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SUPPLIES granted in the Fifth Session of the Eighteenth Parliament of Great Britain.


, JJbeember 2,1, 1890. tffjat I2&G00 seamen be employed, for three lunar

months, commencing 1ft January, 180*, including

22,696 Marines. For pay for ditto '> » '« •

For victuals for ditto » • •

For wear and tear of ships . . •

For ordnance sea-service on board such snip*
For the ordinary establishment of the navy, for three

lunar months '•

For (he extraordinary establishment of ditto, for ditto .
For transport-service, prisoners of war, 8tc.
For the accommodation of fiek prisoners

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That 58,528 men, including 4797 invalids, officers, and
non-commissioned officers, be granted to his majesty
for the service of three months, from the 25th of De-
cember, 1800, to. die 21st of March* 1801, both in-
For guards, garrisons, and other land-forces .

For forces in the plantations, Mediterranean, Portugal,

and New South Wales . .'

For the militia, miners, and fenoiMes
For increased rates of I'ubsistance to inn-keepers, and in

lieu of small beer . . '. .,

For recruiting and contingencies for land-forces, and extra feed tor the cavalry . .... .

For volunteers, cavalry and infantry

For the department of barrack-master-general

For foreign corps t

For ordnance for the land service . . . .

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£ «. i

For foreign and other secret services . . - » '55*000 0 O

For the suffering clergy ami laity of France \ . 60,000 0 O

For convicts at home . ... 8,000 0 0

To cover the Interest of exchequer-bills granted in 1?69 151,6+3 0 O

234,643 0 O

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Total of supply , t 6,528,234 0 0


AfatmterSl. £•

For continuing the duties on malt, mum, cider, and perry . 750,000 For raising 4s. in the pound, upon pensions, offices, and personal

estates. For continuing certain duties on sugar, malt, tobacco, and snuff 2,000,000


'■ December 10. F<jr raising 3,500,000/. by exchequer-bills 4 . 3,500,000

Total Ways and MeaM £.a, 150,oo©

K k 3 METE.

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CHAP, 1.' Return of Buonaparte from Egypt to France. His Letter to the Army of Egypt. The Companions oj his Voyage.Arrives at Corsica.And at Frejits in Provence. Enthusiastic Joy with which he was every where received.Proceeds by Lyons to Paris.Hopes aud Co/ifidnice of the Pa-, rifians, and in general all the French_ centered on this military Chief.—' Situation of the French Republic at this Period, external and internal.State of Parties.War in the Western Departments.—Weakness and Halfmeasures nf Government.Kew political Changes meditated by AM Sicycs. Personal Interview between the Abbe and Buonaparte.Buonaparte caressed and courted by all Parties.The Army alone courted by him.He favours and joins the moderate Party.CharaRcr of Abbe Sieyes.And of Buonaparte.Splendid Fcnfil givn in Honour of Buonaparte.ProjeH for a Change in t e Government and Constitution.Necessarily communicated to considerable Number* oj the Members oj both Councils.Yet kept Secret till the Moment oj Explosion.The Council oj Elders empowered by the Constitution of J7t)5 to transport the I^gijluture whenever it should think Proper to any Commune within a certain Di/tance of- Paris Command of the French Troops in and near Paris, vejied, by lhe,Councit oj Elders, in Buonaparte.Translation of /he Legislative Bodies and the Direclory to St. Cloud . . , ... • P


The Village of St. Cloud filled with Troops, and Spcclalorsfrom Paris.—The Two Councils constituted there.Resignations of the Diieflorial Office.— Motion in tlie Council- of Elders for inquiring into the Reasons Jar their . Translation to St. Cloud.A Debate on this Sub/eel suspended, by a Motion for Slejsages to the Councilof Five Hundred and the Directory, which was agreed to.fiuohnpar/c comes into the Isall and addresses a Speech to the Council of Elders, in which he /lutes tlie panger of the Country, and invites them to ifiociate their Wisdom with site Force they had placid under his Command'for its Salvation.—Opposition to Buonaparte, and a Change in the Constitution.Buonaparte goes out and harangues the Soldiers audVhe People.Returns,'and infills'on the Necessity of taking Measures for the Realization oj sacred Principles thai I1411I hitherto been only chimerical.Motion by Dalphonse jor renewing the Oath us Fidelity to the Con/litution. This Motion oppojed, and the De/efli of the Conj/itutiou bricjly [tuted.The Council if Elders ad,ourhcd till nine o'Clock in the Evening.Pro? cecdings in the Council oj five hundred.Motion for a Cdmmitlec Jormak

K k •* ing

tng a Report t»i the tccual'Slate ofthe Nation.Andproprjir.g Measures
for the public Interest.Suspicions expressed of an intended Dfftatojhnp,
and Cries for maintaining the Coiiftitulion.The aflual Constitution of
France distinguished from certain Republics.Motion jor renewing tke
Oath of Fideliti/ to the Constitution.—-Agreed to.And the Ceremony per-
formed with tlie greatest fang sroid, even hy the moderate Party.Mes-
sage from the Elders.Buonaparte appears in the Council of Five Hun-
dred.Uproar and Violence.Lucian Buonaparte, together * ilk his Robe',
lays aside the Office of President.Threatened by the adverse Parly.Car-
ried out of the Hall by a Party of Grenadiers.The Soldiers harangued,
by ha/h the Buonapartes.The Council of Five Hundred dispersed, coui the
Legislature thus dissolved by a military Force . . ^i 8 v


Effects aftehal passed in the Council of Five Hundred on the Deliberations and

Measures of the Council of Elders.Meeting of the moderate Party in the

late Council of Five Hundred.Speech of Lucian Buonaparte on the critical

Slate of the Nation.A Committee of Five appointed to report mi the Mea-

sures proper to be adopted in the present Crisis.The Council addressed by

the Chairman of the Committee, by Boulay de la Meurthe, and again by

Lucian Buonaparte,.The Council adjourned, andtfie ScffiOn terminated.

Reflexions . . '.'''"'. . . [2?


First Measures of the consular Government.—Proclamations by Ms legislative

Body.And by the Chief Consul.New Oath- to be taken by all public

Functionaries.Letter to the foreign Ministers of France.—-TFritlen De-

fences of the Revolution of St. Cloud, and the provisional Government.

Letter from the Chief Consul lo the Army of F.gypt.Conciliatory Conduit

cf Buonaparte.Professed Spirit of the tier Government.Odious Lass

repealed.Measures of Finance.Of police and internal Government.—

Mercy extended to various Classes pf Men.Marine and Commerce.A

new Constitution ', . . , '', {4<


The Return of Buonaparte from Egypt, the leading Event iu the History of

1 800.—The va/t and unbounded Power vested in him by the new Constitu-

tion.General Expcflalions and Presages.-*-Able and prudent Coiutuit cf

Buonaparte.The Justice and Moderation of his Goverunutit.His Soli-

citude to pacify and tranquillize France.Means adopted for this Purptse. of Persuasion and Force.War in the western DepartmentsAr-

mistice.The War rctiewed.OverturesJrom Buonaparte jor Pence tciih

England.Resetted . . . . [66


Meeting of Parliament.Message from tlie R~iug, respecting Oærtvrvs cf

Peace from the Consular Government of France.—Debutes ihereun in bt>tf>

Houses . . . . . [16


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