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A. C. rer "f^81 Monarch's Pleasures. As he was a great Loj _ >j ver of Poetry, and made Verses himself, which hadpar, Zticular Graces, so he was a Bountiful Patron and Encou— ^^v^f Tiger of Poets, and Men of Parts. In the Reign of King James II. he atton'd for the Licentiousnesses hrs Youth, by his firm Adherence to the Protestant Religion and. Interest, aud was not a little Instrumental in the late Revolution.

Mr. Eve- On the 17th of Fcbrua-y died John Evdyn, Esq; being lyn diet about 84 Years of Age. He was an Ornament to this Feb. 27. Nation, and tothe Common-Wealth of Leaning, having J 706. made his Name famous by the following Composures, which he publisiYd in his Life-Time: viz. 1. Sylva,a Discourse of Forest Trees. 1. Kalendarium Hortenfi, or the Gardiner's Almanack. 3. Sculpture,x\\e History of Calcography, and Engraving in Copper. 4. The Parallel of Architecture. 5. The Ideaand Perfection of Painting. 6. Navigation and Commerce, their Original and Progress. 7. Publick Employment preferr'd to Solitude. 8. Terra, a Philosophical Discourse of the Earth. 9. Numisirnta, a Discourse of Medals, and ic. Acetaria, ora Discourse of Sallets: Besides many Things in Manuscript. He was a Member of the Royal Society upon rhe first Institution of that Learned Body, after rhe Restoration of King Charier II. before the end of whose Reign he was made one of the Commissioners ofthe PrivySeal. When Gmnroich Hospital was erected in King K-tÆivjot's Reign, he was made Treasurer of it. His Ancestors are said to have been the first that made Gun-Powdfrin Eng

The Earl is* jn' tne Month of April died Thomas Howard Earl of Berk5 . s fl"'re, Viscount Andov'r, and Baron Howard of Charlton, Jhire 1 Brother and Heir to Charh s Earl of Berkshire, &c. ABrtnch Death. 0f tfar Renown'd and Ducal Stock of the Hovards of Nor.

folk. His Father Thorras Howard, second Son os Thtmat . Earl of Suffolk, being on the ijd ofJanuary, in the First Year ofthe Reign of King J<w; I. Advanced to the Titles of Lord Howard of Charlrovin Wiltshire, and Viscount Jndo-ver in Hampshire, was, hef. jerhe end of that King's Reign, installed Knight of the mostNob'e Orderof the Garter; and afterwards created Earl of Berks' -e on the eTth of February 1615. i.Car. 1. alitt le Before rhe Coronation of that King. This last Farl lived to a great Age, and at his Death his Estate and Honour devolved upon his grand Nephew, then about iS Years old. D.Fuller'j About the beginning of the Month of "June, died at Death. Bath, Dr. Fuller, an Eminent Physician, who was rLe Author of an excellent Treatise, call'd Mtdicina Gyrnnastlca. The Lord On the ioth of June, died R»!pb Lord Grey, Baron of GreyV jVerk. He was the only Brother of Ford Earl of TankerDeath.' vii>c, who dying in 1701, and with him the EarJdon*

..,' ana

and Viscountstup.the Barony and Estate devolved upon ^ Q this Lord, who was Governor of Barbadoes, when his '_ Brother died. He dying Unmarried, and the Honour al- "* 7° so with him ; a considerable part of his Estate devolv'd V-Of*^ upon the Lord Norc/iand Grey, but what lay in his Power to dispose of; he gave to his Sister's Son Mr. Neville, ., who was to change his Name into Grey.

On the ;d of 'July, John Mctbvoen Esq; Her Majesty's Mr Mctn> Ambaslador to,the King of Portugal, died in that Coiln- we'n j." try of the Gout, and a Rheumatism. He was a Person of Juj 2' great Parts much jmprovcd by Study, Travel, and Con- ■* * Verserion with the Best. His Manly, yet easy Eloquence, fhin'd in the House of Commons upon many important and nice Occasions ; which induced the late Kingff'/Æjam, of glorious Memory, to advance him to the Office of Lord Chancellor of Ireland; which Posthe fill'd with Dignity and Applause ; as he did that in which he died.

On the 15th of August, the Lord John Hay, Son to the August. Marquess of Taeedale, Colonel of the Royal Regiment The Lord of Scotch Dragoons, and BrigadierGeneral, whoacquir'd HayV Immortal Honour at Sckeilenhergh and Ramelies, died at Death. Vturtray of a Fever, after a Fortnight's Illness, being universally lamented.

On the 27th of August, died William Montague Esq; Bro- ch'ei ther to the late Lord Montague of Boughton, and Uncle to - '* the present Bute of Montague. He was, during the Nine M last Years of King Charles II. Lord chief Baronof theExchequer, and continued in that high Station, till the fe- peatfj cond Year of King James II: When the Judges being to « _ ' ■ give their Opinions about the taking off the Test, and. Pe- * nal-Latps, he was one of the first, that declared, It could no: be dene hut by the King and Parliament: Whereupon he had his Quietus sent him. He was not only eminent for his great Knowledge of, and inviolable Adherence to the Laws of this Land, but likewise for his Integrity, un-j bounded Charity, and orherChristian Verrues. The Gross of his Estate was left to his Daughter die Lady Drake, and after her Decease to the jMarquis of Month ermtr, only Son to the Duke of Montague. He was 89 Years old.

The 14th of September died John Arundel, Lord Arundel ofTrerisejn the Flower of his Age. Fie was Son and Heir ^ of Richard, Baron Arundelof Trerif, a Person of a very an- j>ePrem' cient House, which had been seated at Trerise in Comical, ?' f , from the Time of King Edrvard III. butthe Family came »' V"., into England at the Norman Conquest. This Hichard was "TMnaelx created Ld Arundel of Trerise, !y Patent dated at Wcstmin- ^eat''sierrhe 23d of MarchKS64, and the 16th of K. CharUsilKs pt' a* Reign, in Consideration of his Loyalty md Sufferings, duringtheCivil Wars.wherein he hadconragiousiy maintain'J his Majesty's Interest with the utmost hazard. The Lord now deceas'd Marry "d a Daughter of Dr. Biau, late Lord Bishop of Limits. .\ , .y.. AbouC

A .{-» About the middle of September died at Kirby in Northamptonfkire, Christopher Hatton, Lard. Viscount Hatton of I7{?^' Gretton, and Baron Huts on of Kirby, Gustos Ro:u!omw for l»X*V^v-> the County of Northampton, and Governor of the Isle of TAe Lori Guernsey. Son and Heir to Christopher, Comptroller of the Hatton Hpufhold to King Charles I. and one of the Lords of his diet. Privy-Council ; who was Son and Heir to Sir Christopher Hatton, Knight of the Bath, the Son and Heir of another Christopher Hatton, likewise Knight of tbf Bath, the Son and Heir of Hatton, nearest Kinsman of the MaleLine to Sir Christopher Hatton Lord Chancellor of England, and Knight of the Garter, in the Reign of Queen Elizjeheth. This Family took their Denomination from the Lordship of Hatton in Cheshire, and derive their Descent ftomi%/ Bironof Haffon, in that County, Constable to the old Earls of Chester. The Lord now deceased, was createdViscountHjffoM of Gretton in the County ofNortkamp ton on the 17th ofJanuary 1681, his Loyal Father having been made Baron of Kirby, in the fime County at Oxford, on the 29th of 7«/y, 1643.

On the 6th of November News was brought to WhiteSir Bcvil ^aB> That Sir Bevill Granvi/le, Her Majesty's Governor Granville0f Barbadoes, having obtain'd leave to come for England, diet. died in his Voyage on board the Kinsale Man of VVar.

On the 8th of November, died Mark Lord Dungannon at The Lord yiHCflnt^ very much lamented. He was Colonel of a ReDun gan- gjmcnt of Foot,in Her Majesty's Service,and descended non I from a Warlike Family; his Ancestor, Colonel Mark peath, jywwl> and the first Lord Dungannon,being the Personthat MOV. 8. cj!grg'd Cromwell singly at Drorheda, and went near to cut off the Thred of that Life, which afterwards occasioned much Blood-flied in the three Nations; which Valour and Constancy to the Royal Cause, Oliver, some Years after, rewarded, by restoring him to his scquestred Estate, at a time when he stood most in need of it. . Peter Mew, Lord Bishop of Winchester, died at Farnham yWr' Castle the 9th o( November, in the 89th Year of his Age. u ft n" He was Educated at Merchant-Taylor's School by the Care Chester* of his Uncle Dr. Pr/».^i then Dean of St. PauTs ( and asJDi\ath, terwards Bishop of Lincoln,) from thence he was Elected Nov. 9. s^ojarto St. John Baptist''s-Ccllege in Oxford; and whea he was chosen Fellow, the great Rebellion breaking out, he took up Arms in King CharlesVs. Defence. He wasan Officer in that King's Army till the Fatal Year 1648, ■when the Royal Martyr was beheaded. Then he went Jnto Holland; was beyond Sea in King Charles ITs Service, till the Restoration, and then return'd to his. College, and took the Degree of Doctor of the Civil Laws. He was Rector oiSouthwarmborough in Hampshire^ and of St.Mary's in Reading; Canon of Windsor, and Arch-» Deacon of Btrks; and, upon the death of Di.Baily (Beui

■*--••. -. "r A ," ■**«.»*! < , , ' .

ctSarum ) he was made President of St. Johns College: A; C. He was chosen Vice-Chancellor of Oxford in the Year * J 1669. He was some time Dean of Rochester, and in the '^^P'j last Year of hii Vice-Chancellorship, viz. Feb. 9. 1671-3. V^^r^ he was made Ld Bishop of Bath ana Wells, where h<? was Bishop about !2 Years, living very Hospitably, and was much belov'd of all the Loyal Gentlemen of his Dlocess, who were in a manner Unanimous in their Country-Elections, and other Publick Concerns, during his Residence among them- On the nd. of November 1684, he was, by King Charles the Second Translated to the Bishoprick of Winchester, which then became vacant by the Death of Bishop Motley: And in June following, King lames consi-" ding much in his Loyalty and Zeal for uie Royal Family and Cause, and in compliance with the Request of the Somerfetfrire Gent!emen,,commanded him to go against the D. of Monmouth then in Arms in the IVust, where he did eminent service. He was BHhop of Wind ester 21 Years.

On the 1 yih.of November died the Countess of Pembroke; Countesses a most Virtuous and Pious Lady, the only Daughter of PemSirRobert Saxyer Knt. Attorney General in the Reigns of brake's King Charles II. and King James II. Death overtook her Death, in Devonlhire,ar her Daughter's my Lady Catherine Morris, Nov. 17. Wife of Sir Nicholas Morris t She left a very numerous and • „ rr _ hopeful Issue behind her by theRightHonourabler/jowuM Earl of Pembroke and Mont^imery., Lord President of Her Majesty's Council, and now Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

On the last day of November, Sir Robert Tbtrold, Bart. SitRi^ died at his House in St. James's Place. He was (tho' bertTho* KisPall was held up by the Dukes of Giafton, Richmond, rold diet. St. Albans and Bolton, tne Marquis of Dorchester, the Earl Nov. lo'' of CW/g/in, and the Lords Grcintham and Belu) buried, as he order'd, very privately, little Company but'his own Relations attending his Corps to St. James s Church. He was descended from an Ancient Family in Lincolnjhire, and allied to many of the Nobility. He had naturally a very solid Judgment, which was improv'd by Travelling, and adorn'd by an entire Mastery of several Languages. In hisTemper andManner of Living he was Generous, Compassionate, and Hospitable; in his Conversation, Affable and Easy; in his Behaviour a perfect well-bred Man, without Affectation or Formality. His Religion (which was Roman Cathtlick) shutting him out from all Employments and Business, he spent more of his rime than otherwise he would have done in the Diversions so much in use amongst Men of Fashion; but, as he understood the Rule of those Diversions, he was never charg'd with any thing that is Foul, or unbecoming a Gentleman of Integrity. Tho' a Papist, he loved th e Civil Liberties of England, nnd blamril rhe Persecutions on Account of Religion in fore'gn Countries; and


» . p pursuant to the Perswasion he had, That every Body • ought to worship God as he thinks is most acceptable to 1706. him. He was equally kind (both in his Life-time and %./y~\J in his Will; to his Protest mt, as he was to his Roman Catholics Servants, and expected from the first, that they should, as they did, constantly go to the Church of England. In ftort, he was an excellent Friend; on£ of the best Masters; and a just Pay-mast«r.

Towards the latter end of January i-jo", the Lord Tie Lord Carr/.one of the Lords Justices of Ireland, and General of Cnttj^jV/.the Forces of that Kingdom, died in Dublin. He was a Person of eminent Natural Parts, well cultivated by Study and-Conversation; of a free, unreserv'dTemper; and of undaunted Bravery and Resolution. As he was a Servant to the late Quten Mary, when Princess of Or»nge, and learnt the Trade of War under her Consort, so he was early devoted to both their Majesties, of ever Piousand Glorious Memory; and had a great Share in, and: ever warmly stickled for a Settlement of the late Happy Revolution. He was an absolute Stranger to Fear; and, on all Occasions, gave distinguishing Proofs of his Intrepidity, particularly, at the memorable Attack of the Castle of Namur, (in the Year 1695 J and at *." the Siege of Venlo, in the Year 1701. Dr- Wal- DtAtephen Waller, a Civilian, died at his Seat at Beconsler dies, fold, on the 2id of February. He was a Person of an ExFeb. as. cellent Life, good Learning, singular Probity, and great

Ability and Eminence in his Profession. Dr. Drake On the 2d of March Dr. "Janus Drake, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Member of the College of PhysiMarch a. cians, London, died of a Feaver in Westminster He was a ■" ■•• Man of quick, pregnant Parts, well stor'd with Learning, andimprov'd by good Conversation- He had a great Mastery of the English Tongue, and wrote with Ease and Fluency, in a manly Stile. He had oF late Years been principally famous for some Political Treatises, which, according to People's different Humours, Passions and Interests, underwent various Judgments, as to the Subject-matter, and Positions; tho'all agreed in commending hisWay of Writing. But besides his State Treatises, and a Translation of Herodotus, (not yet printed; he had for several Years past been compiling a New compleat System of Anatcmy, to which he put the finistring Hand,some time before he wastaken ill, and which will speedilybe publifh'd in i Volumes in Octavo; illustrated with several new Copper Plates, drawn from the Life, by the famous Anatomist andSurgeon Mr. lVittUm Comper, who assisted the DeccasM in that great Work. 'Twas the general Opinion, That the severe Prosecution he under-' went on Account of !-is Mcrcurius Ptliticus, occasions the Distemper of whici, he died.


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