUgh'i Letter to the Right Hon: Mr. Secrettrj

Numb. XVIII. Pag. if9. hfr. StanianV Mcmsridi

to the Regency of the Grisons.
"Treaty between the Grisons, and the Imperial Ambassador,

p. 169.

Numb. XIX Pag. 174. An A3 passed in the Parli*-
ment os England, for Ratifying the Articles ofVnii*.

Numb. XX. Pag. 179. Conditions on which it is of-
fered (by the French.) to evacuate tl>e Places o/Lom-
bardy, and to withdraw the Troops of the two Crew
into France.

Numb. XXI. Pag. 188. A Representation from tit
Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations to tot

Numb. XXII. Pag. 191. A Letter from the Pasters
of the Church of Geneva, and the Professors of the
Academy there, to theVniversity of Oxford, with the
"Universities Answer. Also Letters between the Pa-
stors, &c. of Geneva, and the Bishop of London!


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