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Emperor makes over several Places and Territorial tt tht ] Duke of Savoy, p. 2.71 • Answer to the slnww i of the Hungarians, proves unsatisfactory, p, 319.

Evelyn, Mr. pies, p. 494.

EUGENE, Prince, arrives »'»Italy, p. 19S. His Motions, p.zii.andSeqq. He passes the Adige,p.iri. Forces his Entrance into La Badia, 214. P asses t h* Po, 219. His further Progress, 221. He taless Carpi, 2lz. Advanees to (he Relief of Turin, 224. His Letter so the Managers of the Loan to the Empire?, 226. He passes the Tanaro, 228, and Joint tht Duke of Savoy, Ibid. He enters Turin, 1.^6. His Letter to the States General, about the PeSary d Turin, p 2;9. His Progress after that Vitiary, 2y;. His publics Entry into Milan, 2j(>. He and tot Dtike of Savoy divide their Fo>ces, 2T9. He- t*k.:s Alexandria, 261. Hit Letter to the Swiss Cants*/, z6f. He goes to Milan, and it made Governor sj that Dutch], 267. He goes to Turin, and returns tt Milan, 268.


Feuillade, Duke of la, surprises Mondovi, and returns to the Cams before Turin, p. 209. goes ago* in quest of the Duke of Savoy, ibid. But finds it impossible to force him, p. 21 o.

Flanders, States of, their Recognition of King Charles, p. 107.

Fleer, See Leake and Shovel.

Fletcher, Mr.resUHs on the Commissioners for tlie Treaty

o/Union, p. 347. For which he begs Pardon, ibid. Fraudulent Traders, a Resolve and BiB against them,

p. 478. The Bill droftS 48 r. French Court fends positive Orders to tht Mareschalit

Villeroy to fight the Allies, p. 77. their Counsels

disturb d, 164. Reasons vthr they sue for Peace, 195. French in Flanders abandon Louvain, p. Sy. Their

Army separates, 104., French raise the Siege o/Barcelona, p. 136. With tie

Loss of their Artillery, Ammunition and Provisions, 1 37. French Account psthe Fight at Calcinato, p. #^4. French Kjn£s'Letter to the Archbishop of Paris, about

it, p. 199.

French threaten to re-enter Piedmont, but do not esfeS

it. p. 2612. Their Suaejsis on (Jse Rhine, 31 y. Fuller, ;Jr.D/«,'p.494".' '• •'

G. • Galias, Count os, has a publics Audience of the Queen, p. 146.

GALWAY, Earl of, his Campaign in Spain, p. 272. His Manifesto, 283. Hit pressing Reasons for Marching into C istile, 286. He receives Letters from KJng Charles, 295.

Germany, Affairs there, p 514.

Ghent, Castle us, Surrenders, p. 102,

Gildon, Mr. Charles, fined, p. 489

Goito, taken p 248.

Granville, Sir Bevil, his Death, p. 49$.

Grey, Lord, Dies, p. 494.


Haguenau, taken by the French, p. 516.

Hallifax, Lord, arrives at Hanover, p. 330. his Reception there, ibid. He goes to the Army, and from thence to the Hague, 332

Hamilton. Presbytery of, their Answer to the Letter of the General Assembly, 402. Their Address to the Parliament, 40/. v

HANOVER, Prince EleUoral of, made Knight of the Garter, p. 2. Created Duke of Cambridge, 334.

Hara, Sir Charles, created Lord lyraioley, p. 492.

Harley, Mr. Secretary, his Letter to'the Mayor of London, p. 246.

Hatton, Lord, Dies, p. 496.

Kaverfham, Lord, his Speech, p. 442.

Hay. Lord, dies, p. 49s.

Hesse-Cassel, Prince of, his Progress in Lombards, p. 247. Hit Letter to the States General, ibid. He takes Goito, but is obliged to raise the Siege of Castiglione, 248. His Letter to the States General about the Fight at Castiglione, 249. His Letter to the fame, 2^3. He joins the Duke of Savoy. 279*

Hohendorf, Baron, his Account of the Battle of Turin, 241.

Howard, Word, o/Effingham, tfiade Gentleman of Ihe

Bed Chamber to the Prince, p. 490. Hungarians, their Demands, 31 S. Hungary, Affairs there, p. 317. 3 18 319. Hyde, Mr. appointed Muster MrjterG.-n.ta', p.492.


Jews of Amsterdam, their Prayer for the Queen efGrt

Britain, p. 332..
Italy, Affairs there, p. 194.& Seas.
Wk&submits to Kjng Charles, p. 306.


Keeper. Lord, his Speech to the Duke of Marlborougr. p. 388.


Lancaster, Dr. chosen Vice chancel/or of the XSniverjuy d

Oxford, p. 490. Lauder, Tomt of, their Petition against an Union, p.

LEAKE, Sir John, Motions of the Fleet under bsM,$, 131. He is stops in the River of Lisbon, ibid. Ati ihisjes the Spanish Galleons, ibid. King Charles'; Letter to him, ijx. He fails from Gibraltar, ij;. tie relieves Barcelona, 13/. T«^rj Cartbageni. 30s. As also Ivica, god. And Majorca, 307, He returns home, and is well receivdbj the Queen art Prince, 307.

Libels against the Union, p. 34/. Order'd to he hunt,

Licentious Writers cbeclfd, p. 486. (

Liere abandon d by •the French, p. 99.

Littleton, Sir Thomas, his smart Saying, p. 440.

Lodisurrendred to the Allies, p. 2.f6.

Lorain, Earl of. Married, p. 490.

Lords, House of, their Address to the Queen, p. 38s. 393. Their Debates about the Union, 429. 441 and Seqa. They approve the Treaty, but several Member! enter their Protests, 4611 464.

Louvain abandon d by the French, p. 8/. The Confederates takf Possession of it, ibid.

Lustring Company, Resolves in their Favour, p. 433.


Madrid, City of,*submits po King Charles III. p. 29s.

Vneaste at his not coming to them, 19f. He-taken by

the French, 300. Majorca reduced, p.- 307. Malines or Mechlen, submits p. 98.


arc in, Marefchal of, mortally wounded, p. 23 s. [arlsetial. Earl if, his Protest, p. 567. IARLBOROUGH, Duke of, embarks for Holland, p. 4.. Arrives there, ibid. His Campaign in the Netherlands, p. 76. He Jets out from the Hague, ibid. Hi'S Letter to the States, about the Victory 4f,Ramil» lies, 8 c. His Letter to the States of Brabant, So. Hit Order forstriB Discipline, 97. He toes to Brussels 98. Hk Letter to the KJng «/Denmark,99. His Letter to the States General, lot. 103. He goes to the Hague, 109. Continuation of his Campaign; He sets cut from the tlague for the Army, 166. His Reception at Antwerp, ibid. He arrives at the Camp at Arseele. 167. tlis Motions, 17 i. His Letnr to the States about the: Surrender of Dendermaod, 180. He /eaves the Ar. my, and makes his Publick, Entry into Brussels, 184. fyturns to the Army, t8f. Sets out for the Hague, ibid. Arrives there, 186. His Answer to the Elector c/Bavaria'sL^w, 188. He arrivesat London 193.' He is invested in the Principality e/Mindelheim, 3 i 4. His Answer to the Thanks of the Commons, 384. And to the Lord Keeper's Compliment, 388. His Speech to the Lords, 394. A Bill in his favour read Three Times in one Day,'^$. He dines with the Lord Mayor, 397. Mechlen, SwMalines. Men in befiegd, p. iff. Surrendred 178/ Methwen, Mr. dies p. 49J•

Milan, City of, submits to the Emperor, p. z e6., A Cef.

fat ion of Arms agreed on between the City, and the

Castle, ibid, as also 264. the Castle besieged, 270. Mistake, petended, in the last Teas't Annals accounted

for, p. 484. Mob in Edinburgh, insolent, p. 34s. 361. Moderia, City of taken by Scalado, p. 264. The Castle

surrenders, 269. Montague, Lord Chief Baron, diet, p. 49s. Moraleja/ttrwu/frj, p. 282.

Morocco, Ambassador of, hit publick. Audience, p. 6. Munster, Bishop of, hit Death, p. 3x7. Great Contention about a new Election, 328.


Novara, taken, p. 2^4.

Noyelles, Count, arrives at SarragoUa, p. 29s.

Pp' O o.

Order of the Council, to open the Trade teich tbeS't nish Netherlands, p. 141.

Orleans, Duke of. Preamble to bis Commission, p. 16 He arrives at the Camp before Turin, 2.09. 7a. upon him the Command of the French ^Srmj, 22. His Motions, 22.2!. He arrives before Turin, X24J He proposes to go out of the lntrenchments, andf.*the Allies, but the Contrary Opinion prevails, 2.50. siDefeat, 222. He returns to the French Court, 26;

Orrery, Earl of, married, p. 490.

Oshabrug, Bishop of, chosen Bishop of Minister, a;.

Ostend, refuses to surrender, p. 107. . Besieged, l&: surrendred, p. 171- •

Oudenardsurrendcrs, p. 103.


Paderborn, Bishop of, chosen Bifoop e/Miinfter, p.},.

Parliament of England piorogued, p. 141. 234. Afew, 383. Adjomnd, 396.398. Meets again, 42J.: prorogued, 480. Meets again, ibid. Isprerogued, 4S,

Pas liament of Scotland meet:, p. 335-. Their Processings continued, 399. Adjourn'd, 424.

Pavia besieged aud jutrendred, p. 1/7.

Peace, steps made towards it by France, p. 1S6.

Pembroke, Countess of, her Death, p. 497.

PETERBOROUGH, Earl of. MareschalThdt': Letter to him, p. I 38. His Message to the- Earii Galway, 288. Winch makes but little Imprejsun H the Portuguese, ibid.

Pettis, Mr. Sentenc'd andPiBoried, p. 486.

Piccighitone/io.fWrr/. p- 2C9.

Pirates of Madagascar, t\eJoiuuons against tbem,p.^Sz

Plasscndacl, Fort of, takjn, p. 168.

Poland, Affairs the) e, p. 32s.

Portugal, Kjng of, b* Death, p. 308. AndCharaSer, 309. He is succeeded by lis Son Don Juan IV. 309.

Portuguese unwilling to march as far as Madrid, zS6. But at last consent to it, 289.


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