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Toclamation, for the better manning of the Fleet, p. z."

against Papists, 3. For a publicly Thanksgiving, 140.

u4frain/l Tumults in Scotland, 346. 379. 408. for

a Fast, 49a. 'romotionj of Honour, 397.

'ruliia, Prince Royal'of, comes to the Confederate Army, p. 174. He Marries the Electoral Princess of Hanover, £30.

*ruflian Ambassador h<ss hi Audience of Leave, p. 333.

But nevertheless stays in England, ibid, 'uifieux, Monsieur de, his Speech to the Sm&CantonS)


QjU E E N ANNE, appoints Commissioners to treat of an Union, p. ia, 13. Her Speech to them, 32. 61. 75*. Her Letter to the KJng of Denmark, 147. Her Answer to the Address of the University e/Cambridge, X 49. She comes to Kensington, Ijo. Goes to the. bathedral Church of St. Paul'J in great Solemnity,\b\c\. Returns to Windsor, 1jf. Goes to Newmarket, 234. ' Returns to Windsor, 33/. Her Letter to the pcotch Parliament, 336. Her Speech to theParlia-. meat c/England, 381. Her Answer to the Common: Address, 38/. To the Lords Address, 387. And to the Convocations Address, 391. To the Lords Address,. 394. Her Speech to both Houses, 395-. IJer Answer to the Commons Address, in favour of the Duke of Marlboroughi, 426. Her Speech to both Houses, 436. Her Answer to the Thanks of the House of Commons, 457. Her Speech to both Houses, 467. Her Answer to two Addresses of the Commons, 47J. Her. Speech to both Houses, 480, 48;. tier Answer to the Address about the Sufferers in the Ship Worcester, 483. Her Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, *

484' ."'•-:

QUEEN SBER RY, Duke of, his Speech to the Parliament of Scotland, p. 3 37. He is insulted by the Mob, 3 $9. His Speethto fie Scotch Parliarnent, 413. tie arrives at London, 424.


Ragntxi, Prince, hi Letter to she State J

320 .

R A MI L L I E S, Battle there, p. 78.

Reggio> surrendred at Diskette* to the bnpeii*ltjh,:

RenwkabL Occurrences, 490.

Representatives o/Scotland, in the Parliament ofGrtz

Brit-din, chosen, p. 423. Rivers, Ear I of, is made Commander of the L,aradpsnu

311. His Memorial to the nevo King of Portugal, J11

He arrives at Alicant, 314. s\etums to Engiar:


Robinson, Dr. his, and Mr. Haersolet'j Letter t$ tit

King of Sweden. 327. Roxburgh, Earl of, jealous for the Union, p. 343.

Salamanca, City of, taken, 190. Lost, 304. Ami Jfc

tf.'nen, ibid. , Salifli, General, his Letter to Mr. Secretary Fagel, f

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O Y, Duke of largf Offers made to him, p ic;, which he rejeils, ibid. His Family retires from 1win. 2.0J. He also, 2.06. He is purjucd by the Duke of k Feuillade, ibid. His Family arrives at Oneglia, 207. He retires to Coni, 209. and to the Valley ef Lucerne, zio. Returns to Bubione. 211. He enters T> . tin, 236. His Letter to the States General, 239. Ati to the K}>'?, of Prussia, 246. His Progress .-.fter tbt Battle o/Turin, 2/3. Receives a Contusion, *cS. ft returns to Turin, 264 The Emperor makes over feve Places and Territories to htm, 271. Sawbridge, Mr. fined, p. 436. Saxe Gotha, William, Prince of, his Letter to the Statti

General, p. 240. 261. SchuiZt Baron, presents his Credentials from the Princtfs

Sophia, 333. He has another Audience, 491. Scotland, Affairs there, 3 3 J, seqq. Grot ^U4»ri

ties of &C. imported there, 478

Seasield, bis Speech to the Scotch Parliament, p. 359. Shovel, Sir Cloudcfly, commands the Confederate Fleet, p. 311. He fails from St. Hcllens, ibid, Is sored

in it into Torbay, 5la- Arrivei at Lisbon, ibid. Arrive* at All cam, 314. Returns t0 Lisbon, ibid. Smith, (" Mr ) Sworn Clerk of the'Cowacil, p. 490. Soncino, Garrison of, made Prisoners, p. ifi. Southwell, (Col.) has the Regiment of Col. Rivers given

, him, p. 490. Spain, affairs there, p. 109. (3 seqq, 2.72 (3 seqq. Speech, os' the Lord Keeper, to the Commissioners for the Union, p. 13. ^Of the Chancellor of Scotland to the fame, If. Of the Lord peeper to the Queen, 73. Of the Lord Chancellor of Scotland to her Majesty, 74. Of the Speaker of the House of Commons to the Qgeen, p. 396. Stair, Earl of, dies; his Character, p. 411. Standards and Colours tarried in Triumph to GuildHall, p. 396. Sranian, ( Mr.) his Letter to the Canton of Zurich, p. if j".

States General, their Letter to the Duke e/Marlborough, p. 87. Their solutions about the Proposals of Peace made by France, p. tyi. Their Letter to the Duke of Savoy, p. 244. And to Prince Eugene,, p. 24?. And to the Prince of Hesse, p. 2/2. States Deputies, their Letter to the States General, p. 94. 181. Their Answer to the Elethr of Bavaria'* Letter, p. 190. Stephens, Mr. receives Sentence to stand in the Pillory,

which is remitted, p. 488. Stepney, Mr. succeeds Mr. Stanhope, p. 136. He n admitted to the Diet of the Empire, as the Duke of Marlborough's Plenipotentiary, p. 31s. His Speech to the Emperor, 323. Supply granted in Scotland, p. 363, 364. Voted in, England, p. 384. 427, 428. 433. 441. 468. 471. and Seqq.

Sunderland, Earl of, made Secretary of State, p 491.

Sweden, King of, invades Saxony, and raises Contri-
butions' and Recruits, p. 326. His Answer to the
English and Dutch Ministers, 327. He refuses to
open himself to any but the D. e/Marlborough. ibid.

Thanksgiving observed, p. ifo. 398.
Thefle, Mareschal de, his Letter to the Earl of Peter-
borough, p. 138. '. .
Thorold, Sir Robert, bit Death and Character, P497-


Titles bestow"d, p 397.
Toledo declares for Kjtig Charle s III. p. 2.93.
Tortona, Town of, Surrenders, p. 2.61. Xk'C^I
storm d, 264!

Toul>—fe, Count of meets with a Storm at Sea, p. Ii:

Arrives in the Bay of Roses, ibid. Treaty of Union. See Unions"' Treaty a/ Milan, p. 270. , Treaty of Peace, between the i\ing of Sweden ,Kjvg A".

gustus, and KJng Stanislaus, p. 22/. Tudway,fMr.)Jasper. Jed. and deprivd of his PUetl

the "University of Cambridge, p. 333. Tumults in Edinburgh, p. 345. 361. 380. ait GH

glow, Gfc. 376. . Turin, Advances towards the Siege of it, ico. Invefia.

2.02.. The Siege carried on, 103. 211t&f- Bs::.i

there, 2.31 >&fe/jq.

• y. ;.■ _

VauJempnt^ Prince, leases Milan, p. 2/4,.

Vendolme, "Dukj of, recaU'd fromltzly, p. 164. Pnamble to his Commission, 16y. He arrives ut Valenciennes, 176.

Venice, Ambassador of, his publics Entry, p. 4. P*ii Audience, f.

Verue, Castle of, furrendred, p. 25-8.

UNION, between England and Scotland, former Attempts towards it, p.6.S? fetjq. Commissioners appointee to treat of it, p. 12, 1 3. The "treaty about it opens, 13, carried on from p. 16. to p. 73. Treaty concluded, 73.' Wagers againd theMmonforbidden. p. 75". The Treaty order d to be printed, p. 340.. A powerful Party in Scotland against the Union, p. 341. Proceedings about it in the Scotch Parliament,' pi 342. Libels against it, p. 34s. 407. The Articles, of Union tpproved in Scotland, p. 41 j". And by the Commons of England, p. 440. And bj 'the House of Peers, p.461.' An Act r^iifjtingthcfame passed, p. 466. "Universities of England^ Resolution in their Favour'

'P 4<>3


Walden, Lord, declared Deputy Marshal of England^

P- 334- 'V •'

Waller, Dr. his Death, p. 498.

Vard, Mr.stands in the PiBory, p. 489. " „ •'• .

Ventrfond, Lord Viscount of Tuam, Commijpon of
Idiocy Against him superseded, p. 492.

Vharton, Lord, made "justice in Eyre, p. 490.

Vinchester, Bishop os, bis Death, p. 496.'"

,'Vindham, Lieutenant General, joins the Earl of Gal-
way, p. 501.

vVithers, Major General made Governor of Shecrnes?/

P- 49'-


Number X- Pag 1 • 'T'HE Queen's Commission, appoint
* ting English Commisstoncrs t*
Treat of an Vnion with Scotland.
Numb. Ilrpag. y. Her Majesty s Commission, appoin-
« ting Scorch Commissioners to Treat of an Union. .
Numb. III. pag. so. 'Articles of Vnion agreed on the.

%%d Day of July.
Numb. IV. pag. 26. A State of the Revenues andpub*
licli Income of the KJngdom of England, laid before
the Commissioners for the Vnion.
Numb. V. pag. ^4. The Lord Beilhaven's' Speech in

the Scorch Parliament, on the zd of November. .
Numb. VI. Pag. 70. The Earl Rivers'/ Manifesto.
Numb. VII. Pag. 74. The Marquis de Guiscard'*

Numb. VIII. Pag. 82. A Letter from an English
Gentleman at Genoa, to his Friend in Holland, in
Justification of the Earl of P —'s Conduit".

Numb. IX. Pag. 89. The Capitulation upon which the
Island of Majorca submitted to the Obedience of i\ing

. Charles III. •

Numb.X. Pag. 92. A Narrative of the ElcBion, Meet-

ing, and Dissolution of an Assembly, tit Charles-

Town, in Carolina.

Numb. XI. Pag. 98. Articles of the Treaty of Peace,

between the Kjng of Sweden and King Sraniflaus

of Poland, on the one Part; and Ki"£ Augustus,

Eleilor of'Saxony, on the other Part.

Numb. XII. Pag. 1Q7. The Articles of the Vnion, as

they passed with Amendments in the 'Parliament of

Scotland. ,


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