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l8th of that Month near the Royal Exchange in Corn- A. C. hi I in like manner ; and, before he be discharged iy06. out of Prison, to give Security for his Good r¥hi jjPVXj viour for one Year.

Edward Ward being convicted of Writing, Printing andPublishing several Scandalous andSeditiousLibels, Entituled,H«</i£i'<« Rcdivivus; or, A Burlesque Poem on the Times:) highly reflecting upon her Majesty and the Government; was likewrse~on Thursday the 14th of Koventber fined for the fame by the Court of Queen's-Bench, 40 Marks, and ordered to stand in the Pillory on Wednesday next at Charing-cross, for the space of one hour, between 11 and 1 in the Afternoon, with a Paper on his Head denoting his Offence; and also to stand in.the Pillory on Thursday next near the Hpyallixch/uige in Cornhiil in like manner : And, before he be discharged out of Prison,to give Security for his Good Behaviour for one Year. This Account is extracted out of the London Gazette, dated Nov. 18,

On the 14th of February 1707. Mr. Charles GUdon Qej. . , Was Try'd at Guild-Hall, and found Guilty for Pub- Jon/W. lishing a Pamphlet, Entitulcd, A Letter from Sir Rowland Gwynne, to the Kjght Honourable the l.nrl e/Stamford, for which he was, three t Months after, tMay tt, fin'd 100/. by the Court of Queens-Bench, it being 1707• liiggested, 'That the laid Letter was a Scandalous,

* False and Malicious Libel, tending to create a Mis

* understanding between her Majesty any the Princess 'Sophia, and highly Reflecting upon her Majesty and 'the Princess Soplna, and upon the Proceedings of 'both Houses ofParliament. ".

i\EMAl\K.ABLE OCCV^F.XCES that could
not conveniently be brought into the Historical Series
of these Analf.

ON the 16th of March 1706. the Duke of Buc- March
kjngham and Xormanby was married to the
Countess of Anglesey, Natural Daughter to the late
King James, by the Countess of Dorchester.

Mr.Smitb,Son to the Speaker of the House ofCommons,was Swom Clerk of the Council Extraordinary.

Colonel Soutlmell kiss'd the Ojiecn's Hand, to return her Majesty's Thanks for the Regiment of Colonel fivers deceased.

This Month also, Charles Boyle, Earl of Orrery, Knifht of the most Noble Order cf the Thistle. « , marA. C. 1705.




An gust.

October. 1


married to the Lady Elizabeth Cecil, only Sister to the Earl of Exeter.

Five new English Regiments were raised in this Month, commanded by the Lord Lovelace, the Lord Tunbridge, Colonel Stanmx, Colonel Tom/fend, and Sir H?ger Bradfhaigh.

The Earl of Lortiin married Mrs Dunctmb, one of the Maids of Honour to the Queen. \ .

On the 5th of May the Court went into Mourning for the Death of the Electrels Dowager Palatine^ Sister to his Royal Highness PrinccGeorfeofDenmark.

On the 6th of May, the Qiicen appointed his Grace the Duke of Queensbcrry, to be her High Commissioner for the Kingdom of Scotland: .

On the aist of the lame Month the Earl of Anglefey, was married to the Countess <jf Derv/s Daughter, Niece to the Duke of Ormond. ..

About the middle of June, Mrs. Smith, Daughter to the Speaker of the House of Commons, was made Maid ot Honour to the Queen, in the room of Ma Froxvde, lately deceas'd. .

About the middle of June, the Lord Hevard of Effingham was made one of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber to his Royal Highness the Prince of Denwarkj in the room, of the Lord Stand.

In the Month of August, Charles Nicholas Eyre and 1{ichard Steel Esqs;, were made Gentlemen Waiters to the Prince, in the room of Colonel Henry J)urel, and Tho. Beverly, Esquires; the first being made Equerry to his Royal Highness, in the room of Colonel James Bringfield; and the latter Gentleman Usher to his Royal Highness, in the room of Col. Edmund Webb, lately deceased. Mr. Chudleigh was made Page of Honour to the Prince, in the room of Henry Hartley Esq; who was advanced to be an Equerry, in the room of Tho. Conycrs, Esquire.

About the Beginning of October, Dr.' Lancaster^ Minister of St. Martin's Parish in Westminster and Provost of Queen's Colledgc in Oxford, was chosen Vice-Chancellor of that University. . Towards the latter end of thisMonth, Sir Bjch.Coxl Lotd Chancellor of Ireland, was made a Baronet of that Kirgdom, in considerarion of his good Services.

The Lord Wlw ton being made Justice in Evre on the South side of Trent, took the Oaths the 4th of November, in the High Court of Chancery.

* On

On the i ith of the same Month, Monsieur Walder- A C see, Counsellor of State to the King of Denmark, and his '' g Majesties Envoy Extraordinary, had Publick Audie;ice 700*: of Her Majesty and afterwards of His Royal Highness. *-^V>^

On the 19th of Nov&nfcr Baron Schutx, Envoy Extraordinary from the Elector of Brunswick, had a private ^heEnvoyt Audience of the Queen, to notify to Her Majesty, on"' . ,un'j the Part of the Elector his Master, That the Ceremony *wick "** of the Marriage of rhe Princess his Daughter with the Sweden Prince Royal ofPrujjui, had been performed at Hanover J"sJt Aw- The fame Day, Monsieur Lcyoncrona, Envoy Extraordi-*encenary from the King of Sweden, had a private Audience of the Queen, to acquaint Her Majesty, That a Treaty of Peace had been lately concluded between the King his Master, and the King of Poland.

The 33d of the lame Month, the .Queen appointed Major General Withers Governor of Shcerhess,in the room MasGtner. of Colonel Crawford, lately deceas'd. Withers

Aboutthe beginning of this Month, the Marquis dt Gi~ Montandre, who was a Major General in the Service o{vrrntT */l Portugal, and was made a Major General upon the Eng- SheeraeQ lilh Establishment, in consideration of his Faithful and Eminent Services in Spain, set out in order to embark for that Kingdom, (from whence he was sent by t he Earl of Galway, to represent the State of Affairs there,) having receiv'd a handsome Present from Her Majesty.

About the same time the Marquis of Huntley, Son to Decein'the Duke of Gordon, married the Ejsrl of Peterborough's ber> only Daughter. •

On the ?d of December, the Earl of Sunderland was Sworn of Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, and one of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, in the room of Sir Charles Hedges.

Aboutthe fame time feregrine Bertie, Esq; was appointed one of rhe Tellers of the Exchequer; and ThomasCtok, Esq; who had that Place, was made Vice-Chamberlain, in the room of Mr. Bertie, and one of Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council.

The icth of the fame Month, Baron Spanheim, Ambassador Extraordinary from his Majesty the King of Prussia, had a private Audience of Her Majesty,in which he deliver'd a Letter from the King his Master to Her Majesty.notifyiiigtheMarriage betweenthePrince Royal of Prussia, and the Princess of Brunswick, which was consummated the i8th of the preceding Month, N. S. . On the loth of January, Monsieur Lcyoncrona, Envoy Extraordinary from the King os Sweden, having received,' January, the Character of Envoy Extraordinary from King Stani- SeveralEnJJaus,hz& a privareAudienceof Her Majesty at St. 7<»>;:o's, VV' h' vt to notify his Accession to the Crown of Poland. t''3e'r

Don Luis tsJcvAka, Est'voy Extraordinary frem rhe diencts.

I >' King'

^ Q_ Kthg os Portugal, had likewise a private Audience of Her *x Majesty, to notify the Death of the late King Don Ptdn , 10' and the Succession to the Crown of Don Juan V. his ElV-OP^ deft Son.

Count Zefferini, Envoy Extraordinary from the Great Duke of Tuscany, had also a private Audience of Leave of Her Majesty.

* Jan. 14. Four days* after, it was declared, That Her Majesty S/VCharles had been Graciously pleased, in Consideration of the Haratr<vj- long and faithful Services of Sir Charles Hara, and as a tea Baron Mark of Her Favour, to create him a Peer of Ireland, Tyraw- by the Stilt and Title of Charles Lord Baron of Tyrawly. ley, in Ire- On the list of January, Monsieur Beyer ie, being ap» land. pointed by the Elector of Brunswick to be his Resident at The Reji- the Court of Grea:-Britain, had a private Audience of demsoithe Her Majesty at St.•'James's, wherein he presented to Her Electors of Majesty a Credential Letter from his Electoral Highness. Brunf- The fame * Day Monsieur Kirchner, Resident of the ■wick and King of Poland, and Elector of Saxony, had a private Saxony Audience of Her Majesty at St. James's, wherein he dehave Au. liver'd a Letter from the King his Master, concerning . dience of the Treaty of Peace, which he had lately concluded the Queen, with the King of Sweden.

P 1 'On the 6th of February} being the Queen's Birth-Day,

■, u ner Majesty receiv'd the Compliments of the Nobility,

"'^"'"FOTignMinife, and other Persons of Distinction, Lr-ij"^' upon so joyful an Occasion. The Court wasextraordijerv . narily numerous and magnificent; and in the Evening was entertain'd with a splendid Ball at the Royal Palace of St. James's.

The same Day Commissioners fat in the Exchequer Court, IVtJlminJler, upon a Commission of Idiocy, which was read against the Lord Viscount Wenmond of Tuam, iriir-Und, who was then about 19 Years of Age, and had The Envoy an Estate of 5000/. per Ann. but his Lordstiip nor apes the Ele- pearing, they adjourn'd till that day fortnight,when he Bor of was ordered to appear. Some time after, the laid ComBruns- mission was fuperleded.

•wick mti- On the *rh of February, Baron Sclmtz, Envoy Extrais** f A* ordinary from the Elector of Brunswick, had a private Birth ofthe Audience,of Her Majesty, to notify the Birth of the Toung voung Prince, Son ro the Electoral Prince of Brunswick. Prince. On the 31th of February, it was Declared, That Her

Mr. Hyde Majesty had been pleased, by Her Letters Parents, unappointed der the Great Seal of Eniland, to constitute and appoint Mustsr- Michael Hyde, Esq; Commissary and Muster Master GeneMajler- raJ of all the Forces in English Pay. General. The fame Day a Proclamation came out, appointing PrUtama- a General Fast ro be observ'd the 9th of April next. tion for a The next "Day Si^-tior N.'cholt Eriz.z.0, and Signior Central- Alusio Pifa.ii, Ambassadors Extraordinary from rhe Re^kl'- pubpubUck of Venice, had a private Audience of Her Majesty At Q at St.Janui's, having bee.n presented by Signior Comaro, ', Ambassador in Ordinary from the said Republick, and introduced by CharlesCottre/i,ECq; Assistant Master of the i'O'V' Ceremonies. teb- 2*

A LIST of the most Eminent Persons vho Died in th'Extr* the Tear 1706. ordinary

ON the 29th of January 170* died at Bath, Charles, ^"M" Satkville, Earl of Dorset znd Middlesex, Baron Buck- TM" Iorm hurst, Lord Cranfield of Cranfield, and Knight of the most Venice, , noble Order of the Garter, being near 70 Years o£'"veaPr'Age. His Paternal Ancestors came into England at the J."" yA<" Norman Conquest, and their Defendants, throughout '1"ce' r all Ages since, have been Men of great Note in their "J several Times; of whom Sir Thomas Sackville, Knighted [c5 * by the Duke of Norfolk, on the 8th of June, 1 <;66, in the ^'"^JanEighth Year of Queen Elizabeth, was not of the least E- a9- '7°7eminence, both for his Learning, and high Abilities. He was the fame Day advanced to the Degree andDignity of a Baron of this Realm, by the Title of Lord Buckhurft, and was afterwards, twice Ambassador from Queen Jilt* zabeth, viz. to King Charles IX. of France, and, to. the States of the United Provinces, and was had in such high Esteem with her Majesty, (to whom he was by Consanguinityallyedj That She made him Lord Treasurer of England, and one of the Lords Commissioners for Exercising the Office of Earl-Marshal. Upon King James the Firsts coming to the Crown, he had his Patent for that great Office of Lord High Treasurer renew'd for Life, and on the 13th of March, 1603 in the First Year of that Reign, was created Earl of Dorset. He was likewise Chancellor of the University of Oxford, and Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter, being much commended for his Elocution, but much more for the Excellency of his Pen. The Earl now deceased, was created Lord Cranfield of Cranfidd, and Earl of Middlesex, by Letters Patent bearing Date at Westminster cui the 4th of yfpnl 1676, and succeeded his Father Richard Earl of Dorset, whose Father was Edvard Lord Chamberlain to the Queen; and this Richard, the Son of Robert, the Son of Thomas, the first Earl of Dorset; so that Charles was the Sixth Earl in Descent. Upon the Revolution in 168 *, he was made Lord Chamberlain of the Houstiold to King William III. He had the Honour and Trust of being constituted one of the Lords Justices of Enrland in jfioy, 1695, 1697 and 1698: He resigned the Office of Lord Chamberlain of the Houlhold in 1697; yet upon advantageous Terms, and was succeeded therein' by the Earl of Smderland. The Pregnancy and Sprightliness of fcis Wit,' recommended Lim to the Esteem and Intimacy 0f King Chsrlu JX- insomuch *nat be was a constant Shahi';Y * y-ril u. :.:<.. ■• { i'i *. v •' 'we • 1 : j u-»

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