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incurable disease, are wholly incapable of work; and we suggest it to the consideration of the Secretary of State, whether it might not be adviseable that persons of this description should be removed to some place exclusively appropriated to their reception. While they continue where they are, they are constantly exposed to insult and injury from their companions; they occasion great additional trouble; and occupy the place of those who might be employed with effect in the public service.

Henry St. John Mildmay.
James Neild.

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A TABLE of Diet expended by the Conv'uU onboard the Captivity Hulk, daily.

Each mess is for six men, with eight pounds of bread and nine pints of small beer every day.

Breakfast. Every day, one pound five ounces of barley and five ounces of oatmeal made into soup or burgou. Dinner. Four days in the week, six pounds of beef. Three days in the week, three pounds of cheese. Supper^ On the four meat days, twelve ounces of barley and five ounces of oatmeal made into soup or burgou.* On the cheese days, one pound six ounces of oatmeal made into soup or burgou.

One of the Convicts is deputed daily by the others to see their provisions weighed and delivered out.

Daily Allowance issued to the SICK Prisoners.

Each Mess is for s1x Men, with six pounds of bread every day.

Breakfast and Supper. Three pounds eight ounces of rice and. six pints of milk.

Dinner. Three pounds of Mutton, and six pounds of vegetables. Wine, Tea, Sugar, Sago, Pearl Barley, Flour, Fruit, and Porter, issued according to the Surgeon s orders*


THE cause of the foregoing Examination and Report originated from the following letter; which, being laid before the Right Honourable Lord Pelham, his Lordship was pleased to send orders to Portsmouth and Langston Harbours, to furnish Sir Henry St. John Mildmay, Baronet (who volunteered his services), and myself, with every information we should require.

"SIR, Portsea, Feb. 44, 1802.

"Yesterday I brought from Bodmin and "Launceston gaols eleven male convicts, and put *' them on board the La Fortunee. Hulk, in Lang*'s.ton Harbour. >.,

** I inquired after ten others, which I put there '* the 14th of September, 1800. Six of them are xf dead, and the other four look very poorly. Up"wards of one hundred and twenty died in 1801; ** and forty since this year began. I inquired of "several of the convicts as to the treatment they *' received: they say they have chiefly died for '* want of provision; they have not sufficient food to "live on; indeed, they now say these that are here "are half-starved. It appears to me, that want of "food is the chief cause of so many deaths; for, "were they carried off by any putrid or infectious '' distemper, would it not affect the officers on board? *' These appear in perfect health, while the convict "looks pale and half-starved.

"I have

"I have often reported to sundry gentlemen these v many years past; but the evil is not remedied. ',* It will be a humane act would any gentleman of *.t £jOTE examine the convicts in person, by having "them before him, separate from the presence of '* the overseers, &c. The late worthy Mr. Howard "was deceived when he visited: the overseers, &c. ** being present, the convicts were afraid to com"plain. I am,


"Your very obedient servant,

"JAMES CHAPPLE, "Keeper of the New Prisons, Bodmin.

<* To James Neitd, Esq. 11 Chelsea"

It is with great pleasure I remark, that during our examination of the convicts we had the most decided proofs of this worthy Gaoler Mr. Chappie's great humanity and tenderness towards his prisoners.

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A List of the Number of Debtors discharged and relieved from the 31st March 1801, to the 31st March 1802; distinguishing each Prison ir* Alphabetical Order.

Appleby 15

Aylesbury .2

Brecon n

Bedford 6

Bodmin 5

Bury St. Edrmmds ... 5

Bristol 3

Bath 1

Borough Compter ... 83

Carlisle 14

Carmarthen 11

Chelmsford 3

Coventry .3

Chester 3

Cambridge a

Cardiff a

Cardigan ...... 1

Canterbury I

Cold Bath Fields ... 7

Dolgelly 7

Dorchester 5

Derby 3

Durham 2

Dover ....... 1

Exeter 20

Fisherton Anger . . . 5

Fleet 73

G-iltspur Street Compter . 44 Hereford . . . . . ,13

Huntingdon 6

Horsham . (5

Hertford ...... 5

Haverfordwest .... a

Halifax 1

Carried up .3 73

Brought up Ilchesrer . . . Ipswich . . Kingston upon Hull King's Bench Leicester County Gaol Lancaster Castle Lincoln Castle . Lent on late Basford Ludgate Maidstone Monmouth Montgomery Morpeth . Marshalsea Northampton Norwich . Newgate . Oxford Castle Ouscbridge Presteign . Poultry Reading Rothwell . Ruthen Richmond Stafford . Shrewsbury Surrey County Tothill Fields Warwick . Worcester . Winchester York Castle

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